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Sword Spirit - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Despicable Sneak Attack

Facing the flame striped tiger's powerful charge, Lu Xuan's body squatted down and with a low shout, his entire person kicked up the dirt and brought the heavy xuan iron sword into play, chopping down towards the head of the charging flame striped tiger!


With a loud roar, the flame striped tiger didn't dodge at all, using its large body to welcome Lu Xuan's attack. There was a loud bang as the momentum the xuan iron sword brought directly crashed onto the flame striped tiger's head.

In this attack, the flame striped tiger's forward charging momentum had been abruptly blocked. Not only that, it had been sent rolling back by Lu Xuan's attack.

Lu Xuan also didn't get out of it easily. The flame striped tiger's charging attack force had been enormous. A powerful recoil was sent up the heavy xuan iron sword, and his hands were a bit numb while the blood in his body was churning.

However, this attack full of power made Lu Xuan's blood start to boil. This kind of head-on battle was very straightforward!

Previously, he had thought about going a round with the iron armor bear, however, he had had to take Xia Ye and the others into account. Right now, this even more powerful flame striped tiger had sent itself up, how could Lu Xuan let it go.

Without waiting for it to recover, after Lu Xuan landed, he paused for a just a moment to calm down his disorderly breathing before once again mobilizing soul force throughout his whole body. Rushing Thunder Flash circulated, he immediately came to the flame striped tiger's right side. Carrying the charging momentum of the attack, he swung his sword again.

Caught off guard, the flame striped tiger had no way to avoid it and was hit again. Its enormous body was sent flying. There were sounds of *kacha* as a few large trees were smashed.

(TN: Now using * * for sound effects instead of the quotes)

After receiving heavy attacks in series, the flame striped tiger rolled over and stood up once again. Its eyes were full of aggression as it stared at Lu Xuan, as if it wanted to tear him to pieces.

This was a real case of a tiger leaving the hills and descending to the plains. Just now it had thought that Lu Xuan's strength didn't seem very strong and thus hadn't put him in its eyes. Who knew that Lu Xuan could actually explode like that and beat it to the point of dizziness.

Shaking its head, it eliminated the dizziness brought on by Lu Xuan's attacks. The flame striped tiger's four claws dug into the ground and took the initiative to attack, angrily charging towards Lu Xuan.

As the saying goes, clouds from dragons, wind from tigers. In one leap, a fierce wind blew towards Lu Xuan.

However, after training in the Five Elements Caves, Lu Xuan was no longer affected by the beating of the fierce wind array, not to mention the bit of fierce wind that the flame striped tiger brought with it.

Lu Xuan didn't try to dodge and thrusted straight out with the xuan iron sword. Looking at it, it was a very normal blow without anything strange, but in reality, this attack had the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's and the Blinking Sword Skill's profound meaning fused into it.

The flame striped tiger's body, which was leaping in midair, could feel that this sword tip of Lu Xuan's sword was very erratic. It seemed no matter where it attacked from, it would always crash into this sword.

Greatly surprised, its body suddenly bent, abruptly reversing. Its front paw batted at Lu Xuan's sword. As long as it could get out of the way of the sword, it would then be able to leap at Lu Xuan and rip him to pieces.

However, Lu Xuan hadn't used such a simple move. After focusing, just now he had tested the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's firmness. Now he was going to test the softness.

Facing the flame striped tiger's claws that were swinging down, Lu Xuan didn't dodge, instead he directly sent the xuan iron sword to beneath its claws. Sword and claw clashed. Lu Xuan's offensive suddenly changed, becoming softer. The sword tip shook, and a force wrapped around the flame striped tiger's paw.

The sudden change was immediately spotted by the flame striped tiger. It wanted to knock the sword away, but discovered that it seemed like it had a strange attractive force, tying the two together. And right at this moment, the xuan iron sword went along its forward momentum, and Lu Xuan suddenly flung it.

With the flame striped tiger's charging attack force, it was fiercely flung to the side into a large tree. From afar, it looked as if it Lu Xuan caused it to jump up and throw itself to the side.

The sound of snapping could be heard. The flame striped tiger's body had solidly crashed into the large tree, and then it slid down. Even if its body was stronger, after repeatedly receiving Lu Xuan's two consecutive attacks and then being fiercely thrown into this large tree, it would still be unbearable. Although it still quickly got up again, its back leg was feeling a bit weak.

The softness in Lu Xuan's sword stroke was naturally inspired from Lin Xin Yi's Flowing Water Sword Tactic. Coupling inflexibility and yielding ought to be able to deal with almost anything. Of course, this was a benefit of Lu Xuan's solid foundations. Otherwise, changing gears like that would strain his body too much.

Looking again at Lu Xuan, the flame striped tiger's eyes didn't have as much hostility, instead a look of dread appeared. This guy before its eyes seemed to be even more powerful than that group of guys that had tried to surround and kill it.

Previously, although it seemed to be pitiful, in reality, most of it was superficial injuries. With its body, as long as it was given some time, it wouldn't take too much time to recover. But just now, Lu Xuan's attacks had truly caused it heavy injury. There was no time to rest. Recovering to its previous strength wouldn't be easy.

More importantly, previously there had been many people surrounding to kill it, and now Lu Xuan was only one person. It had never imagined that this guy, who it thought wasn't all that strong, was playing pig to eat tiger. This was really eating a tiger, ah!

Thinking of this point, that the people that were behind would probably catch up soon. The flame striped tiger became even more anxious. Suddenly turning around, it didn't compete with Lu Xuan further. First, escape with its life, then talk.

Seeing that the flame striped tiger actually wanted to run away, how could Lu Xuan let it get away so easily. Without first speaking about his blood boiling from the fight just now, just for the seven star mission, he wouldn't let it get away.

Lifting up a stream of soul force, Rushing Thunder Flash continuously flashed as he also fiercely swept out with his sword. A majestic and powerful qi directly struck towards the flame striped tiger's behind.

Lu Xuan's speed was able to compete with the Golden Lightning Marten's. How could the flame striped tiger have imagined that Lu Xuan would not only have amazing strength but even his speed would be so good.

Although it tried its best to dodge, it still couldn't avoid this attack. With a painful cry, one of its hind legs was bent in an awkward fashion. It had been broken by Lu Xuan.

Its hind leg broken, even if it wanted to continue to run, it was no longer possible. The flame striped tiger straightened its mind and decisively turned its body around. There was a determined look in its eyes. Obviously it was preparing to to make its last stand.

Lu Xuan didn't have any thoughts about analyzing its thought process. Since it no longer had the ability to run, the faster the fight finished, the better, after all, there were still the other disciples chasing in the back, and also, this flame striped tiger had been chased over here by them. At the time, allocating the battle trophy would be annoying. It would be better to finish off this guy and kill it and bring its corpse away.

The tiger roared again. Lu Xuan continued to attack, trying a chop, a cut, and a thrust. The xuan iron sword struck it again and again. The death of the flame striped tiger was just a matter of time, but just at this moment, there were a couple of voices. Lu Xuan glanced to see that there were a few martial artists in inner sect disciple clothing quickly chasing from behind. The group from before managed to come in the end...

He sighed inside. It seemed like the battle trophy would need to be split into parts. Lu Xuan also wasn't an unreasonable person. If this group hadn't caused the flame striped tiger to come over, trying to find it by himself wouldn't have been an easy task.

However, he still hadn't said anything. Right now, the first priority was to kill this flame striped tiger.

Just at this moment, there was a growing change!

Those people that had been running over, one of them suddenly made a move!

And his goal wasn't the dying flame striped tiger but was actually Lu Xuan!

Before the attack arrived, a gust of wind rushed over. The attack that suddenly came gave Lu Xuan a shock. He hadn't imagined that this group of martial artists would be this diabolical. They hadn't even said a word and directly made a move against him!

What made him even angrier was that this attacks angle was very tricky. Its purpose wasn't trying to get him away from the flame striped tiger but was intended to kill him!

In this crucial moment, the strong reaction speed that Lu Xuan had trained through the Five Elements Caves was finally came in handy. Under the lightning arrays attacks, Lu Xuan understood a logic. That was, no matter the time, never use over nine-tenths of your power. The the last tenth was to deal with unexpected situations.

The sword stroke originally aimed at the flame striped tiger was abruptly stopped. With an almost impossible speed, he turned his body and the xuan iron sword swept out. There was a ’’Clang’’ sound as the xuan iron sword clashed with the incoming person's weapon.

Even if it was a hasty move, Lu Xuan's attack force wasn't weak. With a single attack, not only did it block this attack, it even caused the other person to have to back off.

However, the other side's number of people wasn't just one person. Very quickly, two people charged over. Lu Xuan could no longer oppose them so he nursed his hatred as he circulated Rushing Thunder Flash. His body flashed and gave the flame striped tiger space.

After Lu Xuan had moved away, another person took up his position, quickly rushing in front of the flame striped tiger. Two fists fiercely punched out. It became the last straw on the camel's back. The powerful seventh level ferocious beast flame striped tiger was thus killed.

The martial artist that killed the flame striped tiger didn't hesitate and directly placed the flame striped tiger's corpse into his storage ring. Only then did he turn around to look at Lu Xuan revealing a smiling expression and said: ’’Many thanks to this junior brother to help and block this flame striped tiger. I'm very grateful.’’

Lu Xuan's face was cloudy as he stared at the person who was talking. He was almost unable to suppress the angry fire in his heart. This group's methods had completely enraged him. If it had just been taking the flame striped tiger, than that was fine, but they hadn't even said anything and had attacked him. Also, they had tried to kill him! If his strength hadn't been strong, then he probably would already be a corpse!

’’What is your meaning?’’

’’Hehe, there's no real meaning. Presumably you also saw that this flame striped tiger's initial injuries were made by me. In the end, its life was also taken by me. Could it be that the battle trophy doesn't belong to me? Could you be thinking otherwise?’’ That person coldly smiled while looking at Lu Xuan. It was just a body refining fifth level guy. He didn't put him in his eyes.

Just at this time, a person behind that one suddenly angrily yelled: ’’Lu Xuan, you bastard, do you still recognize me?!’’


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