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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 4


Volume 09 Chapter 4 - Action

Luo Feng and his two brothers drank their wine as though there was no one else there, Nuolan Shan stood beside them with an extremely ugly expression, the other two bald universe mercenaries too seemed displeased. This was because in the virtual universe, maintaining respect for the strong was the most basic form of courtesy. From their point of view, these three youths before them were excessively arrogant.

’’This...’’ Heruo and Buleimu looked at each other, not daring to make a sound.

’’This wine is not bad! If it were in the real world, its price would be at least a hundred times of this?’’ Thunder God complimented.

’’And it'd be really hard to get your hands on it.’’ Hong said.

’’There are so many good things about the virtual universe!’’ Luo Feng complimented.

Nuolan Shan's eye muscles twitched a few times, using a venomous gaze to sweep past the three at the table, suddenly scolding softly: ’’three disrespectful little brats.’’ Luo Feng carried on not looking at him, ’’I'll let you all know, even in the virtual universe, you have to respect the strong!’’


His right leg moved just like a huge scythe, slicing past the air, as fast as lightning, heading towards Luo Feng.

’’You dare to make a move?’’

Luo Feng roared softly, his body fiercely jolting backwards, at the same time using his left shoulder to block the leg. Peng! Nuolan Shan's right leg violently smashed into Luo Feng's shoulder, Luo Feng's entire body was immediately forced back a few steps, his eyes gleamed, staring at the wine and dishes etc beside. The wine bottle, dishes all immediately floated up and flew over towards Nuolan Shan.

’’Fight!’’ Thunder God roared loudly.

’’Hmph!’’ Hong too moved like lightning and joined the fray.

Everyone was stuck in a beginner level wargod body, so there was nothing to be afraid of!

’’Be careful, his force exertions are greater than ours’’ Luo Feng shouted, he was long prepared for Nuolan Shan exploding and attacking him, however that kick still far exceeded what Luo Feng had anticipated, his shoulder was still in immense pain.

’’Fighting with me?’’

Nuolan Shan coldly swung a kick Thunder God who was the first to rush in, Thunder God's entire waist section twisted slightly, almost like a twisted piece of fried dough, dodging the kick, and his fist swung in an arc that had a sudden boost in speed, strangely whistling as it headed towards Nuolan Shan. Nuolan Shan's eyebrows creased, the left kick he had thrown out became a horizontal slice, slicing towards Thunder God's waist, creating tremor from the impact.

’’Hmph.’’ Thunder God's body softened and absorbed the impact, just like cotton candy, wrapping himself around Nuolan Shan's left leg and simultaneously getting prepared to use a binding killing technique.

’’Soft methods?’’ Nuolan Shan's expression changed slightly.


The individual muscles within his left leg suddenly softened and collapsed, at the same time, just like a big slippery snake, slipping swiftly out of the binding hold.


A terrifying exploding sound, Hong's right leg was like a sharp cone piercing towards Nuolan Shan's head, Nuolan Shan smiled malevolently and rushed ahead instead, his body crouched a little lower, easily avoiding the kick! But Hong's right kick actually immediately hacked downwards as it headed straight towards Nuolan Shan's head!

’’Get lost!’’ Nuolan Shan scolded, actually using his head to hit the leg, his neck suddenly seemed to have thickened by two or three layers.


The hard head meets the hard leg, Hong's entire body seemed to lose his center and balance, toppling over to the side. Thunder God's hands both became like a gentle lover's caress, 10 fingers swaying, like a strong wind blowing straight towards Nuolan Shan's flushed red face, but if one looked carefully, it felt like every one of the fingers were pythons.

’’Chi chi...’’ Hong once again got up and rushed over, punch after punch, each heavier than before, like a tidal wave, extremely unrelenting.

’’Destroy his spirit!’’

Standing not too far away, Luo Feng commanded softly.

A needle like spirit energy immediately pierced towards Nuolan Shan's brain.

’’Get lost!!!’’ Nuolan Shan shouted fiercely, his eyes raging, his arms seemed to suddenly expand and get bigger, at the same time having a peculiar piercing power, simultaneously dispersing Thunder God's palms, Hong's fists and at the same time hitting the two on their chests, causing Hong and Thunder God to spit blood and fly backwards.


Many people within the spacious hall of the killing fields looked over.

’’Whatever we've destroyed, put it on my bill.’’ Nuolan Shan yelled, before looking coldly at Luo Feng and the others.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were extremely shocked.

Usually against the same level of opponent, Luo Feng's spirit energy attacks could usually completely decimate the opponent, however...this time, without any spirit weapons in the huge hall, Luo Feng could only rely on attacking his mental capacity. However, it didn't seem to affect Nuolan Shan at all. And Hong and Thunder God, during the Great Nirvana, one was a master at martial arts, while the other was a yoga master and martial artist, the two were both extremely adept at close hand battles, and this time they actually both lost to one person.

One had to know, everyone's body build and spiritual force were of the same strength.

This was the virtual universe, every single person's body build was exactly the same.

’’Just you, you think you can use spirit energy to attack and defeat me?’’ Nuolan Shan looked at the distant and clearly shocked Lou Feng, coldly laughing, ’’In the Battle-axe Colosseum, if I couldn't deal with spirit attacks, how do you think I could have survived, much less win a thousand battles and acquire the Battle-axe warrior status!’’

Even though their spirit energy levels were similar, however the consciousness level, as a Battle-axe Universe level 9 warrior, his consciousness was indeed very strong.

’’As for you two.’’

’’Don't think that just because we have similar bodies you can look down on a Universe level warrior! Even with the same bodies, the strong can still easily subdue you two.’’

’’Well said!’’ The Universe Mercenary Kunxi shouted from beside.


’’Even in the virtual universe, the weak still have to respect the strong!’’

’’Be it consciousness, skills, experience, unleashing of strength etc, these little brats are too far off. And they are arrogant!’’ Immediately beside them, a few universe level warriors began talking, countless people looked on with weird gazes at Luo Feng and his 2 brothers. These 3 brats actually dared to disrespect universe levels?

Respecting the strong in the universe was the most basic form of courtesy!

’’They deserve it.’’

’’The deserved to be taught a lesson.’’ Many people began to chime in.

Hong, Luo Feng and Thunder god's expressions were ice cold.

’’Nuolan Shan!’’

Luo Feng said coldly, ’’Respecting the strong is the most basic form of courtesy, but before, within the killing fields, I've never once offended the strong! However you, you scum, because of your greed, you've killed so many of my fellow race people, up to tens of millions?’’ The humans of Earth had indeed lost many lives because of the Nuolan Shan family.

With multiple battles, the ones lost to the shockwaves and impacts were many.

Along with the arrival of the Nuolan Shan family arrival causing the bases of the entire world to go into chaos, with all the robbing and riots, within the chaos, many more died.

’’And you even wanted to use force to buy my planet?’’

’’Killing my people, using force to buy my planet, and you still want me to respect you, bullshit! Dream on.’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and spit fiercely, Nuolan Shan's expression kept changing, however he had no way to refute, whatever Luo Feng said was indeed true. Many of the people with huge backgrounds around them came from the various continents of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire all nodded their heads, so it was like that, no wonder this group of youths actually fought it out with this Battle-axe warrior.


’’No wonder.’’

’’This youth really has guts.’’

The situation became clear to those around, with a feud between the two, it was natural that all forms of respect was thrown out the window.

Nuolan Shan looked at Luo Feng, slightly nodding his head, ’’A mouth that really knows how to speak.’’

’’It's not that I really know how to speak, it's filled with logic! As long as it's the truth and upright, I naturally won't be afraid of you, I won't bow down to you.’’ Luo Feng stared at Nuolan Shan, coldly smiling, ’’Mr. Nuolan Shan, if it wasn't for your greed, we three brothers were simply drinking wine here, why'd you have to come bully us young ones?’’

Nuolan Shan raged from within, yet not knowing what to say, clenching his fists hard.

’’What, you want to fight again?’’ Thunder God mocked.

’’We cannot fight and win against some like you who has the title of Battle-axe warrior and is also an elder at the Universe level 9.’’ Hong too couldn't help but provoke him.

’’Big brother, second brother, let us go.’’ Luo Feng waved.

’’Let's go.’’ Hong said.

’’People like these aren't worth our words.’’ Thunder God joined in.

Luo Feng and the other two headed straight towards the exit of the big hall.

Nuolan Shan's expression was ashen, raging from within, however he was indeed clear that he was eyeing Earth, eyeing its treasures, and since it was greed, he wasn't upright at all. And now since he didn't wish to speak about the matter, because he didn't want anybody else to discover the treasures of Earth!

’’Luo Feng!’’ Nuolan Shan said coldly.

Luo Feng turned to look at Nuolan Shan, smiling, ’’Mr. Nuolan Shan, what other matters do you have?’’

’’Just now when I fought you all, aren't you very dissatisfied?’’ Nuolan Shan squinted his eyes.

’’Yes, I am.’’ Luo Feng said coldly, ’’You, a Universe level 9 warrior, with experience, strength, consciousness, etc, all stronger than us, the battle wasn't even fair, and you think I'll be satisfied?’’

’’I'll give you another chance.’’

Nuolan Shan snorted softly, ’’I'll find three underlings of the same level and grade as you all to fight on three different battlefields! As long as out of the three battles, you are able to win one battle...then you'll be considered the winners of this entire gamble. I'll give you 10 billion Ganwu dollars. However if you all don't even win one battle, you give me your planet.’’

’’A gambling battle is fine, but the bet being the planet? No way.’’ Luo Feng looked at Nuolan Shan.

Nuolan Shan was extremely enraged, to the point he grinded his teeth.

This Luo Feng, he valued this Earth far too much.

Did this Luo Feng not know...

Even though it had the automaton ship and such level of treasures, with Luo Feng's background, the moment he took it out, it would be snatched away by others.

’’Immediately exchanging it for 100 billion Ganwu dollars, he wasn't even willing, its 100 billion Ganwu dollars!’’

He was really hoping beyond all hope to acquire the rights to Earth, that way, even if he couldn't excavate all the treasures of Earth, he could still auction off the planet, selling off all the treasures in one go! With the rights to the planet, conducting all the businesses would be a lot more convenient, there wouldn't be a need to sneakily send two universe levels to invade Earth.

This sort of action, was called theft!

And the thing that Nuolan Shan was most worried about was that Luo Feng had already claimed the rights from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, meaning that the families of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire knew how to head towards Earth.

Nuolan Shan was afraid...

That those big families, would start having interest towards Earth, sending armies through the wormhole and towards Earth.

After all the Nuolan Shan family, was only the third family in the Kaluo empire. And the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's critical people within the bigger families, usually the founders were all Sector Lords! If that level of family were to intervene, his Nuolan Shan family wouldn't stand a chance at all.


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