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Sword Spirit - Chapter 112


Chapter 112: One Sword Breaks Flow

For the next few days, the two of them traveled together early in the morning to the Five Elements Caves, then traveled back together in the evening. Lunch was resolved by eating rations in the cave. It seemed like they were inseparable. From an outsider's perspective, the two were naturally incomparably intimate, stuck together like glue. Of course, in reality, the two were indeed incomparably intimate.

’’Ah, where are you putting your hands!’’

’’My bad, my bad... Eh, how come it seems a bit bigger than last time?’’

’’You're still talking!’’


’’Did you just secretly turn your head?’’

’’Uh... There was a mosquito that bit me, I just kind of shook my head. I absolutely didn't see anything!’’


Every time when they were cultivating, Lu Xuan would carry Lin Xin Yi back and forth from the cold pool, and then they would take off [***] changing into clean clothes. With such close contact, Lu Xuan inevitably wiped some oil, sneaking a couple of peeks, but the two the feelings between the two still became more intense, increasingly seeming like a pair of young lovers.

(TN: I'm not quite sure what wiping oil is, but I guess one might be able to guess what the intent is)

But in the ends, these are all just some small episodes. The strength of the two improved by leaps and bounds during cultivation.

After staying a long time under the waterfall, feeling the flowing water's properties, Lin Xin Yi's Flowing Water Sword Tactic improved by thousand miles in a single day. Her natural talent couldn't be considered as bad, especially since she was born in the Lin family, she had been the most beloved daughter and had used some physique improving heavenly material treasures. Perhaps it wasn't as much as Xia Chen Xi, but her talent was still higher than Xia Ye's.

However her personality loved to play and neglected cultivation, thus her strength was not only far from Xia Chen Xi's, she wasn't even better than Xia Ye, but now for the sake of being able to keep up with Lu Xuan, after she had the motivation to cultivate, her talent was beginning to manifest itself. Coupled with having Lu Xuan, a sword dao genius, to accompany her and continuously instill some insights, together it all cut down the number of detours for her cultivation.

Lu Xuan's improvements were even more extraordinary. After just spending two days time, he had completed the step of carrying the sword. Beneath the powerful waterfall's rushing, the enormous impact unreservedly struck the xuan iron sword, but the sword tip was totally stable. If it was as if it wasn't being supported by Lu Xuan's hands but had been stuck into a rock.

(TN: Like Excalibur)

Also, he watched Lin Xin Yi use the Flowing Water Sword Tactic and had impressions of it, even understanding some parts of the essence of the Flowing Water Sword Tactic, which he incorporated into the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. No longer using pure force, he also began to use skill and force. The greater the impact of the waterfall, the more strength he needed to carry the sword. The smaller the impact, the less strength he used in his hands, maintaining stability.

After he finished practicing stability, Lu Xuan then began to practice the sword moves in the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. The so-called sword moves in reality were just some basic sword techniques.

There may be ten thousand changes, but the principle was the same. All sword moves had evolved from these basic movements. If only listening, basic sword moves seemed to be plain and unexciting, but once actually practicing, especially practicing underneath the water flow's powerful impact, one would know that it wasn't so simple.

During every day's cultivation, Lu Xuan would carry the extremely heavy xuan iron sword and continuously straight thrust, side swipe, chop down, diagonal lift... It looked a bit comical, especially when compared to the graceful and quick movements, it seemed even more unsightly.

But as time went on, Lu Xuan's movement became more and more accurate, no longer affected by the water flow. Although it was still very ordinary looking, its power was something that perhaps only Lu Xuan's enemies would know.

Soul force poured into the xuan iron sword. The sword thrust in a straight manner. It seemed like there wasn't any specialness to it, but in the place that was stabbed by Lu Xuan, there was immediately an enormous split in the water flow. For a moment, Lu Xuan actually created an odd sort of feeling. It was as if the straight thrust was in no way inferior than this amazing Blinking Sword Skill.

The Blinking Sword Skill's attack strength in reality wasn't that powerful. It also walked along an extreme, which was speed. As long as the body's movement was fast enough, then blocking the Blinking Sword Skill wasn't worth mentioning. Of course, if you wanted to be faster than it, that would be difficult;as for the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's one sword thrust, there was no way to block it. It had already reached the pinnacle of power.

Lu Xuan suddenly came up with an idea. What if he could combine these two martial skills?

Thinking of this, he began to work on it. In the following time, Lu Xuan began to half unconsciously assimilate the Blinking Sword Skill's profound meanings into the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, planning on increasing the speed of the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic up to the Blinking Sword Skill's. Of course it wasn't realistic, but if it was only assimilating a part of the profound meanings, it could be done.

Ten days passed by in a flash!

Truthfully, on the ninth day, Lin Xin Yi had already reached the Flowing Water Sword Tactic's large success. Using the sword under the waterfall did not affect her at all. The Flowing Water Sword Tactic was only a middle Huang grade martial skill, its cultivation difficulty was much lower than the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. As for speaking of breakthroughs, those weren't something that could be achieved just from bitter cultivation. It needed personal perceptions during true combat. Without a doubt, the Sword Forest was the best true combat location, however the price was also much higher than the Five Elements Caves. Entering the Sword Forest once required spending 100 contribution points.

Although she didn't need to continue practicing, she still followed Lu Xuan there because Lu Xuan's Xuan Iron Sword Tactic was also almost at large success. Every day Lu Xuan just swing his sword, she also wanted to see what sort of tricks this set of seemingly ordinary martial skill had.

Jumping into the middle of the cold pool, landing on the enormous rock, the xuan iron sword continuously swung in Lu Xuan's hands. Compared to before, the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic had become more powerful in Lu Xuan's hands. Each sword thrust seemed ordinary, but if one stood in front of Lu Xuan, they would discover there was something mysterious about the xuan iron sword's sword tip. It seemed like no matter how one dodged they would still be stabbed. What was more unusual wasn't the sword tip's mystery, but the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's overall heaviness felt like it didn't have any influence. Each time a move was made, there would definitely be an attack like thunder.

This was exactly the result of Lu Xuan assimilating the profound meaning of Blinking Sword Skill into the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. Now the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic was even stronger than before by quite a bit.

Thrusting the sword stroke by stroke, Lu Xuan gradually entered the state. His hands movements became more and more fierce. The soul force poured in became more and more. The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's power finally began to become evident!

These days, in order to be able to practice at the waterfall for even longer, Lu Xuan didn't pour as much soul force, only using enough for his practice, thus from Lin Xin Yi's point of view, it seemed like there wasn't anything extraordinary.

But now, practicing the moves, Lu Xuan was already familiar with the basic actions. It was time to check out the results!

After Lu Xuan mobilized more and more soul force, he had already chopped and scattered the entire waterfall in all directions. The water flow flew about chaotically. It seemed the entire cold pool had been enveloped in a layer of a water curtain. Seeing that it was so powerful, Lin Xin Yi's small mouth slightly gaped, staring at Lu Xuan without blinking. The force that the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic had emitted had already far surpassed her expectations. If her Flowing Water Sword Tactic encountered the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, she was afraid that she wouldn't even have a chance to make a move and would be directly killed. Even if her moves were more clever, they would still be useless.

This was exactly the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's profound meaning, great skill doesn't work!

And just at this moment, Lu Xuan's soul force had already transferred the most it could. He gave a loud shout and the xuan iron sword in his hands side swiped without reserve. An incomparably powerful soul force suddenly burst out, bringing along unparalleled power, fiercely striking towards the waterfall!

In Lin Xin Yi's shocked eyes, she heard an enormous explosion. The entire waterfall suddenly stilled, completely going against the natural law and stopped in the air!

One sword breaks flow!


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