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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 50


Volume 09 Chapter 50 - Inheritance Crystal

Since they couldn't kill Nuolan Shan, Luo Feng and the other three could only regretfully leave. They first went to the Universe Mercenary Alliance to hand in the items to pass the 'mercenary trainee exam'. Even though they didn't receive enough 'wind corner stones', Luo Feng and the others killed a bunch of teams that tried to rob them in the world within a world. From the items those teams left behind, they received some wind corner stones.

’’Universe mercenary trainee! We've become mercenary trainees, haha.....’’

’’The number of powerful fighters on Cang Lan star are as numerous as the clouds, let's leave earlier’’

’’Alright, depart to earth’’

Luo Feng and the others swiftly headed towards the port, retrieved their universe spaceship, and departed Cang Lan star.

’’10, 9, 8, 7, 6..... 3, 2, 1! Pass through the universe!’’

After slightly shaking for a moment, the spaceship started to maintain a speed of 1.2x the speed of light in Dark Space as it headed towards the appointed direction.

In the control room of the spaceship, Luo Feng arranged for his old servant Ao Gu to rest. Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God were extremely excited as they stayed in the control room.

’’Same rules as always, big brother, second brother, each of you get four billion universe dollars’’ Luo Feng and the others were currently dividing the spoils.

’’Third brother’’ Hong shook his head, ’’This time, you did all the work. All your second brother and I did was experience the world within a world, accepting this amount of cash is just.....’’

Thunder God also shook his head: ’’Way way too much. We don't even need that much anyway’’

Yet, Luo Feng didn't hesitate as he directly sent four billion universe dollars to Hong and Thunder God. Hong and Thunder God both received mail from the virtual universe network.

’’Big brother, second brother, this amount of money is nothing. Our main wealth is those treasures’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’Yeah’’ Hong nodded.

’’Just a single air cutter blade is worth so much, then all these treasures added together.....’’ Thunder God's eyes were flashing.

’’Oh yeah. Second brother, your thunder instruction manual set, a total of five sets’’ with a flip of his hand, the five mini quantum computers started hovering on top of Luo Feng's hand. After that, these five mini quantum computers fell to the ground, ’’Second brother, each of these mini quantum computers contains a thunder instruction manual. You can study them carefully’’

’’Sector Lord Kabu's instruction manual?’’ Thunder God bent down and took out all the 'chips' of the five mini quantum computers and then plugged one into his own mini quantum computer.

’’Feels great’’

Thunder God was so excited his face turned red. He closed his eyes as he started to study the instruction manual.

In the control room, Thunder God was looking through the thunder instruction manuals while Luo Feng and Hong talked with each other.

’’Third brother’’ Hong said seriously in a low voice, ’’The prices of the other treasures added together are extremely valuable, even more valuable than the air cutter knife. How are you preparing to deal with them?’’

’’Sell them’’ said Luo Feng.

’’How?’’ frowned Hong, ’’These treasures are too valuable and will probably attract super powerful fighters. Perhaps not only will we not be able to earn any money from selling them, we'll give out our lives in the process’’

Luo Feng nodded as he smiled, ’’I understand that concept, but, I have a way’’

’’A way? What way’’ asked Hong curiously.

’’I'll keep that a secret for now’’ smiled Luo Feng mysteriously.

In truth, all these treasures added together are worth way more than all the property of a sector lord! More valuable than 'Eternal Love'. Taking treasures like these out..... with Luo Feng's star level strength, it is indeed hard to deal with. If he's not careful, he'll bring disaster upon himself as powerful fighters realize what is in Luo Feng's possession.

If it was back when he just arrived at Cang Lan star, then Luo Feng would indeed have no method of dealing with these treasures. But now, Luo Feng already has a way to deal with them, and in a very, very safe manner also!


Dark Space was extremely quiet. Around 21 days was required to go from Cang Lan star to Earth.

In the control room, after Luo Feng and Hong chatted for quite a while, they suddenly noticed Thunder God widely opening his eyes.

’’Second brother?’’ Hong smiled as he looked at him, ’’Why are your eyes opened so wide?’’

’’I didn't see such a dumbfounded look on your face even after we received so many treasures, second brother’’ Luo Feng also joked.

Thunder God blinked twice and looked towards Hong and Luo Feng, ’’Big brother, thirdie, I need to tell you guys something’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng and Thunder God exchanged glances. Something wasn't right!

’’What happened?’’ Hong looked at Thunder God.

Thunder God mumbled: ’’Didn't thirdie say that he received the inheritance of Yun Mo Planet. I seemed to have..... received the inheritance of sector lord Kabu’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng and Hong widened their eyes.


Receiving an instruction manual versus receiving an inheritance are two completely different ideas.

’’I just swiftly browsed through those five instruction manual sets and plugged in the five different chips’’ said Thunder God lowly, ’’Four of the instruction manual sets are actual instruction manuals. However, the chip of the fifth instruction manual actually contained an AI! And....... it, it, it......’’

’’An AI?’’ Luo Feng and Hong realized something.

’’It's that white bearded old man’’ Thunder God blinked twice, ’’He even congratulated me saying that I became sector lord Kabu's student’’

’’Lord Wu?’’ Luo Feng froze.

The main entity of that messed up living AI 'Lord Wu' is actually in one of those five chips? Sector Lord Kabu's student?

How come this scene seems so similar to the scene where he became the student of 'Yun Mo Planet's master Hu Yan Bo'?

However, his teacher is Yun Mo Planet's master 'Hu Yan Bo'.

And Thunder God became the student of sector lord Kabu who has already passed away?

’’I bought five sets of instruction manuals but ended up buying second brother a teacher?’’ Luo Feng was speechless.


World within a world.

After the huge adventurer army completely left, a few internal members of the Universe Mercenary Alliance a sector lord and two domain lords, entered the world within a world and arrived in front of the ancient castle.


The ancient castle collapsed with a rumble.

’’My lord, there are no treasures inside the castle’’ an extremely fat bearded man with pink skin who seemed like a ball yelled respectfully.

’’My lord, the AI inside this castle is just a regular AI and not a living AI. The white bearded old man living AI in the castle must be on one of the adventurers in the adventurer army and left the world within a world’’ said the other skinny bearded man.

The sector lord in the black battle uniform set hovered in midair as he frowned: ’’If so, then whatever. The world within a world itself is a treasure! Contact the Universe Mercenary Alliance in the Black Dragon Mountain sector! The Thunder World will stop being the examination world...... I need to redesign this world within a world. This world within a world can entirely become a secret location for our alliance to train our men’’

’’Yes, my lord’’ said the two domain lords respectfully.

The black clothed sector lord hovered in midair. Suddenly, he extended both hands


All of a sudden, the sky turned black. The powerful source energy of the universe constantly streamed from the core of the world within a world. This world within a world began its new renovation! Only a sector lord is able to execute such a task.


Cang Lan star, an old city, top floor of the skyscraper that was over 8,000 meters tall.

The two sector lords Hargrey and Jiang Tian Chen sat face to face.

’’Jiang Tian Chen, here's what you want’’ Hargrey mindlessly tossed a flashing spatial storage ring which drew an arc as it landed towards Jiang Tian Chen in front of him. Jiang Tian Chen smiled as he extended his hand to catch it: ’’Hargrey, you sure are a good business partner. Here's the final password to the inheritance crystal’’

Jiang Tian Chen directly sent an email to Hargrey via the virtual universe network.

Hargrey also immediately received it and knew that it contained the final password.

As a sector lord, it is very easy to divide a bit of his consciousness to deal with it.

’’You won't send a fake password will you’’ Hargrey's eyes glowed as they scanned across Jiang Tian Chen.

’’I'm not so shameless’’ Jiang Tian Chen smiled lightly, ’’Hargrey, you can go to the Universe First Bank right now to try and see if you can take out the 'stored inheritance crystal'’’

Hargrey directly stood up.


He vanished into thin air.


In just a second, on the other end of Cang Lan star in a dreamy city, Hargrey has already entered the Universe First Bank's extremely conspicuous building.

’’Three star customer?’’ the manager of the Universe First Bank branch of Cang Lan star was a three eyed, hunchback old man with a shell on his back. Right when the AI system of the bank alerted him that a three star customer has arrived at the bank, the branch manager rushed to the first floor's lobby as fast as possible to welcome him.

A moment later, the lobby of the 19th floor of the building.

’’Mr. Hargrey’’ the branch manager bowed respectfully. Since he was able to become a branch manager on an important planet like Cang Lan star, he has a lot of authority. His authority allows him to assist, at best, three star customers.

’’I want to retrieve an item’’ said Hargrey coldly.

’’Retrieve an item?’’ the branch manager was confused. This Hargrey never stored anything at this location.

’’An item from 10 million years ago’’ added Hargrey.

’’Mr. Hargrey, an item from 10 million years ago must have been transported to the 'Ganwu Universe Branch' for storage’’ smiled the branch manager, ’’As long as Mr. Hargrey successfully gives the correct account number and password, we will bring the item from the Ganwu universe and bring it to the customer's appointed location as fast as possible’’

Hargrey slightly nodded: ’’The account is.....’’

Hargrey swiftly gave the account number.

’’The security of this account is extremely high, three passwords are needed’’ the branch manager helped input the numbers on the side.

’’The first password is.....’’

’’Correct’’ said the branch manager on the side.

’’The second password is.....’’ continued Hargrey.


’’The third password is.....’’

’’Correct’’ said the branch manager.


The branch manager smiled as he looked at Hargrey: ’’Mr. Hargrey, in just a moment, the bank's system will quickly give you the detailed information. However, from my experience, it will take about a month to transport something from the Ganwu universe’’

’’Okay’’ Hargrey held his breath from excitement.

He spent a lot of time and effort to get this inheritance crystal, especially for the last password. Jiang Tian Chen took a lot of his treasures away in the process of getting the last password.

’’Hm?’’ the branch manager's face suddenly changed as he looked at the screen beside him.

’’What?’’ Hargrey looked at him.

’’Mr. Hargrey, I think, there will not be a need to transport anything from the Ganwu universe’’ the branch manager looked towards him.

’’Hm?’’ Hargrey frowned.

’’The stored item, is a recording’’ said the branch manager.

’’You leave first’’

Hargrey ferociously waved his hand.

’’Yes’’ the branch manager left the room.

Hargrey stood in front of the monitor. An audio file appeared on the display. Hargrey's face was sullen as he tapped on the screen. In a moment, the audio file which has been stored for 10 million years started to play: ’’I'm extremely ecstatic to notify you, you've..... been duped! Hahaha, so how does it feel, you mad? Did you sacrifice a lot for the three passwords? HAHAHA, I definitely won't give the three passwords to the same organization. I made you guys work like mad crazy for them and then ruined everything for you in the end. LOL~~’’

Hargrey fiercely clenched his teeth.

’’PA!’’ with a furious wave of his hand, Hargrey smashed the monitor in front of him into pieces.

’’Three star customer, you destroyed the property of our bank. Please pay according to the price our company supplies’’ an electronic sound reverberated around the room.

Hargrey was extremely enraged.

’’DIE!!!’’ with a furious burst, Hargrey's powerful aura started to emanate and cause the various items in the lobby to blow up. Huge amounts of shattered pieces and dust emanated around the room.

’’THE INHERITANCE CRYSTAL, JUST WHERE IS IT?’’ in the dust, Hargrey clenched his teeth.


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