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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 48


Volume 09 Chapter 48 - Meeting Ming Yu

’’Not good.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

Originally in charge of governing the discipline of the army, the moment he saw Luo Feng, Nuolan Shan's eyes' gleamed and he immediately rushed over.

’’What luck! I actually got to bump into this punk, haha...meeting him in reality, I'll settle this now for offending me. With my status, who would stop me?’’ Nuolan Shan was very confident, in the vast universe, it was indeed this way, a universe level's position was tens of millions of times higher than a star level!

Breaking into the universe level was a huge step upwards.

A universe level killing a star level was indeed just like killing an ant. And Nuolan Shan was prepared to kill that ant Luo Feng!


On the flat land of the ancient city within Cang Lan Star, the Three Axe Mountain army flew down and prepared to gather.

And the distant Nuolan Shan kept heading towards to army center.

’’This is the Three Axe Mountain army, Nuolan Shan, what is someone like you from the Hundred Tiger Building doing here, what do you want!!!’’ A powerful fierce spirit energy immediately transmitted through the entire 70,000 army, causing the vast army of explorers to turn over and look.

Within an instant they all spotted the human silhouette in the distance rushing over...Nuolan Shan!

’’That's Nuolan Shan?’’

’’Hundred Tiger Building's people?’’

’’What's someone from Hundred Tiger Building flying over here for?’’ The explorer army immediately began to discuss.

With 70,000 people watching him, Nuolan Shan who was flying over suddenly stopped, his expression ugly, scolding secretly, ’’That Luo Feng sure has guts, only a star level cannon fodder and he actually dared to transmit via genetic energy all over, that's, that's too arrogant!’’

Within an army, one small soldier broadcasting loud enough for everyone to hear?

One theory, normally, soldiers didn't dare shout that loud. However Nuolan Shan didn't even know...Luo Feng wasn't a soldier of the Three Axe Mountain organization.

’’Nuolan Shan, stop.’’


’’What are you doing here?’’

Immediately five other similar managers flew over, these five belonged to the Three Axe Mountain organization and were universe levels. The five all had ugly expressions.

’’These explorers, many of them bring along with them treasures from the world within a world, the sector lords and domain lords haven't come to retrieve them. Nuolan Shan, you, someone from Hundred Tiger Building actually dares to come barging into our army, are you thinking of stealing the treasures? He a universe level, surely he wasn't that daring!’’ The five universe levels raged within.

’’Five sirs.’’ Nuolan Shan revealed a smile.

’’Nuolan Shan, you want to barge into our army?’’ The five looked at him.

’’No, not at all.’’ Nuolan Shan communicated, ’’I am but one universe level, the number of people on Cang Lan Star stronger than me ranges in the thousands to tens of thousands. With the domain and sector lords here, I don't even dare to have such thoughts. I just spotted a personal enemy, I didn't expect to see him today, hence I thought of settling it now.’’

’’Oh.’’ The five universe levels nodded.

’’Who is your enemy?’’ among the five, a tall and sturdy man with hair like steel spoke.

’’He's called Luo Feng, he is but a small soldier in the army.’’ Nuolan Shan spoke.

’’Small soldier?’’ The five exchanged glances.

’’Five sirs, giving me that one small soldier, that shouldn't be a problem right?’’ Nuolan Shan didn't dare mess around, after all there were many other universe levels and domain lords around maintaining the discipline, if he dared barge in, even if the other organizations didn't do anything, his own Hundred Tiger Building would personally deal with him.

’’The treasures obtained by the explorer army hasn't been retrieved by the sector and domain lords! At this time, not one soldier can be passed to you.’’ The five universe levels were all calm and clear with their regulations.

Nuolan Shan's expression grew even uglier.

’’Nuolan Shan, right now the other universe levels and domain lords are looking over, I think you should leave now.’’ The five said looking at him.

Nuolan Shan bit down and turned to leave without saying anything.


Among the army.

Luo Feng watched as the distant Nuolan Shan, after being held up by the five universe levels turned and left bitterly.

’’Nuolan Shan? We have to find a chance to settle him once and for all!’’ Luo Feng thought within.

’’This Nuolan Shan, we definitely have to kill him.’’ Hong's expression was heavy, he transmitted, ’’Otherwise with his Nuolan Shan family eyeing the treasures on earth, our earth will never find peace.’’

’’Shall we get Lord Ming Yu to act?’’ Thunder god looked at Luo Feng and Hong.

Luo Feng's eyes' lit up.


They would be meeting Ming Yu in a second, and he was a universe 2 star mercenary, a powerful one even amongst the domain lords! Domain lord Ming Yu, if he was willing, it would be simple! Afterall, as the levels went up, breaking through got harder and harder. At the same time, the difference in power would only get crazier.

’’When we give our treasure to Ming Yu later, we can ask for his help, there's a high chance of success.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Luo Feng, what treasure are you prepared to give Ming Yu.’’ Thunder god transmitted.

’’Right, Luo Feng, what do you think about this problem.’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng, as most of the contributions were done by Luo Feng during this treasure exchange, the 2 decided to let Luo Feng decide.

’’A level 5 good genetic energy weapon.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Just 1?’’Hong and Thunder god looked at him.

’’Right, just one is enough. This terms of price, even with Lord Ming Yu's entire fortune, he would still have a hard time purchasing this.’’ Luo Feng, with Babata's guidance, was very clear on which weapon and their prices, even though the thunder stone exchange price for this weapon wasn't that much higher than the 'Fire wheel', the worst weapon they had.

However, in terms of price it was tens of times higher.

Ming Yu, a domain lord, even if he was strong amongst the domain lords, would probably not be able to afford it even with his entire fortune.


Time passed, the Three Axe Mountain's explorer survivors were stationed at the ancient city's flat land. A few strong people began to fly over, taking their men with them. As time passed even more, the number of the army gradually decreased, 70,000, 60,000, 50,000, 40,000...

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Haha, I've finally found you four. This is truly a joyous occasion, haha.’’ That carefree laughter resounded, a tall and sturdy Ming Yu floated in mid air.

Luo Feng's 4 man team long with 200 others flew towards Ming Yu.

’’Lord.’’ The 200 explorers slightly bowed.

Luo Feng's team of four stood together and bowed respectfully as well.’’ Lord Ming Yu.’’

’’Very well, let's go over to my villa and have a rest.’’ Ming Yu brought Luo Feng's group along with another 200 adventurers along and swiftly left.

About 20km away from the flat land, outside the ancient city.

An old department store penthouse, Nuolan shan was looking at the flat land through a window, the moment he saw Luo Feng leave with Ming Yu, his expression changed greatly, ’’Not good! I didn't expect Luo Feng to actually be under someone like Lord Ming Yu, and from the looks of it, Ming Yu treats him well too.’’

’’Killing going to be hard!’’ Nuolan Shan violently smashed the bamboo beside him, CHI CHI, it crumbled into pieces.

An elegant construct, a beautiful villa on a grass land, the 200 explorers had long been sent off.

Luo Feng and his team of 4 sat with Ming Yu around a table.

Being brought over by Ming Yu, Luo Feng was somewhat disappointed...after waiting there for so long, they never got to see any sector lords! The sector lords all sent people over to bring the explorer army over, none of them personally came.

’’Speaking of which, this trip was indeed a pity. I sent a soldier called Bendi who actually broke through to the universe level to get me a treasure. However even though he got the lowest priced treasure, it was still an expensive treasure.’’ Ming Yu shook his head and sighed, ’’Who'd expect along the way he'd run into the army of the 9th prince and have his treasure taken from him.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god exchanged glances.

This Lord Ming Yu was indeed unlucky.

’’So how were your earnings from this world within a world?’’ Ming Yu looked at them.

’’We exchanged for one treasure.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at Ming Yu.

Ming Yu's eyes sharpened, immediately lighting up as he looked at them.

’’What treasure?’’ Ming Yu was anxious and anticipating.

Luo Feng's thoughts moved and immediately a 3m long broadsword floated in mid air, on its surface were extremely complicated engravings, the peculiar engravings gave off an aura that made people's hearts palpitate, the space around it seemed to tremor.

An incredibly huge and powerful aura, it made Luo Feng and his team's face go pale.

’’Lord Ming Yu, this is the level 5 genetic energy weapon Air Cutter knife.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Good, good, good.’’ Ming Yu's eyes burned with intensity, staring hard at the air cutter knife.


Compared to the treasure that his underling Bendi acquired, it was even more valuable! This air cutter knife, was an incredibly expensive weapon.

After all amongst the level 3 weapons, the highest grade cost a few hundred billion, the lowest costing a billion black dragon dollars, a difference of a hundred times! One theory...the price difference for a level 5 genetic energy weapon was even more crazy. That fire wheel belonged to the lowest grade, while this air cutter knife was actually close to the top. Just one was enough to get a few tens of fire wheels.

’’Luo Feng, this present of yours sure is big.’’ Ming Yu's expression was complicated, looking at Luo Feng and his team, ’’Do you know the price of this present of yours?’’

’’An astronomical price!’’

Luo Feng smiled, ’’It's a price we are unable to even imagine, I only know that.’’

’’Right, astronomical! Even all of my wealth together doesn't come close to its price’’ Ming Yu looked at Luo Feng, ’’I said before, I won't mistreat you! State, any requests!’’

’’I want to kill a man.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Kill someone, what's his power? Domain lord level what?’’ Ming Yu creased his eyebrows.

’’Universe level 9.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Haha...’’Ming Yu laughed, universe level 9? To him, that was simply too easy.

’’Killing 10 of them would still be far below this air cutter knife you've given me.’’

’’How about this.’’ Ming Yu thought for awhile, ’’I'll give 1/3 of my territory to you! No...that may invite trouble and people to watch you. Okay, I'll give 100,000 life planets, from today on, to you to have half the rights, the other half remaining with me. However you can govern all the normal affairs, the earnings from the planets, the soldiers, I don't care.’’

’’As for cash...’’ Ming Yu thought about it.


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