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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 8


Volume 09 Chapter 8 - Domain Lord

Killing Fields Hall.

Luo Feng was engaged in discussion with Hong and Thunder God about the previous three battles. As they sat together, they couldn't help but to talk about them. The fight with the female fighter dealt a huge blow to Luo Feng, he wasn't afraid of losing, just that that loss was too bad! This meant...that he Luo Feng, was still a lot weaker than his same level's pinnacle.

There were definitely plenty that were much stronger than him.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng saw with the corner of his eye a worker from the Killing Fields approaching them.

’’Hm?’’ Thunder God too looked over, there was only their group there.

’’He looks like he's looking for us.’’ Hong said softly.

The Killing Fields worker was a skinny man with a pointy nose, he smiled as he said, ’’Three sirs, there is a owner of a meditation room upstairs who has called for you three, please follow me.’’

’’Meditation room owner?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, exchanging glances with Hong and Thunder God beside.

The big hall was a resting and chatting spot for many of the heirs and disciple elites.

And the meditation rooms, they were extremely secretive rooms, many powerful people specially rent rooms for long periods of times, the owners of these rooms were mostly at least a universe level, or they had an absurd amount of money.

’’Please lead the way.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God got up.

’’Very well.’’

The worker led the way, very quickly following the winding stairs, reaching the 2nd level. The 1st level was an incomparably spacious and vast big hall, the 2nd was a serene and beautiful labyrinth, within it with meditation rooms were all about, many universe level warriors and even domain lords, or even the stronger sector lords, were within these rooms.

Within the black dragon mountain empire, the sector lords were deemed as the pinnacle of strength and power, while they mostly moved about within the virtual universe Ganwu continent, not the black dragon mountain island. After all the black dragon mountain empire had too few sector lords, to be able to meet within the virtual universe was very rare, naturally they would all move to the Ganwu continent.

Over there, the strong were plentiful like the clouds.

’’This room.’’ The worker smiled and stood at the door, gently knocking.

’’Enter.’’ A thick voice resounded.

The door was pushed opened.

The worker bowed respectfully: ’’Sir, I've brought the three guests.’’ Following that, the worker left, Luo Feng and his 2 bigger brothers were carefully examining the standing tall and sturdy man within the room, his entire body was greenish black, almost like it was made of steel.

’’Three of you, come in.’’ The tall and sturdy man said.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God didn't fear anything, walking directly into the meditation room.

Entering the room, the entire mediation room felt like it became brighter instantly, Luo Feng got a sudden shock after looking at the tall and sturdy man before him, this man's left chest, on his battle robe was a medal, the picture was...a torrent of blood with 2 planets floating.

A universe 2 star mercenary!!!

2 stars?

My God!

Luo Feng was completely shocked, to enter the universe 2 star mercenary exams, one of the conditions was to must have reached the strength of a domain lord! Hence the universe 2 star mercenaries, lowest strength was a domain lord, sometimes even sector lords.

A domain lord warrior...what was this concept?

The Silverblue Empire, or the Kaluo empire etc, the basic level universe empires, they wouldn't dare trifle with a domain lord! They were the owners of their own territories, able to gain the recognition as the strong within the universe! If the universe level warriors were able to destroy earth, they would still require multiple attacks to succeed.

But the domain lords only require one punch, with a scattered punch over the ocean, causing huge waves to drown the entire earth, causing extinction!

This was a domain lord!

An existence able to make a universe basic level empire quake in fear. Back then, the owner of the Horned dragon star, was also only a domain lord! And the one right before them...was stronger than the normal domain lords!

’’We greet you.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances, at the same time speaking in respectful tones.

Respecting the strong, this was the most common form of courtesy within the universe.

’’I've already been observing you three for over a month.’’ The tall and sturdy man looked at the three of them, revealing a smile, ’’Ever since you entered the Killing Fields, you've been in here training every day, without ever stopping a day, am I right?’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

This man was at least a domain lord, and he's been observing them for over a month?

Luo Feng turned to look at Hong and Thunder God, they too were in the same state of shock.

’’However, I don't understand why you keep staying here in the Killing Fields. Coming here once in awhile is fine, but staying here for long periods of time, that's a waste of time!’’ The tall and sturdy man looked curiously at the three.

’’Waste of time?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

’’What do you mean?’’ Thunder God too creased his eyebrows.

Hong was looking silently at the man.

’’Didn't your teacher ever tell you...the fastest way to evolve, the most effective way to improve is to engage in training while in life or death situations?’’ The tall and sturdy man asked curiously.

’’This I understand.’’ Thunder God said.

Hong and Thunder God naturally knew.

The era of which earth produced the most number of warriors was during the great nirvana, also during the Mu Ya crystals period. Back during the Great Nirvana period, within a few years, humans evolved from being weak to suddenly having a large amount of warriors, even to the point of star travellers appearing. And decades later, when the Mu Ya crystals were discovered, another large amount of warriors were produced.

’’If you know, then why are you still staying here in the Killing Fields?’’ The tall and sturdy man asked.

’’This is also a life or death battle, battles with extreme dangers.’’ Thunder God said.

’’Wrong, completely wrong.’’ The tall and sturdy man laughed, smiling as he shook his head, ’’Looks like you three don't have a teacher, or, your teacher's level is very low.’’

Luo Feng and his brothers listened carefully.

A domain lord level warrior speaking to the three of them, this was their good fortune.

’’Do you know why your powers will rise greatly during life or death battles? Quick enlightenment? Fast evolution? Do you know the logic behind it?’’ The tall and sturdy man looked at the three, they shook their heads, this was something they truly didn't yet fully know.

The tall and sturdy man sighed, ’’With life or death, there's great fear!’’

’’With life or death, there's unlimited motivation.’’

’’Just like facing a needle piercing towards your eye, one would unconditionally shut his eye as a reflex! Facing death and such dangers, the body's every cell will unconditionally struggle, even the genes would race to evolve! The fear of life or death, will cause even the body's soul, to reach a peak state that one normally wouldn't be able to reach. Under these circumstances, man will easily gain enlightenment, evolve and grow stronger.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God all held their breaths.

’’This is a form of unconditioned reflex.’’

’’Or you could call it a life reflex!’’

’’In the face of death, life would unleash from its deepest depth the strongest form of struggle! Some people have trained hard for decades being unable to breakthrough, maybe from just one life or death experience, that could cause them to breakthrough.’’ The tall and sturdy man looked at the three, ’’There's great fear in life or death situations, with limitless energy, this is why countless warriors risk their lives and battle in these situations!’’

Luo Feng repeatedly muttered to himself: ’’There's great fear in life or death situations, there's limitless energy?’’

Hong and Thunder God too were deep in thought.

’’The strong!’’

’’The strong I'm talking about, are universe levels, domain lords, sector lords, and even the undying!’’ The tall and sturdy man emphasized, ’’Over 99% of them join the universe mercenary alliance, engaging in life or death missions.’’

’’The Battle-axe Colosseum, is incomparably brutal, every battle is life or death, there's always one who dies! Such a place, yet it's able to be so successful...that's because engaging in such risky battles is the quickest way to evolve! The universe warriors, how many of them haven't engaged in such a perilous journey to get so far?’’

The man looked at the three of them, ’’That's why, I was curious, why the three of you are wasting so much time within the Killing Fields.’’

’’Spending a few days once in awhile can be considered training.’’

’’However the battles and training, teacher effect etc within the Killing Fields, can never fully emulate the effect of a true life or death battle. That's because...the slaughter space, the battle space, even if you die, you'll be revived in an instant. This is the virtual universe, it can never fully let you feel the dangers of life or death, naturally, you'll never achieve the full evolution effect.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God all completely understood.

Why after so many days, experiencing so many bloody battles, especially within the slaughter space, the three had customized so many strong warriors, causing them to be extremely excited in their kills.


The three's body evolution efficiency was still the same as before.

Hong was still a star traveller level 9, Luo Feng and Thunder God's bodies were still the same without any improvement. Maybe their skills and experience had improved, but their bodies and and foundations haven't made too much progress.

’’Right, there's no real threat in the death in the virtual universe, people do not feel the sense of danger here. After all it's a virtual world, there's instant revival after death. There's naturally no real fear, fluster, anger etc.’’ Luo Feng thought within, at the same time roaring in his mind, ’’Babata!’’

’’Why are you shouting at me?’’ From his consciousness, Babata said softly.

’’Why didn't you tell me all these, that spending long periods of time within the Killing Fields would be a waste of time!’’ Luo Feng raged.

’’You cannot blame me! You already have the golden horned beast body, so you have no bottleneck to breakthrough, you can constantly improve until the pinnacle of the sector lords. Why go engage in life or death missions? Even though the evolution would be faster, but the risk of death is very high too. When your strength is higher, it wouldn't be too late to go then.’’

’’I'm fine, but what about my older brothers?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’They? Huh, without the threat of life or death, the star level can be considered their peak.’’ Babata said.

’’Their peak? Why didn't you say so earlier?’’ Luo Feng only understood now that spending time in the Killing Fields was a waste of time for Hong and Thunder God.

’’The mission the master gave me was to train and nurture you! And not to train and nurture Hong and Thunder God, when you get stronger, you can go on these life or death missions, I would remind you in the future, It's not much loss to Hong and Thunder God. The training plan has always had you as it's core.’’ Babata said it clearly and frankly.

When Luo Feng started feeling apologetic towards Hong and Thunder God.

’’Life or death missions?’’ Hong and Thunder God's eyes gleamed.

’’No wonder I've been unable to breakthrough and reach the star level.’’ Hong said softly, ’’Life or death missions...yes, that's the life that suits me.’’

’’I kept feeling there's no thrill in the peaceful life, no strength or zest in my body, so it's that way.’’ Thunder God' eyes too lit up.

’’Third brother, shall we get ready for an adventure?’’ Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

At this time, the tall and sturdy man standing beside smiled, ’’Life or death missions are something every strong warrior has to experience! Breaking through each level, exceeding oneself, that's the path of the strong. However before that...I have to remind you a little, the importance of the body's foundation.’’

’’Different bloodlines have different evolution efficiencies.’’

’’Some evolve easily during life or death situations, some others have it much other even in the same situations.’’

’’Some races, when they reach maturity, they can reach star level, even universe level or even domain lord level.’’

’’This is the bloodline.’’

’’Look at this list, it separates the human bloodline into 10 over different bloodlines, take a look, which of them do you three belong to, maybe I can help you evolve on the best path, taking a less windy road.’’ The tall and sturdy man smiled as he said, pointing towards the screen, a list appeared on the screen.


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