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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 42


Volume 09 Chapter 42 - A Month and a Half of Slaughter

The cloud contact vine's large physical structure along with it's strong cell regeneration, even if it got hit by a laser or rail gun, having a part of it destroyed, it could still regenerate. Hence in the world within a world, a Universe level 2 cloud contact vine was truly invincible.


About 10,000km away from the 16,300 man team, a universe ship parked on a grassy field.

Within the ship's control room.

A long vine entered the cabin, extending to the control room.

’’Cloud vine.’’ Luo Feng affectionately rubbed the cloud contact vine.

’’We've successfully killed nine captains, acquiring twelve storage items.’’ A voice resounded within, simultaneously, that long vine curled up and rested within the allied army.

’’Tell me the exact details of the situation!’’ Brolin's voice was cold.

’’The fourth large team, under your instructions were stationed at the swamp area. They were prepared to attack and rob other teams. However tonight, just before! There were three strong teams that attacked and surrounded the fourth large team. These three teams also had laser guns, and their strength was very much in an advantageous situation. That plus the fourth team didn't have enough time to react...they were defeated in an instant.’’

’’The fourth large team lost one third of their troops, with the rest dispersing and fleeing.’’

’’During the escape, they were discovered by other teams and chased and killed. This resulted in less than 10,000 survivors in the team.’’ The bodyguard said, ’’Right now the remaining lucky survivors are swiftly rushing towards the central region.’’

Brolin went silent for quite awhile.

’’Surrounding the fourth large team with three teams, just how many were there?’’ Brolin asked.

’’At least 60,000 people!’’ The bodyguard said.

’’You can leave first.’’ Brolin waved his hand.

The bodyguard left.

Only Brolin was left in the large tent, he squinted his eyes and pondered, muttering: ’’60,000 people? The thunderstones in this world within a world have almost been dug clean. The battles have begun even faster than what I predicted! What's more, in the blink of an eye, there is a 60,000 combined forces team...looks like the other sides aren't stupid.’’

Brolin controlled over 220,000 people, while if the other sides had lesser people, that would have been too advantageous for Brolin.

One had to know, each of the other large teams all had Sector Lords behind them!

Powerful Sector Lords, some friends while others in the same organizations. At crucial times like these, ordering their teams below them to team up was a very normal thing to do.

’’Have the battles begun?’’ Brolin licked his lips, eyes filled with madness, ’’bring it on!’’


Virtual Universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

In a two level quiet villa, the Apeman Chakra sat in a chair, two screens appeared before him, both with people in them.

’’Lord Chakra, that was really thrilling, Brolin's underlings were instantly defeated and they lost a good half of that team.’’

’’I believe that Brolin must be raging.’’

The two people on the screen spoke.

The Apeman Chakra laughed carefree, ’’you two, that was only our first attack! That Brolin may command a lot more troops than us, but with this loss, he'll be more cautious. However after showing off before, with every side taking him as an enemy, he won't have any good days to live!’’

’’Right, just one prince, daring to pick a fight with us! We have to teach him a good lesson this time, let him know...we aren't ones to be trifled with.’’

’’You two have to be careful too, that Brolin won't just let this incident go.’’


War, that was how it began suddenly!

During the digging for thunderstones period before, a few enormous teams (10,000 or above), exercised control and avoided battle.

However, since the three teams allied and attacked Brolin's fourth large team, the entire world within a world immediately boiled over and war erupted. Whether it was the large powers or individual explorers, or even the large teams combining forces! Even allied armies of over 10,000 troops were formed, large battles erupted in the world within a world.

’’Genetic long distance attack!’’


Colorful glaring beams of genetic energy, over 10,000 of them, came from one side of the army, breaking through the skies and headed towards another.

Star level 9 genetic energy, leaving the bodies and attacking!

With over 10,000 beams of them combined, the power wasn't any less than a C2 or C3 laser cannon.

’’Second team.’’

Pu! Pu! Pu!...

Spirit weapons gathered together, just like a school of fish, almost as though one person was commanding them all, over 1000 spirit weapons combining forces and attacking one point, following which they arced and attacked another.


Elite soldiers!

These Star level 9 warriors, were the largest and most powerful force within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, the elite soldiers of the two sacred lands and four large organizations. In terms of combined and synchronized attacks, they were very well trained.

In a flash, the vast million km of the world within a world was filled with battles all over, blood stained the entire land.

In the swamps.

A universe ship stopped within, and in the control room, Luo Feng and his team of four were within checking on the storage items.

’’Haha, acquiring so much in such a short time.’’ Thunder God laughed loudly.

’’When everybody was digging for the stones earlier, all their scanning equipment were on all the time! And now since the dig is over and the battles have begun, these equipment have no use.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’with their equipment off, the cloud contact vine can make its move on all the head captains.’’

90% of the time, within a large team, the treasures were held by the captain.

Hence, Luo Feng's rewards from killing all the little 1000 man team captains couldn't even compare to killing one head captain.

’’How many thunderstones do we have?’’ Hong asked.

’’We have close to 610,000, from that head captain's storage ring, and we also acquired the three treasures he exchanged for. These three are close to 800,000 thunderstones in total in price.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’It's better to hunt the head captains, it's more worth it.’’


In the world within a world, the 2 million man army was engaged in intense slaughter.

With many devious plans and ploys around, the teams could still maintain contact secretly due to the Virtual Universe Network.

It was troubled times!

And the Sector Lords behind those teams definitely couldn't just give up the treasures! Even if they lost a 10,000 strong team, as long as they could still acquire just one treasure, it was worth it! That was because with the Sector Lords' orders...these battles became a bloodbath! Star level 9 fighters, spirit readers, they were truly cannon fodder.


And in the process, Babata's coordination with the cloud contact vine worked with their sneak attacks.

When they first began, the teams in the world within a world were still oblivious, after all the communication between teams was sparse. However with the head captains dying numbers increasing, one had to the entire world within a world, just how many large teams were there? Every large team had at least 10,000 people.

When their sneak attacks resulted in the death of the sixth head captain...

The Sector Lords controlling gave the orders.

’’In the world within a world, there should be a Universe level spirit reader, his spirit weapon is able to penetrate the earth and dig! He used his digging to ambush a head captain. All squads need to be extra careful.’’ Following the warnings from the Sector Lords, the large teams became extra careful, causing Luo Feng's hunting efficiency to drop drastically.


The battles were bound to end one day.

The battles in the world within a world lasted about a month and a half, from the initial 2 million army, until the last remaining 600,000! One had to know...the 200,000 allied army in the central region didn't take part in the battles. That meant to say that the real battle between the 1.8 million people resulted in less than 400,000 left.

It was simply tragic!

In the dense forests, a universe ship was parked.

Within the control room.

’’It's ended, the battles have ended.’’ Luo Feng sighed, rubbing the cloud contact vine beside him, it proudly wiggled its vine body, following which, with a pop, it entered Luo Feng's skin and formed an armor.

’’Even though we only killed six head captains and the teams became extra cautious, our earnings are still not bad.’’ Thunder God said proudly.

Hong couldn't help but laugh too.

Luo Feng couldn't help but rub his finger, the storage ring was assimilated into his skin.

One and a half months! The earnings from this period were indeed huge.

’’We have a total of nine treasures and 9.08 million thunderstones!’’ Luo Feng smiled, looking at Thunder God and Hong, ’’first and second brother, it's time we returned to the allied army ground. These thunderstones have to be exchanged there.’’


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