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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 49


Volume 09 Chapter 49 - The Appearance of a Sector Lord

’’Lord Mingyu.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’I'm just a star level, having so much property and money is useless!’’

Mingyu looked at Luo Feng, that iron rigid face revealed a smile, ’’Luo Feng, too much wealth and property, indeed you cannot use it now. However...I as a domain lord, how can I just receive your goodwill like this? What's more having a few properties and being the leader of these planets has it's advantages. How about lesser property, 10,000 life planets?’’

’’Hm...just 100 life planets.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Having more planets as property wasn't really useful to Luo Feng. Getting a 100 of them as his own was just customary.

’’Alright, then a 100 planets, with a 100 life planets as property, it won't be too eye catching in the universe, you won't gain any attention from the bigger powers.’’ Mingyu smiled, ’’As for cash, I really don't have much cash now...far from the price of this air cutter blade.’’

’’Lord Mingyu, just give whatever. We three brothers have had a big enough earning.’’ Luo Feng was very clear that he shouldn't be too greedy.

Otherwise the moment he got one the bad side of the other person, that would mean trouble.

What's more...

He had acquired many treasures this time, this air cutter blade alone wasn't even a 10th of his other treasures combined, it didn't mean much.

’’Give me your account number.’’ Mingyu said.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng told him his universe galaxy bank's account number.

’’Tsk tsk, universe galaxy bank. You have some money too.’’ Mingyu smiled, at the same time sending a part of his consciousness into the virtual universe network and engaging in the transfer procedures.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were secretly guessing just how much this Lord Mingyu would transfer over.

’’Luo Feng, you've received a mail.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng swiftly closed his eyes, his consciousness entering the virtual universe network and allowing Babata to open the mail, it was a notification from the universe galaxy bank...

’’Respected customer, how do you do.

Your account with us has just received a transfer of 20 billion universe dollars, since your account has reached the 10 billion universe dollar margin, it automatically rose to a 2 star account. You will also automatically become a respected 2 star client. As a star client, you will receive several special privileges.

At the bottom of the mail, there was a list of the special privileges and their explanations.

Universe galaxy bank.’’

A very simple letter, however it really shocked Luo Feng. Back on Jade rock star, Luo Feng already knew the meaning of a one star account. And back then the 2 universe mercenaries were only 1 star clients. Obviously being able to become a one star client alone was a very hard thing to achieve.

’’So, once one saves 10 billion universe dollars he automatically becomes a 2 star client?’’

’’10 billion universe dollars, 1 universe dollar was akin to about 3300 ganwu dollars, 10 billion universe dollars, equated to about 33 trillion ganwu dollars.’’

’’1 planet's price range is usually 1 trillion black dragon dollars, or 7 hundred million ganwu dollars. That means that 10 billion universe dollars is close to about 50,000 life planets.

With that thought, Luo Feng was shocked.

The domain lord Ming Yu just gave him cash, cash akin to tens of thousands of life planets! To the domain lords, even that was a pretty huge sum.

Within the villa.

’’Lord Mingyu.’’ Luo Feng stood up.

’’Sit, sit.’’ Mingyu waved his hand downwards, Luo Feng suddenly felt a formless energy pressing on his shoulders, he couldn't even resist, allowing himself to sit back down.

’’Don't think I've given you a lot.’’ Mingyu shook his head, his eyes with a sense of laughter and goodwill, ’’I haven't you given you much at all, if you were to give something like the fire wheel, then what I've given would have been considered much. However, you gave me an air cutter blade, if I gave you too little, I would feel guilty, and I'd feel like I owed would affect my training.’’


The space around slightly tremored.

Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Go were all shocked, another person had suddenly popped up within the quiet villa, a tall and skinny cold looking man with 2 horns on his forehead, his black cape drifting in the wind, his eyes gazed over, it seemed also though both the land and skies were all within his field of vision.

’’Lord general.’’ Mingyu stood up and bowed respectfully, at the same time communicating to Luo Feng's group, ’’This is one of the sector lords from the 3 axe mountain.’’

’’Sector lord.’’ Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu quickly bowed.

Sector lord?

They had never personally seen a living sector lord.

Luo Feng couldn't resist sneaking a glance at the sector lord, his aura wasn't very strong but his eyes made one's heart palpitate with fear.

’’Mingyu, your luck is not bad.’’ The tall and skinny man stood there, his legs slightly floating in mid air, looking at Mingyu.

’’Hehe.’’ Mingyu revealed a simple and honest smile.

’’Air cutter blade, I'm buying it.’’ The tall and skinny man said, ’’This knife suits me well.’’

’’Level 5 genetic energy weapon, I'm unable to fully unleash its power.’’ Mingyu smiled, ’’To be able to let the general use it is my honor.’’ Following which, Mingyu handed over the storage ring, retrieving the air cutter blade which he had just gotten himself, that thick knife floated directly towards the tall and skinny man.

The tall and skinny man extended his arm and received the air cutter blade, his eyes gleaming!

Chi! Chi!

Two beams of golden light shot out from his eyes onto the surface of the blade, the peculiar engravings on the blade made his eyes glow even more.

’’Good blade.’’ The tall and skinny man gestured with the air cutter blade, swinging towards the sky.


The clear blue sky became almost like a piece of cloth, immediately a rip of about 2 to 3 km long was sliced through, extremely sharp and clean! The crack could be clearly seen for awhile before it started to recover and return to its original state.

’’Hahaha...’’The extremely cold tall and skinny man finally couldn't help but laugh out loud.

’’Congratulations general.’’ Mingyu bowed.

’’Haha, this is indeed an air cutter blade, My understanding of the space origin is only but a hair's thick, however with this air cutter blade's help, my power has been greatly increased.’’ The tall and skinny man looked at Mingyu, ’’Mingyu, I'm keeping this, naturally I won't let you lose out on this deal. I've already transferred the money to your account, also...I owe you a favor!’’


The tall and skinny man immediately vanished.


Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu were still in a trance.

Before, the sector lord had suddenly appeared, taken the air cutter blade, sliced open a tear in space and seemingly vanished.

’’Space tear? 2 to 3 km long tear?’’ Luo Feng was shocked within, ’’He was actually able to slice a tear into the space? Also... he teleported?’’

’’He didn't teleport, but flew. Just that his flying speed is incredibly fast, as for not conjuring up any wind resistance, that's because of the sector lord's control of the universe origin.’’ Babata's voice resounded.

’’Flew? How fast?’’ Luo Feng asked.

When he left, his speed reached about 32,169km per second.’’

Luo Feng blinked a couple of times, lightspeed was but 300,000km per second, and that sector lord earlier, even though he hadn't unleashed his full speed, he was still able to instantly reach 1 tenth of lightspeed, indeed a power that could easily destroy a planet and all it's life with a wave of his hand.

Within the villa, the tall and sturdy domain lord Mingyu laughed carefree before standing up.

’’Luo Feng, I took the air cutter blade you gave me and sold it at a high price. I really have to thank you.’’ Mingyu laughed as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’Speak, who's the universe level 9 you wanted me to kill before?’’

’’Nuolan Shan.’’ Luo Feng said.

Hong and Thunder God too looked at Mingyu anxiously.

’’Nuolan Shan?’’ Mingyu was slightly shocked, his eyebrows creasing, ’’Him?’’

’’Is there a problem?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’A little trouble, but no big problem.’’ Mingyu shook his head smiling, ’’He acquired the battle-axe warrior title, hence his chances of breaking through to domain lord is very high. Hence the Hundred Tiger Building has always treated him as an elite, however he hasn't broken through after so many years, especially now that he's not too far from his life span ending, plus his status in the Hundred Tiger Building has fallen, it shouldn't be anything.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God let out a sigh of relief, the three exchanged glances.

Nuolan Shan...

He had to die!

That way, they could truly find peace.

’’Let me take a look, just where on Cang Lan star has he gone.’’ Mingyu closed his eyes, a formless spirit energy swiftly spread out, covering the entire Cang Lan star while intentionally avoiding the sector lords.

1 second later, Mingyu opened his eyes.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked with anticipation.

’’He's not on Cang Lan star.’’ Mingyu shook his head.

’’Not here?’’ Luo Feng and the other 2 were shocked.

’’I've already checked the entire Cang Lan star, he's indeed not here now.’’ Mingyu said apologetically, ’’My apologies...if I ever meet him next time, I'll definitely kill him and fulfill my promise.’’

’’It's not the fault of Lord Mingyu, that Nuolan Shan just got lucky.’’ Luo Feng said, feeling regretful.

Such a good chance and they didn't manage to kill Nuolan Shan!

If they could kill him with this one blow, then this entire world within a world trip would have been perfect.

Within the dark universe.

A universe ship was swiftly flying, within the control room.

’’Teacher, we are returning so quickly, there are so many strong people on Cang Lan Star, such a rare gathering, wouldn't it be better to stay awhile longer?’’ two universe warriors stood beside, checking the records on just how Mingyu and Luo Feng were connected.

The 2 universe level warriors shook their heads.

’’I've asked around, no one knows.’’

’’Me too, no one has heard of Lord Mingyu having anyone important under him named Luo Feng.’’

Nuolan Shan's face was ashen while listening to his disciple's replies.

’’This Luo Feng knew that I wanted to kill him, hence he made a good relationship with Lord Mingyu. He would most likely ask Lord Mingyu to kill me.’’ Nuolan Shan thought, ’’And Lord Mingyu and I aren't from the same organization, he wouldn't even think matter, it's better that I leave Cang Lan star earlier.’’

Ever since he discovered Luo Feng and his group leaving with Mingyu, Nuolan Shan hadn't been able to relax.

Following which, he immediately took his ship and left Cang Lan Star!


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