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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 41


Volume 09 Chapter 41 - The Cloud Contact Vine's Power

’’Third brother.’’ Thunder God cleared his throat, staring at the cloud contact armor on Luo Feng, ’’Just how strong is this vine now?’’

Hong also stared at Luo Feng's cloud contact armor, obviously the huge aura of the vine contracting had completely stunned him.

’’I'm not too clear myself.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Cloud contact vine.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved, immediately a 2m long vine appeared from Luo Feng's body, landing on the ground beside him. ’’Babata, take a scan of this vine.’’ Luo Feng communicated mentally to Babata. The cloud contact vine, as a very special plant life form, was hard to scan for its power level.

Usually for humans, scanning their powers with quantum computers or AIs was simple. For beasts, space beasts, etc, these were simple too. Humans and beasts all belonged to the flesh and blood type of living creatures.

Plant life however were unlike the humans having miniature planets within, hence, testing was hard.

Especially like the cloud contact vine, the moment it shrank and entered a human's before when people looked at Luo Feng and tested his strength, they'd only be able to test Luo Feng's strength, no one was able to test the cloud contact vine's strength. This was because the vine was a special life form altogether.

Testing the vine's strength?

That would require the vine to leave it's host and make it release its aura alone.

’’Tsk tsk, not bad at all.’’ Babata seemed shocked.

’’How much?’’ Luo Feng asked mentally.

’’The cloud contact vine's level is...Universe level 2!’’ Babata said, ’’The cloud contact vine is a very strong and durable life form, at the same level and grade, 99.99% of humans aren't a match against one. Yours was cultivated and nurtured well, when it reached the Universe level, it developed seventy two main vines and every one of them is akin to a Universe level 2 human fighter, with the combined forces of the seventy two vines...along with its shocking cell strength! Cutting off a vine and being able to quickly regenerate, Universe level 3 humans aren't even a match.’’

A Universe level 2 cloud contact vine was much weaker than the same level and grade Golden Horned Beast. The Golden Horned Beast at Star level 7 was already capable of easily killing Star level 9 humans.

The cloud contact vine, relying on its cell strength, seventy two main vines, could still put up a fight against Universe level 4 humans.


After a while, Luo Feng and his group called out the universe ship, placing it deep within a river in the mountain region.

Universe ship, control room.

Dressed in alloy armor, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God stood at the control board, looking ahead at the virtual screen before them. Ao Gu was still within the cabin resting.

’’The biggest scan of the world within a world.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Yes master,’’ the ship's AI replied respectfully. This ship was considered stock. Babata hadn't made any adjustments to it, hence the ship's AI... was still the stock AI provided when they were building the ship.


The screen before them immediately displayed the huge scene of the world within a world.

’’Luo Feng, just how wide is this ship's scanning area?’’ Thunder God asked.

’’With the ship as the center, 100,000km.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’That's quite a wide area.’’ Hong nodded.

Universe ships all came with their own scanning equipment, if any universe explorer ship was to arrive on a planet, it could definitely in a short amount of time scan the approximate condition of the entire planet. However these scanning equipment were primitive, it could only give an estimate of the population, whether there were any shocking amounts of energy or abnormalities etc.

As for the planet's minerals, accurate population and strength etc, it couldn't detect.

These scans emphasized the area and size.

And Babata's scanning equipment, even though it only had a 20 km area, however it could scan the planet's mineral construct, human strengths, armor grades, materials, the human's mental aptitudes, etc. All in very specific details.

’’Master, there are 32,169 humans in this area.’’ The ship's AI reported.

’’32,169 of them?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, ’’Separated into how many teams?’’

’’One team has 16, 300 humans, another has 10,000, another has 5862, and one team has 7.’’ The ship's AI reported respectfully.

At the same time, the virtual screen swiftly split into four scenes, each displaying the four teams, and the seven man team was currently being the largest team of 16,300 explorers, split into three groups to chase them.

’’It's over, these seven cannot escape.’’ Thunder God stared.

’’They cannot escape, they've been surrounded.’’ Hong said.

Luo Feng sighed.

In this world within a world, it was hard for such little teams to survive.

’’The first target will be this 16,300 man team.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Hm?’’ Thunder God looked shocked as he turned around.

’’You have guarantee?’’ Hong asked suspiciously.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

In the vast grass fields.

A team of seven was currently surrounded by many other explorers.

’’We surrender.’’

’’We surrender, don't kill us, we have thunderstones, we are willing to give our thunderstones.’’

The seven man team shouted loudly, their faces filled with fear, that was because in all directions, they were surrounded by three large teams, each with up to 1,000 and even 3,000 people, how could they escape?

’’Haha, surrender?’’

’’Why should we accept your surrender?’’

The three teams were far away before, however in the blink of an eye they closed a few tens of kilometers, forcing the seven man team in the center into a corner. The three teams, one with 3,000 people laughed as they looked at the small team, this was because they had full guarantee of their victory, hence they didn't rush to kill them.

’’Haha, after killing you all, we'll still be able to get your thunderstones.’’ A strong looking man with black stripes on his face laughed loudly.

The people in the seven man team's faces went pale.

’’Weren't you gathering us before?’’ The captain of the small team, a handsome man with golden gleaming hair shouted loudly, ’’you said before as long as we were willing to join you all and help you collect thunderstones, with your organization's name at stake, you would guarantee our safety,:

’’Haha, stupid. That's at the allied army base. At the base, it is forbidden to kill. Hence we gathered you.’’

’’And at the other places in this world within a world, we can kill you directly. Everything of yours belongs to us, including the universe crystals.’’

’’Poor fools, you've been too greedy!’’

The 3,000 man team surrounded the little team of seven.

The seven man team was completely devastated.

’’Captain.’’ The other six looked at the golden haired man, he could only shake his head painfully, raising it up, ’’I'm begging you, I'll give you our universe crystals, thunderstones, just spare our lives.’’

’’Still dreaming?’’

’’So stupid.’’

’’Poor fools.’’ The 3,000 man team laughed.

’’Stop playing around, kill them.’’ A bald man with a face full of scales shouted.


Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

In the despairing looks of the seven man team, a rain of spirit weapons shot over, immediately tearing them to shreds! And following which, the three teams surrounded the corpses, one member swiftly flew over and took all their treasures.

’’Captain.’’ The member gave the storage rings to the bald scaled man.

’’Yes.’’ The bald man nodded, ’’Let's return.’’

Among the vast teams, the bald man was just about to check what treasures they got from the storage rings when suddenly...

As quick as lightning!

Little vines suddenly broke through the soil below, swiftly binding the bald man's legs and violently dragging him underground!


A large hole immediately appeared in the ground and the bald scale man vanished.

Two other vice captains beside him who initially had smiling faces and were carefree suddenly turned to realize, the captain that was standing beside them had suddenly vanished and there was a hole in the ground.


The two vice captains stared wide eyed at the hole.


’’What's going on?’’

’’Where's the captain?’’ The 2 vice captains and surrounding members were all stunned, under their watch, someone was actually stolen away.

’’The captain is below, no life force, he's dead.’’ A spirit reader member shouted, ’’12m underground.’’

Immediately a group of Star level 9 explorers began digging underground, very quickly finding their captain's body, bringing it back up to the surface.


’’My god...’’

The two vice captains and surrounding members all looked shocked at the dead body, his head was burst open, beyond death. The most shocking thing of his fingers was broken off, and it was the one wearing the storage ring!

’’Quickly inform the main captain. The captain has been killed and the storage ring has been taken!’’


And deep underground.

A long thin vine swiftly retracted, on it was a leaf, wrapped around the broken finger and storage ring. The vine was even wearing a bracelet, the bracelet that Babata was stored in.

Babata let out his scanning radius, swiftly connecting to the universe ship's 100,000 km area signal.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng.’’

’’Received, received.’’ Luo Feng stood within the universe ship.

’’Three main vines separately killing the three captains of the teams. Success.’’

’’Very good. Continue dealing with that huge team.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Ok. However...that large team may very likely have detailed scanning equipment. That's what they use to scan for the thunderstones, those might discover the cloud contact vine.’’ Babata said, ’’If I discover any of these equipment and their signal, I'll stop the hunt.’’

’’Alright, this hunt, the priority is to not let the other teams discover the cloud contact vine. Guarantee its secrecy.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Alright, then I'll continue.’’ Babata disconnected the call.

This hunt...

Relied heavily on the cloud contact vine with its piercing through the ground, and with Babata instructing it around. With his scanning area and level, it was naturally incomparably clear. With the cloud contact vine's strength, they truly had no fear of any team.


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