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Sword Spirit - Chapter 116


Chapter 116: Breaking Records

The heavy sword's sword tip fiercely stabbed through the martial artist's chest. A burst of powerful force immediately exploded out!

Receiving this violent attack, that martial artist spat out a mouthful of blood and his body was sent flying. While in mid-air, he disappeared into nothingness. One second kill!

(TN: Instead of one second kill, should I start saying instant kill? Comment below.)

With body refining fifth level strength, last time, Lu Xuan had used the Blinking Sword Skill in order to one second kill a body refining seventh level martial artist with one attack.

One attack finished off this martial artist. Lu Xuan also fallen into the entrapment of the other three enemies. If it was last time, Lu Xuan definitely wouldn't dare to be so careless, but now with Rushing Thunder Flash on his body, he had no fear.

Taking a deep breath and circulating soul force, Lu Xuan's figure flashed again, immediately escaping the three enemies combined attacks, once again arriving behind a martial artist. The heavy sword chopped down.

Although a heavy sword wasn't sharp, but powerful soul force created a sharp sword edge. After chopping down, that martial artist was actually directly chopped into two halves by Lu Xuan from behind. The resulting scene was also quite bloody!

Four body refining seventh level enemies. In the blink of an eye, two had been exterminated. The remaining two were already nothing to fear.

No longer using Rushing Thunder Flash, Lu Xuan began to wrangle with the two with his heavy sword in hand. Using Rushing Thunder Flash required consuming soul force. If he could save he would save.

With a heavy sword as well as the most common stab, hack, cut, and chops, the two body refining seventh level martial artists were unable to last over five rests of time under Lu Xuan's hands, each of them was killed.

Taking a deep breath and adjusting his breathing, Lu Xuan once again went forward, welcoming the next group of enemies.

The sword intent suppression in the Sword Forest became stronger and stronger, but for Lu Xuan who had already reached sword intent small success, it didn't amount to any sort of threat. Ahead, a number of martial artists quickly materialized. A full seven body refining seventh level martial artists were blocking his forward path. Although they were only three more people, the combined attack of seven people was much stronger than before.

Last time, when Lu Xuan arrived here, he had already reached his limit. With the Blinking Sword Skills quick combat and quick speed did he manage to kill three people and leave. This time, he was bound to extinguish this entire group of enemies and get a taste of what exactly a body refining eighth level martial artist was like.

Among the seven, four martial artists made their moves at the same time. Four combined attack became one, their target was Lu Xuan who was in front of them!

The attacks still hadn't come when a suppressing strength qi had already reached Lu Xuan's face, but Lu Xuan didn't retreat but got closer instead. His figure flashed and bypassed this round of attacks. Turning the tables on the attackers, the heavy sword swiped horizontally. The power it carried was no less than the combined attack of the four people.

But just at that moment, those three people that hadn't moved chose this time to move. At the same time, they unleashed an attack that fiercely crashed into Lu Xuan's incoming sword.

There was a loud ’’bang.’’ A powerful impact swept out. Lu Xuan's charge forward had been suddenly blocked. Without a choice to stop this attack's force, both sides were actually on par with one another.

But the enemies Lu Xuan was facing weren't thinking of letting him off that easily. Previously the four people that had made moves had recovered their strength. Taking advantage of Lu Xuan having been suppressed, the second waves of attacks came in, trying to directly exterminate Lu Xuan with one attack.

Facing these a second attack that followed closely after the first, Lu Xuan gave a low shout and once again used Rushing Thunder Flash. The attacks landed in the air with a boom.

Dodging this attack, Lu Xuan thought to himself, directly the attacks of seven body refining seventh level martial artists indeed wasn't so simple. It seemed like he would have to pull out some real abilities.

He lifted up the heavy sword in his hand again, but this time, Lu Xuan's qi power was obviously stronger than before. His hand supporting the heavy sword, Lu Xuan was like a large towering mountain, steady, dignified, and unshakeable!

Small success stage sword intent had finally been pulled out by Lu Xuan...

Small success stage sword intent. The emphasis was the dao of heart and sword. In the sword was the heart, in the heart was the sword. If Lu Xuan had pulled out a long sword, then his entire person would be like an incomparably sharp sword blade. If he was grasping onto a short sword, then he would be like a specter hidden in the dark. And now he was holding onto a heavy sword, he was like a towering mountain.

As if they had felt the change in Lu Xuan, the seven enemies facing him actually didn't pursue for the first time.

Since you guys aren't moving, then I won't be polite!

Lu Xuan's two legs bent a bit and then suddenly exploded out, his body suddenly charged forward. His two hands gripped his sword, and while in midair, he fiercely chopped the sword down. A powerful and vigorous soul force burst out, as if it was pressure from Mt. Tai, it was impossible to block. An enormous suppressing force transmitted over. The seven people that had been enveloped by Lu Xuan's attack were unable to move a single step and could only stand in their original spot and raise the weapon in their hands to try and resist this astonishing blow.

Perhaps it was because the force in the attack still wasn't enough, around Lu Xuan's vicinity, the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest was suddenly mobilized by him and fused into the attack, making a powerful slash!

Last time when Zheng Gang had challenged Lu Xuan, he had used a move of the Rock Severing Slash which was also a martial skill that suppressed skill using force, but his blade stroke compared to the sword stroke that Lu Xuan had sent out wasn't even worth mentioning.

Strong sword power abruptly broke apart the seven enemies' defenses. Vigorous soul force immediately exploded out and the seven enemies that had been enveloped by this attack had all been sent flying by this enormous charging attack. Three of the martial artists who had been at the center of the attack vanished in mid-air.

One sword stroke extinguished three people and heavily wounded four. If this splendid combat record was made known, then that Xu Wen Yang and Mo Xiao Chen would also be shocked. Even when they had been body refining fifth level, they had been a far cry from reaching this step.

It was a pity that the only one could appreciate this sword stroke's prestige was Lu Xuan alone.

Last time when he rushed the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan had reached this step and had been unable to persist any longer, and now, he was still unwounded, but the other four enemies that received heavy injuries and their strengths had dropped. Even though the attack just now had consumed quite a bit of Lu Xuan's soul force, he still had more than enough to exterminate these four people.

Receiving this charging attack force of this attack, those four surviving enemies had been scattered. Lu Xuan simply didn't give them time to breathe. Relying on consuming soul force, Rushing Thunder Flash flashed multiple times in a row, with four sword strokes in a row, killing off those four people.

But after Lu Xuan had sent out those four sword strokes, at that moment outside the Sword Forest, it had caused an uproar!

Last time he had been able to successfully kill his way into the overall standings top three hundred after his result killing seven body refining seventh level martial artists, ranking him at 298th place. And now he had once again continuously killed another four body refining seventh level martial artists on top of what he had done last time. The rankings on the overall standings monument crazily leapt up by a large margin.

When killing the first person, on the ranking monument that hadn't shown any signs of moving, Lu Xuan's rank suddenly jumped. Countless observing disciples' hearts also jumped. Although they knew that Lu Xuan would definitely beat last time's record, they hadn't thought it would be so fast!

(TN: The first person after he had beaten his previous record)

Killing the first person, Lu Xuan's rank leapt up to 254th place!

Rankings changed. More disciples turned their eyes towards the ranking monument. Just at this moment, the ranking flashed again!

216th place! Lu Xuan already killed the second martial artist. His distance from 200th was only a step away.

The crowd didn't even have time to exclaim when Lu Xuan's name at 216th place stopped for less than half a rest's time before once again disappearing and in the next moment it had already appeared at 185th place. The third enemy had already been killed by Lu Xuan.

Currently, the disciples had been shocked beyond their limits. These were body refining seventh level martial artists, not cabbage. For the majority of them, any random one would be able to casually end them, but under Lu Xuan's hands, it was like harvesting wheat, one fell after another.

’’Is this Lu Xuan really only body refining fifth level?’’ An older student's voice was dry as he spoke. He had come because he had heard of Lu Xuan's sect entrance exam combat results. Originally he had only half-believed it, supposing that they were baseless rumors, but now he was completely convinced with the true strength displayed before his eyes.

After entering the sect for less than a month, he had directly killed his way into the overall standings top two hundred. This was a combat record one could brag about.

’’Of course. Senior brother Lu is a combat genius! Although he's only body refining fifth level, killing those body refining seventh level martial artists is like killing clay chickens and pottery dogs!’’ A new student proudly said, as if the combat results weren't Lu Xuan's but were his. As similar new students, however strong Lu Xuan was naturally earned a lot of face for the new students.

’’Just wait, senior brother Lu definitely won't stop at this step. The way I see it, this time, senior brother Lu will rush up to the overall standings top one hundred, otherwise how could he so make his move so casually?’’ Another new student also chimed in.

However, when he said this, the older student to the side's face was filled with disbelief: ’’You're joking way too much. Do you think the overall standings top one hundred is so easy to enter? The overall standings top one hundred is for people who can kill body refining eighth level martial artists! I don't know how many disciples have gotten stuck at this step.

When he said this, the other two new students didn't dare to say any more. Body refining fifth level killing body refining seventh level was already near the limits of what they could accept. Even if they believed in Lu Xuan more, they couldn't really believe that he could kill body refining eighth levels.

And just as these people were speaking, Lu Xuan's ranking once again changed, going from 185th to 152nd place. After reaching here, finally it stopped moving forward. Those four body refining seventh level martial artists had already all been killed by Lu Xuan.

Lin Tian's face was a bit gloomy. Although he had already guessed that Lu Xuan could probably kill his way into the top two hundred, but he had thought that should probably be Lu Xuan's limits. He hadn't thought that Lu Xuan currently would be able to so casually break through to about the top 150 places.

’’Ah, this Lu Xuan is pretty good. This score ought to be already killing off all of the body refining seventh level martial artists. A little interesting.’’ Xu Wen Yang's face had a smile on it. It seemed like he was relaxed, as if he didn't care, but in reality, deep in his eyes, there was a trace of dread, and also... a bit of killing intent!

He himself also rushed through the Sword Forest. Naturally he knew what this score meant. If he wanted to kill all of the body refining seventh level martial artists and still be able to continue in the Sword Forest, that would require breaking the combined attack of seven people. It was an entirely different concept than just killing five or six body refining seventh level martial artists.

For his current strength, that couldn't be considered as much, but it should be known, right now, Lu Xuan was only body refining fifth level!


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