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Sword Spirit - Chapter 20


Chapter 20 Long Zhi

Bringing Yao Lei, Lu Xuan went directly towards the Treasure Pavilion.

Tightly following behind Lu Xuan, Yao Lei's mind was still thinking about the words Lu Xuan had just said. He had succeeded in drawing the enchantment scrolls? Older brother Xuan had actually done it?

Although Lu Xuan had already brought out one enchantment scroll to let him see, Yao Lei still felt like he was dreaming. Being able to successfully draw out an enchantment scroll meant that he was a true enchanter. That was to say, in just two days time, older brother Xuan had become an enchanter?

Enchanting was a very respectable job. Yao Lei had never thought that there would be an enchanter right by his side. It could be said, even if Lu Xuan didn't enter the Wind Sword Sect, as long as he marketed his ability as an enchanter, the Long family would definitely not dare to touch the Lu family. Naturally there would be powers that would protect the Lu family in order to attract Lu Xuan.

Soon the two once again entered Spirit Materials Street. Lu Xuan naturally went directly to the Treasure Pavilion.

But this time when they got there, the Treasure Pavilion had some other guests. When Lu Xuan and Yao Lei arrived, the people there subconsciously turned their heads to look.

’’Lu Xuan! You actually dare to come again!’’ One of those people suddenly burst into anger and couldn't help but point at Lu Xuan's nose and shout should when they saw Lu Xuan. On closer examination, it was Long Yang and someone else?

Seeing Long Yang, Lu Xuan was also a little surprised. He hadn't thought that they would bump into each other today. However, seeing the scar on Long Yang's face that he had put there himself, he remembered how Long Yang begged for his life while kneeling before him. Lu Xuan's face began to show ridicule.

’’Long Yang, I spared you yesterday. It seems that you haven't learned your lesson?’’

As Lu Xuan spoke, Long Yang's face immediately became dark. He would never be able to forget yesterday's scene. From birth until now, he had never lost so much face before. He had kneeled down to beg for mercy in front of a watchful crowd and even had been scared to the point of pissing his pants.

Long Yang snorted, ignoring Lu Xuan's insults, instead turned his heads to the person beside him and said, ’’Older brother, the one who hit me yesterday was him! The scar on my face was due to him. The money you gave me to buy materials was also stolen by that guy.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan's eyes immediately shifted off of Lu Xuan and were directed towards the other person. This person was dressed magnificently, and his looks were somewhat similar to Long Yang's, and the position he stood in was in the very center of the crowd. The people beside him looked to him as their leader. Obviously he had the leading role here.

He was also staring at Lu Xuan at this time. The four eyes faced each other. Lu Xuan could clearly see a hint of pride in the other's eyes. It was a completely superior attitude, giving off the feeling that he didn't hold Lu Xuan in any esteem.

’’Older brother Xuan, this guy should be Long Yang's real older brother, called Long Zhi. He rarely returns to the Qing Mountain Village, instead usually lives in Lin City.’’ Yao Lei whispered to Lu Xuan's ear. He had never met Long Zhi, he had only heard of him. However, listening to what Long Yang had called him, it wasn't too hard to guess.

And it was at this time that Long Zhi spoke, his tone very even and had an air of superiority, as if he couldn't be bothered to speak with Lu Xuan.

’’Return the money that you took yesterday, slap your own face twenty times, and then kowtow to my younger brother recognizing your wrong. Then this matter will be concluded.’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but let out a mocking laugh, shaking his head. He couldn't be bothered to notice Long Zhi, instead he walked up and began speaking with the old shopkeeper.

’’Senior, I'm here to bother you again. This is young miss Chen Xi's notes. I've finished reading through it. I'm troubling the senior to help me return it.’’ As he spoke, Lu Xuan's two hands passed the introductory enchantment book.

However, due to Lu Xuan ignoring him, it had annoyed Long Zhi. He hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually wouldn't know the difference between life and death, even daring to ignore his words.

’’I'm talking to you! Are you deaf?’’ Long Zhi's tone had suddenly become somber. Lu Xuan's actions had already angered him.

Having his words interrupted by Long Zhi, Lu Xuan frowned. Was this guy a rabid dog?

Turning his head towards Long Zhi, Lu Xuan slowly said: ’’That money was something Long Yang bet by himself. He conceded defeat. You should probably thank me that I didn't kill him in the martial arena.’’

Hearing this, Long Zhi laughed out loud as if he had heard some sort of amazing joke. He looked at Lu Xuan and said: ’’You should be rejoicing that you didn't kill him, otherwise, you would already be a dead man. I'll test your courage, would you dare to make the move?’’

Lu Xuan smiled and said: ’’I'll test his courage. Ask him if he still dares to go into the martial arena?’’

Hearing Lu Xuan's obvious sarcasm, Long Yang began to tremble in anger, however, even if his courage was tested, he didn't dare to go onto the martial arena again. Lu Xuan's sword stroke had already broken his courage.

’’Alright, your problems can be resolved privately. Lu Xuan, give me the book. I'll help you give it to the young miss.’’ The old shopkeeper Ninth Uncle interrupted the two.

Although Long Zhi was unwilling, he didn't dare to argue with the old shopkeeper, courteously apologizing to Ninth Uncle and stood to the side. However he eyes towards Lu Xuan were very cold. Yesterday Lu Xuan had not only severely humiliated Long Yang, he had even taken the money for Long Yang to buy the materials. Now he had even argued in his face. Long Zhi already hated Lu Xuan to his very bones. He determined in his heart that when Lu Xuan exited Spirit Materials Street, relying on his identity, wanting to take care of Lu Xuan would be an easy thing to do.

No longer paying attention to Long Zhi, Lu Xuan gave the notes to the old shopkeeper and said: ’’Senior, I also have another matter to bother you with this time.’’

The old shopkeeper looked up to look at Lu Xuan, then looked over at Long Zhi's group of people, then slowly asked: ’’What matter?’’

He was assuming that Lu Xuan wanted to ask him to act as a guard. If it was an ordinary person, he naturally wouldn't have cared about this matter, however Lu Xuan was different.

Yesterday Xia Chen Xi had given Lu Xuan a favor. Although he didn't know why made Xia Chen Xi would express interest in Lu Xuan given her identity, but for the sake of Xia Chen Xi's face, he would take care of Lu Xuan a little. He also recognized Long Zhi a little. In others' eyes, he might have a bit of an identity, but he couldn't enter the shopkeeper's eyes.

’’Last time young miss Chen Xi said, any successfully drawn enchantment scrolls could be brought here to sell. The next thing is to ask senior to help me sell it. The price doesn't matter. I just want to sell it quickly.’’

When Lu Xuan said these words, everyone in the room, including Long Zhi, was stunned. The old shopkeeper took a while to recover. The difference in what Lu Xuan requested and what he had expected were too different. What made him further amazed was that using the materials bought yesterday, Lu Xuan had actually succeeded?

He instinctually asked: ’’That Wild Explosion rune... You drew it successfully?’’

Lu Xuan nodded his head, ’’En, I succeeded.’’

’’A'Yang, he's an enchanter?’’ Long Zhi asked Long Yang in surprise.

(TN: A'Yang 阿阳 is Long Zhi's nickname for Long Yang.)

Long Yang firmly shook his head, ’’That's impossible! How could be an enchanter! You know the Lu family's situation. How could they raise an enchanter. Just watch, it must be a fake!’’

Long Yang absolutely didn't believe that Lu Xuan was an enchanter because he had observed Lu Xuan's older sister before, thus Long Yang had a very good understanding of Lu Xuan. When he had exploded out with such amazing fighting strength, he had already exceeded Long Yang's expectations. If told that Lu Xuan was also an enchanter right now, Long Yang would only think that was a fantasy.


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