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Sword Spirit - Chapter 21


Chapter 21 Messaging Xia Chen Xi

Hearing that Lu Xuan had come to sell enchantment scrolls, Ninth Uncle immediately became stern. For any clan, an enchanter was a very powerful resource. Also, Lu Xuan had drawn the Wild Explosion rune. Even Xia Chen Xi hadn't succeeded yet!

’’That enchantment scroll, did you bring it? I need to appraise it.’’ Ninth Uncle said.

Lu Xuan knew the rules. Other than some famous master enchanters, if normal enchanters wanted to sell enchantment scrolls here, they had to go through an appraisal.

He nodded his head. He pulled out a completed Wild Explosion scroll from his chest and gave it to Ninth Uncle.

Because the strong potency had all been bound by the rune, not much could be seen when just looking only from the outward appearance. In order to appraise an enchantment scroll, the only way to appraise it was through the rune.

Taking the Wild Explosion scroll, Ninth Uncle carefully and slowly unrolled it. Long Zhi on the side couldn't help but lean in to see what exactly was going on. Although Long Yang had guaranteed that Lu Xuan wasn't an enchanter, he was still a little worried.

Finally, the Wild Explosion scroll was fully unfurled, neatly displayed on the table. The crowd's eyes were all staring at the scroll. Lu Xuan was actually very calm because he had a complete grasp on the situation, but Yao Lei to the side was sweating. Although Lu Xuan had told him it was a success, he couldn't tell. He was nervously waiting for this Ninth Uncle's appraisal result. If it really succeeded, then Lu Xuan could be said to have instantly earned a fortune!

Ninth Uncle's eyes slowly moved across the Wild Explosion scroll, his eyebrows tightly furrowed. He had been in the Treasure Pavilion for who knows how many years and had seen countless enchantment scrolls, but this time, he couldn't be sure.

Whether it was viewed as the construction and fluency of the smaller runes or the entire rune, this was undoubtedly a successfully completed Wild Explosion scroll.

However, although these runes obviously comprised the Wild Explosion rune's character, on closer inspection, he discovered that he actually didn't recognize it!

Although it's true that enchantment scroll runes all have a particular way of being drawn, and there was no way to simply imitate it based on just clues from looking at its outward appearance, however, since the Wild Explosion scroll could be considered as a low grade enchantment scroll that was difficult to make with a strong practical use, thus Ninth Uncle was rather familiar with it. But he didn't understand this rune and he had some questions about it.

More importantly, this Wild Explosion scroll was actually drawn purely from the animal blood component. This was simply abnormal. Because of this, he couldn't determine it properly.

’’Ha ha ha ha, this is also called an enchantment scroll? You think that you can randomly slap some things together it'll be an enchantment scroll?’’ Ninth Uncle still hadn't said anything before Long Zhi began to laugh out loudly. In his voice was undisguised disdain.

’’I heard that yesterday you bought a bottle of savage wolf blood here? You didn't just just rub the blood onto this blank scroll right after you got home right? You're making me laugh to death. If being an enchanter was easy, everyone would become an enchanter. I see that you thought about money so much you went crazy!’’

Right now Long Zhi was completely believing Long Yang's words. Lu Xuan really wasn't an enchanter.

It should be known, Long Zhi himself was an enchanter and a member in Lin City's Enchanter Guild. With his reliance on wealth and his identity as an enchanter, he was far above ordinary martial artists.

He also knew about the Wild Explosion scroll, however, with his current prowess, there was no way he could draw it. Previously, when Lu Xuan said he had drawn the Wild Explosion scroll, Long Zhi already began to not really believe it. Now seeing the entire enchantment scroll, he no longer had any doubts.

He had never seen an enchantment scroll constructed from purely animal blood. Even those that had heard of it, every enchanter knew that drawing enchantment scrolls needed to use the special product.

Lu Xuan ignored Long Zhi's words and only looked towards Ninth Uncle.

After a long time, Ninth Uncle's eyes left the scroll and looked towards Lu Xuan, slowly saying: ’’This scroll seems a little strange. There are some differences between it and the Wild Explosion scrolls I've seen. I also don't dare to make a final verdict.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan frowned. Although he knew that his Wild Explosion scroll and common enchantment scrolls had some differences, he hadn't thought that there would actually be no way to recognize it.

Thinking about it, Lu Xuan spoke again: ’’I can offer one scroll as a test product. If it has a sufficient result, then I think it should be able to prove that my scrolls are usable right?’’

Although one enchantment scroll's price was upwards of a thousand taels of gold, in order to prove his enchantment scrolls were indeed usable, Lu Xuan couldn't mind it. Either way he had made three scrolls. After using one, there would still be two.

Hearing Lu Xuan's words, Long Zhi once again began laughing out loud, ’’Test it? What a joke. You can't just enchant any random device, and even if there is a low-tier iron grade weapon, its price will already be a couple thousand taels of gold. Every weapon can only be enchanted once. If yours is useless, wouldn't that have been a huge waste? If you want to test your own enchantment scrolls, then pull out your own weapons. This is the rule. Do you have a couple thousand taels of gold?’’

Ninth Uncle nodded his head, saying: ’’Indeed. If you want to test an enchantment scroll, you need to provide the weapon yourself.’’

This time, Lu Xuan could only bitterly smile. He hadn't thought that selling an enchantment scroll would actually be so troublesome. Right now Lu Xuan didn't even have a single weapon. Where would he go and get an iron grade weapon?

’’Older brother Xuan, should we just forget it? You've broken through anyway. Entering the Wind Sword Sect is a given now. Once we have money in the future we can test it again and it won't be too late.’’ Yao Lei said from the side. Although he didn't really believe that Lu Xuan could succeed in drawing out the enchantment scroll, but he didn't feel very good seeing Lu Xuan's current appearance.

’’What people doing what things. You're still dreaming of becoming an enchanter. Is an enchanter something someone like you can become?’’ Long Zhi said proudly. His sense of superiority had suddenly returned. Seeing Lu Xuan's appearance, he felt better than if he had beaten the crap out of Lu Xuan.

However, Long Zhi's arrogance caused Ninth Uncle to feel irritated. He still liked young people like Lu Xuan, who were neither haughty nor humble. He suddenly spoke again: ’’Lu Xuan, wait a moment. I'll send a message to young miss Chen Xi. She said before that if you came to sell enchantment scrolls I should let her know. Young miss Chen Xi is an enchanter. Even if I can't tell, maybe she will be able to.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan's face immediately lit up, ’’Then I'll have to trouble senior.’’

He firmly believe that his enchantment scrolls had no problems. Gold will always shine.

Ninth Uncle nodded and pulled out a transmission rune. He whispered a few words, and the transmission rune suddenly vanished into a stream of light.

Now Long Zhi was a bit alarmed. Young miss Chen Xi? Was it really Xia Chen Xi? Could it be that this bumpkin Lu Xuan actually knew her?

The shop immediately became quiet. A crowd of people waited for Xia Chen Xi to arrive. Long Zhi also didn't leave. He wanted to see Lu Xuan become disgraced!


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