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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 45


Volume 09 Chapter 45 - Return

At first, the leaders of the organizations, like the ninth prince, brought millions and tens of millions of thunderstones to exchange at the thunder castle! This wasn't weird.... however, later on, since those with thunderstones have already exchanged them a long time ago, barely any large transactions appear.

’’Lord Wu, here are 9.02 million thunderstones’’ with a flip of his hand, a spatial storage ring appeared.

The fat, white bearded old man extended his hand to take it. With a quick check, he couldn't help but to raise his head towards Luo Feng: ’’Kiddo, you surprise me more and more. It seems like you don't have that much authority in the alliance. With your previous exchanges, the total amount of thunderstones you used exceeds 10 million’’

’’Luck,’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Luck can't explain some things,’’ the white bearded old man smiled and stopped talking there.

With a flip of his hand, all sorts and types of treasures started hovering in the ancient room. All types of elemental source laws of the universe emanated around. There were several five stage genetic weapons and spiritual weapons. The extremely complicated engravings on them were similar to the natural engravings on the golden horned beast. The thick aura of the elemental source laws caused Luo Feng to hold his breath.

Each item is a valuable treasure.

Each item can exchange for tens of thousands of life planets, some can even go for hundreds of thousands of life planets!

All of these treasures added together far exceed the price of a galaxy! They are worth more than all the property of a fighter who just stepped into the 'sector lord' level.

’’Wow’’ as Luo Feng looked at all of these valuable treasures hovering in front of him, his heart rate couldn't help but to accelerate, his blood was boiling.

’’I'll put all of these treasures in this spatial storage ring’’ the white bearded old man threw a spatial storage ring to Luo Feng.

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng took it and checked the treasures inside. He then frowned, ’’Lord Wu, what about the five sets of the thunder instruction manual?’’

’’The five sets of the thunder instruction manuals are stored in these five mini quantum computers’’ smiled the white bearded old man.

’’Thank you, Lord Wu. I will be going now then’’ Luo Feng greeted and then left.

On the vast plain, the number of men in the alliance exceeded five million. Clearly, the other squads in the outer areas are returning.

After his successful exchange, Luo Feng left the ancient castle in a good mood and returned to Three Axe Mountain's area.

’’Third bro’’ Thunder God saw Luo Feng and waved his hand.

’’Coming’’ Luo Feng came with a smile on his face.

’’How'd it go?’’ there was a bit of expectation in Hong's eyes as he carefully asked through his genetic energy.

’’We were too slow, all the good stuff has been taken. Whether the D6 railgun, the life fruit, or the heart of stars, all of these legendary treasures are gone’’ replied Luo Feng through his spiritual force. He had to be careful, since there were many other people from Three Axe Mountain in the surroundings.

’’They're all gone?’’ Hong and Thunder God froze.

’’Yeah. Out of all the things you wanted, I only got the five thunder instruction manual sets’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at Thunder God, ’’Second brother, this thunder instruction manual is sector lord Kabu's instruction manual. It suits you nicely’’

This thunder instruction manual wasn't that valuable compared to the other treasures.

Because sector lord Kabu was, after all, just a 'sector lord'. The techniques he came up with can't be that powerful (compared to the inheritance crystal). If it was an undying being's instruction manual, then that would be a very big deal! Luo Feng received the inheritance of the Yun Mo Planet sect, which is way more powerful than that thunder instruction manual.

Of course

On the path of thunder, the Yun Mo Planet sect is probably a bit weaker, since the Yun Mo Planet sect focuses on the path of spirit readers.

’’Haha, let me see’’ Thunder God couldn't control himself, since he practices the path of thunder.

’’Don't rush’’ yelled Hong through his genetic energy, ’’There are tons of people watching around us. If someone finds out..... there might be trouble. You can slowly look through those instruction manuals after we leave the World of Thunder. Also, it's not like you'll be able to get through them in a short amount of time’’

’’Yeah, okay, I'll listen to big brother.’’ Thunder God's mind became clear.

’’Big brother, second brother’’ Luo Feng continued, ’’Even though I finished exchanging, I still have 60,000 thunderstones here’’

’’You still have so many?’’ Hong and Thunder God froze.

Hong replied: ’’These thunderstones cannot go to waste. Since you can't exchange them, sell them quickly. After we leave the world within a world, these thunderstones are worthless’’

’’Right now in the alliance, there are still people purchasing thunderstones. Even though the prices aren't as high as they were in the beginning, we should still try to find the best price possible’’ said Luo Feng through his spiritual force, ’’Big brother, second brother, let's look for people who are purchasing thunderstones in the alliance for a few days and talk with them to see how much we can sell for’’

’’Alright’’ Hong and Thunder God nodded.


In the next few days, the size of the army on the plain continued to increase. In the meantime, Luo Feng managed to sell the 60,000 thunderstones in several portions, since even those who are purchasing them can't swallow so many thunderstones at once.

Because there weren't many treasures left in the castle, so the exchange rate for the thunderstones dropped dramatically!

60,000 thunderstones, some sold well and some didn't.

The average price was around 80 cubic meters of universe crystals for one thunderstone, for a total of 5 million cubic meters of universe crystals! If you add the universe crystals that the cloud contact vine received from stealing and ambushing and also the universe crystals that Luo Feng and his squad dug up, then they have a total of 6.8 million cubic meters of universe crystals.

’’6.8 million cubic meters of universe crystals, which is 6.8 billion universe coins! Haha, even that Nuolan Shan family probably doesn't have that much’’ Thunder God was extremely happy.

’’Calm down, this is just the beginning,’’ Hong smiled as he said through his genetic energy, ’’Those treasures are the main part!’’

’’Of course I understand that’’ Thunder God smiled.

Luo Feng was also extremely happy. In theory, only the large organizations should have been able to obtain the valuable treasures in the world within a world.

However, thanks to his precise scanner, his first excavation led to over a million thunderstones. With that, he managed to get the 'life fruit' to mega evolve his cloud contact vine! With the evolved cloud contact vine and Babata, they began their big steal!

In terms of profit.....

Many 10,000 man squads couldn't even compare to Luo Feng's squad!

Only gigantic teams like the alliance under the ninth prince 'Brolin' earned more than Luo Feng's squad.

However, the truly valuable treasures like the three accounts to the inheritance crystal, the password to the sector lord's bank account, and the domain lord level bloodline evolution potion, out of the top 10 valuable treasures, Luo Feng only got one of the three life fruits. As for the rest, he didn't get a single one!

The fifth day after Luo Feng finished exchanging.

On the plain, the nearly 600,000 large alliance army gathered around the castle. White light scattered across the land.

’’Haha..... little kiddos’’

Above the Thunder Castle, the image of the white bearded old man appeared. The white bearded old man hovered above the castle as he looked towards the surrounding alliance army. He spoke with a smile on his face, ’’Just now, the final treasure's transaction has been completed. As of now, all 312 treasures in my possession have been exchanged by you people’’

’’Now, the exchange is over!’’


The doors to the ancient castle started to automatically close slowly. Yet, the surrounding hundreds of thousands of people in the alliance's army froze.

It's over?

The exchange is over?

’’I still have leftover thunderstones!’’

’’I still have some too’’

’’I just purchased some thunderstones, what, what should I do now?’’ all of a sudden, many people in the alliance were exasperated. Some of them even started to roar in anger. To these star level nine stage fighters..... the thunderstones in their possession represented an amount of wealth that would make them drool.

But in the blink of an eye, the thunderstones turned into useless stones.

Once you can't exchange with them, thunderstones become worthless.


Some people were enraged, some people yelled, and some people were overjoyed. No matter what, the treasures in the world within a world have come to an end.

’’I bet there are still more treasures in that castle’’ Thunder God looked towards the castle.

’’Even if there are, they aren't ours’’ Hong let out a rare smile, ’’A castle left behind by a sector lord definitely won't go down that easily’’

’’Our trip in the world within a world comes to an end’’ Luo Feng also smiled.

Suddenly, a messenger not too far away yelled: ’’Luo Feng, I've come to notify you that the treasure exchanging here is over. In a bit, our Three Axe Mountain's army will depart! We'll leave the world within a world and head towards the thunder world. From the thunder world, we'll return to Cang Lan star’’

’’Understood’’ yelled Luo Feng in reply.

’’Also..... even though killing people is forbidden in the alliance, once we depart, each army is no longer bound under the rules of ’’the alliance’’, so battles could still occur on the way back. Please be careful and don't get separated from the main group’’ said the messenger.



Luo Feng and his group smiled as they replied.

They knew about this a long time ago. The so called rule of 'forbidden to kill within the grounds of the alliance' exists so that every squad can safely exchange for treasures! Once the exchange time is over and every organization returns to their own side..... some squads have reaped large rewards while others barely got anything. It won't be weird for squads that haven't earned much to team up with each other to steal from other squads.

’’Well, we'll be following Three Axe Mountain's main group anyway’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Three Axe Mountain's side has almost 80,000 people and two Universe level fighters, so it is very safe’’

’’And we'll be hiding in the back’’ Thunder God let out a smile, ’’We're just a squad of four, and our identity shows that we are under Lord Ming Yu, so we don't have to go to the front’’

Indeed, the first Three Axe Mountain group that entered the world within a world will stay within the center of the main group. And the main group never thought of using a four man squad, since the power of a four man squad is way too weak. Also..... when they are following orders and moving into formation, thousands and thousands of people are moving at once. A four man squad in the middle will just get in the way.

’’The North Dragon Castle's group has departed’’

In the eyes of the other members of the alliance.

A grand group soared into the sky all at once. They blocked the sky and sun as tens of thousands of people directly headed towards the distance.


’’Three Axe Mountain, everyone heed my order depart!’’

A low sound carried out from the gorrilla brute in the core of the Three Axe Mountain's main group as it reverberated around every person's ear. And in the grand army, Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, and Ao Gu were naturally a part of it.

’’It's time to depart’’

Luo Feng's group of four, like everyone else, soared into the sky at the same time.

The grand army of nearly 80,000 people exceeded the size of the North Dragon Castle's army by quite a bit..... what kind of sight is 80,000 people soaring into the sky at once? It's as if an infinitely large cloud covered the entire sky. The entire plains became black. The army transformed into a countless number of flowing lights as they headed towards the distance.


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