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Sword Spirit - Chapter 19


Chapter 19 Sale

When Lu Xuan woke up, a few hours had already passed.

Recently these days he hadn't had much proper rest. Each time he rested was only enough time to recover his soul force. This time he actually slept for a few hours, and immediately felt his mental state refreshed.

Also, when he woke up he was excited to discover, his vision and hearing and other senses had all improved by a bit. He could obviously see things more clearly.

In this regard, he wasn't surprised. This was an obvious sign that his mental strength had improved.

He hadn't expected that overusing his mental strength to draw the runes would actually have this kind of intriguing effect. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Mental strength was very important for enchanters. The stronger the mental strength, when drawing runes, the more sensitive your hands would be, and would be able to observe smaller details more easily.

The Wild Explosion scroll on the table was currently emitting a crystalline glow, which seemed attractive.

There wasn't any violent aura leaking out of the scroll. After it had been condensed into runes, the energy contained savage wolf blood had been completely bound, and couldn't flow out. Thus there weren't any worries about leaving it open for a few hours, the scroll's result wouldn't suffer at all even if it was.

Lu Xuan walked up to the completed Wild Explosion scroll and carefully rolled it up and put it away. This was something worth over a thousand taels of gold! It was enough for him to buy many dan medicines.

Looking over the newly drawn rune, Lu Xuan couldn't help but feel lucky.

He hadn't previously thought that practicing the runes and actually drawing it would have such a large difference. The difference in the amount of soul force consume wasn't on the same level at all.

If it hadn't been for the fight with Long Yang and him having the lucky breakthrough to body refining fourth level, the bone cleansing realm, then he wouldn't have even had enough soul force to use to complete the drawing. Even at body refining fourth level, the soul force had been just barely enough, and that was only because the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was so powerful, letting him have more soul force than ordinary people.

However, this time's success still brought a very valuable experience to Lu Xuan. He had gained a deeper understanding towards drawing runes and gained a better grasp on the overall situation.

Putting away the completed Wild Explosion scroll, Lu Xuan once again pulled out a low grade Wild Explosion scroll and spread it out, preparing to continue drawing. There was still enough savage wolf blood for about four or five times. Every success represented over a thousand taels of gold. Lu Xuan's heart couldn't help but be moved at the thought of those profits.

(TN: I believe the author made an error here and it should be a low grade blank scroll. Or maybe Lu Xuan's just so confident that he's thinking it's already finished.)

Producing enchantment scrolls required great consumptions of soul force. Every time he drew, Lu Xuan had to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic once to recover his soul force. Time silently flowed on as he continually drew and recovered.

After numerous hours, Lu Xuan finally used up all of the savage wolf blood. In total he had drawn it five times, but he only succeeded twice.

Among two of his failures, it was due to him being too relaxed, resulting in the failures. Those could be considered as low grade mistakes, and the other time was because he had constructed the rune incorrectly.

The rune had come directly from the sword crystal's memories and was deeply imprinted in his head, but there would still be the occasional mistake. Even senior enchanters when drawing low grade scrolls didn't dare to say that they would have a 100% success rate.

In Lu Xuan's first time drawing enchantment scrolls, he had tried eight times and could succeed three times. This success rate was enough to make the self-proclaimed genius enchanters feel ashamed of themselves.

As for Lu Xuan, other than the three Wild Explosion scrolls, the biggest gain this time was his mental strength and his soul force had both improved by a lot.

Every time he drew the runes, it would drain his mental strength and soul force completely empty. With the previous improvements of mental strength, Lu Xuan barely lasted through the entire process and didn't fall unconscious during it. And then cultivating under these circumstances made the improvements even more significant.

Other than improving mental strength, at the same time Lu Xuan also stabilized into the body refining fourth level, in the bone cleansing realm, the same as Long Yang's realm from before.

With Lu Xuan's current strength, passing the Wind Sword Sect assessment was practically a given.

However, human desire never ended. Right now, Lu Xuan had already fulfilled the conditions to enter the Wind Sword Sect, but now he didn't want to just pass the assessment, he also wanted to get a rank in the assessment.

In the Wind Sword Sect's assessment, the first ten places will receive lavish rewards, however, with Lu Xuan's previous strength, he didn't even dare to think about it. But now it wasn't the same. If he could get enough resources, he had hope to improve another step, and enter into the top ten.

Looking outside, it was currently night. Lu Xuan temporarily put a halt to go to Spirit Materials Street. Going tomorrow morning wouldn't be too late.

He once again sat down cross-legged and began to circulate his cultivation technique again.

With the unknown grade Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, cultivating was simply a pleasure to Lu Xuan. The feeling of his strength rapidly rising let him feel very comfortable.

These days, Lu Xuan who had been stuck at the body refining fourth level bottleneck had now broken through the bottleneck, and his cultivation speed had immediately soared.

A great quantity of soul force was attracted by Lu Xuan and circulated through his body's twenty-six meridians. At the same time it continuously entered into the bones, cleansing Lu Xuan's bones.

At this time, in his body, the impurities in his bones were constantly being forced out, making his bone density become higher and higher. At the same time, it also added resilience. With the continuous bone cleansing, Lu Xuan's entire person's explosive strength would also reach a new level. It could be said, only after entering the bone cleansing realm could it be said that one had actually begun to body tempering process.

Only after another whole night of cultivating and the light outside the window became bright did Lu Xuan wake up from his cultivating.

He slowly stood up. In the span of one night, Lu Xuan's body suddenly become a bit taller. This was a change brought by the bone cleansing.

A disgusting smell emitted from Lu Xuan's body. He looked down and discovered that all of the clothes on his body was sticking to his body. The sticky clothes was naturally because of the impurities that had been washed out of his bones.

Frowning, Lu Xuan had to wash himself properly. He couldn't go out like this.

After a little less than half an hour, Lu Xuan finished changing clothes. Grabbing the three thousand taels of gold Wild Explosion scrolls, stuffing them into his clothes, walked out the door, and knocked on Yao Lei's door.

Yao Lei quickly opened the door. Seeing that it was Lu Xuan, he was startled for a moment. He said: ’’Older brother Xuan, why do I feel like you're a bit different today?’’

At this time, Lu Xuan had already broken through to body refining fourth level the bone cleansing realm. Not only was the expression in his eyes brighter, even his aura had an indescribable change. This sort of sudden change would naturally be seen by Yao Lei in an instance.

Lu Xuan smiled a little: ’’While cultivating yesterday, I already broke through.’’

Broke through? Yao Lei was a little confused at first, but then quickly woke from his daze, excitedly saying: ’’Older brother Xuan, you've already broken through to body refining fourth level?’’

Lu Xuan nodded and said, ’’En, yesterday's fight gave me quite a bit of inspiration. Then like channel forming when water flows, I broke through. Come, accompany me to the Treasure Pavilion again.’’

Yao Lei was feeling very happy that Lu Xuan had successfully broken through, and when he heard his words, he immediately nodded, ’’Yeah, since you've broken through, then there's no need to be an enchanter, and you don't need the materials. Let's go return those materials and buy some more dan medicines!’’

Yao Lei hadn't thought that Lu Xuan could succeed, and hadn't slept well all last night, his heart hurting over the wasted hundred taels of gold. However, since Lu Xuan had already broken through, then there was no rush to spend money. He naturally thought that Lu Xuan would return the goods.

’’Return?’’ Lu Xuan couldn't help but let out a smile: ’’I'm not going to return, I'm going to sell!’’


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