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Sword Spirit - Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Xu Wen Yang and Mo Xiao Chen

Even if the current sword faction was the weakest faction, and even if Lin Tian was at the bottom of the overall standings top ten, but that bottom was still the overall standings top ten! Among thousands of inner sect disciples, he was one of the top ten most outstanding!

They didn't deny that Lu Xuan's future would be much better than Lin Tian's, but wanting that future to be only three months to challenge Lin Tian, they only had one word to say to Lu Xuan, that was crazy! Simply too crazy!

’’Hahahaha, you're really interesting.’’ Lin Tian suddenly laughed loudly: ’’Just because you want to challenge, does that mean I have to accept? What qualifications do you have to challenge me. If I win it's a natural thing and doesn't display my ability, while you can use my fame to go up. I think this is probably your goal right?’’

’’...’’ Lu Xuan didn't say anything. This Lin Tian's conspiracy theory was a bit too strong. The challenge matter was his, the not accepting a challenge was also his. Lu Xuan really didn't know what he was doing. Immediately he didn't bother wasting any more words on him, ’’Fine then. I just won't challenge then. You can leave your fame to yourself. Whoever wants to go up can go up.’’

Lu Xuan words which didn't follow common sense made Lin Tian temporarily speechless. According to his thinking, shouldn't Lu Xuan have gotten angry?

’’Hmph, if I don't accept your challenge, I'm afraid that there will be people saying that I, Lin Tian, fear you. Then I'll give you this opportunity;however, I, Lin Tian, am not someone that anyone can just simply challenge. Are you going to rush the Sword Forest? If you can charge into the top two hundred, I will consider to barely have the qualifications.

Lu Xuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This person was really annoying. He helplessly said: ’’Fine, then I'll thank you for giving me this opportunity.’’

(TN: Oh snap, it showed up in here too. Amazing. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.)

Although it sounded like Lu Xuan's words were as if he was giving in, Lin Tian still felt it was a bit strange, however he didn't say anything more and stood to the side, preparing to wait and see Lu Xuan's results.

As for the deacons by the Sword Forest, they had long since already transmitted the conflict between Lu Xuan and Lin Tian. For them, the words that these deacons said, witnessing a conflict between disciples was a great pleasure for their boring days, especially for the few deacons that had come from the fist faction and blade faction, it was something they loved to see and hear.

Honestly, the conflict between Lu Xuan and Lin Tian wasn't an ordinary one. There were quite a few disciples here. Currently, seeing the conflict escalate, naturally they each invited their friends. More and more disciples came to watch the excitement at the Sword Forest.

Lin Tian didn't entangle himself further, Lu Xuan then turned his head to say: ’’Senior brother deacon, can I enter the Sword Forest now?’’

’’Of course you can, however right now there are quite of few disciples that are heading over here. If junior brother Lu waits a bit longer until there are more, then won't you have even more of a spotlight?’’ That deacon smiled and reminded.

Lu Xuan shook his head. Other than increasing his strength, everything else was like superficial clouds. Last time's spotlight also hadn't been deliberate. After paying the 200 contribution points, he received two transferral jade medallions and handed one piece to Lin Xin Yi.

’’We'll go together. Remember the Flowing Water Sword Tactic's profundities, borrow force to hit with force. This way you'll be able to go even further.’’ Lu Xuan exhorted Lin Xin Yi.

Lin Xin Yi nodded her head, then slightly hesitated before proactively reaching out and hanging onto Lu Xuan in full view, her face slightly red.

Seeing this situation, the jealousy in Lin Tian's eyes became even more severe. This Lu Xuan was simply reaping in all the good stuff!

Ignoring the eyes of the people surrounding them, the pair walked in unison towards the Sword Forest, arriving directly before the Sword Forest before separating, individually entering the Sword Forest.

And at this time, there were more and more disciples nearby, all had specifically come to observe Lu Xuan rush the Sword Forest. Among the them were new students and old students. New student had come because they had personally witnessed Lu Xuan power the first time and wanted to see how much he had actually improved in a month. The older students had come because they had heard of Lu Xuan's matters during the sect entrance exam during this period. The majority of them were skeptical and had come to see proof. Of course, there was also a portion of people who were just curious and wanted to see what kind of person Lu Xuan was.

’’Ah, hello senior brother Xu!’’

’’I hadn't thought that senior brother Xu would actually also come. This time, Lu Xuan's face is really big.’’

’’It's really senior brother Xu, ah. Could it be that senior brother Xu thinks that Lu Xuan will be a threat to him in the future?’’


There was suddenly a burst of scratching among the disciples. A martial artist wearing a white robe, his face was like jade. With a few servants opening the road, he walked out from among the crowd of people neither quickly nor slowly. His attitude was very natural and unrestrained. The disciple in front each willingly made way while at the same time greeting this person.

’’Who is this senior brother? How come you all recognize him?’’ A new student hurriedly asked an older student beside him.

’’A new guy right? No wonder you don't even recognize senior brother Xu.’’ The older student said in a condescending tone. Pointing at the large ranking monument, he continued to say: ’’See the overall rankings first place? In the entire inner sect, other than overall standings first place senior brother Xu, where else is there a second senior brother Xu.’’

The person who had come was impressively the inner sect's number one person, blade faction's Xu Wen Yang!

Who would have thought that when Lu Xuan rushed the Sword Forest this time, even he would come. This time, Lu Xuan's face was truly large.

However, the storm brought by Xu Wen Yang still hadn't subsided when another disciple once again became excited.

’’It's senior brother Mo! Senior brother Mo actually also came!’’

’’Senior brother Mo is even harder to meet than senior brother Xu. He's frequently appears one moment and disappears the next. How large is Lu Xuan's face?’’


Hearing the hubbub created by the crowd of disciples, Xu Wen Yang also couldn't help but turn his head and look over and saw a young martial artist with an indifferent expression and carrying a long spear. Similarly, the crowd made way. Although he didn't have younger brothers to help him open the road, his qi power was no less than Xu Wen Yang's.

Without a doubt, this senior brother Mo was the overall standings number two, spear faction's Mo Xiao Chen. In terms of strength, he was behind Xu Wen Yang, but he was the greatest threat to his existence.

Mo Xiao Chen neither quickly nor slowly walked to Xu Wen Yang's side. His eyes didn't even glance at him, only staring in the direction of the Sword Forest, as if he wanted to penetrate through the Sword Forest's illusion arrays and see the scenes of Lu Xuan's combat.

’’Mo Xiao Chen, I hadn't thought you would actually come too. This is strange matter, ah!’’ Xu Wen Yang said with a forced smile. He didn't mind Mo Xiao Chen's indifference.

’’I heard he comprehended sword intent. I came to see.’’ Mo Xiao Chen whispered. He was famous for being spear crazy. Others disliked their weapons hindering their hands. Long weapons like the long spear were even more so. Because of that, they normally kept them inside storage rings, but his weapon was always being carried on his back, never leaving his body.

Hearing this, Xu Wen Yang scoffed, ’’How could sword intent be so easy to comprehend. That's just a rumor. And also, you can't see his combat inside the Sword Forest, how do you know whether or not he comprehended sword intent?’’

’’I just need to see what sort of person he is and I'll know.’’ Mo Xiao Chen spoke concisely.

’’Hey, has your spear intent reached the small success?’’ Xu Wen Yang tentatively asked. Last time during the great sect competition, Mo Xian Chen had reached the threshold of of spear intent. Now after so much time passed, no one knew whether or not he had reached small success.

However, Xiao Mo Chen didn't say anything, not responding to his words.

Xu Wen Yang lost interest and curled his lips and didn't speak with him anymore. Instead he looked towards Lin Tian to the side, revealing a mysterious smile. Xu Wen Yang was originally very handsome. Once he suddenly smiled like this, it immediately enchanted many female disciples.


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