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Sword Spirit - Chapter 109


Chapter 109: An Alluring Scene

’’Lu Xuan, how is your hair so wet?’’ Watching Lu Xuan eat hungrily, Lin Xin Yi curiously asked.

After cultivating beneath the waterfall, Lu Xuan's body was completely soaked when he exited. Although he had pulled out a set of clean clothes to put on from his storage ring, his hair still hadn't dried off in the meantime.

’’I changed my cultivation location. Right now I'm practicing the sword underneath a waterfall.’’ Lu Xuan wolfed down food as he spoke.

’’A waterfall? There's even a waterfall in the Five Elements Caves? How are the swordsmanship results?’’ Lin Xin Yi continued to ask in great interest.

’’Yeah, but there's only one. It was even specifically reserved by senior brother Li so that I could be able to cultivate there everyday.’’ Saying this, Lu Xuan seemed to think of something. Lifting his head and looking at Lin Xin Yi, he said: ’’Oh yeah, the sword skill that you were recently practicing was called Flowing Water Sword Tactic right? If you can realize the special properties of water, your cultivation will definitely only take half the effort.’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi's eyes lit up: ’’Really? Then can I practice the sword with you at the waterfall?’’

Lu Xuan thought about it. The large rock in the cold pool was pretty big. Let alone accommodating two people, even if the two people sword sparred, there still probably wouldn't be a problem.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan immediately agreed to it: ’’Alright then. In a while, come with me.’’

The caves in the Five Elements Caves weren't limited to only have one person in them. Sometimes there would be disciples that needed to cultivate combination attack skills which required two people or even more to practice.

Receiving Lu Xuan's assent, Lin Xin Yi happily smiled, her eyes flashed a trace of joy. Not only could she better cultivate her martial skill, she could also simultaneously be together with Lu Xuan. For her, this was already a very lucky matter.

Lu Xuan quickly finished off the remaining food. The two of them got up and went to the cold pool waterfall.

’’Wow! It's so pretty!’’ Once she entered, seeing the enormous waterfall that was like a silver river pouring down and the clear cold pool beneath the waterfall, Lin Xin Yi couldn't help but feel mystified and exclaimed aloud.

In the Lin Manor, although it also had a fake mountain waterfall, it had been made by man. How could it compare to the naturally ten zhang tall waterfall.

She couldn't help but turn her eyes to look at Lu Xuan beside her, secretly thinking to herself, this location was simply like a paradise. If she could stay with Lu Xuan here, that would be so marvelous.

Unfortunately, Lu Xuan wasn't able to read the mood. Pointing at the large rock in the cold pool, he said: ’’Do you see it? We're going to go onto that large rock to cultivate, however, the water flow's rush is extremely large. Remember you need to circulate soul force to stand steadily.’’

Lin Xin Yi first nodded her head, but then revealed an ugly expression, ’’My movement is poor. Such a long distance might be too much...’’

Lu Xuan was startled. This wasn't too difficult, it was just... thinking about it, he tentatively asked: ’’Then shall I carry you over?’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi's face flushed red, obviously a bit shy, but she didn't reject it. Softly nodding her head: ’’I guess that's the only way.’’

Seeing Lin Xin Yi's graceful posture, Lu Xuan's heart subconsciously began to beat faster. A young man and a young woman were both at the age of beginning to understand love. If speaking of his most intimate occasion, it was probably still that time in the Treasure Pavilion when he had unintentionally hugged Xia Chen Xi.

But compared to to this, that time couldn't be counted as close intimacy. This time was truly hugging Lin Xin Yi and jumping over.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xuan didn't think about it anymore. Bending down a bit, his left hand was under the crook of Lin Xin Yi's knees, his right hand was then gently secured around her white neck. Immediately he easily picked her up. Lin Xin Yi's face became ever redder, however, gritting her teeth, she put her arms around Lu Xuan's neck and buried her blushing face deep into Lu Xuan's chest. Smelling the manly aura that came from his body, she couldn't help but be a bit flustered and also a bit peaceful.

(TN: Lu Xuan is picking up chicks. You heard it here first.)

From younger to older, when had she been so closely intimate with a guy? Even her father had only held her when she was little.

Embracing Lin Xin Yi, feeling the warmth of her soft body and smelling a fragrant perfume came from her body, Lu Xuan was somewhat distracted. The place his hands was was incomparably slippery, which made people have an impulse to wildly caress it, however, in the end he still didn't dare to randomly touch. His two hands obediently held on and he softly said: ’’Prepare yourself, I'm about to go.’’

Lin Xin Yi softly nodded her head in Lu Xuan's chest. Lu Xuan immediately inhaled, soul force circulated, and Rushing Thunder Flash activated. Jumping over with force, the two of them stably reached the large rock.

But at this moment, something happened that caught both of them off guard.

Under the waterfall's constant torrents, the water flow suddenly drenched both of their clothes. It wasn't a big deal for Lu Xuan, but Lin Xin Yi let out a scream.

Hearing the scream, Lu Xuan couldn't help but look down. He saw that all of Lin Xin Yi's clothes had been drenched and were tightly clinging to her body, subtly revealing and hiding. How could it still serve its purpose of sheltering her! More importantly, two bright red points were unreservedly in front of his eyes.

This se*y scene immediately made Lu Xuan's face flush, and his lower body let him down and rose up.

’’Lu Xuan, you've bullied me! You can't look!’’ Lin Xin Yi was so anxious she almost cried. She had had previously only seen Lu Xuan's hair [***], but she hadn't thought of this. This time, Lu Xuan had really seen everything.

(TN: That [***] was in the raws. Most likely, author is just talking about how Lu Xuan's hair was previously wet.)

’’Okay, okay, okay. I'm not looking anymore. I really didn't do it on purpose. I also didn't think... I'm putting you down.’’ Lu Xuan rushed to explain. He really hadn't done it on purpose. He only thought about how this place helped cultivation. Where would he have thought of this situation.

He quickly put Lin Xin Yi down, but a strange matter arose again. The waterfall's impact was pretty large. Even Lu Xuan hadn't been able to stand here stably the first time. Lin Xin Yi hadn't been prepared. Her foot slipped and once again screamed and was almost washed away. Fortunately, Lu Xuan's reactions were extremely fast. Reaching out and pulling her back, he once again was carrying Lin Xin Yi.

Lying on Lu Xuan's shoulder, Lin Xin Yi quietly sobbed. When had Lu Xuan ever had this kind of experience before, he was entirely helpless in this situation. He could only stay in the original spot and wait until Lin Xin Yi spoke again, but currently she was soaked. Although they were separated by a layer of clothes, but it wasn't much different than not wearing clothes. Lu Xuan was greatly stimulated, however, he didn't dare to randomly move.

Water still continued to flow down. Their clothes were already drenched. Looking from a distance, it looked like the two had fused into one body. Staying in the cold water flow let Lu Xuan to gradually calm down. Fortunately, both of them were martial artists and didn't need to fear catching a cold because of a bit of water.

After a long time, Lin Xin Yi stopped sobbing. Still lying on Lu Xuan's shoulder, she sadly asked: ’’Lu Xuan, do you like me?’’


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