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Sword Spirit - Chapter 13


Chapter 13 Hidden Weapon Sneak Attack

After continuously attacking ten times and not having hit Lu Xuan once, in fact each move had been broken, Long Yang had already become thoroughly angry. The so-called victory in three moves had long been thrown to the back of his head. Right now he just wanted to quickly tear Lu Xuan apart.

Unfortunately, the Long Family's Dragon Seizing Hand was only a lower Huang grade martial skill. Lu Xuan's Blinking Sword Skill was an upper Huang grade skill, which was higher than the Dragon Seizing Hand by two tiers. Even though Lu Xuan was only using the Large Foundation Fist skill that was infused with the mysteries of the Blinking Sword Skill, it was not something that Long Yang could resist.

After more than ten continuous moves by Long Yang, Lu Xuan suddenly felt his understanding towards the Blinking Sword Skill improve by a level. When practicing martial arts, no matter how bitterly one practiced, it would not compare to bounty from an actual fight. This was also why Lu Xuan use Long Yang as a practice partner.

’’It's time to end this!’’ Lu Xuan softly said as he used a punch to force Long Yang back.

Long Yang disregarded him and continued charging forward, but this time Lu Xuan finally didn't hold back.

Previously Lu Xuan would only force Long Yang back and then not follow-up with an attack, but this time he used both fists together. One fist broke Long Yang's Dragon Seizing Hand, and the other fist solidly hit Long Yang's chest.

There was only a muffled sound as Long Yang spat out a mouthful of blood, his body immediately sent flying into the air, landing on the ground ten meters away with a ’’Bang.’’

’’You lost!’’ Lu Xuan lightly said. His tone sounded light and even, but inside he was incredibly excited. Ten days prior, he had never imagined that he would be able to beat Long Yang under the watchful eyes of such a large crowd! It was also a fight above his level, his body refining third level won over a body refining fourth level!

After Long Yang spat out blood onto the ground, this duel was finally over. The crowd felt regret that they could no longer see Lu Xuan's exquisite fist skills. They all wanted Long Yang to persist a little bit longer so that they could see Lu Xuan's fist skills just a little more.

This fighting match, could be described as a wild ride. From the start, when Long Yang pulled out a martial skill, who would have thought that it would end this way. Long Yang who was using a martial skill not only failed to beat Lu Xuan within three moves, in reverse his moves had been broken by Lu Xuan time and time again using the Large Foundation Fist skill, beating Long Yang whose level was higher than his.

’’Wow, Chen Xi, he's really strong ah! Didn't you say that the bullies chances of winning were high before? This time you saw wrong.’’ Lin Xin Yi was a little excited as she waved her hands around. It seemed like it hadn't been Lu Xuan that had won but her.

Xia Chen Xi's face was also a little red. Lin Xin Yi had spoken correctly this time. She hadn't imagined that Lu Xuan could bring such a big surprise.

’’Let's go. The fight is over. We still have to buy stuff.’’ Xia Chen Xi turned around, ready to get on the carriage. Although Lu Xuan surprised her, with her body refining sixth level at such a young age, she was unconcerned about a peer who was only body refining third level.

’’Don't rush, don't rush. That bully still hasn't forked out his bet right. Let's watch till the end then leave.’’ Lin Xin Yi quickly pulled Xia Chen Xi back.

Listening, Xia Chen Xi was a little amused. Lu Xuan had brought up the bet, which was only two hundred taels of gold or so. Since when did the Lin family's young miss put two hundred taels of gold in her eyes. Even if there was another two zeroes, Lin Xin Yi would still not take it seriously.

Thinking of this, Xia Chen Xi couldn't help but tease: ’’Xin Yi, you care so much. It couldn't be you've taken a fancy to this Lu Xuan kid right? En, he is pretty handsome.’’

’’What nonsense are you saying!’’ Lin Xin Yi's face was completely red, revealing a hint of modesty. She lightly punched Xia Chen Xi twice. However, after what Xia Chen Xi had said, she lifted up her head and looked to the stage at Lu Xuan, and in her heart there was a bit of a strange feeling.

’’You lost. Based on the previous bet, bring out the two hundred taels of gold.’’ Lu Xuan said to Long Yang. With so many martial artists acting as witnesses, he didn't fear Long Yang trying to back out.

’’Two hundred taels of gold?’’ Long Yang rubbed his bloody mouth and revealed a strange smile, ’’Isn't it just two hundred taels of gold? I'll just give it to you!’’

As he spoke, Long Yang's right hand slowly rose, as if it was prepared to dig out something.

Seeing that Long Yang didn't seem like he was going to back out, Lu Xuan let out a breath. As he thought about the two hundred taels of gold that could buy the savage wolf blood, and then use that for the Wild Explosion rune, Lu Xuan suddenly felt a little excited. As long as there were funds to start, then he could become an enchanter. What were dan medicines? Weren't they just things that he could eat at anytime?

Just as Lu Xuan was in a trance, suddenly there was a burst of exclamations!

’’Watch out!’’



Lu Xuan instantly woke up and looked over there. Suddenly the hairs on his body all rose up.

He saw ten sharp steel needles were rapidly shooting towards him!

There was a hint of blue on the needles. It seemed that they were even poisoned!

Just then, Long Yang going on about giving the money was clearly to get Lu Xuan to stand still and take that opportunity to use hidden weapons.

These ten steel needles were pulled out from Long Yang's folding fan. The reason why Long Yang never let this folding fan leave his side was because that fan was his final killer trump card.

Even if the needles hadn't been poisoned, for martial artists below body refining sixth level, as long as the needles hit, they would definitely die!

After fighting with Lu Xuan, Long Yang had already lost all face. He had long since felt hatred towards him in his bones. How could he possibly obediently pay out the bet. The matter of the bet was small, the matter of face was large.

Right now the two were still on the stage. Even if Long Yang killed Lu Xuan, no one would be able to hold him accountable. Even if he was disdained by others, Long Yang would still kill Lu Xuan. This matter must be resolved!

Seeing the steel needles flying out, Long Yang who was on the floor laughed out loudly. Even if you're strong so what? Since your fists are so strong, if you have ability, use your fists to block these poisoned steel needles!

As Long Yang released poisoned needles, it was seen by Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi. They hadn't thought that there would be such a shameless person in this world. He had clearly lost, but he had still used hidden weapons to hurt the other person, and even wanted to kill him!

The speed of the poisoned needles was too fast. Xia Chen Xi was too far. Even though she wanted to help Lu Xuan cut down the poisoned needles, she didn't have that kind of power. She could only watch as the poisoned needles flew towards Lu Xuan, less than ten meters away from him.

Lin Xin Yi's face was even paler. She normally came into contact with people that tried to act cool, but how would she have known that there was this kind of shameless person. She had just begun to have some positive feelings towards Lu Xuan, but now she could only watch Lu Xuan get hit by the poisoned needles without any way to help.

Countless martial artists already closed their eyes, unable to watch. Watching a genius that could fight above one's level about to fall was just too pitiful. Under this sort of situation, Long Yang's irritating wild laughter, seemed both irritating and ugly.

In the midst of this grave danger, where everyone else all thought that Lu Xuan was in a certain death situation, Lu Xuan moved!


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