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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 36


Volume 09 Chapter 36 - Life Fruit

’’Senior, the 9th prince his majesty Bu Luo Lin has entered the castle.’’ Amongst the people from Bai Hu tower, Chou Yu said softly.


A skinny man with silver eyes stared in the distance, snorting, ’’The power that Bu Luo Lin has is too large, 1, he's the 9th prince, every power under the sacred land black dragon mountain supports him. 2, hiss grandfather has an extremely high position in the black dragon mountain sacred land, another group of people support him. Out of the 500,000 army from black dragon mountain, there's 220,000 that actually respond to his command.’’

The 2 million army.

Black dragon mountain, Ice Neptune country, the 2 sacred lands with their 500,000 army.

The 4 organizations each had 200,000 in their army.

The 16 families, each had 10,000.

However the 9th prince Bu Luo Lin, with his special background, commanded an army of 220,000 himself. This was a very united 220,000...with huge power.

’’He split his a little more than 220,000 army into 7 large teams, each with 30,000.’’ The skinny man snorted softly, ’’With a team 30,000 fighting for territory, who'd be able to fight back?’’


The allied army were all engaged in discussion, however while many elites were feeling unfair, with their position, they were only a generation of elites from the organizations, far from the position of universe level warriors! As for the 9th prince, with his mother's lineage and his own power, his position was much higher.

If it were outside and not the exam world.

Bu Luo Lin wouldn't even have any problem ordering the death of a universe level warrior! However this was the world within a world, Bu Luo Lin had to follow the given rules.

Ancient Castle.

When Bu Luo Lin entered the castle with his bodyguards, Luo Feng was already at the instruction of the castle's AI, entering into a cold ancient room within the castle.

In that ancient room, a dim light lit up the entire room, the scars and marks on the walls depicted the history of the castle, greenish black stone slabs on the wall, all with a lingering odor.

’’What do you want to exchange for, punk.’’ A serious voice resounded within the room.

The room was silent.

Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings, there wasn't anyone around.

’’Of course exchange for treasures.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Do you have thunder stones? These few days there've been many who have come here on purpose but without any thunder stones to exchange.’’ The serious voice continued.

’’I do.’’

Luo Feng waved his hand and a pile of thunder stones the height of a person appeared.

’’Very good.’’ The voice said.

Footsteps could be heard vaguely from the corridor outside, following which a fat, short and stout white bearded old man walked in, his body emanating light. Luo Feng could see from a glance that this old man was a living AI, similar to Babata on the Yun Mo ship from before, forming his own energy body.

’’It's rare for someone to exchange for something.’’ The white bearded old man smiled as he looked at Luo Feng.

’’How are you old man, what should I address you as...’’ Luo Feng was very respectful.

No matter the case, the white bearded old man before him was a living AI, one that had followed sector lord Kabu and lived in solitude for over 10 million years. These sort of beings deserved respect! And according to Babata, having lived in solitude for ten million years, this old man must have been somewhat mentally perverted, he had better not get on his bad side.

’’Little punk, you can call me Lord Wu.’’ The white bearded old man smiled, the light around him slightly swirling.

’’Lord Wu?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

What a weird name.

’’Lord Wu, I want to exchange for treasures.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Won't you keep me company and chat, what's the rush?’’ The white bearded old man was disastisfied.

Luo Feng said, ’’Lord Wu, that's...’’

’’Since you are in such a rush, let's exchange.’’ The white bearded old man's expression changed very quickly to indifference, ’’What do you want to exchange for?’’

’’Level 5 genetic energy weapon 'Ice soul blade'.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’And the level 5 spirit weapon Pressure void cauldron.’’

’’Hm?’’ The white bearded old man seemed shocked.

’’And the last one, a life fruit.’’ Luo Feng bowed slightly, ’’Lord Wu, just these 3.’’

’’Just these 3?’’ The white bearded old man's eyes glimmered brightly, seemingly shocked at this black haired youth before him, ’’The level 5 genetic energy weapon Ice Soul Blade requires 130,000 thunder stones. The level 5 spirit weapon Pressure Void Cauldron requires 180,000 thunder stones. One life fruit requires 800,000 thunder stones! Within 10,000km around this castle is my surveillance area, you don't seem to have a large position within this explorer army, how did you get so many thunder stones?’’

Luo Feng smiled.

10,000km surveillance area?

Babata had actually warned him much earlier before. In terms of surveillance, even though this white bearded old man's area was huge...just like the earth's security defense system, which covered the entire solar system.

However with such a huge area, the level of scanning was however much lower.

’’Lord Wu, do you have to ask something like that?’’ Luo Feng was taken aback.

’’Just asking for kicks.’’ The white bearded old man blinked his eyes, very casually saying, ’’3 treasures, alright, no problem.’’

Luo Feng felt incomparable anticipation within.

The 3 treasures were actually suggested by Babata. According to his plan...the entire treasure list and prices were somewhat chaotic.

For example, the entire space technique crystal balls, those were priceless treasures! Price wise, it could be said to be 10,000 times or even 100,000 times the level 5 genetic energy weapon Fire Wheel's! However, the fire wheel only required 100,000 thunder stones while the crystal balls 3 codes only required 30 million thunder stones.

It was a total of 300 times only.

For example, the life fruit was 800,000 thunder stones, however it's true price outside was akin to a sector lord's life, more than even a hundred Fire wheels.


The prices weren't synced with the outside world prices. Buying itself required skill.

The level 5 genetic energy weapon Ice Soul Blade, in the outside world would be 5 to 6 times that of the Fire Wheel, the Pressure Void Cauldron was about ten times that of the Fire wheel! However in terms of exchanging...the prices weren't too different.

Within the silent ancient room.

The white bearded old man covered entirely in light stood.

’’The total sum of the 3 treasures is 1.11 million Thunder Stones.’’ The old man said.

’’Lord Wu, please keep it well.’’ Luo Feng handed over a normal space ring, killing along the way had gotten Luo Feng many space rings.


The white bearded old man waved his hand and the space ring flew into it, after which he smiled, ’’Hm, just nice, 1.11 million thunder stones.’’

’’This is the level 5 genetic energy weapon 'Ice Soul Blade.' The old man flipped his hand and immediately an entirely silver blue colored double tiered arc blade appeared, immediately, the entire room's temperature dropped and the entire space's humidity began to freeze, this peculiar blade's edge was incomparably sharp.

The Ice Soul Blade floated before him...

Luo Feng felt like his soul was being sliced, extending his hand and keeping it in his space ring.

’’This is the level 5 spirit weapon 'Pressure Void Cauldron'.’’ The white bearded old man flipped his hand and a pure purple, like a copper cast little cauldron about 30cm tall floated before Luo feng, on it were large amounts of complex engravings, tens of millions of times more complex than the engravings on the soaring shuttle. It was similar to the golden engravings on the body of the golden horned beast.

Peculiar engravings...

It caused the surrounding space to feel like it was separated, even though it was only 30cm high, it made Luo Feng feel like it was incomparably huge, as though it was a mountain that couldn't be seen end to end, high than no mountain he'd seen before, breathtaking.

’’Don't look at it stupidly, a level 5 genetic energy weapon and a level 5 spirit weapon, they all have source engravings that are close to the universe's origin laws. Each have immense amount of power. However, only after becoming a sector lord, obtaining the universe source energy will one truly be able to use them.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

Luo Feng awoke from the trance, extending his hand to keep the Pressure Void Cauldron in his space ring.

My god!

Just 2 level 5 weapons made him totally unable to resist. It was said that when sector lords battled, they would changed the land and skies, one move could destroy all life on an entire planet. It was indeed true!

’’Little punk. Those 2 are both sector lord weapons. What I'm giving you akin to a sector lord's second life, it stores an incomparable amount of pure mystic life energy, a special spirit fruit formed from the gathering of universe fruit!’’ The white bearded old man's expression was serious, producing a peculiar translucent stone box.

The box had a faint glow of green about it.

’’The life fruit, is a special condensed crystal from the vast universe, storing unbelievable amounts of life energy. Even the powerful sector lords capable of destroying an entire planet with a wave of their hands, with immense amount of energy within them would be able to fully recover no matter how heavy the injury!’’ The white bearded old man was shocked, ’’Mystical, this is the universe's wonders!’’

Luo Feng held his breath as he received the box, pa, opening the stone box.


Within the silent ancient room.

After opening the stone box, within a flash, the surrounding area seemed to lose it's color, only the surface green glow from the life fruit seemed to be present and glaring!

The green glow shot all over.

A thick aroma that entranced people emanated throughout, the entire room was immediately filled with life energy, all emanating from the core...the life fruit! Just this one fruit, sector lords would use an entire galaxy to exchange for, with countless Sector Lords willing to exchange!

It was incredibly valuable!

Incomparably costly!

’’Sniff!’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath and that aroma filled his body, his every cell excitedly jumped up, as though they were eating a heavenly dish, changes began to naturally happen within his inherited genes, his entire bone structure letting out snaps, even his muscles began to change.

’’Idiot, quickly close it. The moment you open it, the life fruit's life energy will constantly dissipate!’’ Babata raged.

Luo Feng quivered before awaking from the trance.


He closed to stone box.

’’Wow, it's unbelievable.’’ Luo Feng looked at the stone box, staring wide eyed, ’’I only took a couple of breaths and I feel like I've evolved so much.’’

’’Idiot, your 2 breaths, you lose about a hundred breaths from that.’’ Babata raged.

Luo Feng excitedly closed the stone box.


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