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Sword Spirit - Chapter 107


Chapter 107: Rushing Thunder Flash Large Success!

For the next period of time, Lu Xuan absorbed himself in the Five Elements Caves for days. Although an hour required 50 contribution points, an expensive price, but Lu Xuan had a full 9000 contribution points. It was enough for him to spend freely for a while.

After becoming more and more skilled in the Rushing Thunder Flash, Lu Xuan experienced the power of this martial skill even more. If he could master it, he would be even more like a fish in water during combat. It had increased his combat power by a lot, thus, he became firm in wanting to completely practice the Rushing Thunder Flash to its peak.

He spent five hours in the Five Elements Caves daily to practice the martial skill. In the evening he would then return to his residence to cultivate using Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic. Although the martial skill was powerful, a martial artist's foundation was his body's strength. Lu Xuan naturally didn't dare to slack off towards his Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic cultivation.

And Lin Xin Yi would send food to Lu Xuan exactly at noon every day and watched him finish eating. It was very intimate. Over time, Lu Xuan became accustomed to it. In the eyes of bystanders, the two were undoubtedly couple who were stuck together like glue, causing much envy.

Although Lu Xuan didn't increase the level of the lightning array any further, for the sake of forcing out his potential he made changes to other aspects.

Under the pressure of the lightning array, after three days, Lu Xuan had completely grasped Rushing Thunder Flash. Facing the lightning attacks, he was able to freely dodge and move however he wanted. As long as he wanted to move, in a moment he could dodge it. The chances for error were at most only 1%, but Lu Xuan was still unsatisfied. In combat, it was very possible that a 1% chance would lead to his death.

Therefore, after that he placed the heavy eighty-one kilogram xuan iron sword onto his back. After carrying the xuan iron sword, Lu Xuan's weight was almost more than doubled. Even though he had grasped the Rushing Thunder Flash, facing the quick and strange lightning attacks, he still couldn't avoid being hit.

Receiving the painful attacks of the lightning, after Lu Xuan spent another two days time, he could already flexibly dodge the sixth level lightning array while carrying the xuan iron sword.

Seeing that he wasn't making any more progress with the Rushing Thunder Flash, Lu Xuan still didn't have any ideas of giving up on continuing to practice. And this time, to add pressure to himself, he found Deacon Li and added a gravity array on top of the lightning array.

This way, Lu Xuan would undoubtedly increase the pressure after adding gravity to continue practicing. After a few days, he had already acquired quite a bit of resistance to the lightning attacks, otherwise, before he had finished learning the Rushing Thunder Flash, his body wouldn't have been able to take it anymore.

This time, his cultivating lasted for three days. Once he was able to function under the gravity array, successfully dodging the majority of the lightning, Lu Xuan added to the foundations of the two arrays and superimposed a fierce wind array!

The fierce wind array only had one effect, which was that it produced fierce winds that blew in any direction inside the cave. You simply couldn't know which side the next gust of wind would come from. Just resisting the violently fierce winds wasn't a simple matter, much less Lu Xuan still wanting to also dodge the attacks emitted by the lightning array.

Under the envelopment of three large arrays, the environment of the cave where Lu Xuan's stayed in was already incapable of becoming worse. Even Deacon Li who managed the Five Elements Caves thought that Lu Xuan was shockingly insane.

He could almost imagine the scene of Lu Xuan cultivating. He was now filled with admiration towards this junior brother from the same faction. To be able to kill his way into the overall standings top three hundred during the sect entrance exam was absolutely not a coincidence!

People that hadn't seen Lu Xuan cultivate before would only be envious of the results Lu Xuan achieved, assuming he was just lucky and was a heaven-blessed talent, taking it for granted that if they could have Lu Xuan's talent, they would also be able to easily achieve those results too. As for the effort that Lu Xuan put in behind the scenes, they simply couldn't see it.

Opening three arrays at once, each hour of activation cost 150 contribution points. In one day, Lu Xuan would consume over 700 contribution points. Even if it was him, it was a bit expensive, but what he got in exchange for spending such a large amount was that Lu Xuan's strength was greatly enhanced.

Continuing to receive the lightning attacks not only made Lu Xuan's entire body more resistant to lightning, it also tempered his body towards perfection. Although he was still body refining fifth level, compared to before, his whole body's strength had increased by a lot.

The fierce wind array brought along the benefit of improving Lu Xuan's stability. At the start when facing the fierce wind array, he wasn't even able to stand steadily, but after a period of time, he not only could cleverly shift away the wind force to stand still, he could even energetically dodge all of the lightning attacks in the fierce wind.

In the blink of an eye, from when Lu Xuan had first come to the Five Elements Caves, eleven days had already passed. He had spent a full 5000 contribution points. The biggest portion was spent in these last few days, consumed by activating all three of the arrays.

After once again recovering all of his soul force, Lu Xuan slowly stood up, and then activated the switch. In a moment, the entire cave's wind and clouds suddenly changed. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, fierce winds broke out, and an invisible pressure all suddenly came onto Lu Xuan's body.

And Lu Xuan who was in the center of the storm only quietly stood in his original spot, waiting for the attacks to come.

A fierce wind suddenly came from his right side. If it was an ordinary person facing this wind, they would probably be blown dozens of meters away in an instant.

But Lu Xuan didn't make any moves. His body only swayed a little in the fierce wind, making a few small adjustments. This was a force shifting skill that he had figured out himself in the past few days that was able to quietly shift off the wind force on his body. Just at this moment, there was the sound of thunder. Five bolts of lightning quickly struck down, immediately enveloping him.

Lightning flashed and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, it struck where Lu Xuan was, but currently he already wasn't in his original location. At some point in time, he already silently dodged to a side. Two bolts of lightning relentlessly continued to pursue. Lu Xuan's figure dodged again, and tightly following that, the sixth bolt of lightning in the thunder cloud suddenly landed, directed towards where Lu Xuan was moving to.

Lu Xuan had already encountered this kind of situation who knows how many times. His face was calm as normal, his mind like still water. He abruptly halted his body in place, forcefully stopping!

Looking at the bolt of lightning going through air, suddenly a fierce wind came from behind Lu Xuan. Catching him off guard, it pushed him towards underneath the lightning attack.

It looked like Lu Xuan already had no way of dodging and would only be able to resist the attack, but during this quick attack, Lu Xuan's speed suddenly exploded out, incredibly charging forward a distance, avoiding the danger of another attack!

This was another way of life that Lu Xuan had learned in the eleven days. No matter the time, only use nine parts of his strength and leave one part as a trump card. It was this technique that couldn't be considered as too deep or mysterious that had allowed Lu Xuan to lessen the number of attacks he suffered in the lightning array.

A new round of attacks came again. Lu Xuan had long since adapted. Even under the suppression of the three arrays, he still could move as if he was strolling around in the cave. Constantly leisurely walking and dodging, there wasn't a single attack that could land on the sleeve of his robe.

Thus, he finally achieved the Rushing Thunder Flash large success!


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