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Sword Spirit - Chapter 103


Chapter 103: Five Elements Caves

While responding to the crowd of disciples, Lu Xuan also arrived at his and the other two's residence.

Just at this moment, Lin Xin Yi happened to walk out. Seeing Lu Xuan, her face immediately became joyful: ’’Lu Xuan, you've returned!’’

’’En, however, I'm about to leave. I came back to tell you guys. Where's Xia Ye?’’ Lu Xuan asked.

Looking back at Xia Ye's tightly closed door, Lin Xin Yi said: ’’He probably hasn't woken up yet. Where are you going?’’

’’I got a martial skill from the Martial Skill Pavilion's third floor. I'm preparing to go to the Five Elements Caves to practice a little.’’

’’Five Elements Caves? I also haven't gone there yet. I'll go with you. Oh yeah, you still haven't eaten breakfast right? Let's eat first.’’ Hearing that Lu Xuan wanted to go to the Five Elements Caves, Lin Xin Yi joyfully traveled together with him.

Lu Xuan naturally didn't refuse. Leaving Xia Ye a letter, the two of them left together.

Looking at the backs of Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi leaving together, a group of disciples each revealed expressions of admiration.

’’Senior brother Lu is so lucky. Not only is his strength good, his talent is outstanding, he even has such a pretty girlfriend like junior sister Lin. If I could have that, I would die a happy man.’’

’’That's right. However, senior brother Lu and junior sister Lin are indeed a perfect couple, a match made in heaven. Also, I've heard that junior sister Lin's family in the secular world is also very extraordinary.’’

’’We should also work hard and cultivate. Even if there's no way of reaching the degree of senior brother Lu, as long as we can gain a firm foothold in the sect, at the time when we return to the secular world, we could also return to our hometowns in glory, with endless wealth and honor.’’


All of the disciples were very clear about Lin Xin Yi's feelings towards Lu Xuan. From their perspective, the two were a perfect couple. Of course, there were some that were jealous of the pairing.

The voices of the disciples hadn't been quiet at all. Naturally, it was clearly conveyed to Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi's ears. Lu Xuan felt a bit awkward, after all, his relationship with Lin Xin Yi was far from what others thought it was. He was worried that Lin Xin Yi would become angry. He couldn't help but turn his head to look, but he saw that Lin Xin Yi was completely red from blushing. There wasn't any anger at all, instead she was secretly very happy inside...

Lu Xuan had been staying in the Martial Skill Pavilion for these past two days straight and had only been eating the rations in his storage ring. He had long since held back for too long. Facing the sword sect cafeteria's fine dining, naturally he devoured his meal like an animal, sating his hunger and thirst.

After the two finished with breakfast, they followed the map's directions and went straight towards the Five Elements Caves location. On the road, Lu Xuan wasn't stingy with what he had perceived of the sword dao and had taken it all out for Lin Xin Yi to partake in. As for how much Lin Xin Yi could experience, that would depend on her qualifications.

As the two walked and talked, they had arrived at the place known as the Five Elements Caves.

The Five Elements Caves were indeed worthy of its name and didn't fail the ’’cave’’ word either. In front of the two was a cliff, and in the cliff wall were densely distributed caves. Some of the caves were closed off, signifying that there was a disciple using it, and some cave entrances were opened, signifying that no one was using them.

Lu Xuan's eyes swept over it. He saw that there was a small building on the side with the words ’’Five Elements Caves Administration Building’’ written on it. He didn't linger and brought Lin Xin Yi to the administration building, preparing to ask what kind of place the Five Elements Caves were.

Knocking on the door of the administration building, a deacon whose age was about the same as Deacon Zhou's opened the door for Lu Xuan.

This deacon looked at Lu Xuan's pair, his eyes especially paused on Lin Xin Yi's body for a moment, obviously a bit surprised by Lin Xin Yi's beauty, however, after that he returned to being normal. He casually sat down in front of a table.

’’Come to use the Five Elements Caves? Your luck's pretty good. Right now there just happens to be a few empty spots. If you came a bit later, you'd have to wait in line.’’ This deacon casually said: ’’What array do you want to open and what level?’’

This question that the deacon treated as natural caused Lu Xuan's pair to have steam rise up from their heads. Lu Xuan immediately made an obeisance and cupped his hands saying: ’’This is my first time coming. Senior brother deacon, please help explain how to use the Five Elements Caves.’’

’’First time coming? New person?’’ This deacon lifted his head to look at Lu Xuan, then he said: ’’Using the Five Elements Caves costs a lot of contribution points. You guys have just entered the sect. Do you have enough contribution points? If you open an array, just one hour will require 50 contribution points.’’

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi who was standing behind Lu Xuan couldn't help but reveal an expression of surprise. This price was indeed high. One hour would cost 50 contribution points, and that was the lowest. If Lu Xuan hadn't given her that 1000, with her 100 contribution points, she would only be able to stay for two hours.

However, Lu Xuan laughed a little and said: ’’Although this one's contribution points aren't many, it's enough for this one to use for a period of time.’’

The deacon nodded his head a little. He didn't have any intentions of looking down on the pair, just a reminding them, after all, normally, new people that have just entered the sect would have almost no contribution points. They would hurry to accumulate contribution points to enter the Martial Skill Pavilion. Who would be spending any on the Five Elements Caves?

’’Since it's like that, then I'll tell you. See the caves on that cliff? After entering, inside will be a large empty room, and all of the caves will be enveloped in an array. After activating the array, you can choose to create various kinds of different environments, If you can can cultivate martial skills in these environments, the efficiency is extremely high!’’

So it was originally like that. Lu Xuan couldn't help but secretly nod. It seemed like the Five Elements Caves indeed deserved their reputation. One could actually create various different environments to aid cultivation. This way, cultivation speed would naturally be far faster than in the environment in the outside.

This deacon continued to speak: ’’However, although the Five Elements Caves are called the Five Elements Caves, the arrays aren't limited to just being arrays of the five elements. For example, there are also wind and thunder arrays, and also, for the sake of achieving the best result, these arrays can be superimposed. Activating an array, an hour requires 50 contribution points and every additional one will be another 50 contribution points. You can choose to activate whichever arrays you want according to your needs.’’

Lu Xuan muttered a little to himself then spoke up and asked: ’’I want to cultivate a movement martial skill. Which arrays would aid better?

’’If it's movement martial skills, look at what type it is. If it's a small range movement martial skill to be used in combat, you can choose the lightning array. Once the lightning array starts, the entire cave will be enveloped in lightning and lightning will continuously strike. However, if you activate this array, cultivating will not be easy. Once hit, although it won't cause any large injuries, it'll still hurt a lot.’’ This deacon worked with care and energy as he gave Lu Xuan a suggestion.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan nodded his head. This lightning array could be used to cultivate his Rushing Thunder Flash. It couldn't be more suitable. He would see if this Rushing Thunder Flash was worthy of its name. As fast as rushing thunder, as quick as lightning


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