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Sword Spirit - Chapter 115


Chapter 115: Rushing the Sword Forest Again

’’Senior brother Xu is so handsome. If could be his girlfriend, that would be great.’’

’’Yeah, yeah, however, elder brother Xu has a bit of a flowery heart. I heard that he just broke up with his girlfriend from the blade faction called Ye Qing. I heard they weren't even together for a month.’’

(TN: He's a player.)

’’Senior brother Xu isn't just tall and handsome, his strength is also powerful. Even if his heart's a bit flowery, it's acceptable. Moreover, I feel like that Ye Qing wasn't suitable at all for senior brother Xu. I'm better suited, heehee.’’


A few female disciples were on the side whispering to one another. Their voices weren't loud, but they weren't soft either. It was just enough to reach Xu Wen Yang's ears. Hearing these female disciples' voices, Xu Wen Yang turned his head to look. Seeing a female disciples who was talking was pretty good looking, the corner of his mouth curled up and revealed a charming smile, undisguisedly sending an ambiguous look toward her.

That female disciple seemed to have been overwhelmed by the feeling of an unexpected favor. Her faces flashed a smile, and she similarly sent back a bright eye, her heart quite excited.

However, Xu Wen Yang didn't continue to pay anymore attention to her. He once again turned his head. Normally he liked to play with the feelings of women the most. With his natural handsome appearance and his uncommon strength, he had never lacked women. He change women as fast as he changed clothes. Previously he had just made a move on the blade faction's number one beauty, but after only playing for a month, he had had enough fun. These days he had just happened to be thinking of changing target. The female disciple just now was pretty good.

Except it currently wasn't the time for making a move. After a pause, he once again looked towards Lin Tian, revealing a contemplative smile and said: ’’Lin Tian, last year you could still barely get tenth place. This year with this Lu Xuan, I'm afraid you won't even be able to stay as number ten right? Also, you're even going to lose the fame as the sword faction's number one disciple, hahaha.’’

Frostily glancing at Xu Wen Yang, Lin Tian snorted and said: ’’I don't need you to waste your worries on my matters. During the sect's great competition, I will definitely surpass you!’’

Although he was a bit envious of Lu Xuan's good fortune, but he was a sword faction's person in the end. He was determined to lead the sword faction's rise and was irreconcilable with the blade faction. He naturally wouldn't have a good attitude towards Xu Wen Yang.

’’Oh? Is that so? Hahaha, then I'll wait for you to surpass me.’’ Xu Wen Yang laughed out loud. He said that he would wait for Lin Tian to surpass him from his mouth, but that smiling expression was very disdainful, as if he had heard a huge joke.

’’You two are annoying!’’ Mo Xiao Chen revealed an impatient expression as he spoke.

Xu Wen Yang immediately stopped his laughter. Towards Mo Xiao Chen, he still had some reservation. During the last great sect competition, he had won by half a move in the end, only by pulling out insurance after insurance. If this year Mo Xiao Chen's spear intent could reach small success, then this first and second place would be switched.

No longer mocking Lin Tian, Xu Wen Yang seemed to be unable hold it anymore, saying in a low voice to a follower behind him: ’’Go to that female disciple just now and say, Once the matters over here are over, I'll be at the waiting for her at the Lotus Pool.’’

Currently, there were more and more disciples that had come to the Sword Forest. Originally if it had just been Lu Xuan rushing the Sword Forest, there wouldn't necessarily be so many people, but after his conflict with Lin Tian and threatening to challenge Lin Tian after three months had been transmitted out, the number of people who began to come increased. Also after knowing that Xu Wen Yang and Mo Xiao Chen, the two strongest people among the inner sect disciples, had come, the people that came increased even more.

Of course, Lu Xuan who was in the Sword Forest was completely unaware of these things. Even if he knew, it still wouldn't affect him at all.

Stepping into the Sword Forest, this time, Lu Xuan didn't request a long sword for his weapon once again and instead chose a heavy sword. Although it wasn't as familiar in his hands as the xuan iron sword, it was still heavier than those in the Equipment Pavilion. At least it deserved the title of being a heavy sword.

One sword in hand, Lu Xuan was traveling through the Sword Forest as if he was taking a stroll in a courtyard. The first few rounds of enemies that appeared simply weren't able to cause him any injuries.

Without using martial skills and also without using sword intent, no matter who he bumped into, Lu Xuan only used the heavy sword in his hand, whether it was stabbing, cutting, or chopping, none of them could stop a single attack from him. The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's might was only starting to be displayed.

In the blink of an eye, body refining fifth level enemies already were being casually exterminated by him. Once again going forward a few steps, body refining sixth level enemies finally appeared.

Last time when Lu Xuan had rushed the Sword Forest, he had only just broken through to body refining fifth level, and now, although his realm was still only that, during the period of this month, each day, morning until evening, he had been unceasingly cultivating. Even though he was still a distance away from the peak of body refining fifth level, the distance from large success wasn't far away. More importantly, he had added two more martial skills, especially Rushing Thunder Flash which was extremely practical for combat!

Facing the combined attack of these six body refining sixth level martial artists, Lu Xuan wasn't as passive as last time. Rushing Thunder Flash circulated. His figure immediately transformed, disappearing from this original spot without warning, flashing to the side of the six martial artists.

A thud was heard. The attacks hit air. These six martial artists were shocked and hurriedly teamed up again, preparing to continue send attacks at Lu Xuan on the side, but how could Lu Xuan give them the opportunity?

The heavy sword in his hand was long since finished preparing. Waiting for them to hit air, their soul force dispersed, and new strength hadn't been born yet. The heavy sword in hand didn't wait and swiped horizontally, bringing with the the heavy sword's power, a wild explosion of soul force swept over.

This attack seemed to be very crude and simple, not beautiful at all, but it was incomparably practical. This was an attack that could split a waterfall!

Feeling that Lu Xuan's attack's power, those six martial artists quickly changed their moves, turning towards defense, however how could they defend against it? Enormous force attacked them and the six people were directly sent flying.

Lu Xuan didn't stop at all and seemed to have long since predicted this outcome. Taking another step forward, he fiercely chopped down his sword. The heavy sword that weighed over 100 jin danced in his hand as if it was a toy.

Truthfully it was indeed like that. Accustomed to the xuan iron sword's weight of 81 kilograms, this 100 or so jin heavy sword, when used, felt a bit uncomfortable. It was too light.

(TN: Author says 81 attacks, but I feel like attacks aren't a unit of weight, so I just used the previous weight from Chapter 101)

The six martial artists that were in the air then no longer had any way to mount an effective defense. Under Lu Xuan's chop, they all were immediately exterminated.

Two moves to exterminate six enemies whose strength surpassed his own, Lu Xuan's face didn't seem to be happy. It was indifferent as usual. Slowly bringing back the heavy sword, his footsteps once again move forward. Next up he would be facing body refining seventh level martial artists.

Last time when he had come to this point, Lu Xuan had already spent most of his strength, and when he faced the body refining seventh level martial artists. If it wasn't for the powerful pressure he was under and reaching sword intent small success, he would never have been able to enter the overall standings top three hundred.

And now he was in the same position, but he still was relaxed. Out of his full strength, he hadn't even used 30%.

Shua shua shua shua!

Four body refining seventh level martial artists quickly appeared. Forming a semicircle, they blocked Lu Xuan's front.

Not waiting for them to make a move, this time, Lu Xuan was the first to strike.

Rushing Thunder Flash circulated. His body moved right in front of one of the martial artists in a moment. The heavy sword in his hand had already fully ready, bringing with it a force that rushed forward, and he thrust it directly forward.

Facing Lu Xuan's sudden sneak attack, the targeted martial artist turned pale with fear!


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