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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 5


Volume 09 Chapter 5 - The Killing Fields' Battlespace

Within the hall of the Killing Fields, Nuolan Shan watched as Luo Feng and the other two left, eyes ice cold.

The two bald Universe Mercenaries from North Dragon City walked over, of which Kunxi even laughed, ’’Mr. Nuolan Shan, that Luo Feng and his party are just three brats that aren't worth getting angry over! If Mr. Nuolan Shan is unhappy, we'll find a chance, and go destroy his real body in reality if need be!’’

’’Right, Mr. Nuolan Shan, from what I see, we'd better first head into the battlespace.’’ The other bald universe mercenary persuaded.

’’Hold on a moment,’’ Nuolan Shan said coldly, turning to look at the not to far off Buleimu and Heruo, ’’The two of you, come here.’’


Heruo with the pale skin and red hair, along with the huge and sturdy black man Buleimu glanced at each other, their hearts palpitating with fear. The powerful warrior that even their two instructors who had to butter up to was looking for them? If he wanted to kill them it would be too simple, Heruo groaned under his breath, ’’Luo Feng, you've really screwed us over!’’

’’We greet Mr. Nuolan Shan.’’ Heruo and Buleimu said respectfully.

’’What's the number of his virtual universe account.’’

Heruo and Buleimu were slightly shocked, hesitating for a moment. However, staring straight two universe level military instructors along with a Battle-axe warrior, the two could only lower their heads and exchange glances, finally, Heruo said softly, ’’Sir, Luo Feng's virtual universe number is...’’ Heruo reported a long account number.

’’Ok.’’ Nuolan Shan turned to leave straight after hearing it. The two bald Universe Mercenaries followed behind.

Milky way, Earth.

The Westlake Courtyard was fully rebuilt, also Luo Feng had installed a special highest D1 grade level castle within the universe. Around this castle were planet surveillance systems and security, this was the center. The entire solar system's many surveillance satellites, defense systems, etc were mostly controlled from here.

Within the castle, a seven storey planet control room.


’’Around the Dark space wormhole area, there've been three groups that have entered, the first is a D3 grade ship, the second is a D1 grade ship while the third is a C8 grade ship.

Luo Feng stood within the main control room of the Earth defense system, before him a huge floating screen was separated into three scenes, each showing a different universe ship. This scene caused Luo Feng to slightly crease his eyebrows, pondering over the situation.

’’These three groups of people should be from three different groups.’’

’’According to the levels of the ships, we can deduce the strength and levels. The first batch, there's a high possibility that there's a Universe level warrior, the second batch is probably a group of elite Star levels or a Universe level, the third batch is most probably a group of Star levels.’’ Luo Feng did the deduction swiftly within his mind, ever since he made the request to become Earth's leader, the only way to head towards Earth...was through the wormhole and travelling through space for 2 years and 8 months!

This method was definitely known by the empire.

Hence, there would be other powers sending little scout teams over, this too was within his calculations.

’’Luo Feng, you have new mail in the Virtual Universe Network.’’

’’Oh, connect to the virtual universe.’’

On Black Dragon Mountain Island, nine star bay, people mostly built along the bay, or the protruding small mountain range to build their extravagant villas, all customizing according to their wishes. Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God had also bought a piece of land along a river, constructing the building mainly using wood.

’’First young Master, this move is really beautiful.’’

’’Second young master, you should be kicking at this time.’’

’’Uncle Meng Two, when can I actually enter the inner sect.’’

’’Very soon, just train a little more and it'll happen.’’

Within a three storey wooden pavilion, two young Black Mongolian youths were currently engaged in teaching Luo Feng's two children Ping Ping and Little Hai. Luo Feng suddenly appeared and the two children looked surprised over: ’’Daddy!’’ Luo Ping and Luo Hai, under the permission of Luo Feng, were specially sent into the virtual universe by Babata to play the virtual games.

These were games that secretly had beneficial effects on their learning;learning through fun. With regards to their bodies' abilities to expand energy skills, etc, even though they were just children, however his own two children...were many many times stronger than back when he lived in a rental apartment before. Also, Luo Feng had used a few evolution treasures during their conception period.

This was commonly seen in big families in the universe.

These all made Luo Hai and Luo Ping, who were only at the age of 4, to be intermediate level warriors. On Earth, this was indeed shocking, however in the universe, it was common and normal.

’’Whose mail?’’ Luo Feng sat on a nearby chair, with a thought, a screen floated before him, swiftly pulling up the mail.


’’It's actually an anonymous number, it's probably that Nuolan Shan knew I wouldn't negotiate with him, and decided to just send a mail over’’. Luo Feng was intrigued and curious about the details of the mail, reading over it carefully. The mail was very long, explaining in detail about the dangers and evils of the universe, warning Luo Feng about the great dangers of bringing out the automaton ship in the universe.

Ten birds in the forest do not equate to one in hand!

The automaton ship was expensive, however without being alive to spend the money, it would be better to just exchange it for some rewards now.

’’Tsk tsk, this Nuolan Shan is so well off.’’ Luo Feng looked at the large amounts of offers and conditions from Nuolan Shan, this time he didn't want to buy Earth, but to actually share control to govern Earth. The two would function through shares, Luo Feng would be the main stockholder, maintaining his leader status. The Nuolan Shan family would have the smaller status.

At the same time, the automaton ship would be given to the Nuolan Shan family.

This way...

The Nuolan Shan family could continue to do many things.

’’Stockholders? Govern Earth together? And all they want is the automaton ship?’’ Luo Feng rubbed his chin.

’’Don't give it to them!’’

’’Luo Feng, the Yun Mo Planet ship is already damaged, the conditions required to repair it is extremely hard. And when you get stronger, you'd be able to take the automaton ship! From that, you can live easy.’’ Babata said, ’’The automaton race's technology level far exceeds that of the human race. Don't ever agree to that Nuolan Shan. Earth's treasures, this automaton ship itself, can be said to be your future trump card.’’

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng nodded, following that, he proceeded to delete the mail that Nuolan Shan had carefully arranged for his underlings to write in detail with much allure.

At that time...

’’Du, du, du.’’

’’Luo Feng, Heruo and Buleimu requests a call.’’


Luo Feng flew out into the wooden building's third floor, a screen floated before him, on it was the skinny and frail looking Heruo along with the strong and sturdy Buleimu.

’’Luo Feng, my apologies, I've given your virtual universe account number to Mr. Nuolan Shan, it shouldn't affect you that much right.’’ Heruo said, beside him Buleimu said, ’’We also just received the call to order, we are leaving immediately to take part in the Universe Mercenary Probation Exams, we'll see you when we return.’’

’’Wish that we'll be able to return alive yup.’’ Heruo too smiled.

’’All the best.’’ Luo Feng raised a fist, ’’If you come back alive, then I'll forget about you ever revealing my virtual universe number.’’

’’Hah.’’ Heruo laughed, ’’Right Luo Feng, I've always seen you three brothers up till now only entering in the Killing Fields' slaughter space, if you have time, go check out the battlespace, it's a little more meaningful than the slaughter space.’’

’’battlespace?’’ Luo Feng was slightly stunned, ’’Ok, I'll check it out.’’

Earth had been secured and protected by Luo Feng and was well fortified, also, through the slave market he even bought another 29 Star level 9 slaves, along with the seven surviving Star level 9 slaves from before, they formed a group of 36 elite. And according to the level of security systems around the planet, it could be said that as long as it wasn't someone or something from the universe, everything else could be easily settled.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God immersed themselves in their training.

Killing Fields.

’’So the battlespace is like that.’’

’’Looking at the introduction, compared to the slaughter space, it is indeed interesting.’’ Luo Feng and the others stood at the front counter of the Killing Fields' big hall, looking at the screen footage introduction of the space. The slaughter space, was made specifically for one person to use at a time. In it, one could specify one's opponent, it was the best training tool.

And the battlespace, was where real fighters and warriors could battle against each other!

The people they fought were two real humans, not just virtual simulations. And the amount of credit consumed for using the battlespace was only one tenth of the slaughter space.


’’I'm a Star level 1, right now I can only pick an opponent of the same level.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God sat in a corner of the Killing Fields' big hall, there were screens floating before them, on it appeared many opponents and introductions of their strengths and powers. If you wanted to'd first have to send out a request and invite the opponent to battle.

’’Haha, third brother, big brother. Look, this person actually calls himself the number 1 exponent, but has only won 21 and lost 921 times, his ranking remains as 1 star.’’

Within the battlespace, one could easily give himself any name.

This was for the sake of the renowned or powerful people to conceal their identities should they want to train. These sort of business places naturally adhered to their clients' requests and adapt to their every whim.

’’I can only pick someone of the same level now?’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept past the rankings...ignoring the 5 star ones and looking straight at the 6 star and 7 star opponents. The entire ranking system, the highest rank was 9 stars, that was the strongest warrior of the same level.

’’Over this month, I've already reached the Soaring Shuttle's fifth layer of control.’’

’’I'll choose a 7 star opponent and give it a shot.’’ Luo Feng formally sent out the request, this was the first time for Luo Feng to battle against an opponent of the same level and grade.

1 second, 2 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes...

’’Damn, I picked a 6 star opponent, there's actually no reply, he's ignoring me.’’ Thunder God stared hard.

’’My opponent is ignoring me too.’’ Luo Feng said helplessly, ’’Big brother, what about you?’’

’’Big brother?’’ Thunder God looked at Hong too.

Hong rubbed his nose, saying solemnly, ’’I picked a 9 star Star Traveller level 9, I feel that I should be able to battle with him, however...the battle request was immediately rejected, the system reported that a 9 star warrior has the power to set a limitation, only 7 stars and above are able to request for a battle with him.’’

Luo Feng and Thunder God blinked hard.

The three brothers...

This was the first time they wanted to spar with others, and yet they were all looked down upon.


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