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Sword Spirit - Chapter 102


Chapter 102: An Unexpected Price

Seeing Lu Xuan's eyes, Deacon Zhou came up with an idea. Junior brother Lu had just entered the Wind Sword Sect. Although he had gotten quite a few contribution points as reward from the sect entrance exam, it probably wasn't too much. If he could help him with the rest of the contribution points, junior brother Lu would definitely remember it well. One day when he had made it, junior brother Lu wouldn't forget him. Sending charcoal during snow was far more precious than adding flowers to embroidery. This was a long-term investment!

Once he had the idea, Deacon Zhou immediately set to do it, chuckling a little he said: ’’This xuan iron sword, if it could be successfully forged, its price would be terribly high, at least 80000 contribution points or more.’’

Hearing this number, Lu Xuan's heart became heavy.

His change was naturally seen without fail by Deacon Zhou. Not waiting for Lu Xuan to speak, he smiled a bit and then said: ’’However, right now it hasn't been refined successfully. To put it nicely, it can be called a half-finished product. To put it badly, it's a defective product. Even if the material is better, after becoming a defective product, it's not worth as much. According to its technical content, at best it would only reach the degree of a lower grade iron grade product, however its material is extraordinary after all. Then, we'll just go according to the highest prices for a lower grade iron grade weapon.’’

When Deacon Zhou spoke these words, Lu Xuan's face revealed a surprised expression, a bit shocked. He couldn't help but lift his head and look towards him. Their eyes met. Lu Xuan recognized the meaningful look hidden in Deacon Zhou's eyes, immediately understood, then he laughed and said: ’’So it's like that then. Following senior brother Zhou's intentions;once this one has success along the martial path in the future, I definitely will not forget senior brother Zhou.’’

Lu Xuan wasn't stupid. How could he not understand Deacon Zhou's meaning. How could a weapon that was fully forged from xuan iron only have the price of a lower grade iron grade product. Just the price of the material was far from it. It was very obvious that Deacon Zhou was playing favorites and basically giving him this xuan iron sword.

There was no such thing as a free thing in the world. Pies didn't just fall from the sky. Without a doubt, Deacon Zhou was waiting for him to become successful and then help him rise up too. Since it was that way, Lu Xuan wasn't petty and to make sure that Deacon Zhou could relax, he gave him a promise.

Earning Lu Xuan's promise, Deacon Zhou was also immediately satisfied. Both of them had reached a tacit understanding and laughed out loud.

This xuan iron sword had been placed in the storeroom and was long since no longer cared about. If it wasn't for Lu Xuan suddenly asking for a heavy enough heavy sword, Deacon Zhou also wouldn't have thought of it. Even if it suddenly disappeared, no one would probably know. Moreover, even if someone discovered its disappearance, no one would necessarily be concerned. Because of that, Deacon Zhou dared to be so courageous and say such a low price, allowing the xuan iron sword to be redeemed by Lu Xuan. For the sake of a future genius core disciples, taking such a small risk for that insurance was worth it!

The Equipment Pavilion's lower grade iron grade price was between 500 to 1000 contribution points. The xuan iron sword was exchanged for the most expensive lower grade iron grade price, yet it was only 1000 contribution points. It could be said that it was far lower than Lu Xuan's expectations.

Deacon Zhou pulled out a red identity plate and said to Lu Xuan: ’’Junior brother Lu, just transfer 1000 contribution points to this identity plate. Then, this xuan iron sword will be yours.’’

Red identity plates weren't personal identity plates and were identity plates specifically used for the Equipment Pavilion to store the traded contribution points.

Lu Xuan didn't waste any words, took out his identity plate, and directly swiped 1000 contribution points over. After that, the heavy nine by nine eighty-one jin xuan iron sword was placed inside his storage ring. He had obtained a benefit and Deacon Zhou had obtained a favor. The two were both fully satisfied.

’’Junior brother Lu, since you've redeemed the weapon, do you still need to exchange for any enchantment scrolls for enchanting?’’ Deacon Zhou asked.

’’The Equipment Pavilion also produces enchantment scrolls?’’ Lu Xuan asked a little hesitantly. It had already been a long time since he had last used any enchantment technique. Last time, the purpose of creating an enchantment scroll was for money. Now that he didn't lack money, naturally he hadn't thought of the idea. However, he had heard Elder Xu say, after entering the spirit refining realm, one needed to cultivate mental energy and the process of drawing enchantment scrolls had the effect as a mental energy workout. Therefore, Lu Xuan felt like he still needed to practice it a bit.

Deacon Zhou smiled a bit and explained: ’’Although the Equipment Pavilion is called the Equipment Pavilion, it isn't limited just to things like refined weapons, but it also sells various things that martial artists need. For example, these weapons were refined by people of the Refining Hall, and the enchantment scrolls were made by the Enchantment Hall. Other than these, there is also the Spirit Dan Hall, which is the place they refine dan medicines. The disciples interested in those areas can choose to enter these places while also cultivating.’’

Lu Xuan nodded his head. He hadn't thought that in the Wind Sword Sect there would actually be so much stuff. It seemed like he was going to have to look around at all those opportunities. Even if he didn't learn, just observing for a long time would also be good, especially the Enchantment Hall. Perhaps he could use their materials and draw the enchantment scrolls he needed, after all, the ancient enchantment technique he used produced enchantment scrolls with far better results than normal enchantment scrolls.

However, he naturally didn't need to explain these things to Deacon Zhou, and he only said: ’’I've already prepared the enchantment scrolls. I won't bother senior brother Zhou. If I have time in the future, I will come again to drink wine with senior brother Zhou.’’

Deacon Zhou laughed and said: ’’Then I will be waiting for junior brother Lu to grace me with his presence.’’

Bidding farewell to Deacon Zhou, Lu Xuan walked out of the Equipment Pavilion feeling refreshed. He hadn't thought that his fame as a peerless genius would actually have this kind of convenience. With just 1000 contribution points he had exchanged for a xuan iron sword that had an opportunity to become a treasure grade weapon. It should be known, when Lu Xuan had stayed on the third floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion for two days, he had spent 1000 contribution points.

This world really was strength is king. As long as one had enough strength, without even needing to lift one's hands, various good things would be eagerly sent up by people.

Exiting the Equipment Pavilion, Lu Xuan was a little hesitant before deciding to walk towards the Fallen Sword Peak.

Although he wanted to go to the Enchantment Hall to take a look, there wasn't a rush. Next up he prepared to go to the Five Elements Caves. It was said that that place aided cultivation. As for the exact circumstances, only by going personally would he know, however, before that, he wanted to first take a trip back to the sword sect and at least tell Xia Ye and Lin Xin Yi, otherwise they wouldn't know where he had gone.

With the map drawn inside the identity plate as his guide, Lu Xuan naturally wasn't worried about knowing the way. Silently circulating soul force, he increased his traveling speed. There were no problems along the way. Not long after, the Fallen Sword Peak was already visible in the distance. On the Fallen Sword Peak, the enormous rock sword that was rumored to have been sculpted by the first sect master was still emitting a bit of unclear sword dao. With Lu Xuan's current strength, he could only feel a bit of strange feeling and had no way of experiencing anything.

Very soon, Lu Xuan arrived at his residence. Once they saw him, a bunch of new budding disciples immediately had smiling faces. Each one of them greeted Lu Xuan.

’’Hello senior brother Lu!’’

’’Good morning senior brother Lu!’’


After his performance in the Sword Forest and along with his fight with Zheng Gang, Lu Xuan had already thoroughly convinced this group of disciples from the same term. Towards Lu Xuan, they all couldn't be jealous and only admired him. Moreover, only by Lu Xuan being even stronger would the resources that they could obtain increase. Without speaking of anything else, just this exam, they all at least received 100 contribution points as a reward. They were a part of the sword sect, connected, bound together, for better or for worse.


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