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Sword Spirit - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Wild Explosion Scroll

A low grade blank scroll was spread out on the table. Lu Xuan then opened the jade bottle containing the savage wolf blood. A violent aura was immediately released from the jade bottle.

Taking a deep breath, some soul force was emitted from the tip of Lu Xuan's finger. A bit of savage wolf blood was pulled out. In the moment that the blood was pulled out, Lu Xuan felt his soul force shiver, almost making him lose control.

The savage wolf blood's strength was truly violent and difficult to control. It didn't seem to want to cooperate with the soul force. If he wanted to use the violent blood to draw the enchantment scroll, the difficulty would be higher.

This is also why Xia Chen Xi looked so strange when she heard that Lu Xuan wanted to only use savage wolf blood to draw the enchantment scroll.

It wasn't only savage wolf blood, but was all animal blood. Their energies were very turbulent and violent. Enchanters didn't have a way to fuse it together and create the enchantment scroll. For that reason, all of the enchanters in the Sky Sword Continent used specialized liquids when drawing enchantment scrolls along with the materials and medicines. It was in order to make it more cooperative.

However, by doing this, although the drawing became easier, the strength of the main material's effect for the enchantment scroll became weaker.

Of course, this was an situation that couldn't be helped. If it wasn't this way, they wouldn't have a way to create the enchantment scrolls.

If an enchanter saw Lu Xuan directly using purely animal blood to draw the enchantment, then they would probably laugh at him. This was an impossibility. Every enchanter when they start are advised that for enchantment materials, the special products are needed for it to work. Using only the pure main ingredient would lead to power conflicts. There was no way to randomly draw the rune.

Right now, Lu Xuan was confronted with a dilemma.

In order to forcefully control the savage wolf blood to draw the enchantment scroll, he would need to increase his soul force output, but if he did that, the soul force consumption would far surpass Lu Xuan's estimation. Even though he had already reached body refining fourth level and the soul force he possessed had increased by quite a bit, it still wouldn't be enough.

Lu Xuan's finger continually waved through the air, pulling the savage wolf blood along, following the Wild Explosion rune's lines, falling onto the blank scroll. On the blank scroll, a complicated rune began to appear.

But as the rune became more and more complicated, his soul force greatly decreased. In a short time, he began sweating from his forehead, and the Wild Explosive rune's drawing was less than half complete.

Seeing his soul force wasn't enough, Lu Xuan's heart dropped and he immediately stopped drawing the rune.

Even if he had continued to forcefully draw it, he still wouldn't be able to escape failing at the end. And if that was the case, he might as well save some materials.

After Lu Xuan stopped the drawing, the soul force no longer had any support, and the half completed rune shined bright, particularly where Lu Xuan had stopped continuing. The first time trying to draw was a failure, and this blank scroll and that bit of savage wolf blood had both been wasted.

A hint of grief flashed through Lu Xuan's eyes as he thought about the tens of taels of gold wasted.

However, now was not the time for grief. Without even speaking about it being Lu Xuan's first time drawing an enchantment scroll, even specialized enchanters couldn't guarantee a 100% success rate. If they could get 30%, it was already something to be proud of.

Now, Lu Xuan understood the difference between using just soul force to practice and actually drawing. Soul force came from his body and was used through his finger, but when using savage wolf blood to draw, he couldn't get that result.

Remembering the feeling while drawing from just now, Lu Xuan felt that the reason he had failed wasn't because the reason the introductory book stated, that the potency of the savage wolf blood was too strong and that it would conflict with the creation of the run, but it seemed like it was because he wasn't familiar with the potency of it and his soul force expenditure had been too large.

With a small groan, Lu Xuan once again pulled out the savage wolf blood, closed his eyes, and concentrating on feeling its potency.

Because he had just stopped in the middle of drawing before, there was still plenty of blood left. Wasting a bit wouldn't hurt too much.

The blood exploded into the air, the potency slowly evaporating into the air. Lu Xuan continued to pull out small streams of blood, experiencing it over and over again, testing how to use the least amount of soul force to pull out and control the savage wolf blood.

After spending over half an hour, Lu Xuan became pretty familiar with the potency of the savage wolf blood. He sat down again and began circulating the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, recovering his body's soul force. No matter what, he would need to practice in order to improve.

A bottle of savage wolf blood could be used between eight to ten times. Although Lu Xuan had wasted a bit, it could still be used seven or eight times. As long as there was one success it would be enough to make the return.

Once he had recovered his soul force, Lu Xuan once again placed a low grade blank scroll on the table and then skillfully pulled out some blood from the jade bottle. The blood was still violent, but Lu Xuan had already known its potency, and didn't need to use his soul force to forcefully constrain it, allowing him to not use up as much soul force.

The savage wolf blood continually fell onto the blank scroll, and the Wild Explosion rune's character slowly appeared. This time, Lu Xuan's endured for longer than the first time, making it all the way to about eighty percent before running out of soul force and failing.

Also, this time Lu Xuan finally confirmed, as long as his soul force was enough, then it was entirely possible to use only the savage wolf blood to successfully create the Wild Explosion rune. It really wasn't like the introductory book had said, that a special product was needed.

As for why it was this way, Lu Xuan felt like it was possibly due to different types of runes. His rune was obtained from the sword crystal, and perhaps the rune he used was of a higher level than the ones that others used.

He continued to recover soul force, continued to draw, and experienced another failure, but this time's drawing, Lu Xuan lasted until about 90% of the rune was complete. It was only missing the last little portion of it.

These two failures weren't complete wastes. They provided Lu Xuan with valuable experience. This kind of practice wasn't something that could be gotten through just theory.

Fully recovering again, after going through the two failures, Lu Xuan was 70% assured of success. After a pause to think, he once again spread out another blank scroll. This scroll's outer appearance was obviously better looking than the ones before and was made more delicately. It was the twenty taels of gold high grade blank scroll!

For the sake of success, this time it could be said that Lu Xuan was going all in. In the previous failures, the wasted blank scrolls were only low grade blank scrolls, the price was only one tael of gold. If he failed again this time, in addition to the consumed savage wolf blood, that was nearly twenty taels of gold, which wasn't a small number.

Some violent savage wolf blood was once again pulled out by Lu Xuan. His finger trembled a little. A tiny refined rune began to appear on the blank scroll, flashing crystalline light.

Lu Xuan heightened his concentration, his eyes stared at the blank scroll, his finger constantly trembling. Runes settled down one after another. The entire Wild Explosion rune was composed of countless smaller runes combined together. If it was wrong in one place it would cause it to fail. If he hadn't been using the sword crystal's memories, how could he have learned the enchantment skill so quickly.

Soul force rapidly flowed out and the savage wolf blood was continually pulled out. A complicated and strange-looking rune was drawn on the blank scroll. The strange thin was, the extraordinarily violent blood, while being combined by Lu Xuan as runes, didn't have any sort of conflict. The violent nature of the blood was entirely suppressed.

A bead of sweat slowly appeared on Lu Xuan's cheek. His soul force once again neared depletion but his finger had become very stable, without any trembling. At this time, his finger had already turned into a blur. One rune after another settled down quickly.

The whole rune was already 90% complete, only missing the very last portion!

Lu Xuan only felt waves of stabbing pain in his mind. Under his full concentration, his mental strength was already a bit past its limits, but this time he persevered, counting on a strong willpower for support. This was the attempt that was closest to success! He must not fail!

Just five more runes and it would be done!

Lu Xuan's consciousness began to blur, his finger's movement speed inevitably began to slow down, but under subconscious control, there was still movement. The drawing of the rune continued without interruption.

First, second, third, fourth... When there was only the last rune left, a hint of trembling finally appeared on Lu Xuan's finger.

At this time, Lu Xuan suddenly bit his tongue, fighting his tiredness. Summoning his last bit of soul force, his finger suddenly shook, and a small rune immediately flew out, landing on the blank scroll!

The fifth, finished!

Once the last rune settled, the Wild Explosion rune's character was finally completed!

A burst of light flashed out. The entire blank scroll exploded out with a bright light. Following the disappearance of the light, the entire rune revealed a hint of crystalline color.

Wild Explosion scroll...Creation success!

Looking at this final scene, a smile of relief appeared on Lu Xuan's face, then he closed his eyes and directly fell backwards. He really was too tired. Whether it was soul force of mental energy, it had all been completely emptied out. Now that he had relaxed, he couldn't hold out anymore.

It was just, even as he went unconscious, Lu Xuan's satisfied smile still was clearly displayed on his face.

’’I finally succeeded.’’ This was Lu Xuan's last thought before he fell over.


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