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Sword Spirit - Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Long Family Remnants

This angry shout caused Lu Xuan's vision to move towards the source. Previously. he had only been staring at the leader and hadn't paid any attention to the people behind him.

On closer inspection, Lu Xuan felt as if that person seemed a bit familiar, then he quickly got it. His eyes revealed a strange expression: ’’Long Hai?’’

’’You bastard. You indeed still recognize me! As revenge for you killing my father and my clan, we cannot exist under the same sky. I hadn't thought that wearing out iron shoes would be fruitless and I got it without even putting in any effort. If you had obediently stayed within the sect, I wouldn't have any way of grabbing you, but you've pitifully courted death yourself and ran to the back mountain!’’ Long Hai's face was ferocious as if he wanted to eat Lu Xuan alive.

Without a doubt, this person that was angrily shouting at Lu Xuan was one of the Long family's remnants. This second son of the Long family Long Hai had been told about what had occurred in Qing Mountain Village by Elder Sun. Seeing Lu Xuan now, how could he restrain the killing intent in his heart.

The long family had a total of three sons. The eldest son Long Tian, second son Long Hai, third son Long Tai. In Lin City, Long Tai had died to Lu Xuan's hands, and after returning to Qing Mountain Village, the Long family patriarch Long Zhan had tied to exterminate the Lu family, but unexpectedly, Lu Xuan had rushed back in time, and with Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu's help, not only was the Lu family saved, the Long family had been exterminated.

No matter what was said, familial genocide was a crime worthy of not being able to live under the same sky, but after exterminating the Long Family, Lu Xuan didn't regret it at all because no matter if it was Long Tai or Long Zhan, they had brought their death upon themselves.

Even if Long Hai hadn't come to find him, Lu Xuan would in the future think of a way and opportunity to kill him. Pull weeds up by their roots or they would become an endless scourge in the future.

Recognizing Long Hai, Lu Xuan also knew, today's matters wouldn't be so easily resolved. With a cold snort, he said: ’’Could it be that only your Long Family is allowed to move against my Lu family and my Lu family isn't allowed exterminate your Long family?’’

Long Hai turned a deaf ear to Lu Xuan's words. A grin appeared on his face, ’’No matter what you say, today you are dead for sure. I'm going to use your blood to pay homage to my father's and third brother's spirits in heaven!’’

’’With just you?’’ Lu Xuan sneered.

’’Hmph, I'm more than enough to take care of you. Also, I'm not alone. Anyways, this day next year will be your death anniversary!’’ Long Hai was obviously very confident. His side had a full five people and they even had a body refining seventh level. Exterminating a mere body refining fifth level Lu Xuan. From his perspective it was like chopping cabbage. Thinking of fulfilling his revenge, his heart was filled with delight.

Just at this moment, the leader standing in front of Long Hai revealed a playful expression: ’’So you were Lu Xuan. I've long since heard of your great name. Your battle in the entrance exam is famous within the inner sect. Known as sword faction's hope for rising. Hehe, however, if this hope died in the back mountain while on a mission, I think you would be even more famous.’’

’’And who are you?’’ Lu Xuan stare at him and asked. Since this person dared to act against the flame striped tiger, his strength wasn't low. Compared to Long Hai, Lu Xuan was more wary of him.

’’I am Mo Chen.’’ That person tilted his head upward, proudly stating his identity. He and Long Hai were both people of the fist faction. His strength placed third in the fist faction and was thirty-first in the overall standings. Although it wasn't as famous as the overall standings top ten, in the inner sect, he was still a person that could call small wind and clouds.

’’Mo Chen? Don't recognize it.’’ Lu Xuan shook his head. He only paid attention to the people in the overall standings top ten. He really hadn't heard of this Mo Chen or whatever. However, this way, he also calmed down a bit. If it was an overall standings top ten existence, right now he wouldn't have any guarantee of victory. Since he wasn't in the overall standings top ten, then even if Lu Xuan wouldn't be able to match him in battle, with his movement skill, escaping with his life wasn't a problem.

Lu Xuan's words naturally pierced Mo Chen's ears. Subconsciously assuming that Lu Xuan was deliberately looking down on him, he gloomily smiled and said: ’’It's fine if you don't recognize it. Either way you're a dead man.’’

The fist faction and blade faction both were unable to see the sword faction eye to eye. If he could kill the sword factions hope here, not only would he not be punished, he would even be rewarded.

Although the Wind Sword Sect clearly had rules about disciples being forbidden to kill one another, but while there were policies on high, there were loopholes down low. The murders that had occurred in the back mountain had long since been uncountable. Many disciples had gone in and never come out. They hadn't all died under the hands of ferocious beasts. A larger portion had been killed by enemies.

Hearing that Mo Chen seemed to have the intention to kill Lu Xuan, Long Hai immediately place his hands together and said: ’’Senior brother Mo Chen. This young brother has a feud with Lu Xuan for killing his father and exterminating the clan. I hope that I can personally end the enemy. If senior brother can help me for surround him and prevent this bastard from being able to run away, that would be great.’’

’’Go. For better or for worse, you're a body refining sixth level and in the overall standings top two hundred. Taking on a mere body refining fifth level kid won't take too much effort.’’ Mo Chen said. They had entered the mountain for a while now. Their understanding of Lu Xuan was limited to the time of the sect entrance exam with the overall standings top three hundred result. They had no idea that in the last period of time, Lu Xuan had already killed his way into the overall standings top one hundred, otherwise, Long Hai probably wouldn't have dared to challenge Lu Xuan to a one-on-one.

Long Hai went past Mo Chen and walked in front of Lu Xuan with a pair of steel gloves already on his hands. He also practiced claw skills.

’’Lu Xuan, enjoy your last moments. Within half an hour, you'll become food for the ferocious beasts on the mountain.’’ Long Hai sneered.

The last important reason why the back mountain had became the place where disciples resolved their enmities was that it was the most suitable to bury the dead. As long as they could kill the other person, very soon they would become the meal for various ferocious beasts, otherwise Mo Chen and the others wouldn't have dared to decisively move against Lu Xuan, otherwise the sword faction's elders would have chased and it wouldn't be an easy fruit to eat.

’’With so many ferocious beasts I alone won't be enough to eat. The way I see it, its more suitable to have you five stay here.’’ Lu Xuan said tit for tat.

Hearing this, Mo Chen's face became cold. The meaning of Lu Xuan's words were evidently that he alone was going to exterminate the five of them. Immediately he yelled: ’’Rampant! You don't know life and death! Long Hai, hurry up and kill him.’’

He was also afraid that there would be other disciples that might pass by and see. At that time it would be difficult to deal with.

Long Hai didn't hesitate. His body suddenly exploded with force and quickly pressed in towards Lu Xuan. The iron gloves on his hand carried a strong qi, fiercely swiping over. His strength was indeed much greater compared to Long Tai's, after all, Long Hai's strength had reached body refining sixth level.

(TN: Yes, the author said steel before and iron here.)

It was just that this bit of strength wasn't enough to put into Lu Xuan's eyes. His right foot suddenly kicked the xuan iron sword's sword tip up. The xuan iron sword suddenly bounced up. Soul force poured into the sword's body and it swept out horizontally. This series of actions were done extremely quickly and fluidly.

Long Hai paled in shock. His attack still hadn't arrived in front of Lu Xuan when the xuan iron sword emitting the strong qi was already charging over, forcing him to have to defend. This brat, when did he actually become so strong?

Mo Chen on the side was also shocked by Lu Xuan's fluid attack. One move causing Long Hai to back off wasn't much. He could also do that with ease, but it should be known that he had already broken through to body refining seventh level and Lu Xuan was only a body refining fifth level.

As Mo Chen was shocked, Lu Xuan's movements didn't stop. His body suddenly flew up into the air and drew the xuan iron sword in a half circle, causing it to bring with a a very strong and fierce momentum as it chopped down!

At this time, Long Hai had only just blocked Lu Xuan's first move. He didn't force to ward off this next chop.

Under this great shock, Long Hai no longer considered about personally ending his enemy and shouted out: ’’Senior brother Mo Chen, save me!’’

’’Brat you dare!’’ Mo Chen yelled. Soul force circulated, and using an unknown movement skill his speed increased to its limit, directly charging towards where the two were fighting.

Mo Chen's speed was extremely fast. In just a moment he was blocking in front of Long Hai. His threw out his fists and similarly emitted a strong qi, fiercely colliding with Lu Xuan's sword.

However, he had made his move hastily and haven't been able to use even 50% of his strength, and also, the force of Lu Xuan's move had greatly exceeded his expectations.

Fists compared to sword. Mo Chen gave a grunt as his body was pushed back five steps. Although he had helped Long Hai take this sword stroke, his own body was worse for wear. The blood in his entire body was churning. He wasn't going to be able to mobilize soul force for a while.

On the other hand, Lu Xuan, although his attack had been blocked, his body hadn't received any injuries. The xuan iron sword once again quickly rose and was thrust straight out, still aiming at Long Hai.

Long Hai hadn't been prepared for the sword that was suddenly thrust at him. Originally when he saw Mo Chen make his move, he had felt secure. From his point of view, even if Lu Xuan could beat him, he still absolutely wouldn't be Mo Chen's opponent. After all, Mo Chen was an overall standings top thirty existence and was two level higher than Lu Xuan. In his eyes, it was an unsurmountable existence.

He hadn't imagined that Mo Chen would actually be similarly pushed back with one sword stroke. Lu Xuan's attack once again came at him. Long Hai hastily tried to dodge, but to his dismay, it seemed like no matter where he tried to dodge to, the sword was pierce his body.

In a fight, a single moment could have ten thousand changes. Where did Long Hai have time to think or consider. In a moment, this sword had arrived at his chest.


Long Hai felt a powerful force transmit as his chest was slammed directly collapsing it. He spat out a spray of blood as he began to lose consciousness.

The xuan iron sword's sword tip wasn't sharp. It was like a hemisphere, but its design was just right for wielding the full advantage of its weight and strength.

As Lu Xuan thrust out, the other three disciples were already charging over, but in the end they were a step late. They had only come just in time to catch Long Hai's body which had been sent flying, in other words, his corpse.

Lu Xuan had used his full strength to attack with the xuan iron sword. The force behind it was enormous. Looking at it, it seemed like it had only made contact with Long Hai's chest, but the strong qi had entered his body and torn apart his internal organs too.

’’Senior brother Mo Chen, Long Hai, he's, he's dead.’’ A fist faction disciple couldn't help but gulp and look towards Mo Chen to the side as he spoke. This Lu Xuan's strength was truly far beyond their expectations.

Other than Mo Chen who was body refining seventh level, each of the rest of them were all body refining sixth level. Normally, this kind of body refining fifth level like Lu Xuan was someone they wouldn't even put in their eyes, but now, in the blink of an eye, Mo Chen had been forced back and Long Hai had been killed.

Currently, Mo Chen had eliminated his unsteady state. His face was gloomy as he looked at Lu Xuan. Under his protection, Long Hai had still lost his life. To him, this was a great insult!

More importantly, Long Hai was Elder Sun's grandson. A living person had followed him out, and when he came out it was a corpse. How could he explain it?

Lu Xuan had to die! Only this way would he be able to atone for it!


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