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Sword Spirit - Chapter 105


Chapter 105: Raise the Difficulty

Just at this moment, the noise of thunder suddenly sounded out. Lu Xuan only saw a flash of lightning from an overhead thundercloud. A bolt of lightning immediately crashed down, its speed far too fast for a normal person to react to.

Just as this quick attack occurred, Lu Xuan's powerful abilities were finally able to be put to use. His body abruptly took a step too the right, narrowly avoiding the attack.

However, without any chance to take a breath, this lightning array didn't want to let Lu Xuan off easy. In the blink of an eye, another two bolts of lightning came striking down. One directly stuck towards Lu Xuan, and the other struck towards his side.

This time, Lu Xuan already had made preparations. Rushing Thunder Flash's operating method immediately flashed through his mind. During his time in the Equipment Pavilion's third floor quiet room, he had long since became very familiar with the Rushing Thunder Flash. The cultivation technique's circulation path had also been passed through countless amounts of times, only lacking practice in true combat. Currently facing the threat of the lightning array, he quickly concentrated and began circulating along the Rushing Thunder Flash's familiar path.

After circulating the Rushing Thunder Flash, Lu Xuan felt his body suddenly become lighter. His legs were full of energy. It seemed like he could casually take a step and would be able to freely move around and throughout the cave.

The lightning array's attacks were almost about to strike the top of Lu Xuan's head. No longer dawdling, Lu Xuan casually took a step to the side. It seemed like he had teleported and instantly left his original position, appearing on the side of the cave without warning.

An expression of joy flashed across Lu Xuan's face. The Rushing Thunder Flash indeed deserved its reputation. If he had previously been able to use the Rushing Thunder Flash in the Sword Forest, fighting would be much easier.

But, just at this moment, a curious change arose. The lightning that should have struck beside Lu Xuan suddenly underwent a small shift in the air and once again charged towards him. This lightning could actually change directions!

The lightning came extremely quickly. Lu Xuan wanted to use the Rushing Thunder Flash but didn't have enough time. Caught off-guard, he only had enough time to dodge serious injuries. This lightning immediately struck Lu Xuan's left arm.

’’Si!’’ Lu Xuan couldn't help but let out a breath of cold air. The pain was like a stabbing needle. He felt his left arm seem to have almost gone completely numb. Mother! Being hit really wasn't easy to take!

(TN: That's the hissing noise. And the euphemism again.)

Previously, when Deacon Li had been explaining, the lightning array's results were indeed pretty good, but being if you were hit, although it wouldn't cause serious injury, it wouldn't be easy on your flesh either. Now, Lu Xuan could be considered to truly experienced this.

However, there wasn't any time right now for Lu Xuan to take in the pain. Thunder sounded again. This time, a full three lightning bolts struck down, still with one going towards his location, and the other two then divided into the surroundings.

But after having some experience, Lu Xuan wouldn't be tricked again. This lightning could change directions!

Rushing Thunder Flash circulated again as Lu Xuan jumped away a long distance, dodging the lightning that was directly charging at him. Sure enough, as he moved, the other two lightning bolts changed direction, charging towards him to hit him.

Having been prepared, how could be possibly continue to suffer a loss. The Rushing Thunder Flash simply didn't stop and continued to freely travel throughout the cave. The two lightning strikes landed on empty space and disappeared into the ground.

Thunder sounded again. The next wave's attacks rushed forward. This time, the amount of lightning had increased to four. Seeing this, Lu Xuan felt a burst of terror. Oh my gosh, this thing wasn't going to increase by one each time right? Was there going to be any path for survival later on?

While distracted with these thoughts, Lu Xuan once again moved, dodging three of them, but was hit by the fourth on his right hand. Without fail, another sting of pain arrived. His left hand still hadn't recovered yet when his right hand had gone numb.

Lu Xuan laughed bitterly. It was good that the Rushing Thunder Flash only required using feet and didn't need hands. However, he didn't dare to be distracted anymore. He tried to fix the problems of his numb hands while also watching for the lightning arrays attacks.

The next round of attacks were within his expectations. Five bolts of lightning came down, one rushed towards Lu Xuan, and the other four went towards his front, back, left, and right.

Lu Xuan took a step, and without thinking too much of what he was doing, his body moved extremely quickly out of the upper right corner. Two of the lightning bolts changed direction, pursuing him relentlessly, but Lu Xuan had long since been expecting it. His body only stayed at that spot for a second. In the blink of an eye, he once again flashed to another location. Currently, these five lightning bolts finally all hit the ground, striking the earth and dispersing.

Lu Xuan let out a breath. He prepared to dodge the next round of attacks. When the round of attacks appeared, it let his uneasy heart calm down a little because there were still only five bolts of lightning that had appeared.

’’It seems this fifth level lightning array will only have five bolts of lightning for its attacks. Then I should be able to cope with it.’’ Lu Xuan thought to himself.

After a few round of attacks, he had already adapted to the frequency and method of the attacks. However, it wasn't very smooth feeling when circulating the recently acquired Rushing Thunder Flash. It didn't feel very natural. Every now and then, it would even get stuck. Although he had already memorized the cultivation technique in the Martial Skill Pavilion, but once he truly began circulating it, he still didn't have a way of using it as well as his arms and hands, otherwise, every martial artist would just directly go and memorize martial skills and wouldn't need to practice.

Because that was so, every now and then he would still suffer a couple of times, and Lu Xuan's hands were numb the entire time. Although he grimaced in pain, seeing that he was becoming more and more skilled in the Rushing Thunder Flash, he was still happy.

The entire time in the cave, the black clouds above constantly struck down with lightning. Lu Xuan then continuously dodged and weaved through the lightning that homed in after him, using the Rushing Thunder Flash to his current limit in order to avoid the lightning attacks.

Rushing Thunder Flash was an explosive movement skill that had an enormous consumption of soul force. After about a quarter of an hour or so, Lu Xuan felt his soul force had already been 70-80% consumed. He immediately began to move towards the switch that controlled the array. Grabbing onto an opportunity, he pulled down the switch. The lightning array closed. The entire cave returned to normal.

He didn't pay it any attention. Panting, he sat down. He controlled his breathing and circulated the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic and began to recover his soul force.

Waiting until his soul force had fully recovered, he once again activated the switch. The game of tag began once again.

Time continued to go by during this practice until almost half an hour had passed. Lu Xuan's constantly numb hands were finally released from their torture because he became more and more skilled at circulating the Rushing Thunder Flash. Although it was still a bit difficult, the five bolts of lightning already no longer had any method of causing him much trouble. Every now and then there would be errors, but it was controlled to be less than 5%. Basically, out of every twenty round of lightning strikes, he might be hit once.

An hour quickly ended. The lightning array above didn't need Lu Xuan to close the switch and it began to dissipate. The closed cave door also slowly opened.

Regulating his breathing, Lu Xuan wiped off the sweat from his forehead. Coming out of the cave, he directly walked over to where Deacon Li was. He naturally didn't want to stop practicing and even wanted to increase the difficulty. The fifth level difficulty already wasn't a threat to him. If he wanted to push himself to his limits, he needed to continue increasing the difficulty!


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