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Sword Spirit - Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Meeting Again

Lin Xin Yi was somewhat reluctant. She was very interested in Lu Xuan, but right now there wasn't too much left keeping them around. Just before getting on the vehicle, she didn't forget to look at Lu Xuan once more. Overall, after this duel, Lu Xuan had already made a not deep, but not shallow imprint in her heart.

The two girls got on the vehicle. The City Lord's Mansion's carriage began to move once more, heading out. The martial arts arena's scenery became a little less beautiful.

The onlooking crowd of martial artists reluctantly pulled their sight away from the carriage. With Xian Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi's identity, and their lack of it, even if they had love in their hearts, they could only bury it. They were far from being able to match either the City Lord's Mansion or the Lin family.

In the arena, under Lu Xuan's threat of force, the servants didn't dare cause any trouble. They obediently handed over all of their possessions.

’’Hey, older brother Xun, in total we scraped together two hundred twenty-six taels of gold. It looks like these servants actually had some good stuff on them.’’ Yao Lei held on to the money as he spoke with a large smile on his face. This much money wasn't a small number for him.

Although Lu Xuan and Long Yang's bet was only two hundred taels of gold, but since Long Yang had gone back on his word, Lu Xuan not killing him was already very merciful. An extra twenty taels of gold was naturally not going to be returned.

After successfully getting the money, Lu Xuan's face couldn't help but loosen a little, and he said to Yao Lei: ’’Put the money away, let's go to the Treasure Pavilion.’’

Hearing this, Yao Lei suddenly had a bitter expression on his face: ’’Older brother Xuan, do you really want to buy that specialized blank scroll and savage wolf blood? If you ask me, you should take that money to buy some dan medicine instead. After buying a couple pieces of Xuan Yuan Dan and Bone Cleansing Dan, I believe that you will definitely break through. That would be far more dependable than buying enchantment materials!’’

Saying that, Yao Lei sighed. He gently put his hand on his lip and pulled on it a bit: ’’His mother. This is all because of my cheap mouth. Why did I tell you about enchanters. How could practicing enchanting be so easy. If it was truly easy to practice, everyone would learn enchanting, who would still cultivate, ah!’’

Listening to Yao Lei's continuous chatter, Lu Xuan couldn't help laugh a little. He knew Yao Lei was trying to look out for him, so he said: ’’Relax. If I didn't have confidence, I wouldn't do it.’’

Yao Lei was speechless. Just as he was preparing to refute Lu Xuan, he thought of the match with Long Yang just now. Lu Xuan also said these words. He suddenly didn't know what to say. Before the match, who would have thought that Lu Xuan could win so neatly? Who knows, maybe older brother Xuan could really become an enchanter.

Yao Lei didn't know if he was comforting himself or if he actually believed Lu Xuan's words.

The two got off the stage and directly went to the Treasure Pavilion. As for the people on stage, seeing that Lu Xuan was walking away, the Long family's servants finally let out their breaths. They hurriedly went over to Long Yang.

Soon, Lu Xuan and Yao Lei returned to the Treasure Pavilion. However at this time, there was a very luxurious carriage parked outside the Treasure Pavilion. There was a group of guards standing to the side waiting.

’’Eh, isn't that the City Lord's Mansion's Carriage from just before?’’ Yao Lei said with some surprise.

Lu Xuan also couldn't help looking at it again. It was the carriage that they had seen at the martial arena indeed. He hadn't thought it would be so timely. Thinking about it, those two beautiful girls should also be inside the Treasure Pavilion right?

Thinking of that, the images of Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi flashed through Lu Xuan's mind, but very quickly Lu Xuan shook his head. With their identities, he knew, for now, they were on an entirely different level than him.

’’Ignore that. Let's go in.’’ Lu Xuan said, leading first into the Treasure Pavilion.

Entering into the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Xuan scanned his surrounding, but didn't see those two. He was a little puzzled, but then felt relieved. Thinking about it, with their identities, naturally there would be someone to receive them.

In the Treasure Pavilion there was that old shopkeeper who was still sitting behind the counter with his eyes closed. The matter with Lu Xuan and Long Yang, he had already stopped caring about. To him, this was just a small episode.

Noticing that people had entered, the old shopkeeper slowly opened his eyes. When he saw that the person was actually Lu Xuan, his eyes suddenly flashed a trace of surprise. His body involuntarily stood up.

’’It's you?’’

’’That's right. Thank you for senior's concern. Senior please pull out the savage wolf blood and a blank scroll, I want to purchase them.’’ Lu Xuan smiled and said.

When Lu Xuan finished speaking, the old shopkeeper didn't move, instead he asked: ’’You... actually won?’’

It seemed he really hadn't properly assessed Lu Xuan, otherwise, he wouldn't have tried to give Lu Xuan advice, but he hadn't thought that Lu Xuan appear here so quickly, and looking at his appearance, it didn't seem like he had gone through a life and death duel just now.

However, now Lu Xuan had said he wanted to buy materials, then he naturally had money. The only explanation for that was that Lu Xuan had won, moreover, it seemed like he had won quite casually.

’’That's right. How could that body refining fourth level Long Yang possibly be my older brother Xuan's opponent. Older brother Xuan used a bamboo pole and knocked that guy right out.’’ Yao Lei rushed to reply with such vigor it was as if the person who had won hadn't been Lu Xuan but him instead.

Lu Xuan also nodded his head, giving a soft ’’Mm’’ as a response to the old shopkeeper.

’’Not bad, not bad.’’ The corners old shopkeeper's eyes leaked a hint of appreciation. If helping Lu Xuan before was only out of convenience, then right now, Lu Xuan had earned his full attention now.

He still didn't ask for specifics about Lu Xuan's fight. Each martial artist had their own secrets and trump cards. But anyway, knowing that Lu Xuan's strength really was body refining third level and that he won over Long Yang who was body refining fourth level was enough.

’’I've already told you the prices for the blank scrolls. Which one do you want? How much savage wolf blood do you want?’’ The old shopkeeper casually asked.

In a slightly lower voice, Lu Xuan said: ’’For blank scrolls, I want ten low grade and one high grade. As for savage wolf blood, one bottle.’’

The high grade blank scroll cost a full ten taels of gold each. Lu Xuan didn't have a way to buy it in bulk;however, just to be safe, he still chose to buy one. After all, the success rate of using high grade blank scrolls was much higher than when using low grade blank scrolls.

The old shopkeeper slowly nodded his head then turned his head and went to go pick it up.

Soon, eleven blank scrolls and a bottle of savage wolf blood were placed in front of Lu Xuan.

Among them, one blank scroll was set aside from the others. Whether going by appearance or soul force to check, it was obviously of higher quality than the rest of the pile. Obviously, this was the high grade blank scroll that cost ten taels of gold.

As for the savage wolf blood, it was stored inside a special jade bottle. In order to maintain the medicine's potency the special jade bottle was necessary. Just the jade bottle alone cost ten taels of gold.

’’Eh, it's you? You're also an enchanter?’’ Just at this time, a gentle voice suddenly came from the side.

Hearing the voice, Lu Xuan and the other two turned their heads at the same time. At the side of the stairs, two pretty women were holding hands as they walked over. It was Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi!

Xia Chen Xi had a curious gaze that landed on the Lu Xuan and on the enchantment materials that were on the table. As for Lin Xin Yi, she was directly looking at Lu Xuan. She was obviously a little excited. She hadn't thought there would be such a coincidence. They actually met again.


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