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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 46


Volume 09 Chapter 46 - One Shot, One Kill

Allied base camp.

The ninth prince Brolin glanced at the vast army of the Three Axe Mountain flying into the distance.

’’Your Majesty.’’ A bodyguard beside him spoke, ’’Are we still not leaving?’’

’’Don't be anxious.’’

Brolin said coldly, ’’Everything, I've already determined.’’

’’Yes.’’ The bodyguard didn't dare to speak anymore.

Within Brolin's mind, he thought, ’’Should I hit or not? Grandfather, you did give me an order! Now that the other powers are leaving the allied base, we can start a war...’’

In the vast universe, the amount of mystery and wonder couldn't be measured, the blood and flesh life forms had the human race and the beast race, both of which were uncountable. There were even other metal life forms, plant life forms, energy beings, AI life forms etc, too many forms of living beings, and in terms of dangerous places, the white dwarf star and neutron star were the most average.

There were even more dangerous regions about.

At the same time, there were other mysterious items that were deemed as treasures. These treasures had peculiar effects on the blood and flesh life forms, some others having other effects on the other life forms.


In the vast universe, there was a star field, the Black Dragon Mountain star field, and in it, Cang Lan Star quickly became the center point of the entire star field in a blink of an eye, with many strong warriors arriving and landing there.

The cities on Cang Lan Star were mostly segregated into the ancient city and the urban city.

The ancient cities had a million years of history embedded into it, and the Universe Mercenary Alliance base, was within an ancient city! This city's highest skyscraper had a loft with a big hall that was about 8600m tall, and about 1000 square meters, within such a big hall, there two large wooden chairs facing each other.

In front of the chairs were tea and cups.

The two chairs faced each other, each with one person in them.

One of them had a beautiful and handsome appearance, almost like a deity, with eyes like lightning engulfing the world, an absolute warrior...Three Axe Mountain's sector lord Jiang Tian Chen.

On the other end, was a bald old man with an aquiline nose, his eyes peculiar...Black Dragon Mountain sacred land's Sector Lord Hargrey.

Among the two, the center of Jiang Tian Chen's forehead had a thunder mark while Hargrey's had an ice mark, even though the two hadn't unleashed any power, the entire large hall was still under the pressure of the thunder energy and ice energy's influence.

’’Jiang Tian Chen, the conditions you've given, I cannot agree to them!’’ Hargrey's voice was hoarse, akin to two knives rubbing against each other.

’’You'll change your mind.’’ Jiang Tian Chen said indifferently.

The two belonged to the pinnacle of Sector Lord existences, in the Black Dragon Mountain star field, they both stood right at the peak! The only ones stronger were the Undying Beings.

That ninth prince Brolin was Hargrey's grandson, because of Hargrey's power, hence the ninth prince himself had so much authority and power. After all there were many princes in the empire, many of which were destined never to take the throne and without much special power or privileges.

However because of his mother's lineage, Brolin had much more power.

’’I can only agree to six of them.’’ Hargrey's eyes were serious, as though his gaze was piercing a hole in the space, ’’Jiang Tian Chen, if you agree, then it'll be a huge celebration.’’

’’There are nine conditions, not one less.’’

Jiang Tian Chen shook his head, ’’If you agree, I'll pass the final inheritance crystal ball password to you.’’

Hargrey found it hard to suppress the rage on his face.


At the same time, in the virtual universe.

’’Abu.’’ Dressed in a black long robe, the old man Hargrey with the aquiline nose immediately appeared in a palace, within it, Brolin stood.

’’Grandfather.’’ Brolin's eyes gleamed, ’’Should I act or not? Any later and we might not make it.’’

’’Do it!’’

Hargrey ordered, ’’Make the move against the Three Axe Mountain people, kill their leading people and steal their AI computers. See if you can get the last passcode from them.’’ Since acquiring the passcodes from the thunder castle, they naturally stored them in the AI computers, and transferred them into the virtual universe, informing their sector lord Jiang Tian Chen.

’’Understood!’’ Brolin's eyes gleamed, with a sense of excitement and madness, ’’Grandfather, relax.’’

Hargrey rubbed his grandson's head adoringly.

Brolin seemed extremely docile, he was very clear that whatever extra power and privileges he had obtained as one of the many princes was from this grandfather of his! Even in the royal still depended on power, with a Sector Lord as a grandfather, his position was obviously different. And any prince that could reach the Sector Lord level could immediately take the throne.

World within a world, allied base.


With an order, there were close to 150,000 survivors of the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land, of which 60,000 could clearly hear the ninth prince. Following his order, the 60,000 rose up and swiftly left.

60,000 people flying side by side, after two days of flying, they stopped to rest.

’’Your majesty, these are the 2,000 elites that have been picked out.’’ A bodyguard said respectfully.

’’Hm?’’ Brolin looked at the 2,000 strong team before him.

’’Very well.’’

Brolin smiled, with a wave of his hand, a disc shaped universe ship immediately appeared beside on an empty plot of land, right! His storage ring could just fit an universe ship within.

’’Arrange for them to enter the cabin of the ship, the lower cabin.’’ Bu Luo Lin said.


His eight bodyguards immediately began the arrangements, the entire ship was separated into three sections, top, middle and lower level, every level had tens of meters in height. Hence, the every room within had beddings that could be separated into four levels! A room that was tens of square meters in space with a height of ten meters could store up to eight people, without even squeezing.

The entire ship easily stored the 2,000 people.

’’Your majesty, the 2,000 man army is ready.’’


Brolin was high spirited, with an order, the ship immediately rose up and tore through the skies, heading towards where the Three Axe Mountain army had swiftly flown to.


The army's flying speed could never compare to that of the universe ship.

Within the universe ship control room.

The ninth prince Brolin stood at the control board, behind him were his eight bodyguards.

’’Master, there's 120,000km until we reach the Three Axe Mountain army.

’’Another 100,000km.’’


’’60,000 km.’’

The control board's screen constantly reported, ’’About to make contact, 20,000km, 10,000km, 5000km. The ship decreased its speed.’’

’’Scan the entire army, pinpoint the twelve important targets.’’ Brolin ordered.

’’Yes, master.’’ This D8 grade universe ship's scanning area was a total of 200,000km, easily scanning everyone within the Three Axe Mountain army, immediately, a robotic voice resounded, ’’Three Axe Mountain army, a total of 78503 people, the locations of the twelve important people are...’’

A large screen appeared within the ship.

On it, a scene of the vast army, with twelve lit up dots. Simultaneously on the left side of the screen, twelve head figures appeared, of which there were two Universe levels, a few head captains, and Luo Feng's image.

’’Use the D6 grade laser cannon and bombard their army, this will throw them into chaos. Don't attack these twelve, these twelve all have treasures, their AI computers might have the passcode, it'd be a waste if it were to be destroyed.’’

’’Arrange for another twelve to use the laser guns and kill these twelve.’’

’’And during the chaos, swiftly send the team to acquire the treasures from these twelve. Especially their AI computers.’’ Brolin said coldly.


The eight bodyguards complied respectfully.

A C2 grade laser gun, even though Brolin had brought nine initially, when the 2 million army entered into the world within a world, they too brought along more. Pulling out twelve of them was indeed easy.

’’Go on!’’ Brolin stifled his voice, yet his eyes filled with anticipation.

The vast army of the Three Axe Mountain was flying in the skies, Luo Feng and his team of four were mixed in, laughing and chatting, their moods especially good.

’’Third brother, we've struck it big, even after training till Domain Lord, we won't ever have a lack of money.’’ Thunder God laughed.

’’Don't get overconfident and satisfied.’’ Hong smiled.

Luo Feng however communicated via spirit energy, ’’Everybody be careful, my scanning equipment was scanned...there should be a large scanning system scanning us.’’

’’A large scanning system?’’ Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu were shocked within.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, his expression serious, ’’All be careful.’’

Luo Feng and his team all went on high alert, the entire Three Axe Mountain army however were still engaged in discussion and laughter.




Three large black silhouettes, like three black holes descended on the large army, Luo Feng and his team felt like the entire land and skies immediately went silent. Without a sound or trace, they could only see the distant explosions and tremors, the hundreds of Star level 9 warriors vaporizing into nothingness, also the visible ripples from the explosions dispersed in all directions, sweeping past the rest of the army, with a large number of the soldiers getting killed, fresh blood erupting from their armors and helmets.

The first attack, without a sound or trace had killed everyone within a 100m radius, with a huge rumble following it, causing a large number of explorers to suffer from the aftereffects.


Another cannon shot!

Losing thousands of people, this was also due to the close density of the army.

’’’’This...’’Luo Feng opened his eyes wide, shocked totally from the terrifying cannon fire.


Luo Feng felt as though his brain had been hit by a hard stick.

Twelve beams of light descended from the sky!

In a flash, they hit twelve people within the Three Axe Mountain army, including the two Universe level warriors and the other head captains, even Luo Feng!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Twelve beams of white light!

Twelve people fell immediately!

’’Third brother!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’


Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu awakened from the shock, and the fallen Luo Feng could only open his eyes dizzily.

’’What?’’ Luo Feng's head was still ringing.

’’That was twelve shots of C2 grade laser guns, the eleven other people in the Three Axe Mountain, including the two Universe levels have all been killed. You were saved by your cloud contact vine's sturdiness.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's consciousness.


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