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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 7


Volume 09 Chapter 7 - Utter Defeat

Nuolan Shan's expression was cold, looking at the footage displayed on the screen before him, he didn't have any good feelings about Luo Feng at all. Especially since after the meeting, he specifically requested for someone to write a persuasive and convincing letter to send over. Since Luo Feng didn't reply at all, this naturally pissed him off even more. Seeing Luo Feng making a name for himself displeased him greatly.

’’Hm?’’ As he looked, Nuolan Shan revealed shock, looking at the big nosed man beside him, ’’This the genius you were talking about?’’

From the footage, Luo Feng was being destroyed and played with!

Utter defeat!

’’This is the footage from his final match.’’ The big nosed man explained, ’’This youth called Crazy hasn't battled since losing this match.’’

’’The final match's footage?’’ Nuolan Shan's lips curled upwards, the scene of Luo Feng completely losing, he couldn't help but laugh gleefully.

Within the battlespace, it was very empty.

Luo Feng sat alone in the arena, the Soaring Shuttle too had fallen beside him.

’’How did it end up like this?’’

’’I couldn't even land a single blow?’’

’’It was complete defeat! She was only a fighter, and not a spirit reader. A Star level 1 fighter, with only a 6 star rank, she actually...made my Soaring Shuttle totally and completely unable to defend against her at all?’’ Luo Feng's eyes displayed pain, the scene before was simply like a nightmare.

822 wins! 1 loss!

After consecutively winning 822 matches, this level of glory, this level of confidence? Luo Feng had thought that he was an absolute genius amongst the Star level 1s, with hardly anyone that could defeat him. However earlier, meeting that dual knife wielding female fighter, he was totally humiliated, this female fighter even gave him chances time and again, letting him off even though she had the chance to kill him.

Letting him off a total of nine times at the critical moment, finally slashing between his eyebrows.


Just from that short battle, he was easily let off nine times, obviously this female fighter was only playing around, her abilities and power far exceeded Luo Feng's, like an adult playing with a child, letting him off nine times and finally killing him.

’’I'm, I'm actually that weak?’’

’’Am, am I that weak?’’ Luo Feng gritted his teeth and grimaced in pain.

At that time, there were many challenge requests sent to Luo Feng, but he didn't have any heart at all to battle again, the only thing filling his mind was the scene from before...with the enormous amount of power from the swordfish formation, under the female fighter's incomparably sturdy and sharp attacks, the formation was slashed and knocked away!

With blades in both hands, it was flawless!

’’How could I lose so badly? She's the same level, and a fighter! I actually...’’ Luo Feng could accept defeat, but he couldn't accept such an utter defeat, this loss made Luo Feng realize one thing...just within the Black Dragon Mountain Island, there were many of the same level that were much stronger than himself!

Otherwise, being the same level, how could she defeat him so easily?

In another battlespace.

Thunder God was engaged in battle with a female fighter wearing white, his battle record before too was pretty impressive, 691 wins and 3 losses, 8 star ranking! Even though he lost three times, Thunder God didn't really care about it, after all there were bound to be wins and losses in battles, the main reason for coming to the battlespace was to grow and breakthrough.

Failure was more beneficial to one's breakthrough than success!

As he had his own domain, hence Thunder God's opponents were mostly 7 stars, 8 stars and even 9 star rankers. Losing three matches was completely normal.

’’Break, break break break!!!’’ A seemingly maddened Thunder God, completely enveloped in his domain, the raw energy battle blade in his hand too had become like lightning.

Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! Cheng!

Continuous clashing sounds.

The female fighter dressed in white battle uniform was obviously fresh and relaxed, she had no expression, eyes cold, wielding in each hand sharp battle blades. The two blades flashed about swiftly, parrying swiftly against each of Thunder God's attacks, amidst the high speed battle, the white clothed female fighter's slash actually went past the blurred images of Thunder God's battle blades, slashing his neck.

His head was cut clean off.

Thunder God, defeat!

Hong, dressed in all black, hand holding a long silver spear, his eyes gleamed, looking at the opponent before him. ’’Haha, thrilling, thrilling, I've battled 695 consecutive matches, compared to you, the other opponents cannot compare at all. They don't deserve to be called elites at all.’’ Hong's words went through the virtual assistant's auto translation and was converted into universe language.

He faced a skinny white robed male, the man held a long blade, looking at Hong, ’’I too didn't expect to meet such an opponent like you here in the Killing Field's battlespace!’’

’’Let's go again.’’ The man said softly.


His body became a bolt of lightning rushing forward, piercing straight towards Hong, at the same time the long blade in his hand seemed to intelligently slash in a peculiar arc, ready to attack Hong's many vital points.

’’Hahaha...’’ Hong was exhilarated as he laughed loudly.

The spear in his hand fiercely revolved one round, almost like curling a myriad of waves and directly aiming to sweep away the enemy, at the same time, the spear entered straight into the pitch dark domain, like a deadly whirlpool within the darkness, looking to swallow the white robed swordsman before it. The white robed youth's swordsmanship was clean and precise, with sparks of electricity sparking at every arc, at the same time, the electricity domain around him was constantly expanding.


The two clashed and separated, before clashing again as quick as lightning.


Hong's previous 695 matches had been incomparably relaxed and easy to win. This time however, he actually met a powerful and fearsome opponent! The two had clashed over and over more than a 1000 times, it was clear Hong's domain had the advantage on the opponent, but the opponent was accurate and precise, his peculiar swordsmanship was indeed powerful, causing them to be stuck in a stalemate.

After such a long battle, neither one of them had made a single mistake.


The two stood separately in the arena, staring at each other.

’’Killer, you've earned my respect, for our this battle, let's call it even.’’ The white robed youth swordsman said.

’’You too have earned my respect.’’ Hong's eyes seemed to have stars in them, he stared at the opponent, ’’After a month of hard training within the battlespace, my domain has finally entered the next level. I've yet to unleash this skill before...right now, I'll use it, treat it as my respect for you.’’ Hong's words were translated through the virtual assistant's robotic voice.

’’What?’’ The white robed youth swordsman's expression changed greatly.

’’This move, I call it 'This Hate Knows No End'.’’ Finishing his words, Hong's spear vibrated, the spear suddenly became like a fierce enormous dragon rushing out, with a strong revolving wave around it, adding to the already thick and dark domain around, creating an endless tornado attack, making the spear even sharper than before.

The white robed youth swordsman's eyes squinted, electricity sparking out from the blade within his hand.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Every slash seemed to miss slightly, brushing against the spear's edge, the spear had seemed to become extremely flexible and fluid, the entire air around seemed to become influenced by it, making it unstoppable.

And the white robed youth wanted to escape but he was getting enveloped by the domain, its speed was terrifying.

He couldn't block it either.

’’Pu chi!’’

The powerful spear that made people's hearts tremble pierced right through the white robed youth's head, emerging from the back of his brain region.

This battle, Killer (Hong), victorious!

Within the Killing Field's big hall.

The blood red background of the hall, black tables, ice cold chairs. Luo Feng and Thunder God sat together, their moods not good at all.

’’I didn't expect you to meet her too.’’ Luo Feng laughed painfully.

’’What, you met her too?’’ Thunder God was shocked.

’’Yea.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’That female fighter is really...I wasn't her match at all. She was completely toying with me, humiliating me. And her physical traits are only that of a Star level 1, same grade and level as me, she was actually so much stronger than me. My Soaring Shuttle was a joke in front of her!’’

’’Me too, I feel that she should have her own domain, but she didn't even unleash her domain, hurting me a total of nine times before finally killing me. It's too, too...’’ Thunder God's smile was bitter.

On Earth.

The two of them, one was a high flying absolute genius, the other stood at the pinnacle of Earth, the founder of the Thunder Dojo. Who would have thought that there would be a day that someone of the same grade and level was able to toy with them and defeat them easily.

’’Second and third brother, why'd you call me out?’’ Hong dressed in all black came with a smile in high spirits, ’’Hmm, why do the both of you seem unhappy?’’

’’We lost.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’We lost very badly.’’ Thunder god's expression too was ugly.

’’Losing is a good thing.’’ Hong sat on the chair beside, saying, ’’Only through losing will one realize his weaknesses, only through that will we improve.’’

’’But we lost too badly.’’ Luo Feng looked at Hong, ’’Big brother, your mood seems really good?’’

’’Haha, I met an opponent, a very strong opponent.’’ Hong laughed and glanced at Luo Feng and Thunder God, ’’If the two of you were in the Star Traveller level 9, I'm afraid you wouldn't be a match for him. He was incredibly strong! If not for my breakthrough after training hard in the Killing Fields' slaughter space for a month, I wouldn't have been able to win this battle either. It was thrilling to meet such an opponent.’’

The Killing Fields, besides the cheaper and more populated big hall, there were still some other secret 'quiet rooms.'

Within one of the quiet rooms.

A big sturdy and well built man was dressed in all green, sitting on a sofa, looking at the screen before him. On it displayed three different videos simultaneously, one was Luo Feng against the female fighter, the other was Thunder God against the female fighter and finally Hong against the white robed youth. The well built man's eyes gleamed like never before.

He stared hard at the third scene...Hong against the white robed youth.

’’He actually, actually has a domain of three layers?’’

’’This final attack, he exploded and unleashed his domain, it's definitely a three layer domain! A Star Traveller level 9 punk, actually reached the three layer domain.’’ The man was extremely excited.


’’Pa! Pa! Pa!’’ A knocking sound resounded.

’’Come in.’’ The tall and sturdy man said.

The door opened.

A serious looking female fighter dressed in a white robe, along with a skinny youth swordsman in white robes entered, closing the door behind. After which, the white robed female fighter bowed respectfully, ’’My lord, the mission is completed.’’

’’Very good, the both of you can leave the virtual universe and return. I've already sent your contribution credits out.’’ The tall and sturdy man said.


The white robed female fighter along with the white robed youth vanished into nothing, obviously their consciousness had left the virtual universe and returned to reality.


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