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Sword Spirit - Chapter 106


Chapter 106: Touched

When Lu Xuan arrived, Deacon Li was extremely bored staying inside the administration building. Seeing Lu Xuan, he immediately chuckled and stood up: ’’Junior brother Lu, how'd it feel?’’

’’The Five Elements Caves really do deserve their reputation. These contribution points were well spent. This time, I've come to ask senior brother to help to extend for another two hours and raise the level of the array by one, raising it to level six.’’ Lu Xuan got straight to the point about what he wanted.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had only cultivated for an hour before wanting to raise the difficulty, Deacon Li's eyes couldn't help but flash a strange color. He openly praised: ’’No problem. Junior brother Lu's strength is indeed extraordinary. This lightning array isn't comparable to other arrays. Normal disciples find it hard and strenuous to persist when the array has the same corresponding strength as their own body's strength. I hadn't thought that junior brother Lu had just cultivated and has already become able to challenge a level higher.’’

Lu Xuan didn't explain more and only smiled a little. Transferring 100 contribution points over, Deacon Li then quickly opened the array for him.

After finishing his matters, Lu Xuan once again returned to cave number eighteen. Activating the array, he began a new round of cultivation. After raising the lightning array to level six, its difficulty was indeed increased. Every time the lightning came, other than the five that directly struck down, another one was partly hidden and partly visible in a thundercloud, capable of striking towards Lu Xuan whenever he felt exhausted.

This way, the need for Lu Xuan's ability to react greatly increased. Other than dodging the five bolts of lightning that could change directions, he also needed to guard against sudden attacks from the last bolt of lightning.

However, this was exactly what he wanted. In a fight, enemy attacks wouldn't have rules like the lightning array. Who knew when danger would come. No matter the hour, one always needed to reserve some strength in order to be able respond towards any crisis that may come. The better the ability to react the higher the chance of survival.

At the start, Lu Xuan wasn't able to adapt. After going through many bolts of lightning in a row, it could be said that he had suffered a lot. Compared to the fifth level lightning array which could be handled with ease, cultivating in the sixth level lightning array was truly a kind of torture because when the array's level was increased, the lightning emitted from the lightning array became stronger and when it hit, it hurt more.

But he sucked it up. He would rather it be harder than go down a level level, because he knew that right now, although being struck by the lightning array hurt, it couldn't kill. If he didn't completely master the Rushing Thunder Flash now, if he made a mistake during combat in the future, then he wouldn't just receive a bit of pain. At the least, he would be wounded, at the worst, it would be fatal.

Since he was young, Lu Xuan had been famous for being a cultivation maniac in Qing Mountain Village. It was a pity though that he didn't have a good cultivation technique and didn't have good resources. Even if he practiced harder, he still had no way of reaching the same degree as the children of the large clans. Now that he had a cultivation technique and also resources, he naturally wouldn't waste this kind of rare opportunity.

Lu Xuan couldn't be considered to have a strong body. Continuously running around in the cave dodging lightning strike after lightning strike, getting hit every now and then, he could only grit his teeth and persevere and bitterly cultivate. Lu Xuan already had the most basic foundations needed for becoming a master.

Inside his dantian, the sword crystal was slowly circulating, seeming as if it knew nothing of the outside matters. It was unknown if it had ’’looked upon’’ Lu Xuan's attitude...

People were indeed forced out. Previously, under the fifth level lightning array, Lu Xuan had felt as if he was already almost mastered the Rushing Thunder Flash, but now in the sixth level lightning array's suppression, the power of the Rushing Thunder Flash was still growing.

In the two hours he had been cultivating, Lu Xuan didn't know how many times he had been hit by lightning. Other than the enormous improvement of Rushing Thunder Flash, he unintentionally discovered that his body that he had assumed had been trained to its limits;under the tempering of lightning, actually became stronger and firmer, even improving his resistance to lightning by quite a bit, especially his hands that had been struck the most. After suffering so many lightning attacks, the pain was far less than the first time. The time spent to relieve the numbness also became less and less.

This discovery pleasantly surprised Lu Xuan. This was an unexpected gain.

After the two hours ended, Lu Xuan felt as if he hadn't been fully satisfied, especially since he felt that he hadn't practiced the Rushing Thunder Flash to its limits. There was still a lot of room for improvement. He prepared to continue practicing.

Just as he returned to Deacon Li's place, Lu Xuan saw someone he didn't expect. It was Lin Xin Yi.

Currently in Lin Xin Yi's hand was a bamboo basket and was standing outside of the door to the Five Elements Caves administration building, looking towards where Lu Xuan was in the distance. A gentle breeze passed, and her light blue skirt fluttered in the wind. Shoulder-length pitch black hair and white skin formed a bright contrast, her hair gently lifted, slightly blocking her delicate face. It seemed as if she was a wife waiting at the door for her husband to come home.

This scene appeared in Lu Xuan's eyes. His heart's softest part seemed to have been suddenly touched by something. The toughness that had always been in his eyes softened at this moment.

Bringing a smile, Lu Xuan walked forward and said: ’’Why are you standing out here and didn't come inside?’’

Lin Xin Yi mischievously raised the bamboo basket in her hands and said: ’’I saw that it was almost time for lunch so I came out and returned to the sword faction to help you get a meal, however it might be a bit cold. I don't know if you'll still be able to eat it.’’

After speaking, Lin Xin Yi pouted her lips a little, obviously feeling like cold food didn't taste good.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan cracked a smile, revealing a row of white teeth. Reaching out he received the bamboo basket in Lin Xin Yi's hands and said: ’’I've never been picky with food. Even if it's cold, it's still much better than the rations that I brought to eat.’’

Perhaps having heard voices outside, the door behind the two was opened by Deacon Li. Seeing Lu Xuan he immediately chucked: ’’Junior brother Lu, you've returned. Junior sister has already been waiting for you here for a full hour already. It's not that senior brother didn't try to invite her in. I invited her in to wait, but she insisted on waiting outside for you. *Tch* Kid, your luck really isn't shallow. Junior sister is so beautiful and also so considerate. Your senior brother is really envious ah!’’

Deacon Li's words made Lin Xin Yi feel a bit hot. Speaking truthfully, she had never liked a man before, but without knowing why, once she saw Lu Xuan, it was if she had completely fallen. Her mind was always thinking of how to treat him well.

(TN: Hot as in blood rushing to head and embarrassment)

Lu Xuan was almost a bit moved. He hadn't thought that Lin Xin Yi had actually waited here for an hour. He had cultivated in the cave for a full three hours. Now it was already the afternoon. He imagined that Lin Xin Yi had probably come at around noon.

For a time, he also didn't know what to say. He could only scratch his head and eke out the words: ’’You're probably tired of standing. First go in and rest for a while.’’

Lin Xin Yi nodded her head, and softly agreed. Deacon Li was also a person who could read the mood. He immediately said: ’’Junior brother Lu, you two can go in and talk for a while. I'll go walk over there and inspect the situation at the Five Elements Caves.’’

The inspection was fake. Not acting as a third wheel for the pair was real.

Waiting until after Deacon Li had walked off, Lu Xuan ate while asking about the situation of Lin Xin Yi's morning cultivation. Although his strength was very high, he was still enough to be able to give Lin Xin Yi a few pointers.

Once Lu Xuan had almost finished eating, Deacon Li returned. Afterwards, Lu Xuan once again activated the lightning array for two hours. Lin Xin Yi also followed Lu Xuan to also continue cultivating. The time that Deacon Li had gifted her still hadn't been all used up yet.


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