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Sword Spirit - Chapter 104


Chapter 104: Same Faction

Since he had decided, Lu Xuan didn't waste any words and promptly said: ’’Then I shall bother senior brother deacon to help me open a lightning array.’’

’’Arrays are also divided into levels. Disciples with different strengths will choose different levels of arrays. Usually, whatever the body refining level is, then activating the same level array is most suitable.’’ This deacon rocked back and forth as he spoke.

Lu Xuan pondered over it. Although he was body refining fifth level, his true combat strength had long since surpassed that. However, considering that he was practicing a new martial skill this time, he didn't dare to be too cocky. He then said: ’’Since it's that way, then open the fifth level lightning array. First I'll try it for an hour.’’

’’En. Transfer 50 contribution points here. Also, write your name, strength, and which faction division you belong to. I need to register it.’’

Lu Xuan was no stranger to this. It was the same transaction pattern as at the Equipment Pavilion. While transferring the contribution points, he also said: ’’Lu Xuan, body refining fifth level, sword faction.’’

As the deacon was attentively recording the information, he was suddenly shocked. He couldn't help but look at Lu Xuan. This was the first time he carefully observed Lu Xuan. The number of disciples that came to the Five Elements Caves was a lot. He was too lazy to pay attention to average people, much less a new disciple, but now, Lu Xuan's name had finally caught his attention. He immediately asked: ’’Lu Xuan? This term's new disciple's first place, sword faction's Lu Xuan?’’

He naturally didn't place normal disciples in his heart, but towards a few of the crazy talents in the Wind Sword Sect, he didn't dare to be too negligent. For example, Lin Tian and the other overall standings top ten, or disciples with backgrounds like Zheng Gang, were all in this category. As for Lu Xuan, although he wasn't those two types, but without a doubt, his was a fame that wasn't in any way inferior. The vice sect master had personally said that in a year he would guarantee sending him to the core. If that was true, Lu Xuan's worth was probably even higher than the so-called overall standings top ten because even the overall standings top ten wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to become a part of the core.

’’Uh... yes this one is the sword faction's Lu Xuan.’’ Seeing the deacon's appearance, Lu Xuan couldn't help but rub his nose. It seems like his fame had already traveled to here.

’’Haha, so it was junior brother Lu. I've been foolish. I should have long since known. Those that have just entered the sect and already have enough contribution points to use the Five Elements Caves is probably only junior brother Lu. My surname is Li. You can call me senior brother Li. Speaking of which, junior brother Lu and I have the comradeship of being from the same faction.’’

Hearing Lu Xuan reporting his faction, Deacon Li's attitude suddenly made a hundred and eighty degree turn. Laughing, he no longer sat down and stood up.

Lu Xuan also had a happy expression. Hearing Deacon Li's words, it seemed that he had come from the sword faction. This was the first time he had seen a deacon that had come from the sword faction since entering the Wind Sword Sect. As they were both people from the sword faction, naturally they were inclined to have good feelings about each other, and also, having heard Elder Xu, many disciples after seeing the sword faction's decline had turned their heads against the sword faction after half a year of cultivating. Since Deacon Li could stay in the sword faction the entire time and persist in practicing the sword, his personality couldn't be too bad.

After finishing speak, Deacon Li looked at Lin Xin Yi behind Lu Xuan, ’’Could it be that this is a junior sister?’’

Lu Xuan was preparing to say an affirmative, when Lin Xin Yi gracefully smiled, took a step forward and prevented Lu Xuan from speaking: ’’Xin Yi greets senior brother Li. I am the same as Lu Xuan, also this term's sword faction disciple.

’’Tch, junior brother Lu is indeed lucky. Abundant in both fields of love and the martial path.’’ Deacon Li laughed. With Lin Xin Yi's attitude, naturally it let him think that the two of them had a relationship.

’’Nice to meet you. As a senior brother, good or bad, I must give a greeting present, however, I currently don't have anything. Younger siblings want to use the Five Elements Caves right? I'll give younger siblings a few hours to cultivate.’’ Deacon Li cheerily said.

His thinking process was about the same as the Equipment Pavilion's Deacon Zhou. Normally, he didn't have much of a chance to contact a core disciple. Even a overall standings top ten were each above him, but before him was Lu Xuan, a default core disciple. In the future, perhaps there would be an opportunity to become a higher up in the Wind Sword Sect. If he could grab onto this relationship, then he could be taken care of in the future. However, the two had different methods of grabbing onto the relations. Deacon Zhou used the benefits card while he had used the emotional card.

Lu Xuan felt that it was a little inappropriate, however, Deacon Li had already brought it out in the name of being from the same faction. Naturally, it wasn't easy to refuse, moreover, if he refused, it would be hard to avoid Lin Xin Yi overthinking it. He accepted Deacon Li's good intentions.

Seeing that Lu Xuan didn't refuse, Lin Xin Yi was even happier. Compared to Deacon Li's greeting present, she placed more importance on Lu Xuan's attitude. Previously on the second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion, she had also chosen a martial skill, a middle Huang grade sword skill. This time when she had accompanied Lu Xuan here, she had also prepared to use the Five Elements Cave to practice a bit.

Under Deacon Li's recommendation, Lin Xin Yi opened a fourth level fierce wind array. Practicing the sword in the wind could greatly exercise a martial artist's movement stability and accuracy.

Deacon Li was also pretty generous. In a single breath, he gave Lin Xin Yi five hours of cultivation time. Five hours was a full 250 contribution points. It was far from the xuan iron sword that Deacon Zhou sent, but Deacon Zhou had taken advantage of an Equipment Pavilion loophole while Deacon Li had paid from his own pocket.

The caves that Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi used were adjacent to one another, divided into cave number eighteen and cave number nineteen. After setting up, Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi bid farewell to Deacon Li and prepared to go into the caves to cultivate.

’’Junior brother Lu, if there are any matters during your cultivation, just let me know.’’ Sending the two off, Deacon Li said with a smile.

Lu Xuan chuckled and agreed. He only opened it for an hour. His goal was to test the results. After an hour, he was bound to come over to look for Deacon Li to adjust the difficulty and extend the time.

Lu Xuan's cultivation area was cave number eighteen, Lin Xin Yi's was then number nineteen. He told her that and then Lu Xuan went straight into the cave.

Just as Deacon Li had said, inside the cave was a paradise on earth. It looked like it was only a less than three meter cave from the outside, but its interior was at least a few hundred meters. No matter if he was cultivating movement skills or cultivating sword skill, it was enough.

After entering, according to Deacon Li's explanation, Lu Xuan went looking towards the back. Indeed there was a switch. Activating the switch would activate the array, and this cave number eighteen would also close. Other than if Lu Xuan turned the switch off or the time was up, it would not open.

No longer hesitating, Lu Xuan activated the switch without delay. In a moment, the entire cave immediately changed. The light suddenly dimmed, and the dark clouds densely covered the ceiling, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Lu Xuan felt as if he was no longer in the cave but was under thunder clouds, about to face the fierce winds and squall.

Without a doubt, for the sake of creating the best results, not only did it have a lightning array, it even had an illusionary array!

Lifting his head to look towards the black clouds, Lu Xuan said to himself, Come, let me see exactly this lightning array is like.


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