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Sword Spirit - Chapter 123


Chapter 123: Competition of Speed

’’These two guys both aren't good to bother. The way I see it, the golden lightning marten has a bigger chance of winning. Lu Xuan, do you have the confidence to beat it?’’ Xia Ye said as he watched the two ferocious beast's stalemate.

’’I can try and see. In a while, don't make a move. You guys aren't its opponent. Being careful and protecting yourself will be enough.’’ Lu Xuan said softly, afraid of startling the two beasts that were fighting.

The iron armor bear and the golden lightning marten's stalemate lasted for about ten rests before the iron armor bear suddenly couldn't resist anymore. Continuing to drag it out would be worse and worse for it. The golden lightning marten's claws were very sharp. Previously, it had left dozens of wounds, and now blood was still continuously flowing down.

With a roar, the iron armor bear's body suddenly charged forward, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth, directly aiming at the golden lightning marten.

The golden lightning marten's eyes flashed an expression of contempt. That kind of speed was as slow as a snail. Its small body jumped into the sky without warning, quickly dodging the iron armor bear's charge, and went for its back.

The golden lightning marten's front claws attacked like lightning, fiercely swiping at the iron armor bear's back, leaving a streak of blood, but just at this moment, the iron armor bear suddenly rolled, and its huge bear paws brought a whistling wind, directly pressing towards the golden lightning marten!

This guy actually had the intention of getting hit to return the hit, purposely exposing its back, getting the golden lightning marten to attack there,then afterwards it counter-attacked. In terms of speed, three iron armor bears still wouldn't be the golden lightning marten's opponent, but for resisting attacks, ten golden lightning marten wouldn't be able to compare to an iron armor bear.

The iron armor bear's attack was too sudden. The golden lightning marten simply didn't expect it and immediately took the full brunt of the iron armor bear's hit. The golden lightning marten couldn't help but cry out in pain, then with a bang, its body was directly smacked to the ground, creating a cloud of dust.

Without mercy and with anger, the iron armor bear continued to charge forward again. However, it had already been tricked once, how could the golden lightning marten fall for the same trick again. It quickly dodged. The hit just now indeed caused it pain. The contempt in its eyes was long gone, leaving only endless anger behind. It was a golden lightning marten with strength comparable to seventh level ferocious beasts and it had actually suffered a major loss against a big stupid old bear.

Suddenly exhibiting powerful speed, the golden lightning marten's figure suddenly became a golden-colored flash, and without ceasing, it circled back and forth around the iron armor bear, its attacks were even faster, one claw after another leaving behind fierce wounds on the iron armor bear. Facing such quick attacks, the iron armor bear was simply overwhelmed. As it received more and more attacks, its speed also became slower and slower.

After no more than ten rests, the iron armor bear's body was completely covered in blood, appearing very miserable. Grabbing an opportunity, the golden lightning marten didn't stay still and charged towards the iron armor bear's head. Stretching out its sharp claws, it directly swiped across the bear's neck.

Although it was aware that it was a moment of life and death, the iron armor bear struggled to lift its front paws, intending to block the attack, but it was a pity that its injuries were too severe. It couldn't produce enough force, and in the end it was a step too late. After the golden lightning marten's claw went past, a line of blood leached out from the iron armor bear's neck...

The iron armor bear was dead!

Although it had killed the powerful iron armor bear, the golden lightning marten had also spent a lot. Crouching next to the iron armor bear's corpse, its small abdomen went up and down, obviously trying to regulate its breathing. After it had received the iron armor bear's attack, it was finally trying to recover.

But just at this moment, the golden lightning marten still hadn't reduced its vigilance. It didn't start moving its fighting trophy and still maintained a fighting stance. Its eyes looked towards where Lu Xuan and the others were hiding.

Xia Ye's heart skipped a beat. This beast had long since discovered their location!

As an existence comparable to seventh level ferocious beasts, how could the the golden lightning marten's vigilance be low. Even while it was fighting with the iron armor bear, it still noticed Lu Xuan and the other three's arrival, however, it was busy taking on the iron armor bear. In addition, it had felt that Lu Xuan and the others qi power wasn't very strong, thus it ignored them. Now, after it was finished with the iron armor bear, it naturally wanted to dispose of this group of humans.

For the golden lightning marten, looking just from a level perspective, Lu Xuan and the others indeed weren't worthy of consideration. Three body refining fifth levels, one body refining fourth level. It could even dispatch a top sixth level ferocious beast iron armor bear with ease, moreover, these martial artists were of an even lower level.

’’I'll deal with it. You guys move back!’’ Lu Xuan ordered then promptly walked out. Since he had already been discovered, continuing to hide was useless.

When Lu Xuan was standing in front of the golden lightning marten, sensing the weak qi power coming from Lu Xuan's body, the golden lightning marten's eyes flashed with contempt. An existence of this strength, it probably could have dealt with it even before it had evolved.

Not waiting any longer, the golden lightning marten's body charged with force, as if it was golden-colored lightning. Immediately it charged towards Lu Xuan, its sharp claws already stretched out, directly aiming towards his neck to slice, intending to slay with one attack.

However, with careful observation, the golden lightning marten's speed wasn't as fast as before. It seemed that the iron armor bear's attack still managed to have some effect in the end.

Lu Xuan wouldn't fear the golden lightning marten in its peak state, much less after it had been injured. Even if the golden lightning marten was fast, Lu Xuan was faster!

With a flick of his wrist, Blinking Sword Skill was sent out!

The Lovesick sword flashed, evenly blocking the golden lightning marten's attack path. From Xia Ye and the other's perspectives, it seemed like Lu Xuan had only lifted the long sword in his hand and then the golden lightning marten had stupidly crashed into it.

Seeing the long sword suddenly appearing in front of it, the fur on the golden lightning marten stood on edge, its vigilance shot up.

However, just because it changed tactics, did that mean Lu Xuan would be helpless?

The Lovesick sword immediately swiped downwards along the path that the golden lightning marten intended to move on, blocking it off. The long sword cut across behind area, not only directly opening a wound on its body, but also receiving assistance from its forward momentum to send it flying out based on Lin Xin Yi's Flowing Water Sword Tactic's profound meaning.

Giving off a sharp and pitiful cry, the golden lightning marten's eyes were both amazed and angry!

It hadn't thought that the human before its eyes that gave off such a weak aura would in reality be this strong. The iron armor bear from just now hadn't been able to cause it to bleed. Lu Xuan had actually been able to cause it an injury with just one sword stroke. The speed that the golden lightning marten had been so proud of had even been used by the human against it!

What made it even angrier though was that Lu Xuan had swung his sword at its tail region. If it had been shifted just a bit, it would have been ended. How could it endure this great hatred?

With another sharp cry, it didn't dwell over the extent of its injuries, and the golden lightning marten wanted to attack once again, however, this time, Lu Xuan was the one to pre-emptively strike. Not waiting for its attack, Lu Xuan's body brought the long sword in hand and was already thrusting towards it quickly.

Having learned its lesson, knowing it couldn't take the attack, the golden lightning marten immediately tried to dodge, moving to the side in the blink of an eye, but as soon as it landed, it searched for Lu Xuan's figure and revealed an expression of doubt. Where did the human go?

Very quickly, Lu Xuan's attack answered it. He hadn't disappeared, only his speed was even faster than the golden lightning marten's!

Taking care of the golden lightning marten was very easy because its strong point was speed. As long as one was speedier than it, even if its attacks were stronger, they would still be useless. In martial arts, nothing could be not broken, only speed could not be broken.

In the Five Elements Caves, Lu Xuan had carried the xuan iron sword, resisting the gravity array, along with the fierce wind array, and under three times pressure, he could still manage to dodge the lightning strikes. Although the lightning marten had lightning in its name, how could it compare to actual lightning?

Lu Xuan was finally getting a return on those days of bitter cultivation during this fight. Even if a lightning marten was famed for its speed, he could still deal with it easily.

Lu Xuan had come up silently behind the golden lightning marten, and with another sword thrust, he injured it again.

Receiving two injuries in a row, the golden lightning marten had become really mad, however, this anger was also mixed with a bit of terror. Its body quickly began to move. Bringing out the same set of moves it used to take on the iron armor bear, it wanted to use its powerful speed to once again gain the upper hand and thoroughly grind Lu Xuan to death.

But very soon, the terror in its eyes became more and more concentrated, because its always successful fighting moves had failed when facing Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan had only forcefully raised a bit of soul force, using Rushing Thunder Flash after the golden lightning marten moved. A match of comparing speeds began as the two figures continued to pursue one another.

Xia Ye and the others who were hidden in the back while watching were staggered by the sight. They knew that Lu Xuan was very strong, after all, his results from rushing the Sword Forest could be seen, but in the end, they hadn't thought that Lu Xuan was actually this strong.

In a competition of speed, he was actually beating the golden lightning marten by a bit!

This competition of speed lasted for about fifteen rests. No matter if it was for Lu Xuan or the golden lightning marten, it was an enormous burden for both, but the injury that the golden lightning marten had received from the iron armor bear previously acted up and it could no longer suppress it. Its speed suddenly dropped.

How could Lu Xuan be willing to miss this great opportunity. The Lovesick sword immediately swung out, slicing open a new trail on its stomach, letting blood flow out.

Once again receiving another heavy injury, the golden lightning marten was finally afraid. It felt the threat of death. It had gone through many hardships in order to evolve into a golden lightning marten. It didn't want to die. It glanced at the iron armor bear's corpse on the ground which was its prize, however, right now it already didn't have the strength to take it with it.

Reluctantly leaving the iron armor bear corpse, the golden lightning marten didn't entangle itself further with Lu Xuan and quickly retreated, wanting to flee.

But everything was completely in Lu Xuan's control. How could he let it get away. Rushing Thunder Flash was used again, immediately blocking the golden lightning marten's escape path, but just at this moment, a change occurred. The golden lightning marten's entire body's fur stood up, each strand was like a needle.

Lu Xuan didn't have time to react when countless golden colored ’’needles’’ all shot out extremely quickly!

Facing this attack, Lu Xuan could only choose to dodge, otherwise, even if one hit him, it would most likely leave a hole in his body.


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