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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 38


Volume 09 Chapter 38 - Sudden Waves

Late night, the winds howled.

World within a world, amongst the allied army.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder exchanged glances and revealed smiles.

’’Let's go.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

The five man team swiftly stood up and seemingly casually moved towards the outer areas of the army. Entering the allied army itself was difficult requiring identification! Anyone not from any powers or organization was forbidden from entering, leaving however was easy. After all the large powers constantly sent people in and out to deliver thunderstones.

The number of people entering and leaving was indeed not small.

’’Captain, the five of them are leaving.’’

’’Quickly follow.’’


’’All, move faster.’’

The underlings of the ninth prince had been preparing for when the little team began to move.

One had to know that the ninth prince controlled over 220,000 people, the seven large teams, each had 30,000 people. And even their small teams were 1,000 per team! As for the surveillance group, that too was a 1000 man small team that exchanged shifts.

Late night, amidst the howling winds, Luo Feng's team flew up and away from the allied army base.

And behind them, a 1,000 man team lifted into the skies too and followed them.

’’Everybody don't be rash and impatient. This is still close to the allied army base, the moment they re enter the base grounds, we will be unable to do anything.’’

’’We'll first follow and once a bit of distance has been made, we'll act.’’

The captain of the 1,000 man team was communicating softly to his team.


Ahead in mid air, Luo Feng's team.

’’Haha, thrilling, thrilling.’’ High in the sky, Thunder God's voice resounded as he smiled with satisfaction, ’’I'm already feeling uncontrollably excited just from thinking about the life fruit and the two sector lord weapons.’’

’’Before we came here, I was worried too that we'd have problems after exchanging.’’ Hong smiled, ’’Looking at things now, it seems everything went smoothly.’’

’’1st and 2nd brother, after the cloud contact vine's evolution, it'll be even more thrilling.’’ Luo Feng smiled, his heart filled with anticipation.

Before when they were digging for the thunderstones, they were totally relying on Babata's initial scans and discoveries of the stones, hence they got so much. And when the 20 million explorer army arrived in different regions and dug up all the other thunderstones...what followed would be the most brutal and savage massacre period! This point, Luo Feng was definitely sure.

Some Sector Lord underlings were able to exchange for treasures while others were not...

Those that didn't would naturally be ordered to kill and rob! In the eyes of those Sector Lords, even if they lose ten thousand explorers, it didn't mean anything.

’’Hm?’’ What's going on, there's a team following us behind.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows and communicated.

’’There really is one.’’ Thunder God creased his eyebrows.

’’They are following us, are they going to get more thunderstones and just happen to be moving the same way?’’ Hong said.

’’Let's increase our speed and make a turn.’’ Luo Feng communicated.

’’Yes, master!’’

Tie Nan He and Ao Gu followed his command.

When the five made an arc in mid air and increased their speed, becoming five beams of light turning left.

Among the 1,000 man team behind them.

’’Captain, they are trying to escape!’’

’’Right now there's about a few hundred km between us and the allied army, everybody listen, with the quickest speed chase the 5 man team ahead and kill them.’’ The captain ordered.




In the dark night, Star level 9 explorers dressed in black alloy armors complied to the order, exploding one by one with immense speed into beams of light into the night sky. It was akin to thousands of shooting stars, different speeds madly rushing towards the five shooting stars. The shooting stars behind were quickly catching up with the ones in front. They were all Star level 9 spirit readers on spirit weapons, much faster than Luo Feng's group! Among Luo Feng's group, only the Star level 9 Ao Gu could compare to them, and he was busy carrying both Hong and Thunder God.

’’Not good.’’

’’They are catching up.’’ Thunder God's expression changed.

’’Master, quickly flee.’’ Ao Gu's old face was filled with fear.

Luo Feng glanced back.

The beams of lights were catching up to them with terrifying speeds, almost instantly closing the distance to less than 1 km.

’’What do we do?’’ Thunder God and Hong's expressions were worried.

Tie Nan He and Ao Gu, the two Star level 9 slaves were worried too.

’’There are 1,000 Star level 9 explorers behind.’’ Luo Feng looked down at his arm screen, his heart getting colder, that 1,000 beams of lights were quickly closing in on them, he watched as they were about to be swallowed.


Ao Gu and Tie Nan He looked worriedly at Luo Feng, Thunder God and Hong as they rushed hurriedly.

Luo Feng was in a mess within, since entering the World of Thunder, world within a world, even though their team had met with danger time and again, they had never been so close to this entirely overwhelming situation before. An entire 1,000 man Star level 9 army, if they all attacked together with their weapons, it would be over instantly.


Should he use the Golden Horned Beast?

However they were not too far from the allied army base, the moment it appeared, it would be revealed to everybody! And the moment the existence of a Golden Horned Beast was known...many Undying Beings would arrive on Cang Lan Star, taking away Luo Feng the Golden Horned Beast, making him into a slave.

Beast taming, slave soul imprints etc, within the vast universe, it wasn't just the Yun Mo Master that knew these techniques!

When that time came, Luo Feng...was destined to become someone's slave.

’’Kill them!’’ The captain ordered.

’’Yes!’’ A few hundred voices resounded from behind.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Covering both the land and the skies, it was a blur with large amount of spirit weapons flying about, almost as though rain was pouring down on Luo Feng's group, at that time, Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu were in despair.

’’Come out!’’ Luo Feng stared straight at the large amount of blades.


A large object appeared before the five of them, one could only hear a crash sound, the large object didn't move at all. This was a disc shaped universe ship that was about 100m in diameter, entirely black, C9 grade. A Universe level 5 or 6 would find it hard to damage this ship.

In the universe, one never knew when they would use a ship.

Even though there was a ship at the Cang Lan Star docking bay, however with the money from the first account from his teacher, it was easy for Luo Feng to purchase a few other universe ships.


’’He actually brought a ship! He must have a storage item that's over 100m wide!’’

’’Quickly, kill them.’’

The hundreds of Star level 9 spirit readers, after their first wave of attack had failed, they immediately gathered their energies and immediately circled their weapons, as quick as lightning going around the universe ship and headed straight for Luo Feng's group.

’’Master, quickly!’’

’’Quickly flee.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God swiftly rushed towards the entrance of the ship, luckily when Luo Feng took out the ship, the entrance was faced right at them. However, their flying speed was far lower than the spirit weapons! Luckily they weren't too far from it.


’’Quickly!’’ Hong and Thunder God's eyes were flushed red.

’’Rush in.’’ Luo Feng's eyes were also flushed.

Ao Gu and Tie Nan He were the last two behind. Those hundreds of spirit weapons made a huge arc and gathered, raining down from behind. Blocking the weapons first was the Star level 9 fighter Tie Nan He, and behind him was Star level 9 spirit reader Ao Gu.

Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip!

Like a rain of arrows, the spirit weapons cut through Tie Nan He instantly, tearing him like paper...against hundreds of the same leveled spirit weapons attacking him at once, even a Battle-axe Star level fighter would lose instantly without a doubt!



The external entrance door and the gate within closed.

Shutting out the external world completely.


The universe ship violently accelerated, leaving the group of Star level 9 explorers far behind, swiftly disappearing without a trace.


The blurred silhouettes of the 1,000 man army floating in mid air all looked as the ship left their sights, helpless.

’’1,000 people killing five, and they escaped?’’ The captain whose face was covered with a beard raged, ’’How am I to answer to the ninth prince like this?’’

’’Captain, you can't blame us, who knew he had a universe ship!’’

’’Right, a universe ship is at least about 100m. Amongst the five of them, there was one that actually had a storage space that huge, it's unbelievable.’’


The captain nodded, ’’That big a storage space, it is indeed unbelievable.’’

The universe ship was swiftly leaving the center region, its speed was at least a hundred to thousand times that of their flying speeds.

Within the ship.

’’Quickly Ao Gu, absorb the life energy within the Mu Ya crystal.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were anxiously surrounding Ao Gu, the alloy armor on him long gone, his lower body below his chest were in shreds, only above it was ok.

The earlier attack of hundreds of spirit weapons earlier.

The one right in front of them, Tie Nan He was instantly shredded to pieces, no piece of him was left. And Ao Gu who was behind Tie Nan He relied on the hybrid copper essence and barely protected his head. As for below his chest, it was attacked by weapon after weapon, slicing it into pieces.

’’Hu hu...’’ Threads of life energy seeped into Ao Gu's body.

Ao Gu gradually recovered.

’’Bastards!’’ Luo Feng reacted, rage boiling within his chest, ’’Babata, whose people were they?’’

’’All of the allied army's people's appearances and information is recorded, these 1,000 people are underlings of the ninth prince Brolin.’’ Babata said, back when Luo Feng first entered the allied army, when he was resting within, Babata naturally recorded the basic information of everyone within the allied army.

For example, odors, appearances, strength etc.

’’Brolin?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, raging even more within, ’’Why would he try and kill me, I have no grudge with him.’’

’’It's probably due to the treasures.’’ Babata said.

’’How would he know I exchanged for treasures, there are people frequently going into the thunder castle.’’ Luo Feng was feeling incredibly terrible, especially since his two bodyguards, Tie Nan He had died and Ao Gu also almost died.

Man wasn't like plants or trees, he had feelings.

Even though they were slaves that he had bought, the voices of them shouting, ’’Master, quickly flee!’’ still resounded within his mind and ears, when danger and crisis struck, both of them used their lives to protect him.

’’Brolin, Brolin!!!’’ Luo Feng raged uneasily within.

It was painful!

’’Luo Feng, don't dwell on it for now. Even though you didn't use the Golden Horned Beast, you still used a universe ship, it's still big trouble.’’ Babata said, ’’A storage item over a 100m wide is incredibly valuable. Back when I gave it to you, I told you never to reveal it. This is because these are a special grade of storage items, only a few Domain Lords have them. And after that battle before, Brolin will definitely keep an eye on you now. Now that he's looking out for you, you'll have trouble.’’

’’Watching me? I'm watching him!’’ Luo Feng roared.


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