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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 39


Volume 09 Chapter 39 - A Dog with its Tail between its Legs

Brolin?’’ Luo Feng clenched his fists, his knuckles pale, cracking sounds coming from them. His eyes filled with killing intent, raging from within.

’’Third brother, are you alright?’’ Hong who was beside him asked shocked.

Taking a deep breath, heavily suppressing his rage.

’’No problem.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

No one else knew, but Luo Feng was very clear that after becoming the Golden Horned Beast, he was affected by its characteristics! Back when he massacred in the Killing Fields, he felt a huge sense of relief, however since he relieved himself through that madness, the killing intent within his bones only grew stronger.

Just like a strong addictive poison, when he couldn't bear it anymore he would take the poison again and relieve it, however the addiction would only get stronger.

One theory was that Luo Feng was now addicted to killing. And the Golden Horned Beast, as the leading bloodline of the twelve species of space beasts, with its strong offensive characteristics, its cold savageness and brutality was purely from its bones and soul, no one had ever heard of a kind and gentle Golden Horned Beast.

’’Third brother?’’ Thunder God also walked over.

’’I'm fine.’’ Luo Feng squatted down beside the heavily injured Ao Gu, his dark red hair was in a mess, his face still pale from the injuries, this made Luo Feng bite down on his lips.

Luo Feng looked up at his two older brothers, Hong and Thunder God were both old enough to be his grandfathers, of course they naturally cared about the youngest, peerlessly talented third brother.

’’First and second brother, relax, I won't let my rage take control.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Phew, that's good.’’ Thunder God nodded, ’’We cannot forget this grudge, but we have to remain calm! Just like when your big brother and I experienced the Great Nirvana period before, many humans died and cities were destroyed by the attacks of the beasts. However enraged we became, we still had to bear with it!’’

’’Compared to that, this little grudge really doesn't mean much, when we get the chance, we'll kill him.’’ Thunder God said casually.

Hong nodded too.

In terms of experience, Hong and Thunder God were indeed much more experienced than Luo Feng.

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Also, those people were sent by the ninth prince Brolin! Compared to him, we have no resistance at all.’’

’’Brolin?’’ Hong and Thunder God were both taken aback.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’During the time we wandered around the allied army before, I recorded everybody's data and appearances with the surveillance device. Those are the underlings of Brolin.’’

’’That's troublesome.’’ Thunder God shook his head.

’’This grudge will be hard to repay.’’ Hong shook his head, ’’We'll have to bear with it for a long time.’’

Luo Feng was clear too.

Brolin, that level of status, in the vast Black Dragon Mountain star field, was definitely considered one of the upper echelons.

’’Nan He's death, we cannot just let it go too.’’ Thunder God sneered, ’’I don't believe the other powers will just watch as Brolin takes control! Afterall from the 2 million army, that Brolin only controls a little more than 220,000. When the battles really begin, we'll get him at the crucial time!’’

Hong too smiled.

’’That'll have to wait until the cloud contact vine evolves too.’’ Luo Feng said.


The Universe ship constantly distanced itself further from the central region, swiftly flying towards the outer rims.

Along the way.

The news of the appearance of a universe ship in the world within a world was spread as much as possible.

In the outer rims of the world within a world, in the vast uneven mountain range, a universe ship appeared in mid air before vanishing again.

In a dark cave within the mountain range.

’’First and second brother, you two help look after Ao Gu.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Ok.’’ Hong nodded.

’’Relax.’’ Thunder God smiled.

’’Master, I'm fine.’’ Ao Gu shouted, he had recovered quite a bit from before.

Luo Feng glanced at him, smiling as he swiftly flew out of the cave, a few kilometers away. The vegetation and trees on the mountain range had grown for ten million years, it was thick and lush.

Dressed in alloy armor, Luo Feng stood on the soil ground, his eyes sharp like knives as he surveyed his surroundings.


Luo Feng transmitted his thoughts.

’’Howl!’’ The cloud contact vine happily replied, Luo Feng opened both his hands and immediately vines madly extended out, piercing in all directions...with Luo Feng as the venter, the vines were close to 1m thick with lengths that couldn't be seen from end to end, almost like super large snakes that covered both the land and skies were moving about.

Simultaneously, those thick and long vines extended smaller vines and even leaves.

It covered the land and skies!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The large number of vines and roots dug straight into the soil, almost like piercing through tofu, swiftly extending deep underground.


Every vine grew to 30,000m, which was 30km! A total of 36 vines that were 30 km long, on them were large amounts of smaller vines and leaves, along with lush amounts of roots and networks, in the blink of an eye, the entire mountain region and its surroundings was totally covered with the cloud contact vine's vines and roots.

The cloud contact vine's core, was Luo Feng, who was dressed in his alloy armor.

’’Right now is the most crucial time.’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath, a large leaf shook in front of him.

With a flip of his hand, that almost translucent stone box appeared. He stared at the colors vaguely shimmering from the box, taking a deep breath before opening it.


The moment the box was opened, he shook his hand and the thick aromatic life fruit immediately flew up and headed straight for the huge leaf. The leaf fiercely extended upwards, almost like a large mouth, immediately swallowing the life fruit whole.

Chi chi...

The huge leaf swiftly retracted and went underground.

’’Such a pity.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, One life fruit, something even Sector Lords treasure so much. If used to exchange for Universe slaves, we could even exchange for a whole bunch of of them! And right now it's given to a cloud contact vine, it is such a pity.’’

’’Ten birds in the forest cannot compare to one in hand. Babata, this is what you told me.’’

’’I know what to do, but it is still a pity. It's a waste of a treasure.’’ Babata sighed.

Luo Feng was fully concentrated on the cloud contact vine, ’’Babata, how long do we have to wait?’’

’’Why don't you look for yourself?’’ Babata said indifferently.

Immediately, Luo Feng looked at his the screen that was projected from his arm, the thick vines began to emit shining green lights that revolved about, and the body itself was almost like a heart, pulsing and expanding and contracting constantly, however every time it expanded after contracting, it seemed like it would grow by quite a bit.

World within a world, central region.

Allied army, Black Dragon Mountain sacred land center, within a large tent.


The tea cup flew as fast as lightning, violently smashing against the floor and bursting apart with its pieces shattering in all directions, hitting the sides of the tent.

Bastards, bastards, bastards, a bunch of bastards.’’ Brolin stood in the large tent, raging as he roared, ’’I told them to increase their speeds and they grow overconfident. Now? I've only got two of the three pass codes. Just that one passcode...without that, there's no way to get the inheritance crystal ball!’’

’’Stupid, a bunch of idiots.’’


Brolin cursed madly, without any of his former composure, losing all sense of self.

One couldn't blame him, he was from the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land, and before his grandfather and other elders, he said he would definitely get the inheritance crystal ball and give it to his grandfather. The ninth prince Brolin was very clear, in terms of position and status among the other princes, he was special only because his mother's lineage was strong!

With his grandfather's blessings, he definitely had to work hard to get the inheritance crystal ball to him.

However, who would have thought that when he went to exchange for the second passcode earlier, the living AI, the white bearded old man would exclaim and say, ’’Little punk, your luck is good. There's only one passcode left of the three, if you were a little later, you wouldn't have been able to get this second passcode anymore.’’

’’Good luck my ass!’’

’’Good luck my ass.’’ Brolin's expression was pained.


Only with the complete three passcodes would one be able to acquire the inheritance crystal ball. Without the other number, the two pass codes he had were useless.

’’Puff, puff.’’ Bu Luo Lin's breathing was heavy, his gaze swept past the two bodyguards before him.

The two bodyguards were both on one knee kneeling, not daring to make a sound.

’’Your majesty, ’’A silhouette ran in from outside, it was one of Brolin's bodyguards Camelot.

’’Hm?’’ Brolin coldly stared at him.

The bodyguard Camelot was shocked, kneeling down and saying respectfully, ’’Your majesty, earlier we sent a 1000 man team to chase and kill that five man team, however...we didn't expect them to actually bring a universe ship along with them.’’

’’What, a universe ship?’’ Bu Luo Lin creased his eyebrows.

’’Right, a universe ship.’’ Camelot said, ’’The enemy took out a universe ship and escaped.’’

The two bodyguards kneeling beside glanced at each other, beyond shocked. There was actually someone who brought a universe ship into the world within a world...that was too unbelievable.

’’Forging a storage space item requires cutting up a space in the universe to make the item.’’ Brolin creased his eyebrows, thinking within, ’’The bigger the space, the harder the actual process of slicing up the space. To be able to store something as huge as a universe ship, this level of storage space's said that only the Undying Beings can create something like that.’’

’’Every one of them is priced extremely high.’’ Brolin was suspicious, ’’And that five man team actually brought a universe ship in.’’

Brolin was very suspicious.

This was because with his status as the ninth prince, the last item his grandfather actually got for him was a storage ring, and that could barely fit a universe ship in. Back then his grandfather even very carefully explained the details of such a high level storage item and its price and worth.

’’They may have gotten lucky, picking it up from some warrior along the way.’’ Brolin didn't overthink it.

’’Give the order, pass the information of these five to the seven large teams, if anyone discovers them, kill them.’’ Brolin ordered, at the same time his eyes gleaming with severity, ’’These five are a small matter, most important thing now is to find out who managed to get the last passcode!’’


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