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Sword Spirit - Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Killing Body Refining Eighth Level

(Translator Joke: I ain't a Spartan, but I'm reporting for duty. )

For a mere body refining fifth level to be able to reach this degree, if Lu Xuan was allowed to continue to grow as he please, surpassing Xu Wen Yang would simply be a matter of course. He had never felt such a powerful threat ever since he had reached his current standing of first place.

And although Mo Xiao Chen was only inferior to him by a bit, and the threat to him was similarly not small, in the end Mo Xiao Chen was still inferior. Even if Mo Xiao Chen could successfully comprehend spear intent and his strength progressed a step, could it be that he would be so easily stepped over?

Of course, more importantly, was that Mo Xiao Chen was spear crazy. He didn't care about anything else. Even if first place was taken away by him, Xu Wen Yang didn't believe that his limelight would decrease. But Lu Xuan was different. After just entering the Wind Sword Sect, he had brewed up a storm. Most likely, if Lu Xuan wound up riding atop of his head, then he probably would completely become like a weed on the side of the road.

The field quieted down after a while. The people at the front of the crowd, Lin Tian, Xu Wen Yang, and Mo Xiao Chen's heads each had different thoughts spinning through their heads.

The names on the ranking monument once again stabilized. Lu Xuan was still stopped at 152nd place. For a long time it didn't move, but he also hadn't been sent out. The number of observing disciples continued to increased. All of them were waiting to see the final result. No one knew if this unprecedentedly powerful new person would stop here or if he could really kill his way into the top one hundred in one fell swoop.

In the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan single-handedly raised his sword, standing stably.’’

(TN: Like stable. Not stabby. I'm only saying this because I did a double-take when I first re-read this chapter.)

And in front of him were three different kinds of martial artists. One wielded a spear, one wielded a blade, and the last person wielded a sword. What they had in common was that each of them emitted a strong qi power!

These were three body refining level eights!

Even if those three people were standing there without moving, there was still a large amount of pressure on Lu Xuan. Up until now, the strongest person that Lu Xuan had killed was the Long family's patriarch Long Zhan, but Long Zhan had only been body refining seventh level. He had never fought with someone at the body refining eighth level step.

The qi power emitted by the three enemies became stronger and stronger, all of it being unreservedly coming in torrents towards Lu Xuan. Lu Xuan, who was in the middle of the storm, felt as if he was on a small boat in the middle of a large ocean, and his surroundings were filled by tempestuous waves. He could be overturned at any time!

Was this the power of body refining eighth level? Lu Xuan was barely able to resist the pressure, but he grit his teeth and refused to take a half-step back. He knew, the second he took a step back, the qi power would then be released and then following that, the three martial artists would attack like thunder and he would be defeated without a doubt!

Seventh level viscera training, eighth level exchanging blood. Body refining eighth level was also known as the exchanging blood realm. After reaching the exchanging blood realm, the entire body, including the flesh, bones, meridians, and the five internal organs had all been refined to large success. Then the body began to rid itself of impurities. The entire person's essence, qi, and spirit would continue to rise to the apex. There was a large qualitative change compared to body refining seventh level.

(TN: The big five are heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys)

With Lu Xuan's body refining fifth level strength, to be able to withstand the qi power pressure from three body refining eighth level martial artists for so long was already pretty good. Only, that alone wasn't Lu Xuan's goal. What he wanted was to break through this obstacle and kill the enemies in front of him!

The waves of qi power became stronger and stronger. Powerful pressure seemed to materialize into actual constriction. Lu Xuan's entire body's bones began to creak.

Lu Xuan grit his teeth, desperately hanging in there. Inside he was desperately roaring, just a bit more!

Facing the strong pressure, Lu Xuan's inner body was undergoing enormous changes. All of the bones in his body, under the squeezing of the pressure, started becoming more dense and more tough. He was impressively using the pressure from those three enemies to cultivate!

Right now Lu Xuan was only body refining fifth level muscle altering realm. What he needed right now was exactly for all of the bones in his body to be condensed to the extreme. Right now with the pressure of the three enemies, it was undoubtedly a catalyst. If he hadn't wanted to use them, Lu Xuan would have long since used sword intent and broken their qi power apart.

Although the qi power created by body refining eighth level was indeed powerful, when facing sword intent that could cut anything apart, it simply didn't amount to an obstacle!

Just as Lu Xuan felt that he was almost reaching his limit, his body suddenly made a stifled sound. There was a sudden burst of clarity in his mind. The pressure on his body suddenly decreased. His entire person suddenly became extremely comfortable. It was as if a person who was almost choked to death suddenly took in a fresh breath of air.

Under the enormous pressure, he had reached body refining fifth level large success!

With the large success realm of body refining fifth realm, Lu Xuan once again faced the qi power suppression of the three enemies. Although he still couldn't move as he pleased, it was much more relaxed now.

A light flashed through Lu Xuan's eyes and he issued a low whisper: ’’Then it's time to counter-attack! Give me a long sword!’’

Then he gave a large shout. The heavy sword in his hand immediately disappeared and was replaced by a lower grade iron grade long sword!

Although he had been practicing the heavy sword for this period of time, but without a doubt, Lu Xuan's greatest strength was still the quick sword!

At first the reason he had chosen the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, other than the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's profoundness attracting him, more importantly was because the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic said that when practicing the heavy sword would also help practicing the quick sword. Once the quick sword had reached its limit, when there was no way to break through again, then cultivating the heavy sword was one way to successfully take a step forward.

That was because when you could use the heavy sword to the same speed as when using the quick sword, then when you grabbed a true quick sword again, at that time you would discover, only when using it at that time was it the true quick sword! Quick to the limits of quick!

Long sword in hand, Lu Xuan's aura immediately changed. His entire person standing there was as if he was a sharp-edged long sword. He was all-conquering and nothing could withstand him.

The terrifying qi power emitted by three body refining eighth level enemies was still being unreservedly coming in torrents towards him, but the strange thing was, when this qi power reached Lu Xuan's side, it was as if it ignoring him, directly slipping past his body. This was the incomparably sharp sword intent. Not only could it break things, it could even break apart the illusory qi power!

It seemed like they noticed something was wrong. Those three body refining eighth level martial artists put away the qi power around their bodies and decisively attacked. In an instant, spear aura, blade qi, and sword glow uniformly shot towards Lu Xuan.

Previously, for the sake of uniting qi power, although Lu Xuan hadn't been able to move at all, but they also didn't have a way of separating themselves to attack. Originally they had wanted to use qi power to directly squash Lu Xuan, but they hadn't thought that Lu Xuan would actually be able to use sword intent.With their bit of weak qi power, there was simply no way of do anything against the small success stage sword intent.

Facing these three attacks head on, Lu Xuan naturally didn't dare to forcefully resist. This was the attack sent by body refining eighth level masters. Although he could block their qi power, that didn't mean he could handle their attacks. If he had the xuan iron sword in hand, maybe he would be interested in trying it out.

A lower Huang grade martial skill like Thunder Light Sword Skill simply couldn't support Lu Xuan fighting three levels above, thus he directly began with using the Blinking Sword Skill.

Even without utilizing Rushing Thunder Flash, the speed of Blinking Sword Skill was still very fast. Lu Xuan left his original spot in an instant and when his figure reappeared, he was already right in front of those three martial artists, his sword tip directed at the spear-wielding martial artist.

Lu Xuan exploded with strength, causing these martial artists to be shocked, but the one who was wielding the long spear had already made his move and was too far to be helped. Just as it seemed like he would be pierced by Lu Xuan, the strength of a body refining eighth level finally made an appearance.

In the middle of this sudden attack, the long spear abruptly stopped and took a large step back. It was simply a violation of the laws of physics. He narrowly avoided danger and dodged this sword.

However, because of the forceful nature of stopping the attack, there was a soul force backlash. A mouthful of red blood was spat out, signaling he had received internal injuries, but it was still much better than dying.

And at this moment, the other two martial artists at his side had already come to support. One blade and one sword uniformly were directed at Lu Xuan, forcing Lu Xuan to have no way of making another attack.

One sword stroke wasn't enough. Although he felt regretful, Lu Xuan's face was still calm as usual. Rushing Thunder Flash circulated. The three martial artists could only feel like there was a blur in front of their eyes. Lu Xuan had already disappeared without a trace, but just at this moment, a sword tip suddenly pierced through the chest of the spear-wielding martial artist. Lu Xuan actually had snuck around and flashed behind him, killing him with an attack.

Of the enemies, one down out of three!

On the rankings monument, Lu Xuan's score suddenly exploded upwards 5000 points. His name immediately disappeared from 152nd place and leapt up directly to 108th place!

The disciples who had been constantly watching the ranking monument had faces full of shock. An uproar began.

’’Lu Xuan killed a body refining eighth level!’’

’’He actually did it!’’


Lin Tian, Xu Wen Yang, and even Mo Xiao Chen who seemed to have facial paralysis couldn't help but have a change in his face. A body refining fifth level killing a body refining eighth level. There was actually someone who could do it!

However, just at this moment, there was a flash of light in front of the Sword Forest. Obviously someone had come out of the Sword Forest.

’’It's still okay. It seems like Lu Xuan could still only stop here and in the end wasn't able to charge into the top one hundred.’’ Lin Tian let out a breath of relief and subconsciously spoke to himself.

Xu Wen Yang also felt his entire body relax, secretly letting out a breath. This Lu Xuan was too demonic. Fortunately he could still only kill one body refining eighth level.

Mo Xiao Chen who had been continually staring at the white light suddenly said: ’’It's not him!’’

Xu Wen Yang and Lin Tian were simultaneously distracted. They focused. Once the white light disappeared, out came a girl! It obviously wasn't Lu Xuan as they had presumed.

Without a doubt, the person who had come out was Lin Xin Yi who had entered the Sword Forest with Lu Xuan. Her Flowing Water Sword Tactic wasn't like Lu Xuan's extremely lethal and powerful martial skills. There was no way to compare her killing speed to Lu Xuan's, thus she had spent quite a bit of time in the Sword Forest and had only come out just now.

And other than those people that had started here, it seemed like most of the people thought that Lu Xuan had entered the Sword Forest alone and hadn't known she was also there. Although Lin Tian had seen her enter, but because he was focused on Lu Xuan, he had actually forgotten about her for a moment.

When Xu Wen Yang saw Lin Xin Yi's appearance, his eyes immediately lit up and couldn't help but say: ’’What a stunning woman. That so-called blade sect's number one beauty Ye Qing is completely incomparable to her. I hadn't thought that such a stunning woman had come to the Wind Sword Sect that I didn't know about. It truly is a sin, a great sin, ah!’’

Not taking the eyes of others into account, he could no longer control himself. He stepped out of the crowd and exhibited a movement skill and very elegantly arrived by Lin Xin Yi's side, and then he revealed a charming smile. Who knows how many naive young ladies had fallen to his smile.


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