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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 35


Volume 09 Chapter 35 - Exchanging within The Castle

The flowers and blades of grass were fluttering in the wind, and the large numbers of explorer groups around were heavily surrounding the thunder castle.

’’So many people have surrounded the thunder castle?’’ Luo Feng looked from the distance, creasing his eyebrows.

The scene before them was an obvious sign...these large groups of people must have teamed up together to set up a security barrier before the castle. Even if one had thunderstones, with other parties blocking outside, what could one do?

’’Big brother, second brother, I'm going to look for Lord Ming Yu.’’ Luo Feng communicated via genetic energy.

’’Alright.’’ Hong and Thunder God nodded.

Luo Feng closed his eyes, swiftly connecting to the Virtual Universe Network.


Virtual Universe Network, Black Dragon Mountain Island, 9 Star Bay.

Luo Feng stood in the lawn of his own house, a screen appeared before him, on it appeared an incomparably tall and sturdy man, it was the Virtual Universe Company's Black Dragon Mountain base military department external affairs Ming Yu.

’’Haha, Luo Feng.’’ Ming Yu laughed carefree, his smile was very happy.

’’Lord Ming Yu.’’ Luo Feng slightly bowed, displaying respect.’’ I'm at the central region right now, heavily surrounded by large numbers of explorer armies. What's going on?’’

’’Oh, Monopoly!’’

On the screen, Ming Yu smiled, ’’This is a major decision from all the organizations, after the announcement from that AI in the castle! Forming an alliance army with explorers from all sides. Heavily surrounding the castle, surveillance and restricting anybody from exchanging for treasures.’’

’’Oh.’’ Luo Feng realized.

That was tyranny!

10% of the army, that was almost 200,000!

A 200,000 man Star level 9 army, restricting anyone from getting close to the castle, that was simply too easy. This way, the other explorers that were without any background, even with the thunderstones, wouldn't be able to enter the castle to exchange for anything.

’’However you all shouldn't have any problems. You, Hong, and Thunder God, the three of your appearances and data have been given to my underlings and to the headquarters! So if you three go over...that 200,000 strong army will know you are the underlings of the Three Axe Mountain Ming Yu, they won't stop you.’’ Ming Yu smiled.

Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

That was indeed cautious!

They actually gathered everybody's information together, the moment one wasn't on the list, he wouldn't be able to enter the thunder castle.

’’Lord Ming Yu, my team still has another two members.’’ Luo Feng sent over Tie Nan He and Ao Gu's physical appearances and information.

’’Alright, they'll go under my name list too.’’ Ming Yu smiled.

’’Thank you Lord Ming Yu, then I'll first leave the Virtual Universe Network.’’ Luo Feng bowed.

’’Haha...right, Luo Feng, the fact that you are heading to the castle, you should have had some earnings?’’ Ming Yu asked, his eyes gleaming with a sense of anticipation.

’’The situation in this world within a world, I'm sure you Lord Ming Yu should know.’’ Luo Feng said helplessly, ’’With the arrival of the 2 million army, my little team of five doesn't have any chance of a struggle at all.’’

On the screen, Ming Yu nodded.

’’However, we will work hard, we won't let you go disappointed! If we work hard to exchange for treasures...’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Relax, I definitely won't treat you poorly.’’ Ming Yu said directly.

’’Thank you Lord.’’

Following which the call ended.

World within a world.

The winds howled, Luo Feng and his team of five swiftly flew towards the alliance army.

’’Freeze!’’ The grand explorer army was akin to an impenetrable fortress, even a fly wouldn't have a chance of sneaking in. Amongst them, a lion head strong looking man shouted as he raised his hand.

Luo Feng and his team landed.

’’We are the underlings of the Three Axe Mountain Ming Yu.’’ Thunder God shouted.


The lion head man gazed at them with his dark yellow eyes, behind him was a vast army of close to a thousand people! Surrounding this castle was an army of close to 200,000 explorers, of which this was separated into thirty six teams, every team had close to a thousand people. Securing the castle every minute and second, these 36,000 explorers would then change shifts with others, absolutely restricting access to anyone without any background.

’’Di.’’ The lion head man lowered his head to look at his quantum computer, on the screen appeared Luo Feng and his team's information, the lion head man looked carefully at them.

’’Haha...’’ The lion head man let out a carefree smile, ’’So it's brothers from the Three Axe Mountain. The people from the Three Axe Mountain aren't too far from here, if you five just ask around, you should be able to find them.’’

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The five drew close to the vast crowds of people.

The lion head man transmitted via genetic energy, ’’You five, do you have any thunderstones to sell? I'm willing to purchase them at one thunderstone for ten cubic meters of universe crystal.’’

’’My apologies, my Lord forbids any sale of it.’’ Luo Feng glanced at him, transmitting via genetic energy.

’’Well your Lord doesn't even know how much thunderstones you have.’’ The lion head man replied, ’’Why not sell some and get some universe crystals.’’

’’Hm... let me think about it.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

After which, he led the other four away quickly.

Watching Luo Feng and his team leave, the lion head man rubbed his huge and thick nose, scoffing unhappily, obviously he was dissatisfied from being unable to exchange for any thunderstones!


The alliance base was tight on security outside but lax inside.

The external thirty six security teams were cautious and prudent, however there was laughter and discussions inside. There were even a lot of secret buying and selling of the thunderstones within. As the saying goes, every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost, everybody was Star level 9 warriors, the trades of the thunderstones were pretty rampant.

Amongst the crowds.

Luo Feng and his team sat around the grass field, the entire army was also scattered with everybody sitting around, many people hopping from group to group engaging in deals.

’’That lion head guy was devious enough, saying he'd exchange for one thunderstone with ten cubic meters of universe crystal. Look at the rates here, there are some saying they'd exchange with a 100 cubic meters, even 200 cubic meters for one thunderstone!’’ Thunder God said dissatisfied.

’’Even though the universe crystals are valuable, but compared to the treasures, they aren't worth anything.’’ Hong said.

’’Exchanging for treasures.’’

Luo Feng looked at the ancient castle right in front.

1 minute, 2 minutes...

1 hour, 2 hours...

Luo Feng looked at the castle for a solid 3 hours, within these 3 hours, he realized a peculiar thing. There would occasionally be people dressed in armor with their helmets covering their entire heads entering the castle. Within these short 3 hours, there were close to a 100 of them entering and leaving.

’’Don't tell me within these 3 hours, 100 people actually exchanged for treasures? There are only a total of 312 treasures!’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’Haha, brother you are wrong.’’

A skinny monkey-like silhouette walked past and stopped, smiling as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’Brother, the people entering the castle, nine out of ten of them are just going in to make a scene! One must know...this alliance army may be called an alliance, but it is still separated into little teams, representing the different Domain and Sector Lords.’’

’’The 2 million man army, the killings and chaos later will be brutal. Hence, no one wants to let anybody know that they've acquired treasures.’’

’’So, they've been arranging their underlings to enter the castle and purposely distract and confuse people. They even pay for other team people to enter for them. Since they can acquire a large amount of money just from entering the castle and wandering about, who wouldn't be willing?’’ The skinny monkey smiled as he looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng realized.



The name may be called alliance army, however the internal definitely wasn't united, they were still competing with each other.

’’Brother, do you have any thunderstones to sell? I can give you 250 cubic meters of universe crystals, a high price for one thunderstone.’’ The skinny monkey man laughed again.

’’I'll pay 300 cubic meters for one of your thunderstones.’’ Luo Feng looked at him.

The skinny monkey laughed awkwardly and left.

The thunderstones represented the treasures within, no matter how high the price, it wouldn't be expensive. It was just that some of the armies were preying on some of the Star level 9 explorers' greed for wealth! 300 cubic meters of universe crystal, that was akin to 1 billion Ganwu dollars. How could normal Star level 9 explorers resist that temptation?

However those treasures.

Just like the level 5 genetic energy weapon, if one sold it outside, it would go at a heavenly price.

Normal level 3 genetic energy weapons would sell for 20 to 30 billion Black Dragon dollars. (Average price) A level 4 genetic energy weapon would sell for close to 100 billion Ganwu dollars. A level 5 genetic energy weapon would reach close to 100 billion Universe dollars! That was close to 100 million cubic meters of universe crystals! Normal Domain Lords that just broke through to the Sector Lord level would find it hard to part with such money.

Only Sector Lord Kabu, the pinnacle of Sector Lords with incomparable wealth, akin to a poorer Undying Being would have such shocking wealth.


Minutes and seconds passed.

People frequently entered the ancient castle, almost all of which with full armor and helmets, no one knew just who exchanged for treasure or not.


Luo Feng took a deep breath, dressed in armor and with a helmet, with only his eyes showing. He headed straight for the castle.

Walking out of the crowd alone towards the castle.

This led to many looking over, carefully observing Luo Feng...No one could be sure whether this person heading to the castle was really going to exchange for something or not.

’’Your majesty, these are the thunderstones sent from the second large team, they excavated two districts and killed three small teams. They acquired a total of 2.1 million thunderstones.’’ Amongst the allied army, surrounded by eight bodyguards, the ninth prince Brolin sat, beside him a man respectfully handed over a space bracelet.

’’2.1 million thunderstones?’’ Brolin took the space bracelet over, softly saying, ’’Give the order, let the other teams all quickly send over their thunderstones. The three passwords for the inheritance crystals, requires a total of 30 million thunderstones, we are still far from it.’’

’’Yes your majesty.’’

The man respectfully nodded.

Brolin slightly turned his head, looking at the castle, at this moment Luo Feng had just stepped into the castle.

’’Tsk, a bunch of poor ghosts!’’

Brolin laughed coldly, ’’Exchanging for treasures, all covered up and hiding, the things they are exchanging for are ultimately those poor objects! Tsk, the second item, the Sector Lord's bank account, I'm not even looking at that. Only the incomparably valuable entire space technique crystal balls, those are the most important. Compared to the other treasures, these are so much more important!’’

’’Your majesty.’’

Another man rushed over and bowed respectfully, passing over a space ring, ’’This is the fifth large team's thunderstones, a total of 1.68 million thunderstones.’’

Brolin's eyes lit up, picking up the space ring and swiftly turning, ’’Let's go, follow me into the castle, right now we can exchange for one of the numbers.’’


Brolin brought four bodyguards with him, without even concealing his identity, walking directly towards the castle, immediately drawing the attention of countless people from the allied army.


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