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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 40


Volume 09 Chapter 40 - Universe Level

’’Yes your majesty!’’

The three bodyguards knelt down respectfully.

’’My speed was definitely sufficient, I didn't expect some other party to acquire 10 million Thunder Stones within that short time too.’’ Brolin sat in his chair, his long pale fingers tapped on on the arms of the chair, suddenly his eyes gleamed, ordering, ’’Give the order, let the 1st, 2nd and 6th team swiftly draw close to the center region, station themselves about 10,000km around the center region.’’


The three complied, swiftly leaving the tent.

Only Brolin was left in the tent.

He sat in the chair pondering, as for Luo Feng and his team of 5, Brolin didn't even bother to think the vast empire of the black dragon mountain empire territory, there were many examples of people getting lucky and acquiring treasures, what's more within this black dragon empire region, he even dared to kill the elites from the other groups.

There wasn't anyone he couldn't trifle with!

If Luo Feng and his team truly had a large background, the word from an absolute fighter would have come down already. To the 9th prince who was so high above others, those five weren't a match at all.

’’Vicious, someone actually had the gall to take the inheritance crystal ball passcode from under me.’’ Brolin muttered, ’’Is it the Holy Sea of Frost? Three Axe Mountain? Hundred Tiger Building? Black Cloud Guild? North Dragon Castle?’’ Even the families were a probability, Brolin wasn't sure at all just who had taken that last passcode.

About 10,000km from the center region, the grass fields had many explorers gathering.

Many had prepared their tents, these tents' materials were similar to the alloy armors, incredibly sturdy.

In one of the larger tents.

A tall and sturdy, about 3m tall black gorilla man sat within, his strong pectorals forced the armor on his body to slightly protrude, his head was almost totally similar to that of a black gorilla, his bulging eyes with a sense of madness. The apeman race was a large race within the universe.

The apeman could be specifically divided into over a hundred races, many of which were brave and valiant soldiers.

And him, Chakra, was one of the previous absolute warriors of the Three Axe Mountain underlings, sector lord Tian Chen, a star level 9 warrior. Initially, he was simply one of the countless star level 9 cannon fodder, however now...

’’Chuckle, chuckle...’’ A weird sound resounded from Chakra's throat, his eyes filled with excitement.

’’I never expected to be able to break through.’’

’’Hahaha, this world within a world is indeed my lucky place, the lady of luck has chosen to shine down on me Chakra.’’ Chakra was extremely excited.


He was excited, incomparably excited.

That was because he had broken through from the star level 9 to the universe level 1!

Back when I was drafted from Wei Ke star, I had made a vow to definitely become the greatest warrior. All this, is really happening, it's happening!’’ Chakra couldn't forget his 3000 year life.

He was forcefully taken from his home ground Wei Ke star.

Going through training, sold, transferred again, finally becoming one of the soldiers under the sector lord Jiang Tian Chen, finally reaching star level 9 through hard training, just one of many elite soldiers. A long tedious 3000 year struggle, he was very clear...if he didn't reach the universe level, he would always remain one of the small fries!

Star level 9 and universe level!

It was just a step difference, however that step was akin to the distance between heaven and earth.

’’I just broke through and became a universe level and I've already become the Main captain of the large team by the Sector lord, and the original captain has become my assistant. What's more the lord has even given me 30 life planets as my territory. Haha...I definitely have to acquire 3000, no, 30,000 women and produce a lot of children.’’ The apeman Chakra thought excitedly within.


Two voices resounded from outside.

’’Enter.’’ Chakra said indifferently.

Two silhouettes entered, these two, one was a star level 2 while the other was star level 3. They were the two leading members under another sector lord from the Three Axe Mountain.

Each leaders of their own teams, however they were usually only star level 2 or 3. That was because they were elites, geniuses!

Ironically, the large group of star level 9s were only cannon fodder, that was because the hope of the cannon fodder breaking through to the universe level wasn't large.

’’Didn't expect a stupid apeman to break through to the universe level.’’

’’This kind of luck, it's simply a step to heaven.’’

The two youths thought within.

’’Lord.’’ The two slight bowed, one of the youths smiled, ’’Lord Chakra, I wonder if you've acquired the passcode already?’’

’’One of the inheritance passcodes, I've already acquired and transferred it via the virtual universe, telling the noble sector lord.’’ Chakra's voice was bright and clear, however there was a genetic barrier around the entire tent, preventing any sound from escaping.

’’Lord Chakra is indeed formidable.’’ The 2 complimented.


Apeman Chakra nodded, his black nose snorted out warm air, ’’The two of your armies should have gathered already right.’’

’’Yes Lord.’’ The 2 bowed.

’’Very well.’’ The apeman Chakra praised, his eyes gleaming, his aura surging out from his body, causing the 2 youths to feel pressure, as though the end of the world was nigh.

’’Hm?’’ The apeman Chakra suddenly creased his eyebrows.

’’You two can go.’’ Chakra waved his hand.


The two youths bowed and left.

Normally, star level 9s were their bodyguards, however this cannon fodder apeman actually broke through to the universe level, one had to know that out of the elites and geniuses, even amongst them the chances of breaking through to the universe level was extremely low. In terms of position, they were far below that of this universe level warrior Chakra.

If they didn't break through, they would become bodyguards and cannon fodder.

The moment they broke through, they would immediately own planets and territories, becoming huge figures.


World within a world, there were a total of close to 2 million star level 9s! And even if 10 galaxies of star level 9s combined together, there was hardly 2 million star level 9s! And these star level 9s, were all elites picked by the sector lords, domain lords and other strong figures.

With sufficient time...

Out of the 2 million star level 9s, 6 or 7 universe levels breaking through were possible. However that required sufficient time! Hence in these sort of life or death situations, 1 universe level breaking through out of the 2 million star level 9 army was indeed normal.

How much treasure the 9th prince Brolin exchanged for was a secret!

Even the fact that the underling from the Three Axe Mountain, Chakra, becoming a universe level, was a secret!

And at that time...

Luo Feng's cloud contact vine evolving, was also a secret!


World within a world, outer rims, the vast continuous mountain region.

Luo Feng stood within the vegetation, lowering his head to look at his arm screen, on it displayed blood red vines that were evolving at a rapid rate, almost like boiling water, the vines had already seemed to have become much thicker and stronger, with green leaves popping out from them only to be re absorbed and disappear. Occasionally, there were several protrusions that simply exploded just like bubbles.

’’Chi chi...’’

A large amount of vines and thinner vines were madly waving about.

Even though it was evolving underground, Luo Feng could still feel the earth shake through it's violent movements.

’’3rd brother.’’

’’3rd brother.’’

3 human silhouettes ran over from far, it was Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu, who was already capable of walking.

3rd, it's been over 2 hours, is it not done yet?’’ Thunder God ran over.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Take a look.’’

Following which, Luo Feng extended his arm and the screen displayed the scene of the vines evolving, as the cloud contact vine was simply too huge, it was also why Babata could only display a segment of it at a time, naturally the only segment being displayed was its core body part, the center.

’’Peculiar indeed.’’ Thunder God stared wide eyed.

’’Is it shedding?’’ Hong stared wide eyed, curious.

Luo Feng stared too, at the time, the thick vines were undergoing rapid change, with the vines constantly shedding large layers of broken skin, revealing fresher vines within, but with its rapid twisting and movement, it would once again shed and the vines gradually got thicker and longer.

Almost as though a tree seed growing into a large tree, but condensed into 2 to 3 hours.

’’After eating the life fruit, evolution that would normally take many years is happening within a short time.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Hence, it's normal for it to be peculiar.’’

’’Just how big is this cloud contact vine now?’’ Thunder God asked.

’’The scan is unable to check its entire body, however, through deduction, right now the vine, one vine's length can already reach about 210 km.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’210km?’’ Thunder God and Hong were shocked.

Just how long was 210km? The highways on earth, some of the shorter ones were only that length, and just one vine from this was that long?

’’And right now the cloud contact vine has a total of 72 main vines.’’ Luo Feng said.

Thunder God and Hong imagined, 72 main vines that were 210km long, all wrapped around protecting Luo Feng...that was crazy. Compared to his cloud contact vine, even the golden horned beast from back then was smaller by quite a bit.

Luo Feng continued to stare hard at the screen.

The evolution persisted.

Time passed by the minutes and seconds, Hong and Thunder God too didn't ask anymore, just patiently waiting...The vine on the screen gave off a feeling of immense and unlimited power, the original blood red color of the vines before became even thicker, into an even darker red!

’’Howl!’’ A thought filled with immense elation and devotion transmitted to Luo Feng's mind.

’’The evolution is a success.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.


Deep underground, the 72 long vines that had reached 300km each swiftly retracted, as for their thin vines and leaves, they too quickly disappeared. Simultaneously while the vines retracted, the cloud contact vine headed towards the surface, causing the ground below Luo feng to tremor, as though an enormous object was about to break through.


After shrinking a hundred times from it's original size, the cloud contact vine broke through the surface, still huge as ever!

72 vines shrunk to 3 km each, about 30cm thick, dark red long vines that danced in the night, simultaneously, the incomparably thick and huge vines wrapped around Luo Feng, shrinking rapidly! Within the blink of an eye, the cloud contact vine that originally covered the lands and skies had swiftly shrunk onto Luo Feng's body and became small and adorable.

It's core root entered Luo Feng's skin.

72 little vines as thick as thumb continued to disperse over a 100m area, dancing about, forming a dark red armor, helmet and boots on Luo Feng's body! Even Luo Feng's fingers were covered, like gloves.

Luo Feng could feel the strength of the cloud contact armor on him.

Even if he didn't use much strength, with a punch, just the explosive power of the cloud contact vine was enough to lay waste to a 100km of earth, rippling over a 1,000km further. This level of strength...was even stronger than when Luo Feng used the natural strengthening ability of the Golden horned beast at star level 9!


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