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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 43


Volume 09 Chapter 43 - The Light and Shadow of the Blade

’’Right, return to the allied army base!’’ Hong's expression was serious.

’’Returning there won't be easy.’’ Thunder God rubbed his bald head and pondered.

Luo Feng nodded.

Right now with the thunderstones and treasures in hand, they still have to return to exchange for the treasures. The thunderstones by themselves weren't worth anything...they were only valuable if used to exchange for the treasures! However even though the battle ended, the other powers would still attack the teams with fewer members!

’’Our four man team heading towards the allied base isn't safe at all.’’ Hong creased his eyebrows. ’’Those other teams from the big powers, even though they've stopped fighting and have all suffered heavy losses, a bad ship still has nails, if they see us, with the one and a half months of mad killing before, they'd definitely act and send a team of a 1,000 to wipe us out.’’

Luo Feng's expression was heavy.

Four man team?

These sorts of little teams, the large teams wouldn't spare them any mercy.

’’Killing is forbidden in the allied base.’’ Luo Feng emphasized, ’’However, outside there, there are no restrictions. Hence we have to rush all the way to the allied base, we have to be extra careful not to bump into any of these other teams.’’


Hong and Thunder God nodded.

’’Let's first rely on the universe ship.’’ Luo Feng thought as he said, ’’We'll use it till we reach a flat land area, hide it and then sneak into the allied base.’’

’’I agree.’’ Hong nodded.

’’I suggest leaving at night.’’ Thunder God suggested.

’’Alright, then we'll depart tonight.’’ Luo Feng smiled.


Even though their moods were good, Luo Feng didn't dare get over confident or careless.

As the universe ship had scanning equipment, along with it being thousands and tens of thousands of times faster than Star level 9 warriors, it could easily slip past the other explorer teams, allowing them to easily pierce through the skies and arrive at the central region flat lands.

’’Right now there's only about 10,000km to the allied base. We have rely on our flying.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved, immediately keeping the universe ship within his space ring, at the same time looking at Hong and Thunder god, ’’First and second brother, earlier the ship scanned the surrounding area, from here to the allied base may only be 10,000km. However, there are quite a few teams stationed in between.’’

Hong and Thunder God nodded.

After one and half months of mad killing and massacre, many teams were exhausted, many retreating to the central region to recover. However, if Luo Feng's team met any along the would be just like sneaking past the mouth of a dragon that could swallow them anytime. For their small team, being discovered meant instant death!


To be able to live till now, experiencing the battles along with life and death, which team didn't have treasures?

’’Depart.’’ Luo Feng communicated cautiously through spirit energy.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu followed their planned route, ready to avoid any of the teams stationed on the flat lands and reach the central allied army base.



To Luo Feng's group, it was indeed a very short distance. If they accelerated, even in the world within a world, it wouldn't require one hour. However they were being extra careful, hence they didn't dare move too fast...

’’19.6 km ahead, there's a patrolling 1,000 man team. We are still 3,620km away from the base, this team should be some large group's little team. We'll detour around them.’’ Luo Feng glanced at his arm screen and communicated to the three via spirit energy.

Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu didn't dare to relax.

They were currently dancing on knives' edges, the moment they were discovered...there would be big trouble.

’’We've already went around them, let's continue to get closer to the allied base.’’

’’2,110 km away from the allied base.’’

’’We'll take a detour ahead, there's a large team ahead.’’

’’800km away from the base.’’


Luo Feng and his team were extremely cautious, under the cover of night, they sneakily flew close to the ground, detouring occasionally and flying fast occasionally, spending close to three hours and finally arriving at the allied base camp.

’’That's great.’’

’’We've finally arrived at the base.’’

Luo Feng and his team all revealed expressions of glee, they were on high alert for the past three hours, that was because any of the teams could have sent a group to patrol at any time. One couldn't blame their cautiousness, after all with the mad killing and battles for one and half months, sneak attacks were common.

Hence there were many patrol teams! Because of this, Luo Feng's squad didn't dare to relax at all.

’’Phew, we've arrived.’’ Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief.


The security captain outside the base shouted, behind him was a vast number of people, with over 1,000 people surrounding him, the captain's gaze swept past Luo Feng's team.

’’We are underlings of Lord Ming Yu from Three Axe mountain.’’ Luo Feng shouted.


The captain lowered his head and looked at his quantum computer, Lord Ming Yu indeed had these four underlings and their their data.

’’Enter.’’ The captain said coldly.

Luo Feng and his team immediately flew into the allied base, that captain glanced at them, biting down and gritting his teeth: ’’Three Axe Mountain scum! Hmph, if I didn't meet you here at the allied base, I'd definitely kill you to avenge my fallen brothers, bastards! Bastards!’’

Luo Feng and his team walked into the base, the entire base was filled with rage and killing intent, many teams looked at each other with hate, as though they wanted to eat each other up.

’’What's going on?’’ Thunder God said softly, ’’The last time we were here, the explorers from the different teams in here even recognized each other as brothers. However, now, the killing intent and hatred is incredibly prominent.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

The whole walk through the allied base, was filled with very few smiling faces, many of the explorers all had icy expressions, their eyes filled with hatred.

’’The last time we came here, that security captain outside was still smiling at us and inviting. That captain however just now was cold.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’Probably after one and half months of massacre, each side lost too many men. These explorer armies probably lost a lot of their friends and brothers, hence this reaction.’’


When Luo Feng and his team entered the base and headed towards the Three Axe Mountain side, they didn't know...others had already discovered him.

’’It's those four.’’

’’They're one less this time.’’

’’They actually returned, hurry and report to the Lord, these are the few that his majesty personally picked out.’’


A few silhouettes within the allied army base examined Luo Feng from far, following which some of them swiftly left to look for the prince's bodyguards to report.

Allied base, sacred land Black Dragon Mountain side, within a large tent.

The ninth prince Brolin sat in a chair, closing his eyes, eyebrows creased, as though troubled by something.

’’Your majesty.’’ A man ran in from outside, kneeling down on one knee.

’’Camelot.’’ Brolin opened his eyes, surveying the kneeling bodyguard.

’’Your majesty, our surveillance team has discovered four people! They are the ones you personally asked to kill before, also the ones that escaped in a universe ship, four of the five.’’ The bodyguard reported. Back then they actually kept watch on Luo Feng's five man team for half a night before following them out to kill them.

Hence they were very familiar with their appearances and strengths. The moment Luo Feng and his team arrived, they immediately recognized them.

’’Hm? Universe ship?’’ Brolin creased his eyebrows, revealing a smile, ’’I remember!’’

One and half months of massacre with Brolin commanding a large army. This had caused him to use a lot of strength and concentration to battle with the other armies, Luo Feng's incident was a small matter compared to that.

’’Continue to keep watch.’’ Brolin coldly ordered.


The bodyguard complied respectfully.


Within the Three Axe Mountain faction, whoever was under the Sector Lords or Domain Lords from Three Axe Mountain all gathered here the moment they arrived at the allied base. Luo Feng and his team thus entered the faction.

’’Master, the last time we were ordered by the ninth prince to be killed, they'll definitely recognize us. Our returned this time, they should have discovered us.’’ Au Go communicated via spirit energy.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


This was long within Luo Feng's calculations, however even if they were recognized, they'd still have to return to the allied base.

’’Even if I don't exchange for treasures, we still have to safely leave the world within a world, safely exiting the World of Thunder.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’However, if I haven't guessed wrong, there should be a team stationed at the exit of the world within a world! The moment any little team exits, they'll definitely be killed and robbed.’’

’’Only through following a large team can one exit.’’ Luo Feng was very clear on this point.

As for Brolin?

There was nothing to be afraid of!

The whole mixing in with the Three Axe Mountain faction and returning to Cang Lan Star, Luo Feng had never thought of acting alone. He would be following the faction and large group. Wherever they went and stationed, he would follow. When they leave the world within a world, he too would naturally leave along with them.

’’I don't believe he would dare make a move when I'm within this faction.’’ Luo Feng thought secretly, ’’Maybe in his eyes, he never thought of me as a target.’’

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Luo Feng.’’

Voices resounded, causing the deep in thought Luo Feng to awaken, he looked up and saw a skinny man, along with a tall and sturdy gold short haired man walking over, the skinny man smiled, ’’Luo Feng, This is Lord Bendi, the head captain of Three Axe Mountain's second large team.’’

Luo Feng was shocked, the golden short haired man before him had an aura much stronger than everybody else.

’’Lord Bendi.’’ Luo Feng bowed, beside him, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu bowed too.

Before they arrived, relying on Babata's scan, they already this allied base with a total of about 480,000 people, there were six universe levels! Obviously the long one and a half months of brutal battles, losing over a million Star level 9 warriors had forced out six Universe level breakthroughs.

Of which the Three Axe Mountain faction had two Universe level fighters!

’’Luo Feng? Lord Ming Yu has mentioned you before to me.’’ The golden haired tall and sturdy man smiled as he looked at Luo Feng and his team.


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