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Sword Spirit - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 Breaking Through Again

After returning to the inn, when they separated, Lu Xuan stopped Yao Lei.

’’Lei, you take these two dan medicines. Properly cultivate for the next few days. First use the Xuan Yuan dan to gather soul force, and then use the Bone Cleansing Dan to breakthrough the bottleneck and reach body refining third level. That way, maybe we'll both be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect.

Having just faced Long Yang's threats, Lu Xuan naturally would help Yao Lei who had been able to support him despite bearing an enormous pressure. These two pills hadn't been bought for his own sake but were for Yao Lei.

It was just that, when he heard Lu Xuan's words, Yao Lei's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped. Two dan medicines were still worth over a hundred taels of gold. Had it been bought by Lu Xuan to give to him?

Looking at the two dan medicines in Lu Xuan's hands, Yao Lei swallowed the saliva in his mouth. His current realm was body refining second level. Originally, logically speaking, there was no real chance of getting into the Wind Sword Sect, but if he used the two dan medicines, then perhaps there really was a chance of charging into body refining third level. In that case there would be a much better hope of getting into the Wind Sword Sect.

But even though there was such a large temptation in front of his eyes, Yao Lei still firmly shook his head, and rejected it.

’’I can't. These are things older brother Xuan risked his life for. This time, my entering the Wind Sword Sect isn't important, but you need to get it. Elder sister Qiong is entirely counting on you.

The elder sister Qiong that Yao Lei spoke of was Lu Xuan's older sister Lu Qiong. Yao Lei naturally knew about the Lu family's matters.

Lu Xuan smiled self-confidently: ’’Relax. I've already reached the peak of body refining third level. Once I've drawn out the enchantment scroll, then breakthrough the body refining fourth level will be inevitable!’’

Yao Lei just continued to shake his head. He refused to believe that Lu Xuan could really create an enchantment scroll. With only a few days time, how could one possibly just become an enchanter?

However he couldn't just refuse Lu Xuan's request. Yao Lei said: ’’How about this, I'll first hold onto the dan medicines. If older brother Xuan really draws the enchantment scroll, then I'll keep the dan medicines. If you fail though, then you'll take the these. If you can reach body refining fourth level, then you will definitely be able to enter the Wind Sword Sect.

Lu Xuan didn't say anything more to Yao Lei's words. He believed that he would definitely succeed.

Asking Yao Lei to not bother him for the next two days, Lu Xuan closed off his room. There were three days until the assessment. Leaving one day for breaking through meant that Lu Xuan only had two days time left to create the enchantment scroll.

Returning to his room, he didn't start right away, instead pulling out the introductory enchantment book that Xia Chen Xi had given him and began reading.

There was a trace of fragrance on the books. Lu Xuan was not unfamiliar with the fragrant smell. He had smelled it before on Xia Chen Xi's body before. Obviously, this book was something that she had carried on her before, thus some of her body fragrance had rubbed off on the book.

Thinking of Xia Chen Xi, her beautiful face suddenly appeared in Lu Xuan's mind. His face unconsciously let out a smile.

Opening the book, other than the book's original writing, there were a lot of densely written notes, the handwriting very delicate. Obviously this was Xia Chen Xi's own notes reflecting some of her thoughts and observations.

All of Lu Xuan's knowledge concerning enchantment knowledge had come from the memory in the sword crystal. Although it was high quality, but it wasn't very systemized. This introductory book would undoubtedly improve his understanding towards enchanting.

After spending a full hour, Lu Xuan finally finished reading the book. He closed his eyes, trying to fully understand the knowledge he had just absorbed. In general, Lu Xuan had a decent understanding, but something that gave him doubts was the book clearly said that when drawing enchantment scrolls, a modulation liquid needed to be used. In his memories, it said that only the main animal's blood or other material was needed, it didn't need modulation.

He frowned and thought for a while. Lu Xuan decided to believe the sword crystal. Compared to an introductory book, the memories from the sword crystal were undoubtedly of higher quality. After all, the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and the Blinking Sword Skill were not things that ordinary people could pull out.

After finishing the book, Lu Xuan did not immediately begin drawing the enchantment scroll, instead sat cross-legged, beginning to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. He began calming down his emotions, adjusting his body to the optimal state.

Enchanting was very delicate. If a trace of it was wrong, it would fail completely.

The soul force in the air was suddenly absorbed by Lu Xuan, silently entering into his body through every pore, constantly circulating through his meridians.

Having just fought with Long Yang, although it seemed like Lu Xuan had won very easily, but in reality, his consumption wasn't small. If it wasn't for the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic being so powerful, then if the amount of soul force that Lu Xuan had in his body was like a normal person's, then there would probably be no way of using Long Yang as practice for so long.

As the circulation cultivation technique continued to infuse the body with soul force, Lu Xuan felt his wholly refreshed.

Once he started cultivating, he forgot about the time. After the first large circle of qi finished, he started the second large circle of qi.

The twenty-six meridians throughout his body continually circulated soul force, and at the same time, a bit of soul force began to seep into his flesh, transforming his physique.

Gradually, Lu Xuan's flesh seemed to have reached its limit in absorbing soul force. The infusion of soul force became slower and slower. And at this time, a bit of soul force actually broke through the flesh and bone between the layer of the diaphragm member, directly entering into the bone!

Following it soon after, a large amount of soul force also exploded out like a geyser, breaking through the diaphragm membrane layer one after another, and all of it began to penetrate the bone.

Following the soul force penetrating the bones, a wave of itchiness overcame him, which was very uncomfortable. As Lu Xuan sat cross-legged, he couldn't help but shudder.

Soul force entering bone was the sign of body refining fourth level!

In body refining's ten levels, the first three level were cultivating flesh, the fourth level was cleansing the bone, the fifth level was muscle altering, sixth level pulse condensation, the seventh level viscera training, eighth level exchanging blood, ninth level marrow tempering, and the tenth level rush point.

(TN: I couldn't really think of a good way to translate 冲穴. Suggestions welcome.)

The signs of the ten levels of body refining, Lu Xuan had long since understood them clearly from the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. When soul force entered the bone, it meant that he had already formally entered the body refining fourth level, the bone cleansing realm!

Lu Xuan hadn't thought that he'd be able to not use dan medicines and rely on his own power to abruptly breakthrough to the body refining fourth level.

It wasn't easy for Lu Xuan to wait until the large circle of qi was finished before suddenly opening his eyes. A bit of light flashed through his eyes. He felt his entire body's strength had greatly improved again.

When he was body refining third level, Lu Xuan's strength was comparable to the ordinary body refining fourth level's. Now that he had reached body refining fourth level, his strength had probably reached around two thousand jins!

Slowly getting up, a mouthful of turbid qi was exhaled by Lu Xuan's.

’’Real combat really is the fastest way to raise strength. Speaking of it, I should tank Long Yang. With body refining fourth level, entering the Wind Sword Sect was not going to be a problem at all!’’ Lu Xuan couldn't help but say to himself. Originally his strength had already reached the peak of body refining third level and was close to body refining fourth level, however, he had never found the opportunity to break through. But after today's fight with Long Ya,g not only did he increase his understanding towards the Blinking Sword Skill, he had also broken through a loosened bottleneck.

Originally he had only wanted to calm down, and adjust his status. He hadn't thought that he would directly breakthrough to body refining fourth level. For Lu Xuan, this was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

Right now after having just broken through, his energy and mentality were all at its optimal state. It was the optimal time to draw the enchantment scroll. Without saying anything else, Lu Xuan directly took out the enchantment scroll and the savage wolf blood, placing them on the table.


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