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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 37


Volume 09 Chapter 37 - Kill Them

When Luo Feng was engaged in exchanging with the old bearded man, the ninth prince of the Black Dragon Mountain Brolin was in another ancient room.

Within the dark ancient room.

Brolin stood there smiling as he shouted, ’’I'd like to exchange for treasures.’’

’’Little punk, what's the rush.’’ A serious voice resounded within the ancient room, ’’One at a time, after this other punk is finished, I'll exchange with you.’’


Brolin's eyes gleamed coldly.

One at a time?

’’The person who entered before wasn't just putting on an act and is really exchanging for treasures?’’ A thought appeared in Brolin's mind, following which he smiled coldly, closing his eyes and entering the Virtual Universe Network.

Virtual Universe Network, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

It was a huge city, in it were many palaces that were continuous, amongst which there was an inconspicuous purple palace, two guards stood outside this palace.


Within the palace, a handsome pale skinned man appeared on the throne, it was the ninth prince Brolin.

Dressed in mostly black, with gold embroidery around the robe, Brolin sat on the throne, immediately requesting for communication with his nine bodyguards. His nine bodyguards were all his slaves who were completely loyal to him! Of course there was one that died when the castle opened. Luckily the thunder castle's thunder didn't destroy the space ring, hence the laser gun within that bodyguard's space ring wasn't damaged.


A silhouette appeared within the large palace, dressed in a black guard uniform, with greenish flame like hair that was spiked up.

’’Your Majesty.’’ The guard respectfully knelt down.


Brolin glanced down at his guard from high above, ordering, ’’There was a punk who entered the thunder castle just before I did, one dressed in gold armor with a helmet. He has many thunderstones, and is currently exchanging for treasure with the thunder castle's living AI right now.’’

’’What?’’ The guard was shocked.

There would occasionally be people entering the thunder castle, many of which were simply decoys, with very few actually exchanging for treasures.

’’I'm very sure he is really exchanging for treasures.’’ Brolin said coldly, ’’Hence I want you to keep an eye on him, do you understand what I mean?’’

’’Understood!’’ The guard said respectfully.

’’Very well.’’

Brolin nodded satisfied, following which his body vanished into nothing from the throne.

World within world.

The white bearded old man walked into Brolin's ancient room, Brolin revealed a smile.

’’Little punk, what do you want to exchange for?’’ The white bearded old man looked at him.

’’The inheritance crystal ball's first account passcode.’’ Brolin looked at the white bearded old man, ’’And one life fruit.’’

The white bearded old man couldn't help but reveal a shocked expression.


When Brolin was exchanging, Luo Feng had just walked out of the thunder castle's huge entrance doors, the moment he stepped out, separately in the distance, with up to 200,000 of the allied army surrounding the thunder castle, there were at least about 10,000 people watching him, carefully observing his actions, Luo Feng however was steady.

There were people constantly entering the thunder castle with many as decoys, he guessed that not many would have known that he had truly exchanged for treasures.

’’That's him.’’

’’The one that entered before his majesty.’’

’’Watch him well.’’

From the ten thousand that were looking at Luo Feng, there were a few with ulterior motives, communicating via genetic energy.


Luo Feng mixed into the crowds of the allied army, after wandering within for awhile, finally he met up with Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu. Ao Gu naturally spread a spirit barrier around them, preventing anyone from hearing or eavesdropping.

’’How'd it go?’’ Hong and Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

’’Everything went well, according to plan.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’One life fruit, two level 5 weapons.’’

Thunder God was elated: ’’That's great, one life fruit will let your cloud contact vine evolve greatly! That way, our little team in this world within a world won't be as tragic as before, having to flee the moment we meet any big teams!’’

’’Investment first, only then will there be rewards.’’ Hong smiled, ’’Third brother, you have to remember what you said...when we get another batch of thunderstones, you have to get another life fruit for my cloud contact vine too.’’

’’Definitely!’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Tsk!’’ Thunder God rubbed his nose, glancing at Hong , ’’Don't expect too much, the life fruit is a good thing, if third brother exchanged for it, others might too. And there are only a total of three of them. By the time we get another batch of thunderstones, who knows if there would be any left!’’

Hong didn't bother about Thunder God's banter.

This whole exchanging plan, after Luo Feng had discussed with Hong and Thunder God, they were in complete approval. That was because they didn't know before that the life fruit would be able to make the cloud contact vine evolve greatly. Even Hong said...when they got a chance later, he would also like his cloud contact vine to evolve.

However, Hong's cloud contact vine was firstly much lower in grade compared to Luo Feng's.

Luo Feng's cloud contact vine was currently a star level 4, while Hong's vine had just stepped into the star level 1. Hence with the life fruit's incomparably huge amount of pure life energy, Luo Feng's vine had a larger guarantee of being able to withstand and absorb it.

’’Actually, from the weapons we exchanged this time, we would be able to do many things already.’’ Thunder God was all smiles.

’’Right.’’ Hong nodded.

’’With sufficient wealth, we can do a lot of things.’’ Luo Feng was excited too.

The Ice Soul Blade and the Pressure Space Cauldron.

These were level 5 genetic energy and spirit weapons! These were weapons that only Sector Lords could truly utilize. And for Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God who were only star them, these two weapons were no use at all. If Luo Feng used a level 5 weapon, it's power would probably not even compare to using the soaring shuttle.

The best weapon was one that was suitable.


These two weapons were only to be exchanged to sell! These were level 5 weapons! In the world within a world, selling them would be a huge loss, but outside, they were worth fortunes. These two level 5 weapons represented incomparable amounts of wealth.

’’I have to think, what do I do with so much money later?’’ Thunder God muttered.

’’First, we have to get rid of the Nuolan Shan Family.’’ Hong said seriously, ’’As long as they are around, we will never have peace.’’

’’Everybody else is easy to deal with, this Nuolan Shan however is hard.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’Buying Universe level slaves, one can at most buy a level 9. This is the highest level of slaves...and that Nuolan Shan, he actually has the Battle-axe fighter title. Normal Universe level warriors aren't even his match.’’

’’No rush no rush, we'll work around it with money.’’ Thunder God smiled.

’’Everybody first take a rest.’’

Luo Feng said seriously, ’’We'll wait till nightfall and leave the allied army.’’

For the cloud contact vine to evolve, it first had to unleash it's full size and structure for it to be able to easily absorb the most life energy. And with it's large form, and the evolution noise itself...there was no way for it happen in this central region.

’’Ok, we'll leave at nightfall.’’


Luo Feng and his team of five were very normal within the allied army. However there were people secretly watching them.

The allied army had close to 200,000 people.

With the characteristics of a Star level explorer, it was impossible to squeeze them together as with the soldiers of Earth. The moment a Star level speeds up and accelerates, one would disappear a few kilometers away in the blink of an eye. And this was still only because of the world within a world! Hence, the space between the groups was much larger, Luo Feng's team was closely gathered, the rest were casually grouped around.

And some bigger teams, their distance between each other was 1 to 2 km.

If they were too close, it would be harder to manage.

This distance...

To a Star level, they could easily see each other, with a flash they could reach each other. Hence the entire allied army was dispersed over 60 to 70 km.

And the powerful ninth prince Brolin, his army was at the most central region, over 30 km away from Luo Feng's team, this made it impossible for Babata to pick up on Brolin! And Brolin's scanning systems were from the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land.

Compared to Babata's, they weren't that far off.

Nightfall, the strong winds howled.

Within a tent.

Bu Luo Lin sat crossed legged and shut his eyes.

’’You majesty.’’ Camelot said respectfully.

’’You haven't lost sight of that five man team right?’’ Bu Luo Lin's voice was very calm.

’’No.’’ Camelot said respectfully, ’’Your majesty commands up to 20,000 men from the allied army! With our strategic placement around, almost the entire allied army camp is under our surveillance, and since the entire army is only dispersed a few tens of km, that five man team has no way to escape our sights.’’


Brolin replied, suddenly opening his eyes, gleaming like sharp knives at Camelot, Camelot slightly bowed.

’’According to the agreement, there's no killing allowed within the allied army.’’ Brolin said coldly, ’’I too don't want to break the rules, just watch them...the moment they leave the allied army zone, immediately send a small team and kill them, take all their storage items, understood?’’

’’Yes your majesty.’’ Camelot said respectfully, ’’I'll arrange for it immediately.’’

’’Ok. Go on.’’ Brolin said indifferently.

Camelot respectfully left the tent, at this time a man walked in, kneeling on one leg, he said respectfully, ’’Your majesty, the sixth big team killed six other teams today, up to about 5,000 explorers. They acquired about 2.59 million thunderstones.’’ Following which, he respectfully handed over a space ring.

’’Hm, the sixth big team has done well.’’

Brolin couldn't help but reveal a smile, ’’Tell the other big teams, make them work harder, make use of the time and acquire more thunderstones.’’


The man retreated.

Within the tent, Brolin held the space ring, weighing it in his hand, revealing an arrogant confident smile, ’’We almost have 10 million thunderstones! We should be able to exchange for the second pass code. However since the thunderstones in the different regions are almost dug clean, what remains is to kill and fight for the thunderstones.’’


To someone as high up as the ninth prince Brolin, even if these 2 million people died, he didn't care at all.

Born into royalty.

His mother's family had been incomparably strong, he had seen too much of the strong eating the weak in the universe, with an order, tens of planets and their civilians could become slaves...with such power, killing these other teams for thunderstones became a very natural thing for him. As for ordering a team to kill Luo Feng...

Brolin didn't really care at all.

That little team of five were nothing but ants to him, an order from him just results in a few ants being squished.


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