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Sword Spirit - Chapter 120


Chapter 120: Seven Star Mission

Xu Wen Yang had stayed in the Wind Sword Sect for many years now and recently turned twenty. Although a twenty year old body refining eighth level was strong, it still wasn't enough to become a part of the Wind Sword Sect's core, otherwise, he would have long since entered the core.

After Lin Tian left, Mo Xiao Chen slowly walked up.

Although he had never met Mo Xiao Chen, but seeing the long spear strapped to Mo Xiao Chen's back and the temperament exuded from his person, Lu Xuan could guess who he was. He spoke with some uncertainty: ’’Mo Xiao Chen?’’

After he had entered the sword faction, Elder Xu had told him before that the relationship between the sword faction and the spear faction was pretty good. Thus, although they had never met before, Lu Xuan still had some positive feelings towards the spear faction's Mo Xiao Chen.

Looking at Lu Xuan's eyes, Mo Xiao Chen nodded his head, giving a soft grunt of confirmation, before turning silent again. Then he said: ’’This year's great sect competition, I will wait to fight you.’’

Having said what he wanted, he didn't have anything else to say. Mo Xiao Chen then turned away and left. For a time, Lu Xuan was stunned. Why had he issued such a strange challenge?

’’That person was the overall standings number two person, the spear faction's Mo Xiao Chen, right? Indeed he is cold. However, why did he arrange a fight with you?’’ Lin Xin Yi asked in confusion.

Lu Xuan shook his head and spread out with hands with a shrug: ’’I'm also unclear, however, I felt a sense of familiarity about him. He could very well be similar to me and had comprehended spear intent. Or perhaps, he similarly saw my sword intent and decided to arrange a fight with me.’’

Saying this, Lu Xuan's eyes lit up. Although he had comprehended sword intent, he wasn't so arrogant to think that he was invincible under the heavens. If he could fight with a martial artist who had similarly comprehended a weapon intent, it would definitely have large benefits. Only, his current realm was still too low. Even if he could fight with Mo Xiao Chen, the other party wouldn't even need to bring out his spear intent and would be able to defeat Lu Xuan.

The great sect competition was still far off. Lu Xuan didn't keep Mo Xiao Chen's words too close to his heart. What he first needed to prepare for was the duel with Lin Tian in three months. Since he had promised to be there in three months, Lu Xuan naturally wasn't aimless.

Although right now Lin Tian was already body refining seventh level large success, higher than Lu Xuan by two realms, but there was still three months time. Who knew what step Lu Xuan could improve to.

Just at this moment, two figures quickly stepped out of the crowd. Lu Xuan saw them. It was Xia Ye and Xing Feng.

’’Well done Lu Xuan, you've really done it. Overall standings top one hundred!’’ Xia Ye laughed, fiercely giving Lu Xuan's chest a punch. Although there was a lot of force behind it, he hadn't used any soul force. With Lu Xuan's current body, resisting it was naturally not a problem.

’’Killing a body refining eighth level. I am fully convinced!’’ Xing Feng also gave Lu Xuan a big thumbs up, ’’However, what I am even more satisfied with is you actually dared to make a move against that Xu Wen Yang. Just thinking about it helps me vent. Make his blade faction go crazier, fiercely slap his face!’’

The two of them had also heard the news that Lu Xuan was rushing the Sword Forest and had hurried over, however, they hadn't thought that other than seeing Lu Xuan kill his way into the overall standings top one hundred, they would actually also witness such a good show.

Lu Xuan gave a soft smile. In the recent months, he had frequently been together with Lin Xin Yi while Xia Ye and Xing Feng had been fooling around together. The relationship between the two had become friendly. The current Xing Feng had long since lost his arrogance and reckoned that no one could possibly arrogant when by Lu Xuan's side.

’’Although its venting, however, Lu Xuan, this time you've thoroughly offended Xu We Yang. That guy might seem like a good person, but don't be fooled.’’ Xia Ye couldn't help but remind him.

Lu Xuan nodded his head: ’’I understand that, however, within the sect, he wouldn't dare to deal with me in daylight. Let's stop talking about this. Lin Xin Yi and I are preparing to go to the Missions Tower to take a look. How about you guys?’’

’’That's convenient. Xing Feng and I have spent all of our contribution points and were also preparing to go to the Missions Tower. On the way we heard of your news and hurried over. Let's go together.’’ Xia Ye chuckled.

The four of them all had the same goal so there was naturally no need for further discussion. They talked as they walked. Lu XUan had just finished rushing the Sword Forest and had once again earned 18000 contribution points. Although he didn't lack, it wasn't a bad idea to take a look. Also, Xia Ye and them wouldn't let let go of Lu Xuan who was such a strong fighting force. With Lu Xuan's assistance, they could directly go for more difficult missions with higher contribution point rewards.

Soon, a line of four people arrived at the Missions Tower. The Missions Tower seemed to look ordinary, but it took up a lot of space because it was the Wind Sword Sect's most highly populated location.

That was because as long as you were a part of the Wind Sword Sect, no matter if it was an outer sect disciple or an inner sect disciple, they could all come to take missions. In the entire Wind Sword Sect, there were thousands of inner sect disciples, and there were countless outer sect disciples. With so many people able to take missions, the popularity could be imagined.

The were many types of missions. The most common missions were related to life or combat. Life missions were mostly going the Refining Hall, Spirit Dan Hall, or some other location and performing some menial labor, or going going to the Equipment Pavilion and organize the shelves, or mining, or picking herbs, etc;there were even more combat missions. The Wind Sword Sect was so large. Every day it consumed a massive amount of materials. A vast majority of these materials were produced by various kinds of beasts. Naturally there was a need for disciples to kill and retrieve the multitude of items.

Also, other than the Wind Sword Sect itself giving missions, there were disciples who needed things that would also issue missions.

Without a doubt, with Lu Xuan and the others' strengths, there was naturally no need to bother with the menial labor tasks, and they could go directly take combat missions. The higher the difficulty of the combat mission, the higher the contribution point reward would be.

’’Hey, what difficulty of combat mission would it be most suitable for us to pick?’’ Xia Ye looked to Lu Xuan as he asked. Although Lu Xuan, Xing Feng, and him were all body refining fifth levels, their combat strengths weren't on the ordinary level.

Slightly hesitant, Lu Xuan said: ’’Let's take a seven star mission then. I'm not sure I would be able to guarantee your safeties in an eight star.

Seven star difficulty missions required killing a seventh level ferocious beast or a group of sixth level ferocious beasts.

The division of levels for beasts were similar to the body refining stages for martial artists, going from levels one to ten, just like martial artists went from body refining first level to body refining tenth level. Above ferocious beasts were demon beasts which were equivalent to the martial artist's spirit refining stage, which was far from something that Lu Xuan and them could handle with their current strengths.

However, a ferocious beast's body was much better than a same level martial artist. When really fighting, their strength was much higher than martial artists of the same level.

Hearing Lu Xuan's words, they also let out a sigh. They were also scared that Lu Xuan would want to go straight to the eight star difficulty missions in one go. Perhaps Lu Xuan would have the strength to do it, but they weren't able. At that time, if an accident occurred, then they would face death. It naturally wasn't worth it for a mere mission. And although seventh level ferocious beasts were strong, with Lu Xuan there, along with the three of them, their chances of winning were very large.

’’Let us look at the seven star difficult missions.’’ Xia Ye turned his head to speak with a Missions Tower deacon.

The deacon looked at Lu Xuan's group with some surprise and said: ’’You guys... this is the first time you've been to the Missions Tower right?’’

’’That's right. Are there any rules?’’ Xia Ye couldn't help but frown. He once again thought about the difficulty face at the Equipment Pavilion.

’’Naturally there aren't any rules, however, I see that you guys are starting off with taking a seven star difficulty mission. I want to remind you all, seven star difficulty missions aren't as easy as you all imagine. I recommend first becoming acquainted with some of the lower level mission first.’’ The deacon kindly warned them. Xia Ye had misunderstood him.

Lu Xuan thought about it then asked: ’’May I ask senior brother deacon what sort of dangers there are?’’

’’Of course there are dangers. Did you all think that if you had the strength to kill a seventh level ferocious beast you would be able to complete a seven start mission? Truthfully it's not so simple. These ferocious beasts live in the mountains and forests year round. Those places are their homefields. After us martial artists enter, our strength will be dampened by a certain amount. More importantly, there are many ferocious beasts in the mountains and forests. As you all search for the target, you will inevitably encounter other ferocious beasts. After fighting, even if no one is injured, your strength will still at least deplete a bit. At the time when you find the target, will you all still have the strength to dare to complete the mission?’’

Hearing the deacon's words, Lu Xuan couldn't help but nod to himself. The words spoken were indeed logical. This was spoken from experience. Indeed there were all kinds of deacons in the Wind Sword Sect. There was the middle-aged at the Martial Skills Pavilion who had been arrogant and despotic, there was Deacon Zhou from the Equipment Pavilion who had worked hard in order to move up, there was the Five Elements Caves senior brother Li who took care of his junior brothers, and in front of him was the type who was warm-hearted without expectations of any returns.

’’Many thanks for senior brother's advice. Then, other then selecting a seven star difficulty mission, we'll pick a six star one too. If we can't finish it, then we'll give up on the seven star mission.

Seeing that Lu Xuan still hadn't given up on the seven star difficulty mission, the deacon nodded his head and didn't try any further persuasion He believed that at the time, Lu Xuan and them would naturally back out when they realized the difficulty.

He took out two jade slips and said: ’’The things recorded on these jade slips are divided into the information about six star and seven star difficulty missions. Mission requests and time are all recorded. You all must remember the time, otherwise, once the time has been passed, then even if you bring back the needed item, the mission can only be declared as failure. The other thing is, some missions have a number of restrictions. If other martial artists finish the mission before you, the mission is similarly a failure.’’

’’This thing really is a pain.’’ Xia Ye couldn't help mutter.

’’Just think of it true combat experience. The contribution points are just a bonus.’’ Xing Feng spoke positively.

Then he and Lu Xuan each took a jade slip, sending their mental energy into it to look. Xing Feng looked at the six star difficulty and Lu Xuan naturally looked at the seven star difficulty.

After all, at the time, if they really wanted to complete a seven star mission, only Lu Xuan was the main force. The others would only be able to serve a limited role.


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