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Sword Spirit - Chapter 119


Chapter 119: Arrange For Three Months

Feeling the piercing pain from his neck and the chill of the sword edge, Xu Wen Yang's face couldn't help but tremble. He felt as if he had thought wrong. This Lu Xuan, he actually dared to really do it!

The smile that Xu Wen Yang had barely eked out immediately disappeared, but he still didn't dare to move. Who knew whether or not Lu Xuan would actually slide his sword in the next moment. The world was too beautiful and he still hadn't seen enough of it. There were so many kinds of women and he hadn't played enough. He didn't want to die for such unclear reasons.

Hold it in for one breath, and tomorrow I'll pay it back a hundredfold!

Only after taking a few deep breaths, was he able to push down the anger in his heart. Trying to speak in a calm and even manner he said: ’’It's junior brother Lu right? I think junior brother Lu has misunderstood. Just now, I had seen a weed in this junior sister's hair and only wanted to help her get it out. I really didn't have any other intentions. I am Xu Wen Yang. I believe junior brother Lu ought to have heard of my name before right? It's just a misunderstanding. Everyone is from the Wind Sword Sect, and we should mutually support each other in the future.’’

Lu Xuan coldly laughed: ’’Weed? How come I don't see it. I don't care if you're Xu Wen Yang or Xu Wen Niu. There's nothing I won't do against people that dare to touch my woman.’’

(TN: The Yang in his name is sheep and the Niu is cow)

Hearing Lu Xuan say ’’my woman’’ as he was holding onto her small hand, Lin Xin Yi's face turned bright red, but inside was very sweet. Her two eyes looked passionately at Lu Xuan's profile.

As for Xu Wen Yang, when he heard Lu Xuan purposely misinterpret his name with the intention to insult, his face also became red. Since the time he was born until now, he had never lost face like this before.

’’Alright, Lu Xuan, release Xu Wen Yang. Everyone is from the Wind Sword Sect and should work together!’’ A majestic voice suddenly sounded both near and far. The crowd only felt a gust of wind blow past them, and when they looked back again, there was already an old man standing next to Lu Xuan.

The person who had come was precisely the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master, Elder Jin.

When Elder Jin had received a Sword Forest deacon's transmission and learned that Lu Xuan had actually broken through the overall standings top one hundred in one go, he had hurried over. First was to award Lu Xuan with a reward, and second was to encourage Lu Xuan. Of course, most the latter was more important, otherwise if he had to come every time someone entered the overall standings top one hundred, then he wouldn't have to do anything else.

(TN: As in that's all he would be doing)

However, he hadn't imagined that when he came over he would see Lu Xuan was resting his sword on Xu Wen Yang's neck. He could only bitterly smile to himself. This Lu Xuan indeed wasn't a fuel-saving lantern. Last time he had gotten into a conflict with Zheng Gang. This time he was picking a fight with Xu Wen Yang. He didn't know if this was just a natural state between the blade and sword factions.

(TN: As in his light becomes a large flame pretty easily, easily flaring up and picking fights)

However, he understood Lu Xuan's personality. He knew that Lu Xuan overall was pretty calm. Presumably there must have been something that had occurred, and looking at the situation, it was definitely Xu Wen Yang being naughty and had tried to make a move on the girl next to Lu Xuan which then provoked Lu Xuan to make his move.

That's why he didn't say too much and only told Lu Xuan to release Xu Wen Yang. After all, the Wind Sword Sect had clearly expressed in the rules that private fighting was not allowed within the sect.

Elder Jin's timely arrival could also be considered as an out for Lu Xuan. Although he had a hold on Xu Wen Yang, but Lu Xuan still didn't actually dare to do too much against him. If no one was around, then maybe, but right now under the full view of the crowd, he naturally couldn't move his hand.

Putting away the Lovesick sword, Lu Xuan greeted Elder Jin and said: ’’Disciple greets vice sect master. This wasn't something that disciple initiated but was a result of this Xu Wen Yang attempting to harass junior sister Lin.’’

Elder Jin stroked his beard and slowly nodded his head. Indeed it was the case. He immediately turned his head to look at Xu Wen Yang and scolded: ’’Xu Wen Yang, this old man has also heard of your behavior before. If both parties are willing, then it's fine, but if you once again perform such corrupted acts, don't blame this old man for not leaving you any face!’’

Currently, Xu Wen Yang was in a difficult position. The skin of his neck was cut open and even now blood was still slowly dripping down. The entire right side of his clothes had already been stained with blood. Although his followers had come over and wanted to help him stop the bleeding, but accounting for Elder Jin's power, they were too timid and didn't dare come forward.

Facing Elder Jin's scolding, Xu Wen Yang's face flushed red, but even if he had a bit of courage, he still wouldn't dare to talk back to Elder Jin. He forced out a smile and said: ’’Disciple will take vice sect master's teachings to heart. It's just that, this was truly a misunderstanding, and I hope that junior brother Lu will not hold a grudge. I will first apologize to junior brother Lu here.’’

Saying this, he walked up two steps and bowed, appearing sincere.

’’We are all fellow Wind Sword Sect disciples. I hope in the future I will be able to work together with junior brother Lu. As a senior brother, I will take my leave first.’’ Xu Wen Yang revealed his signature smile, as if he had completely forgotten about what had just happened. He even walked up before Lu Xuan and reached out and lightly hugged Lu Xuan for a second, as if they were good friends or brothers.

However, as he brought his face close to Lu Xuan's ear, he whispered: ’’Lu Xuan, the blue mountains never change, the green waters flow forever. Today's humiliation, I will pay it back a hundredfold. Count yourself lucky for now!’’

After he finished speaking, he then laughed and released Lu Xuan, saluted towards Elder Jin, and took his followers and left. It was impossible for others to tell what he had just said.

Xu Wen Yang turned away. Once no one else could see his expression, the smile on his face disappeared and immediately it became cloudy. He said in a low voice: ’’You guys come over here. From today on, assign people to closely watch Lu Xuan and that girl by his side. If there's any news, report it to me, understand!’’

’’Yes. I'll assign someone to get on it after a bit.’’ A younger brother said.

’’Beat it. Wait after a bit. Go now!’’ Xu Wen Yang angrily yelled. He had held in a bellyful of anger, and needed to let it out, ’’Also, bring back that Ye Qing over here. I'll give her another opportunity to be my girlfriend.’’

Seeing Xu Wen Yang's back, Lu Xuan's eyes were narrowed. He could feel that the threat posed by Xu Wen Yang was greater than any threat that he had faced from his previous enemies. What Long Yang, Long Tai, Zheng Gang, or Lin Tian? They were all unable to match up. To be able to conceal his emotions in his heart so deeply, was that something an ordinary person could do?

’’Lu Xuan, be on guard against Xu Wen Yang. It is easy to dodge an open spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. Today you've offended him. Be careful of his revenge in the future.’’ Elder Jin suddenly raised up a point. Although Xu Wen Yang had concealed himself well, but for Elder Jin to be able to sit in the position of the Wind Sword Sect's vice sect master, how could he be ordinary. Xu Wen Yang's tricks were mere child's play in front of him. He had been scheming before Xu Wen Yang's father had even been born.

(TN: Sneak attacks are harder to catch than attacks in broad daylight)

Lu Xuan slightly hesitated then a trace of gratitude flashed through his eyes. Although Elder Jin didn't say he would prevent it, since Elder Jin actually had raised that point, then he undoubtedly had genuine concern for Lu Xuan.

’’Many thanks for elder's pointer. Disciple will definitely remember it.’’

’’En, just be more careful. As long as you're in the Wind Sword Sect, he won't dare to mess around. Give me your identity plate. I will brand it with my imprint. If something comes up, use a transmission to contact me at any time.’’ For normal disciples, it was very difficult to get the initiative to contact Elder Jin. Who would have thought that he would proactively give his transmission imprint to Lu Xuan. It could be said that he looked upon Lu Xuan very favorably.

As he was leaving his transmission imprint with Lu Xuan, Elder Jin also said: ’’This time you've directly entered the overall standings top one hundred. There are two rewards available. The first part is an 8000 contribution points reward for entering the top two hundred, and a 10000 contribution points reward for entering the top one hundred. In total that is 18000 points. I have already transferred them into your identity plate. Use it wisely.’’

Once he was finished, Elder Jin gave Lu Xuan some more encouragement, and then left. As time went on, he looked more and more favorably upon Lu Xuan. Last time he had directly entered into the top three hundred and stopped there. And now, not even a month had passed and he had actually killed his way into the top one hundred. The difficulty of the top one hundred was much harder than the top three hundred!

After Xu Wen Yang and Elder Jin had each left, the crowd of disciples then began to talk, excitedly chattering about the situation just now. Without a doubt, after going through this fight, Lu Xuan had become thoroughly famous in the inner sect!

He had threatened to challenge the overall standings number ten in three months, the sword factions number one person, Lin Tian!

After entering the sect for less than a month, he directly killed his way into the overall standings top one hundred!

Ignoring the title of the inner sect's number one person, he had angrily charged over and rested his long sword on Xu Wen Yang's neck!

After rushing the Sword Forest, it had caused the vice sect master to come down and help and scold Xu Wen Yang!

Each one of those things was enough to amaze the entire inner sect, and to learn these four things were all done by the same person, the degree of shock can only be imagined.

And as the disciples were each talking about it, Lin Tian brought his followers and walked up. The always taciturn Mo Xiao Chen actually also walked towards Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan who originally planned to leave saw the people coming and immediately stopped walking, standing at his original spot to wait for them.

Arriving in front of Lu Xuan, the arrogance in Lin Tian's eyes had already completely disappeared and instead had a feeling of like knowing like. Just now, when he saw Lu Xuan point his sword at Xu Wen Yang, he had similarly been stunned, but after that he felt a burst of joy. He had long since wanted to do what Lu Xuan had done, to cause Xu Wen Yang to lose face, to make him be unable to leave the stage, but unfortunately, he didn't dare, but Lu Xuan indeed had done it!

As they were both sword faction's people, Lin Tian felt that if Lu Xuan had done something, then it was as if he himself had done it. His jealousy towards Lu Xuan had gone down.

’’In three months, at the sword faction's plaza, you and I will fight. If you can win, then the sword faction's title of number one will belong to you!’’ Lin Tian raised his eyebrows.

’’I'll be there on time.’’ Lu Xuan nodded his head. Although he had randomly arranged this match, but Lin Tian had taken it for reality, thus he naturally couldn't avoid this fight.

’’Some friendly advice, I am currently body refining seventh level, large success, only one step away from the peak. As for that Xu Wen Yang, he has recently stepped into body refining eighth level. Use your own discretion.’’ Done talking, Lin Tian didn't remain any longer and took his followers and left.

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi on the side couldn't help but cover her mouth. She hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually be facing enemies whose strength surpassed his by so much, especially that Xu Wen Yang from just now. He had actually already reached body refining eighth level strength?!

(TN: This chapter was such a pain to translate with so many ** everywhere and I had to guess what the author meant. I'm pretty sure most of those **s didn't even need censoring or whatever the **s are for.)


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