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Sword Spirit - Chapter 124


Chapter 124: Narrowly Escaping Death

This attack was the golden lightning marten's last-ditch life-saving move. Only if the opponent's strength far surpassed it, it would never use this move. With its speed, as long as it could hold up its enemy for a moment, that would buy it enough time to get away.

That was the current situation. Lu Xuan's Rushing Thunder Flash, although it had successfully dodged the attack, at the same time, it gave the golden lightning marten a path to escape.

Without Lu Xuan blocking it, and after losing a large portion of its fur, the golden lightning marten didn't linger around and shot out. Its escaping direction just happened to be where Xia Ye and the other two were.

Lu Xuan seemed to suddenly thinking of something. Immediately circulating Rushing Thunder Flash, he quickly charged over, at the same time loudly shouting: ’’Let it run, don't move against it!’’

He had already clearly understood the golden lightning marten's strength. With its speed, Xia Ye and the other two absolutely weren't its opponent. When the moment came, if they tried to block the golden lightning marten, then those three definitely wouldn't get away without injuries. Compared to that, Lu Xuan would prefer to not complete the mission.

Originally, seeing the golden lightning marten charging over, Xia Ye and Xing Feng were already preparing to make their moves. The way they saw it, the golden lightning marten had already suffered so many heavy injuries, even if it was even stronger, they should be able to block it for a moment without problem.

However, since Lu Xuan specifically warned them right now, naturally he had his reasons. Thus the two of them ceased their thought about making a move and stayed where they were without moving, prepared to let the golden lightning marten escape.

However, once it had charged over to near where the three were, the golden lightning marten suddenly shook its body, then actually proactively charged towards where the three were.

Under Lu Xuan's hands it had eaten a large loss. Not only did it lose its battle trophy, it had even suffered grievous wounds, and even had been forced to use its life-saving measure. The strength difference was too large, the golden lightning maren was hateful beyond measure. It couldn't get revenge itself on Lu Xuan, so it decided at least finish off two of Lu Xuan's companions as revenge.


Lu Xuan's eyes went red as he started exploding out with soul force. Rushing Thunder Flash flashed again, its speed was increased to its limit!

The golden lightning marten's sudden ambush was entirely out of the three's expectations. They hadn't thought this animal would actually be so brutal. It would prefer to risk the danger from Lu Xuan to act against them.

Xing Feng's reaction was the quickest. With a loud shout, he quickly blocked the front, his long sword flashing, directly aiming at the golden lightning marten.

The golden lightning marten had already suffered heavy injuries, its speed was less than before. Xing Feng's sword stroke actually blocked its forward charging path, however, in the end it was still an existence comparable to a seventh level ferocious beast. It twisted its body in midair, not losing any of its speed, and then continued to go towards the back where Xia Ye and Lin Xin Yi were. It steeled its mind to bring suffering to at least one for the fault of another.

’’Mother*, do you think I'm easy to bully?!’’ Xia Ye angrily roared, his long sword swept out horizontally, intending to force the golden lightning marten away, but the golden lightning marten's speed was truly too fast. It actually cleverly landed on Xia Ye's long sword.

On the sword's body, its front paws clawed towards Xia Ye's neck!

In this moment, Xia Ye's eyes were completely straight. He had never felt the threat of death so close to him. He could even clearly see the five sharp nails that were like needles on the golden lightning marten's claws. He believed that it would only need a light swipe and his throat would be instantly torn apart and instantly kill him.

But in the nick of time, the golden lightning marten's attack was suddenly diverted. The claw left five streaks of deep scratches on Xia Ye's shoulder, causing blood to flow out like a river.

Suddenly in pain, Xia Ye immediately recovered from his trance. I'm still not dead! Although his shoulder was in pain, but it couldn't be considered much compared to being dead.

The person who had saved Xia Ye's life was Lin Xin Yi. Although her strength wasn't vast, the golden lightning marten's defense wasn't that strong either. The move just now was the Flowing Water Sword Tactic's lift tactic. The long sword had fiercely lifted up, directly attacking the golden lightning marten's stomach. Receiving the impact of this attack, the golden lightning marten's sure kill blow was diverted. It missed slicing open his neck and only hit the shoulder.

The three of them together finally countered the golden lightning marten's wave of fierce offense. Xing Feng had blocked its charging power, Xia Ye had blocked its attack, and Lin Xin Yi had broken its sure kill at the end.

With just this delay in time, Lu Xuan who had raised his speed to its limit finally arrived!


An explosive roar came out of Lu Xuan's mouth. The Lovesick sword seemed to turn into a blur, immediately heading towards the golden lightning marten. The sword point stabbed multiple times in a row. Each sword stroke pierced the weakest parts of the golden lightning marten, the neck, the eyes, the stomach...

More importantly, in each of these sword strokes there contained all of Lu Xuan's sword intent. Sword intent invaded, and in a moment, the golden lightning marten's innards had been torn to pieces. It wasn't even able to utter a cry before it died. With a bang, its corpse feel to the ground without any strength.

’’I thought I was gonna die...’’ Xia Ye's left hand was holding onto his right shoulder. His pale face managed to squeeze out a smile. Thinking back now, he still couldn't help but feel his whole body lose strength. So that was the feeling of facing imminent death.

’’Stop speaking. You've done well. Xin Yi, quickly help Xia Ye and bandage him up.’’ Lu Xuan helped to support Xia Ye.

Hearing Lu Xuan, Lin Xin Yi quickly pulled out a white scarf from her storage ring, carefully wrapping Xia Ye's right shoulder wound. The location of the swipe was a bloody mess and was frightening. It could be imagined, if Lin Xin Yi hadn't been there at that key moment, right now the blood wouldn't be from Xia Ye's shoulder but his throat.

’’No problem, it's a small injury. It'll naturally get better in a short period of time, however, in this short period of time, I'm afraid I won't be able to have much combat force.’’ Although Xia Ye was grimacing in pain, he still acted tough verbally. However, he was still feeling lucky. Only after narrowly escaping death did he discover how beautiful it was to live.

’’I feel like we shouldn't try to do the seven star mission anymore. With just a sixth level ferocious beast we've been reduced to this state. If it was a seventh level ferocious beast, I'm afraid it'll be even worse than I imagine.’’ Xing Feng also wanted to beat the drums of retreat. For a mission and a few thousand contribution points, risking life and death wasn't necessary.

Lu Xuan also nodded his head. Although he wasn't scared, but he had to consider Lin Xin Yi and the other two, especially with Xia Ye's right shoulder injured, he was no longer able to fight. If there was some sort of danger, he wouldn't even be able to protect himself. Lu Xuan said: ’’Xing Feng, store the corpses of the golden lightning marten and the iron armor bear. Let's prepare to go down the mountain. I'm guessing we can get a few thousand contribution points for the iron armor bear corpse. This time wasn't a loss.’’

(TN: Author wrote right hand, but it was his right shoulder that got hit so Khuja and I decided to change it)

After Xing Feng had placed the two top sixth level ferocious beasts away, Xia Ye had just finished getting bandaged. Lin Xin Yi had bandaged him up pretty well. At least, it looked like she had wrapped it pretty well.

Just as the four were preparing to leave, there was suddenly a loud noise that came from behind the four of them. Lu Xuan turned his head to look and saw trees continually falling down, as if something powerful was crazily charging this way!

Xing Feng and the two others couldn't help but feel their expressions change. What was this thing that actually had such a powerful charging attack force. Even that iron armor bear from before didn't have that much power right?

Also, it seemed like that part was the territory of a seventh level ferocious beast. Could it be that a seventh level ferocious beast was charging this way?

Thinking of this, the three of them revealed expressions of horror. Just now, a ferocious beast comparable to the seventh level, a golden lightning marten had almost caused them to need to be buried. If it was a real seventh level ferocious beast, how strong would that be?!

’’Take Xia Ye and quickly retreat! I'll help block it. Fast!’’ Lu Xuan's face also imposing. He also knew, the ferocious beasts in the Wind Sword Sect's back mountain were much stronger than he had imagined. In the Sword Forest, he could take on three body refining eighth level martial artists at the same time, but in this back mountain, he could maybe only take on a powerful seventh level ferocious beast.

’’Lu Xuan, be careful.’’ Xing Feng gave a shout, then immediately took Xia Ye and Lin Xin Yi to retreat. He knew that he couldn't help in a battle of this degree and would instead cause Lu Xuan to worry. The battle just now was an example.

’’Xuan, estimate its strength.’’ Lin Xin Yi worried for Lu Xuan especially. She hadn't thought this time they would encounter so many accidents. They had only taken a look around and would encounter a fight.

After the three of them had fled, Lu Xuan also calmed down. As long as it was just him, his hands and feet wouldn't be bound in the fight. Thinking it over, he put away the Lovesick sword and the xuan iron sword appeared in his hand.

The guy that was charging over seemed to be so violent. It was most likely a strength type ferocious beast. The Lovesick sword wasn't necessarily a good match for that fight, but the xuan iron sword was more suitable for a head-on fight.

Xuan iron sword in hand, he felt the weight in his hands. Lu Xuan's fighting intent became stronger and stronger. Come, let me see just how strong a seventh level ferocious beast is!

’’Is that an inner sect senior brother over there? Please help block this flame striped tiger. Afterwards I will greatly appreciate it!’’ A voice suddenly came from over there. Listening to the direction, it was from behind the ferocious beast. It seemed like the ferocious beast had been pursued by them and was running away, which is why it was heading in this direction now.

Lu Xuan's mind focused. A flame striped tiger? Isn't that the goal of their seven star mission?

With no time to think further, only hearing the thunderous howl, this ferocious beast had already broken through the bushes in front of Lu Xuan. A tiger covered in fire-red stripes appeared in front of Lu Xuan.

It was a flame striped tiger!

However, right now this flame striped tiger's situation didn't look very good. It was missing an ear and its body was covered with quite a few scars. Its breath was ragged. Obviously it had encountered a big fight.

But even so, its powerful aura of a seventh level ferocious beast hadn't declined at all, instead, due to the painful injuries, it had completely released all of its ferocity. It seemed like it was even more dangerous than normal.

Facing this powerful seventh level ferocious beast, Lu Xuan used a single hand to lift the xuan iron sword. His mind wasn't frantic. He calmly stood in his position which just happened to block its route.

Seeing there was someone blocking its path, the flame striped tiger paused only for a moment before revealing an extremely ferocious appearance. Its mouth full of sharp teeth was chilling.

It put force into its back legs and leapt up, bringing incomparable power, directly rushing at Lu Xuan, as if it didn't put this human with a weak aura into its eyes.


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