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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 44


Volume 09 Chapter 44 - The Final Transaction

’’Weren't you guys a five man squad?’’ captain Bendi looked towards Luo Feng's group of four.

As one of the two universe level fighters in the world within a world, Bendi has access to a lot of detailed information.

’’We were, but one of our squad members died’’ sighed Luo Feng.

’’Killed by who?’’ frowned Bendi.

’’One of the men under the ninth prince’’ Luo Feng wasn't in such a good mood. Even though Tie Nan He was a slave, there weren't any slaves on earth. So Luo Feng didn't subconsciously treat his slaves as 'goods' and treated them like bodyguards instead.

So Tie Nan He's death made Luo Feng grateful for Tie Nan He's service and also angry at the ninth prince.

’’The ninth prince?’’ Bendi shook his head, ’’Then we can't do anything. Far too many people have died by his men’’.

’’I understand’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’If you guys can survive, Lord Ming Yu will surely be very happy’’ smiled Bendi, ’’A reminder, I'm also under Lord Ming Yu’’.


Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God were extremely shocked. As the head of the four organizations, Three Axe Mountain has many sector lords and domain lords. 'Ming Yu' isn't exactly an elite in Three Axe Mountain, and yet one of the two universe level fighters that appeared in Three Axe Mountain's group is under Ming Yu.

’’So captain Bendi was also under Lord Ming Yu,’’ Luo Feng let out a face of joy.

’’Haha, when we leave the world within a world and head back to Cang Lan Star, you guys come with me to see Lord Ming Yu together’’ Bendi smiled. If it wasn't for their common superior 'Lord Ming Yu', Bendi wouldn't personally come greet Luo Feng's group.

’’For sure,’’ Luo Feng smiled as he responded.

Bendi then left. As a higher up of the Three Axe Mountain's group, there were many things Bendi had to deal with.

Even though it was late into the night, people wearing battle uniform sets and helmets could frequently be seen entering the Thunder Castle in the middle.

Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God looked at the Thunder Castle in the middle from far away in the crowd.

’’Big brother, second brother, what are you guys preparing to exchange?’’ said Luo Feng through his spiritual force.

’’A D6 grade rail gun and a Thunder instruction manual’’ said Thunder God.

’’Alright’’ smiled Luo Feng.

This is what it's like to be rich: just buy whatever you want.

’’Big brother, what about you?’’ Luo Feng looked towards Hong.

’’It seems like there aren't that many things that are beneficial to me. If there are any 'Life Fruits' left, then help me buy one. Also, if there are any 'Heart of Stars' left, then buy me that too. That's it for now’’ said Hong.

’’Understood’’ Luo Feng nodded, and then let out a smile, ’’Big brother, second brother, I'll be using the leftover thunderstones to exchange for other treasures..... those treasures also represent a huge amount of wealth. After we leave, we can use that huge amount of wealth to exchange for some things that we really need’’.

’’Alright’’ smiled Hong.

’’Thirdie, do what you want, since you were the one that got all of these stones’’ snickered Thunder God, ’’Your big brother and me are just taking advantage of you’’.


Luo Feng wasn't in a rush to exchange immediately. He first silently observed. There were indeed quite a few people who entered the Thunder Castle. However, 99% of them are probably just decoys to confuse other people.

The night slowly passed, and a sliver of light appeared in the world within a world.

The cold breeze blew across the plain. Luo Feng, who was wearing an alloyed battle uniform set while wearing a helmet and had an alloyed blade on his back just like every other universe adventurer headed straight towards the Thunder Castle.

’’He's going to the ancient castle’’

’’Is he a decoy, or actually going to exchange for something?’’

’’Who cares if he's actually going to make a transaction, hurry up and report this to the lord. The captain of that four man squad went to the ancient castle’’


The adventurers on surveillance duty under the ninth prince immediately reported this information. Of this, Luo Feng knew nothing about. However, even if he knew, Luo Feng would just laugh without a care..... as part of the army of the Three Axe Army, Luo Feng really wasn't afraid of anything.

While the large amount of people under the alliance watched, Luo Feng stepped into the gates of the castle.

Thunder Castle, a gloomy, cold, ancient room.

Luo Feng silently stood there.

’’I want to make a transaction’’ yelled Luo Feng.

’’Wait a bit kiddo’’ a low sound reverberated around the ancient room, ’’There are a lot of people making transactions these two days, so I'm a bit busy. Let me finish with this one first’’

Luo Feng was shocked when he heard this: ’’The living AI is currently dealing with someone else?’’

’’MAN, THAT'S DIRTY!’’ yelled Babata.

’’What's wrong?’’ inquired Luo Feng.

’’This living AI is sure a messed up and sinister person’’ said Babata angrily, ’’Even though there are many people from the alliance entering the castle, it's just one person every few minutes. And that is when a lot of people are entering! Isn't the living AI telling you directly..... that the person before you is actually making a transaction?’’

Luo Feng was extremely shocked.

’’You have no power or authority. But if you did have authority and was the leader of a huge team, what would you do?’’ asked Babata.

’’I would arrange for people to keep an eye on him. After he leaves the alliance's area, I'll make my move’’ Luo Feng's eyes were filled with shock.

Understood, he understood!

’’So yeah. This living AI sure is sinister. As a living AI, could he not predict the consequences of every word he says? His computation ability is extraordinary, so he wouldn't make such a stupid mistake. Which means..... he's doing this on purpose!’’

’’There is only one reason he has for doing this: to make you guys kill each other!’’

’’This living AI is seriously sinister.’’ Babata was extremely angry.

Luo Feng was also a bit angry.

If their guess is correct, then the living AI in this ancient castle is probably the reason why the ninth prince Brolin arranged for people to chase them down. Otherwise, there is no other explanation..... why would the great ninth prince only go after Luo Feng's group and not other groups!

The sound of footsteps carried from the hallway. A fat, white bearded old man smiled as he walked in. There was a layer of light surrounding his body. If you observe carefully, you could barely discover..... that this white bearded old man was not a real person, but a being made out of energy.

’’Lord Wu,’’ even though Luo Feng was a bit angry in his heart, he appeared to be very well-mannered on the surface.

Fighting against a 'messed up' living AI that has been lonely for tens of thousands of years is a very stupid thing to do.

’’Hey kid, this is our second time meeting isn't it?’’ smiled the white bearded old man, ’’It seems like your harvest went well. Tell me, what do you want to exchange for?’’

’’One life fruit,’’ said Luo Feng.

’’You exchanged for a life fruit last time and you still want another one?’’ the white bearded old man looked at Luo Feng with surprise.

’’Yes’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’None left, none left,’’ the white bearded old man shook his head in response, ’’all the life fruits I have are gone, not a single one left’’

’’Not a single one left?’’ Luo Feng froze.

Yeah, thunder stones represented treasure, but that doesn't mean 'thunder stones' can absolutely give you the treasure you want. Because the treasures here are limited! Like even if the ninth prince 'Brolin' gets a ton of thunder stones later, he'll never be able to get the third password to the crystal ball of inheritance.

’’Then I'll exchange for a heart of stars’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Don't have any of that left either’’ the white bearded old man shook his head.

’’What? None of that? Then..... there at least must be a D6 grade rail gun left’’ Luo Feng stared at the white bearded old man.

The D6 rail gun is not that useful for sector lords and domain lords. So the chances of someone exchanging for it is quite low. And, there are even a total of three D6 grade rail guns available.

’’None of that left either’’ the white bearded old man shook his head, ’’On the first day, a single person exchanged for all three of these D6 grade rail guns in one go’’

’’Uh ’’

Luo Feng took in a deep breath.

None of that, none of this, none of anything.

’’Lord Wu, what treasures still remain?’’ Luo Feng looked at the white bearded old man.

’’There are still 63 treasures remaining’’ the white bearded old man smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’Since you seem good, I won't waste your time’’. As he said that, he waved his head. In a moment, rays of energy gathered around him and formed a screen. On the screen was a treasure list which clearly displayed how many of each treasure remained.

’’No.1 The bank account to the entire spatial instruction manual inheritance crystall ball (three accounts), stock: none.

No.2 Master's bank account, stock: none.

No.3 Domain lord level bloodline evolution potion (one portion)


No.18 Thunder instruction manual set (six manuals in a set), stock: five.


No.68 level 5 genetic energy weapon 'Fire Wheel', stock: none.

Luo Feng looked at this list and took in a deep breath.


None, none, none, none, none, none! A huge list of ’’nones’’ made one's heart go cold.

’’Kiddo, what'll it be?’’ the white bearded old man smiled as he looked at Luo Feng.

And yet, Luo Feng was in a dilemma. Which one should he pick?

’’Luo Feng, what are you so confused about? Stupid!’’ Babata's voice rang in his mind.

’’You want a heart of stars? There's none here, but it's available in the universe!’’

’’You want a life fruit? It's also available in the universe!’’

’’As long as you have enough wealth and the proper connections, you can purchase them. So..... there's no need to be confused. All you have to do is exchange for the more valuable ones out of this list. These treasures represent a huge amount of wealth. Can't you just purchase what you want in the universe later?’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng laughed.

Such a simple idea, and yet his thinking was restricted to the list in front of him.

’’These are the ones that are more valuable, so purchase these’’ Babata told Luo Feng which items to purchase as they communicated with their thoughts.

’’That, and that’’

’’And those, I want all of those’’

’’And that Thunder instruction manual set, I want all of the remaining five sets’’ Luo Feng was rich.

The white bearded old man was stunned.

Because those with a lot of thunder stones purchased what they needed at the beginning. Towards the end..... those who come to exchange don't have that many thunder stones. And yet, Luo Feng wanted so many items in one go. The amount of thunderstones required was quite an alarming amount.

’’That'll be a total of 9.02 million thunderstones’’ the white bearded old man stared at Luo Feng.


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