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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 47


Volume 09 Chapter 47 - Return to Cang Lan Star

’’What!’’ Luo Feng was shocked as he spun around surveying the surroundings.


Almost as though the land and skies were torn apart, a large enormous universe ship suddenly appeared in mid air, at the same time the bottom of ship automatically split open with large amounts of black uniformed armored explorers rushing out, flying downwards, forming twelve teams and madly rushing down like a mad wind. Also, beams of lasers constantly shot down in different directions at the Three Axe Mountain faction, causing the to be thrown into chaos.

’’Block them!’’

’’Kill them.’’

’’It's the Black Dragon Mountain people.’’


Roars of rage resounded from within the Three Axe Mountain faction, even though they lost thousands, the remaining 80,000 people were still those that survived through countless struggles and battles, even with the mad chaos from the sneak attack, they quickly regained their composure.


Mid air, within the universe ship control room.

The ninth prince Brolin coldly stood at the control board, through the external simulator, he clearly observed the happenings below.

After the first three pronged attack of the D6 cannon, along with the twelve laser guns repeatedly firing, especially with the 2,000 elite soldiers forming twelve teams and fiercely rushing into the confused army, the 80,000 man army of the Three Axe Mountain scrambled to gather and defend against the attack.

Close to 80,000 people, however they were separated and dispersed.

And the twelve elite groups were valiant, they even had laser guns, seeking the treasures from the twelve people, naturally their efficiency was high.

’’No.1 success.’’

’’No.8 success.’’

’’No.9 success.’’

’’No.6 success.’’


Messages began to come in, the elite teams quickly gathered the quantum computers or storage rings and immediately returned.

This quick as lightning sneak attack lasted no more than three minutes, those twelve teams swiftly returned into the universe ship and it accelerated and disappeared into the skies.

The Three Axe Mountain's army all looked up and watched as the ship left, roaring with rage.

Among the crowd, Luo Feng and his team too were filled with rage.

’’Luckily you had the cloud contact vine as protection, otherwise...That ninth prince Brolin is really scum, bastard, garbage!’’ Thunder god was incomparably enraged.

’’Almost.’’ Hong's expression too was ugly.

’’That Brolin, is truly vicious.’’ Luo Feng could clearly smell the air that was filled with the metallic smell of blood, also looking at the distant lands where armors, boots, helmets, filled with minced meat, bones and bone chilling large amounts of blood.

Amongst which there were a large amount of bodies from the ninth prince's own elite team.

’’Don't think so much, right now we can do nothing about it.’’ Luo Feng growled softly, ’’We have to bear with it first and follow the army out, that's what's most important.’’


Hong and Thunder God were also filled with rage, but they could only bear with it.

The Three Axe Mountain army swiftly regained discipline and order, obviously losing a few thousand didn't have much impact, Luo Feng however had some lingering fear, if that shot earlier had pierced through his brain! If it were a normal human, they'd die without doubt! However his life core was stored within his internal world!

Even if his head was pierced, it could still regrow!

’’If that happened and if I was discovered even by the Three Axe Mountain army...I Luo Feng, have the ability to survive even after my brains have been blown to bits. It would definitely arouse their suspicion! Even the Universe levels, Domain Lords, Sector Lords on Cang Lan Star would all be curious.’’ Luo Feng was afraid of that the most.

Within the universe ship.

’’We acquired seven quantum computers and eight storage items.’’ The ninth prince Brolin's face seemed encased in a layer of ice cold, staring at the quantum computers and storage items on the ground, saying solemnly, ’’This, is your efficiency?’’

’’Your majesty! Of the twelve shot by the laser gun, eleven died, there was one that didn't. And when we went to retrieve the quantum computers, those beside the bodies also took some of them...hence, we only acquired seven computers and eight storage items, that alone was no easy feat.’’ A bodyguard spoke.

Brolin glanced at him.

That bodyguard shivered, not daring to speak.

’’In the future, if you don't do a good job, don't find excuses, understood?’’ Brolin looked at the bodyguard.

’’Understood.’’ The bodyguard knelt down on one knee.

’’One person didn't die, who was it?’’ Brolin asked.

’’No.12 target.’’ The bodyguard replied.

’’Hm?’’ Brolin creased his eyebrows, ’’I remember him! It's the same punk with the universe ship.’’

’’You can all leave.’’ Brolin said solemnly.

The eight swiftly retreated.

Only Brolin remained in the control room, after which he squatted down and began to examine each device along with the storage items.

’’Six treasures?’’ Brolin didn't seem to care, carefully looking through the quantum computers.


’’We didn't find the passcode data?’’

’’These computers, none of them were used to exchange for the inheritance crystal passcode?’’ Brolin's expression ashened, panicking within before raging about and stomping hard around, destroying every one of the quantum computers.


Cang Lan Star.

In an extremely tall skyscraper that soared through the skies, two peak Sector Lords Jiang Tian Chen and Hargrey sat facing each other.

’’Hargrey, I stick to what I said, if you want the final passcode, then, you have to agree to my nine conditions, not one less.’’ Jiang Tian Chen said calmly.

’’You are indeed vicious.’’ Hargrey squinted his eyes.

The two stared at each other.

’’I agree to your conditions.’’ Hargrey took a deep breath.

’’Hahaha...’’Jiang Tian Chen stood up, his face full of smiles, ’’Hargrey, it's been a pleasure working with you.’’

’’The pleasure is mine!’’ Hargrey stood up, smiling just a little.

Jiang Tian Chen's smile however was full and wide.

’’Don't be so unwilling. You want the inheritance crystal ball, so it's not much for me to ask for these.’’ Jiang Tian Chen's lips curled into a smile, ’’Also, a soldier of mine in the world within a world exchanged for the passcode and has the quantum computer! I've ordered him long ago to completely destroy it! That soldier himself, I've also sent people to kill him. Hence, no matter what you do in the world within a world, you'll never acquire the last passcode.’’

Hargrey's expression ashened, before he managed to squeeze out a smile, ’’Respect, respect.’’

’’Same.’’ Jiang Tian Chen smiled, ’’Prepare what you need to, when the time comes, I'll hand over the passcode to you.’’

’’What you want, I require a month to prepare.’’ Hargrey said.

’’I'm in no rush! No rush at all, whenever you've prepared the things on your side, I'll pass the passcode to you.’’ Jiang Tian Chen laughed, ’’Hargrey, then I'll leave first.’’

’’I won't see you out.’’ Hagrey said.


A faint sense of thunder energy was left in the large hall, Jiang Tian Chen who was originally standing there vanished.

Hargrey walked towards a large window besides him, from more than 8,000m above the sky, he looked down out towards the ancient city, his gaze piercing and cold, saying softly, ’’Jiang Tian Chen, you've gained quite a bit this time, next time, I'll definitely make you pay back even more than now!!!’’

Hargrey's expression was malevolent, this exchange had cost him almost his entire wealth to be taken away by Jiang Tian Chen!

’’Howl.’’ Hargrey roared with rage.


The cold air blew and Hargrey too disappeared from the large hall.

After a short while, the doors of the large hall finally opened and two waiters walked in, exchanging glances, ’’The doors were locked and the windows were locked, where did they go?’’

After flying for about seven days, they finally reached the exit, arriving at the Valley of Wind and Thunder in the World of Thunder.

After that, after about seven days of flying in the World of Thunder, the Three Axe Mountain army finally reached the exit...the exit to Cang Lan Star! The only thing was, this exit wasn't as large as the black hole at the Valley of Wind and Thunder, that allowed about a one hundred to pass at a time while this one only allowed a few people at a time.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The explorers all became beams of light and headed out continuously.

’’This exit is too small, with so many people, how long will it take?’’ Thunder God floated up, looking ahead.

’’Even though the explorers' speeds are very fast, it'll take about an hour for us to get there.’’ Luo Feng calculated and spoke, even if ten people passed per second, it took about an hour for 30,000 over people, to get to the center of the group, which was where they were.

’’We are finally about to exit.’’ Hong smiled as he sighed, ’’This trip was indeed mysterious.’’

’’Yes indeed.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

They originally came to take part in the trainee exams, who would have thought that they'd discover a world within a world and everyone forgot about the exams immediately, throwing themselves into the world within a world to gamble. This world within a world represented immense wealth! Obviously gambling was the right choice, Luo Feng's rewards were incredibly large.

In terms of wealth, it was comparable to a Sector Lord! Of course, they still couldn't compare to the pinnacle of Sector Lords like The thunder Sector Lord Kabu, Jiang Tian Chen or Hargrey.

In terms of power, the cloud contact vine too acquired a large breakthrough.

’’We have quite a bit of wealth, however, the difference between our power and wealth is huge.’’ Thunder God muttered, ’’We have to increase our strength when we return.’’

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

During the wait, with large numbers of explorers flying and exiting, it finally reached their turn.

’’Let's go!’’


Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu became four beams of light and swiftly entered into the light waterfall.

Cang Lan Star, Ancient city.

A pathway was specially made in a wall of the vial, allowing a large amount of explorers exiting from the World of Thunder to fly through.


Countless explorers continuously flew out.

All explorers, please gather in front.’’

’’Anybody who tries to escape will be killed!’’

’’If you don't listen to orders, you'll be killed!’’

In mid air, Universe levels from different powers floated above, occasionally there was a Domain Lord. These strong warriors looked coldly at the group of lucky survivors from the explorer army. Sounds of angry orders resounded through every explorers' ears, causing the army to remain orderly and not dare to fly about recklessly.

’’Third brother, look over there.’’ Among the large army, Thunder God said shocked.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned to where Thunder God was looking at, in the distance floating amongst the powerful warriors, was one dressed in dark green army, ears pointy, the cold looking Nuolan Shan.

Nuolan Shan sensed that someone was looking and him and turned to look, easily spotting Luo Feng among the group.


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