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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 9


Volume 09 Chapter 9 - An Earthling's Bloodline Level

Luo Feng turned to look, Hong and Thunder God too couldn't keep their eyes off it.

The human race within the universe is extremely vast, with over tens of millions of variety, however they are sorted into these 10 large groups.’’ The tall and sturdy man pointed at the screen and smiled, Luo Feng looked carefully, the list was extremely detailed.

Human 1st grade bloodline: Reaches Domain Lord at maturity, 1st grade.

Human 2nd grade bloodline: Reaches Universe level at maturity, 2nd grade.


The 3rd and 4th grade, both reaches the star level at maturity.

The 5th and 6th grade both reaches the star traveller at maturity.

The 7th and 8th grade both reaches the student level at maturity.

The 9th and 10th grade, don't reach anything at maturity. However according to the training and aptitude, the probability of a warrior appearing within the races, was sorted into the 9th and 10th grade.

’’Which blood grade are you all in?’’ The tall and sturdy man said.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances, according to the list, the bloodline of earth's humans were considered the 9th grade, after all up till now, majority of of the matured humans didn't even reach anything. However...according to Luo Feng's plan, with a large amount of Purple light drink being distributed, they believed in about a 100 years, the humans of earth would be able to reach the 8th grade.

’’9th grade.’’ Luo Feng looked at the tall and sturdy man.

’’9th grade?’’ The tall and sturdy man looked shocked at Luo Feng, before turning to glance over at Hong and Thunder God, disbelieving.

’’Yes, 9th grade.’’ Hong said too.

’’So what if we are the 9th grade? We can still breakthrough on our own!’’ Thunder God said.

The tall and sturdy man laughed, his laughter was thick while carefree and relaxed, continuous: ’’I don't mean that, I was just very shocked. A race of the 9th grade, to be able to produce 2 star level 1s, along with a star traveller level 9, very rare, very rare indeed.’’

The 9th bloodline grade, meant that the foundation was very low, it was very difficult to reach higher.

’’I really respect you all.’’ The tall and sturdy man said, ’’And I'd like to congratulate you all.’’

’’Congratulate?’’ Luo Feng and the others were suspicious.

’’Yes, your blood grade is indeed lower, this has made it so that your breaking through is exceptionally tough, much tougher than the higher grade bloodlines! However similarly...if you all use 'evolution catalysts' to alter and evolve your bloodline, they also work better and are more effective in improving your bloodlines.’’ The tall and sturdy man said.

’’Evolution catalysts? Bloodline evolution catalysts?’’ A shocked voice resounded within Luo Feng's mind.

’’Babata, why are you so shocked?’’ Luo Feng communicated telepathically.

’’Luo Feng, this person talking to you, definitely comes from an enormous power! 'Bloodline catalysts' are definitely considered the top grade goods within the universe, without a certain amount of position, there wouldn't even be a pathway to buy them. Unless one spends thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to force a pathway, only through that can one probably buy 1 portion of these catalysts.’’ Babata said, ’’Think of a way to get the bloodline catalyst from him, it's definitely a top grade item.’’


’’Bloodline catalyst, what do they do?’’ Hong asked.

’’Our training, isn't that an evolution in life itself?’’ Thunder God looked at the sturdy man in front of him with confusion.

The tall and sturdy man smiled, ’’Let me put it to you this way, normal people's training process is like constructing a building! The bloodline is the building's foundation. When the bloodline is weak, it means the foundation is weak! Humans with weak bloodlines, training is akin to building a skyscraper constantly on the weak foundation, as it gets higher and higher, one naturally has to keep strengthening that foundation to allow it to get higher.’’

’’However the higher the skyscraper gets, the more troublesome strengthening the foundation gets.’’

’’And the ones with stronger bloodlines, their foundations are much stronger, they can easily build up to a hundred levels, immediately reaching the domain lord, not even having the dangers of the barriers.’’

’’Bloodline evolution catalyst...its usage is to alter one's bloodline, akin to improving on your foundation, from a poor foundation, rising quickly to the mid level foundation, this will allow your construction of the skyscraper to be much easier. Do you understand?’’ The tall and sturdy man smiled.

Luo Feng, Thunder God and Hong understood fully.

’’Bloodline evolution catalysts are incapable of adding to your strength by itself, however it can make your training in the future much faster and easier.’’ The tall and sturdy man smiled as he said, ’’Of course these catalysts, are completely unable to be bought at any surface shops or places. This is because the cost for producing these catalysts are extremely high, they are low in quantity hence they are definitely not sold externally. Unless one is willing to fork out an exorbitant price would they be able to get maybe one portion.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God weren't stupid.

A strong warrior who was at least a domain lord speaking so much to them, even bringing up the bloodline catalysts...

’’You have to know, just who actually researched and produced the bloodline catalysts?’’ The tall and sturdy man said.

’’No idea.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God shook their heads.

’’The virtual universe company.’’ The tall and sturdy man said directly, ’’The humans within the entire universe with the most advanced technology, the virtual universe company! This evolution catalyst was something that they had researched and produced.

’’The virtual universe company?’’ Luo Feng understood.

The network of the virtual universe company was able to allow an unlimited number of people within the vast universe to immediately enter the network and communicate with their friends, what level of technology was this? Also the most shocking thing was...the virtual universe network worked not just within the normal universe, it worked even within the dark universe, extremely shocking.

The network could even be maintained during universe travel.

What level of technology was this?

It was totally incomprehensible!

It was a profound mystery!

’’Haha, I haven't introduced myself.’’ The tall and sturdy man smiled, I am from the virtual universe company, stationed at the Black Dragon Mountain empire department, one of the external departments, you can call me Mr. Ming Yu, or Lord Ming Yu, whichever is fine.’’

’’Lord Ming Yu.’’

Luo Feng and the others took bow, Luo Feng felt extreme shock within.

My God...

What Babata said was indeed accurate, this tall and sturdy man indeed came from a huge power! The virtual universe company, this was one of the 5 great leviathans from the human race within the universe, stronger than even the Ganwu universe country by many times! Even the master of the Yun Mo Planet would be considered only an ant facing the virtual universe company.

After all, the master of the Yun Mo Planet didn't even dare mess with the Ganwu universe country.’’

And the virtual universe company, owned and covered large amounts of universe countries.

Such level of strength and power!

Even a department within the Black Dragon Mountain empire, an external department, had at least a domain lord! How powerful, it made others tremble!

’’So Lord Ming Yu actually comes from the virtual universe company.’’ Thunder God complimented.

The tall and sturdy Ming Yu smiled.

He too felt somewhat proud about this fact, it was natural, a person from one of the 5 great Leviathans would naturally feel a sense of superiority!

’’This evolution catalyst is something our virtual universe company produced.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu smiled, ’’However, with these level of goods, there are very few ways of getting access to them outside, even if you have the ability to buy them outside, the price would be terrifying and exorbitant. However if one joins the virtual universe company, to its own internal members...especially to the elites, they could even give it for free to them.’’


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were taken aback.

Rich and imposing, this virtual universe company was indeed rich and imposing. It was natural, after all who could compare wealth with the virtual universe company? For example, the killing fields' slaughter space, a domain lord level 1 spirit reader would have a daily rate of 3.5 billion Ganwu dollars. Just how shocking would the entire wealth of the virtual universe company be?

One didn't even dare to imagine.

Even the master of the Yun Mo Planet probably wouldn't even compare to their one strand of leg hair.

’’Right, sponsored!’’

The tall and sturdy Ming Yu looked at Luo Feng and the others, his eyes gleaming, ’’Our virtual universe company have been collecting elites from many universe countries, and you 3, definitely count as geniuses. You...your consciousness level is extremely high, star level 1, and your battle ability amplifier exceeds 36 already?’’

Luo Feng blushed with shame, the reason why his consciousness was that strong was due to the golden horned beast.

’’You are not bad too, star level 1 with your own domain.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu looked at Thunder God.

’’You 2, can be considered level 3 elites.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu finally looked at Hong, eyes gleaming, ’’Of course the most powerful would be traveller level 9, not only have your own domain, but already a 3 layer domain. It's too, too...your comprehension ability is too shocking. You can already be deemed as a level 1 elite, the seed elite’’

Luo Feng was speechless.

Relying on the strong consciousness of the golden horned beast, he was deemed as a level 3 elite.

’’Before, I arranged for 2 of my people to battle you all.’’ The tall and sturdy man pointed at the screen, 3 different images appeared on the screen, depicting the white robed fighter and the white robed youth.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were totally unfazed by the footage.

They had already guessed that the 2 powerful warriors could have been arranged by the man before them.

’’She, belongs to the 'special elites' of our virtual universe company, and he, is a level 2 elite.’’ The tall and sturdy man explained.

’’Special elites?’’

Luo Feng and Thunder God stared at the white robed female fighter in the screen, even the star traveller level 9 with a 3 layer domain Hong was only deemed as a level 1 elite. And the female fighter before them was actually deemed as a special elite, no wonder the female fighter could so easily beat both Luo Feng and Thunder God.

’’The universe is vast. The Black Dragon Mountain empire, such a big empire, its planets are too many to count.’’

’’Naturally there will be many geniuses.’’

’’The seeds that our company cultivates are separated into the special elite, levels 1, 2, and 3. However this is only within the Black Dragon Mountain department! If it were the main company headquarters, their grading is even more strict and rigorous.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu said, these words made the Luo Feng and Thunder God totally dumbfounded.

In the Black Dragon Mountain department, the 2 of them were right at the bottom?

’’Don't be discouraged, to be able to be deemed as geniuses by our company, even if one is the lowest level 3 elite, amongst the fighters and spirit readers, that is still the cream of the crop.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu consoled them, ’’As long as you are all willing to join the Black Dragon Mountain department, oh right, I still don't know your names.’’

’’Luo Feng.’’


’’Thunder God.’’

The 3 didn't even hesitate;they didn't have any apprehension about giving their names. To such a huge power like the virtual universe company, they probably had their data a long time ago.

’’Luo Feng and Thunder God, the moment you 2 join, you'll be sponsored one portion of bloodline evolution catalyst, and you Hong, you'll be receiving one S grade bloodline evolution catalyst portion.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu looked at the 3 of them, Are the 3 of you willing to join our virtual universe company?’’


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