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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 6


Volume 09 Chapter 6 - Battle!

Hong, Luo Feng and Thunder God were all very confident in themselves, hence they went straight for battling warriors of the same level.

’’That's not strange at all, afterall I am a newbie and my ranking is 'null'’’ Thunder God said helplessly, ’’If we were strong, in order to not waste time, I'm afraid that we'd have to pick high ranking people to battle. Right now, from what I see, we'd probably do better starting from scratch and making a name for ourselves.’’

’’We'll start from nothing.’’

’’First we'll rush up the rankings, then we'll be able to challenge the strong ones!’’

Even though Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were confident that they could sweep the 1 and 2 star rankers, they still had to take it one step at a time.

’’Luo Feng, what nickname did you pick?’’ Thunder God asked, there was a function within the battlespace allowing one to conceal one's true identity, you could pick whatever name you wished.

’’Crazy.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’You?’’

’’Martial Arts God.’’ Thunder god said.

’’That's shameless enough.’’ Luo Feng was speechless, Hong who was beside couldn't help but to laugh out too, Luo Feng looked at Hong and asked, ’’Big brother, what about you?’’

’’Killer!’’ Hong replied.

Luo Feng had the nickname of crazy back then, and Hong was an assassin before the Great Nirvana, as for Thunder God, he had always been a martial arts idiot, martial arts crazy, to actually dare to give himself the name of martials arts god, that was crazy in itself.

’’Let's begin then!’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God lowered their heads, sending out requests to opponents, all of them simultaneously sending these requests out to the 1 star rankers.

’’Your challenge has been accepted.’’

’’Sending to the battlespace.’’ The virtual universe system's message appeared on Luo Feng's screen, only then did Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief, only this third challenge attempt actually went through. One never would have thought that the 1 star same level fighters would all be arrogant and proud, not wanting to accept a battle with a new challenger without and rank. The opponent that he finally managed to match up with had the name of 'Bloody Swordsman'.


Within the battlespace.

On an incomparably vast grassy field, there was a black metal arena that was about 10km long and 10km wide.

A tall and built green skinned man, carrying a long sword on his back stood in the arena, muttering, ’’Crazy? This person actually called himself crazy, looks like there's some crazy in his bones, tsk tsk, battles against a madman are usually the best. Newbie, newbie, let me teach you a good lesson.’’

Nickname Bloody Swordsman, 12 wins, 3 losses.

In the arena, from out of nowhere, a black haired youth wearing a black battle uniform standing on a Soaring Shuttle appeared. The battle uniform along with the Soaring Shuttle were both chosen from within the system. One could choose whatever weapon one fancied within the battlespace and slaughter space, as for the uniform, they had to pick the most basic of uniforms.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng smiled at the green skinned youth before him.

’’Very courteous, you are crazy? Haha, just because you are courteous, I won't humiliate you too badly.’’ Bloody Swordsman laughed and smiled back.

’’Bloody Swordsman? You are my very first opponent in the battlespace, you actually agreed and accepted my challenge, just for that, I won't kill you too painfully.’’ Luo Feng smiled, within his eyes however a trace of bloodthirst and insanity, even though he had massacred a lot in the slaughter space, it was far from enough after having suppressed his bloodthirst for so long.

However, venting it all out too resulted in the bloodthirst seeping deeper into his bones.

’’What an arrogant newbie!’’ Bloody Swordsman laughed coldly, with a rumble, attacks that were ten times the speed of sound rained down on Luo Feng, and the high speed attacks resulted in the air exploding with ripples far behind the Bloody Swordsman.

Luo Feng floated calmly in mid air.

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng raised his hand and gently pointed towards the Bloody Swordsman.


Thirty blades with gold threads swiftly unleashed threads of gold, forming a golden swordfish, this swordfish was extremely lifelike, waving its tail in mid air, shaking a little before becoming a single gold line, easily brushing past the Bloody Swordsman's panicked rushed defense with his raw energy blade, piercing through his forehead.

The Bloody Swordsman's body resumed its usual flight for quite a distance before naturally dropping straight down, his body landing on the grassy field outside the arena.


A golden swordfish swiftly returned to Luo Feng's feet, being absorbed into the Soaring Shuttle.

Crazy's first battle, victory!

’’After madly training the swordfish formation within the Killing Fields for a month, battling over ten thousand times, I've reached the Soaring Shuttle's fifth layer of control. Right now using the fourth layer is almost like a natural reflex, flexible and nimble. Killing someone of the same level, would definitely be a simple massacre.’’ Luo Feng was very confident.

This confidence wasn't just baseless.

That was because...his consciousness aptitude had already reached thirty, among the Star level 1 spirit readers, to be able to control up to thirty six weapons simultaneously, even within the Universe, he would still be considered an absolute genius. As for the reason behind Luo Feng's consciousness strength, that was because of the Golden Horned Beast's extremely powerful consciousness.

Such amazing consciousness strength!

Along with the Yun Mo Planet's <Control Manual>basic training, plus the Soaring Shuttle was something his teacher Hu Yan Bo constructed, using the Yun Mo Planet's techniques was simply akin to being a fish in water. His master wasn't afraid of his students learning too much, only them learning too well! Luo Feng's achievements with the Soaring Shuttle were indeed high.



The golden swordfish waved its tail and smashed directly into the green blade's edge. Smashing the spirit weapon straight into the surface of the black arena, causing a little hole in the surface of the arena, with sparks flying everywhere. The golden swordfish then proceeded to fly around the head of the opponent draped in a black robe once, cutting it clean off.

Crazy's second battle, victory!


’’Pu Chi!’’

The golden swordfish pierced right through the chest of the opponent, before swiftly exploding into pieces, thirty blades rushed out from the skin of the opponent's body, of which three actually rushed out from his forehead.

Crazy's third battle, victory!

’’Hmph, I've finally received a 1 star ranking. Continue!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.


Thunder God held in his hand a Thunder blade, unleashing his domain around himself, lightning snakes wrapping themselves around him.

’’Star level 1, with his own domain? When I first saw the data within the battlespace system, I didn't dare to believe it. It's true...come on! Let me see, just how strong a domain user is?’’ said a 4 star ranker, a tall and skinny male with only one eye as he held a sword.

’’You'll find out soon enough.’’ Thunder God curled his lips and smiled, ’’After killing you, I'll reach the 3 star rank.’’


Hong held in his hand a black pike, quietly standing in the arena.

’’A Star Traveller level 9 fighter with a domain? That's interesting, it's rare I meet someone like that here, come on.’’ A short but built youth, holding a blade each in his hands, eyes gleaming red from excitement.

’’My third battle and I meet a 6 star ranker, very good.’’ Hong nodded.

Ever since he unleashed his domain in the previous two battles, the system automatically added in this bit of data, to think that a 6 star ranker of the same level would step up and issue him a challenge, how could Hong reject him? Naturally he'd accept and battle!


Within the battlespace, the battles were extremely quick. Finishing a few hundred battles in a day was very normal. Of course many would actually stop for awhile after losing a battle to review their techniques and strategies... 'battle, failure, review, revelation, battle again', this was what many had experienced and their process.


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God, ever since they began going through their battles madly, they hadn't lost a match at all.

Especially Hong and Thunder God, as they had their own domains, hence they received high rankers of the same level challenging them, this led to Hong and Thunder God raising their ranks very quickly! Afterall, defeating a 6 star ranker fighter of the same level, was much more effective than defeating one hundred 1 star same level fighters.

About 3 hours later, within the Killing Field's big hall, Luo Feng sat with his brothers.

’’Second brother, I haven't even begun to fully enjoy my battles and you actually called me out here?’’ Luo Feng looked dissatisfied with Thunder God.

’’We have be to serious about every battle, especially since they are getting increasingly more powerful. I'm getting tired mentally, let's all rest a little.’’ Thunder God laughed, beside him Hong also nodded, ’’I'm not too tired.’’

’’I don't feel anything at all.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but say, ’’What are your ranks now?’’

’’6 stars.’’ Thunder god said.

’’7 stars.’’ Hong said.

’’I'm only 3 stars.’’ Luo Feng was so mad he gritted his teeth.

’’When I first began I had to initiate the challenges, later on all the higher rankers began to challenge me themselves.’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’a Star level 1 with his own domain, that's extremely rare, hence many strong warriors wanted to battle with me.’’

’’Me too.’’ Hong said.

Luo Feng could only laugh helplessly, he understood why Hong and Thunder God could raise their ranks so quickly. Even though he himself killed the opponents fast enough, most of them were only low level opponents. Also...he didn't have anything to attract the higher rankers to challenge him.

’’I'll first have some drinks, after a while, I'll go in and continue, I won't stop until I reach the 6 star rank.’’ Luo Feng said, 6 stars, that was the bare minimum standard display of strength within that level.

He was mad!

Luo Feng had gone mad!

Battle after battle had made Luo Feng's battle record to be constantly revised, '121 wins, 0 losses’’, ’’183 wins, 0 losses’’, ’’218 wins, 0 losses’’...this sort of invincible record finally began to draw the attention of the higher rankers, resulting in them finally accepting and requesting battles from him. This was because this sort of over 100 wins, 0 losses record was very likely to be a powerful warrior first entering into the battlespace.

There was a good saying around here, that spending long periods of time within the battlespace, as long as one constantly battled, no one would dare say he would be able to maintain his perfect record!


Black Dragon Mountain Island's Killing Fields had indeed gathered countless elites of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God swiftly rose through the battlespace, gradually gaining the attention of many people.


Within the battlespace, if one spent money, outsiders could spectate the matches. Hence the more spectators there were, the more one had to pay to actually join in and spectate. Of course...even if there was a Star level 1 9 star ranker fighting someone of the same level, the spectator fee wouldn't be too absurd, after all it was only Star level 1.

However if there were Domain Lords or Sector Lords battling, the number of spectators would be plenty.

However, these sort of Star level fights, would usually only be spectated by some groups of higher level people, looking to see if they could get strong people into their organizations. After all the geniuses had to be contacted early, the moment they hesitated, others would snatch them away.

’’Nuolan Shan, I heard your hundred tiger building has gathered quite a few elite heirs? Look, this youth just appeared out of nowhere, he is an absolute genius, if you miss out, others would definitely snatch him away.’’

’’An absolute genius?’’

’’Right, this youth's consciousness level is very high. Star level 1 with such a high consciousness level, it's unbelievable. Also...even in the world of controlling spirit weapons, he's extremely high. Look! Within two days of work, he already has 822 wins, 1 loss. His ranking, hmm, already 7 stars.’’

Nuolan Shan looked at the battle on the screen, just as he was about to carefully observe the battle, he realized he recognized the person.

’’Luo Feng?’’ Nuolan Shan looked again, his initial feeling of anticipation immediately vanished, left with only feelings of dissatisfaction.


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