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Sword Spirit - Chapter 101


Chapter 101: Xuan Iron Sword

Originally, the number of weapons in the sword section was the most in the Wind Sword Sect, and there were plenty of each kind of weapon. But in recent years, the sword sect's position had plummeted and many of the Wind Sword Sect's resources were seized by the blade sect. It was also the same case with the Equipment Pavilion's weapon creation. There were more and more blades while there were less and less swords so that the number of weapons in the blade section had already far surpassed the sword section's.

As for the weapons currently in the sword section, many were left behind from before. There weren't many new ones. It would be difficult to try and find a weapon that satisfied Lu Xuan's request.

Deacon Zhou racked his brains over the Equipment Pavilion's entire inventory once and couldn't think of anything suitable.

Seeing Deacon Zhou scrunch up his face in thought, Lu Xuan also knew that he was really giving it his best effort. Lu Xuan sighed inwardly. It looked like he could only use this Collapsing Mountain sword for a while.

Just as Lu Xuan was about to say something, Deacon Zhou's face suddenly became happy. It seemed like he had thought of something. He rushed and spoke before Lu Xuan could.

’’Junior brother Lu, I was thinking just now and thought of something, however, I don't know if it will meet your needs, but if you are asking for weight, then that thing is definitely enough!’’

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and reveal an expression of interest: ’’On what basis do you say this?’’

’’In the Equipment Pavilion's inventory, there is actually still a sword, however, calling it a sword is inaccurate because it's really just a block, and barely qualifies as a sword. Because of that, it hasn't been put in the sword section.’’

After opening this conversation topic, Deacon Zhou suddenly couldn't stop and continued to talk: ’’This was a matter from two years ago. At the time, the Equipment Pavilion obtained a considerably large piece of xuan iron. A spherical piece is hard to find, but it's because it was that way, trying to split it up was extremely difficult. Afterwards it was taken away by a refiner with considerable qualifications, who prepared to refine this into a heavy sword. The xuan iron chuck was most suitable for refining a heavy sword so no one opposed.

That refiner spent quite a bit of effort on this piece of xuan iron. Just to grind it into a sword shape, he spent three whole months. Afterwards he used various forging methods. If he could successfully forge it, then perhaps its level would be a treasure grade weapon. At worst it will be among the top for upper grade iron grade.

But it was a pity. Before the forging process was finished, that refiner died due to a terminal disease, and it was also the end for the xuan iron sword. Although plenty of refiners tried to input their ideas onto it, because this sword had already been refined according to the ways of a heavy sword, there was only a very small chance of trying to change it another weapon, and they could only continue forging a heavy sword.

Hehe, junior brother Lu, you also know, the sword sect's situation hasn't been that great. Moreover, the heavy sword was originally unpopular. There wasn't anyone willing to waste time to complete the later steps. After a long time, this sword was simply pushed to the side with nobody caring about it. If it wasn't for junior brother Lu asking for an even heavier weapon, most likely after a time, I also would forget it.’’

Deacon Zhou wasn't a deacon of the Equipment Pavilion for nothing. He spoke quite well. In just one breath, he explained the history of the xuan iron sword clearly.

Hearing him finish speaking, Lu Xuan's heart was pounding. Xuan iron sword. Didn't that correspond with the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's name? And also, the forging was incomplete by only a step, making it even more useful for the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic's focus, ’’heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn't work.’’ Why would he need elaborate carvings on a truly good sword.

Although he still hadn't seen this sword, with just Deacon Zhou's description, Lu Xuan felt like the sword reached his goals. He immediately said: ’’Senior brother Zhou, where is this sword? You can bring it out for me to look at it for a moment?’’

Seeing that Lu Xuan was interested, Deacon Zhou was happier. If he could find Lu Xuan a convenient weapon, this relationship could be said to have been made.

’’Junior brother Lu, please wait here a little. This sword is still in the Equipment Pavilion's storeroom. I will immediately bring it over.’’ After saying that, Deacon Zhou didn't linger and promptly exited the sword section, hastening over to the storeroom.

Watching him leave, Lu Xuan then looked around at the weapons in the sword section. Deacon Zhou had indeed put Lu Xuan's matter on his heart. Not long after, carrying something in his hands while panting for breath, he came back to Lu Xuan.

That's right, the thing he was carrying, this sword was truly too heavy. Only by carrying it could Deacon Zhou barely manage to reach this speed. Truthfully along the way, he had been thinking while running, if this weapon was so heavy, could it really be used against an enemy? Wouldn't just waving it around be difficult?

Deacon Zhou lifted up the xuan iron sword's hilt and then placed it on the floor. Immediately the entire sword section's floor seemed to shake, causing even some of the weapon racks to vibrate.

’’Junior brother Lu, this is it. How do you like it?’’ Deacon Zhou said to Lu Xuan as he took a few breaths.

Without needing his introduction, Lu Xuan's eyes had long since been stuck on the sword. It was indeed as Deacon Zhou had said, this sword really was a big block. There were even various chips and holes along the uneven surface. It obviously hadn't been polished. Fortunately, the refiner's three months of forging weren't in vain. At least it looked like it indeed had a sword's form. Sword hilt, sword body, sword edge, and the sword tip were all there. At the very least one couldn't go as far as to say it was a long stick.

This sword's length was three and a third feet, its body was dark black, but in the dark black there was a hint of red light. Its edge and tip were completely blunt. Although the sword edge was called an edge, in reality this sword edge was about half an inch thick, and the sword tip was rounded, like a hemisphere. There was basically no attempt at making a sharp edge.

Heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn't work!

Looking at the xuan iron sword, these eight words once again appeared from the depths of Lu Xuan's mind. RIght now, he could be considered as having clearly understood the meaning of these eight words. Just looking at it, Lu Xuan liked it.

I'll pick you, Lu Xuan thought to himself.

’’Senior brother Zhou, let me try the sword.’’ Lu Xuan said, at the same time, he reached out his hand and grabbed onto the xuan iron sword's hilt.

Deacon Zhou released his grip and said: ’’Coincidentally, this sword just happens to weigh exactly nine by nine, eighty-one, kilograms. It is a lucky number. When I grab it with two hands, it's a bit of an effort. Junior brother Lu, do be a bit careful, don't hit...’’

He still hadn't finished speaking when he suddenly stopped, his mouth suddenly widened, almost to the point where it could fit a chicken egg.

He was just preparing to remind Lu Xuan to not hit himself. He hadn't thought just after taking the sword, Lu Xuan would actually begin waving it around. This xuan iron sword that weighed eighty-one kilograms, one hundred and sixty two jin, in Lu Xuan's hands, wasn't having any of the difficulties that he had imagined.

Lu Xuan casually performed a couple of basic sword moves. A gust of wind immediately went out, directly causing Deacon Zhou on the side to be pushed back a step. It should be known, this was just the xuan iron sword body's power. Lu Xuan didn't even use soul force!

With a ’’bang’’, Lu Xuan heavily put xuan iron sword down and let out a breath of turbid qi. Don't look at the fact that he made it seem easy, in reality, it was almost his limit. If he wanted to use this sword against enemies, he would need to continue to practice.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had stopped, Deacon Zhou slowly recovered. He looked at Lu Xuan as if he were looking at a monster. He knew that Lu Xuan's strength was body refining fifth level, which was higher than his only by a level, but it was a trying effort for him to lift it up with one hand, much less trying to make those movements.

However, seeing that Lu Xuan was even stronger, Deacon Zhou was naturally even happier. It meant that the person he was building relations with the correct choice. He immediately began to flatter Lu Xuan by saying: ’’Junior brother Lu is indeed powerful. No wonder you are a peerless genius that could slaughter your way into the overall standings top three hundred in the sect entrance exam. This sword was created for you by heaven's will!’’

Lu Xuan took a deep breath, fixed his breathing, and then smiled: ’’Senior brother Zhou is falsely praising. However, I indeed really like this xuan iron sword. How many contribution points does it require?’’

When he asked this, Lu Xuan was a little apprehensive. Previously Deacon Zhou had said that this xuan iron sword, if forged well, had hopes of becoming a treasure grade weapon, and failing that, it would still be a top upper grade iron grade. Currently in Lu Xuan's identity plate there were only 10000 contribution points. Even if he took them all out, that would still only be enough to buy the lowest trash of the upper grade iron grade.

However, Lu Xuan indeed really liked this xuan iron sword. He had already set his heart on it, even if it the required contribution points were higher, he would go find Elder Xu or Elder Cheng and would gather together enough contribution points to get it.


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