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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 34


Volume 09 Chapter 34 - What Treasures to Exchange for?

According to Babata's scan of the outside over one thousand Star level 9 warriors and their distribution, Luo Feng was very clear that they had a chance of escaping. However, even if he was clear...there were still over one thousand people, that was a huge number! To be able to evade so many people's sight and hearing, they required extreme caution and some luck.

’’Charge!’’ Luo Feng communicated mentally.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Five beams of light rushed out from underground, Luo Feng's excavation of that spot was about 6 hours, the sky had gone from dark night to daybreak with light beginning to fill the land.

’’Follow me.’’

’’Be cautious, don't make any noise.’’ Luo Feng communicated mentally, swiftly piercing through the forest.

The living AI Babata was swiftly calculating the most suitable path of escape.

’’There's people there!’’

’’Not our people.’’


Immediately over a 100 Star level 9 warriors swiftly flew and began their chase, even though Babata's calculations were accurate, it was impossible to get all five of Luo Feng's team to act and react 100% accordingly to his directions.

’’They've disappeared.’’

’’They disappeared in that direction.’’ There were already over a hundred people floating in the sky, carefully scanning the surroundings, the trees were tall and huge, with large amounts of vegetation, the place untouched for ten million years was already overrun with vines and roots, from mid air, it was impossible to see past the vegetation to the ground, and Luo Feng's team fled fast and nimbly.

’’You all go this way, we'll go this way, quickly.’’


Luo Feng and his team fled continuously tens of thousands of kilometers before stopping.

’’Phew, we finally escaped.’’ Thunder God rubbed his head, there were beads of perspiration on it, he laughed, ’’That was really dangerous before.’’

’’It was dangerous indeed, if we were in the grassland areas or flat lands, it would have been over for us.’’ Hong exclaimed.

Luo Feng nodded.

It was because it was in the mountain forest regions, hiding in the mountains, the trees and it's thick vegetation, that they were able to escape so easily.

’’If it weren't the mountain forest region and we were discovered by so many people, I wouldn't dare take such a risk.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Haha, Luo Feng you punk you are really cautious.’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’Right, how many thunderstones did we acquire from that spot.’’

’’Just now, there were three spots with more clustered thunderstones, we were digging in the two more populated spots, 210,397 and 198,355 stones. However the second spot, we only managed to get most of it, there wasn't any time to finish it off. We got about 170,000 stones.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’Added together, we dug up a total of about 380,000 stones in that mountain forest region.’’

’’That entire region, what's the total?’’ Hong asked.

’’About 630,000 stones.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Not bad, we got about half of it.’’ Hong nodded, Thunder God however curled his lips, ’’If that group had been slower by a few hours, we could have gotten 90% or more.’’

’’The first spot gave us close to 400,000 stones.’’

’’The second spot gave us about 380,000 stones.’’

Luo Feng smiled, ’’Right now we've already dug up close to 780,000 thunderstones, however...right now, the 2 million strong army has already begun to occupy the different regions. Hence we have to grasp the time and quickly find more thunderstones. The moment all the thunderstone regions have been occupied, we won't have any hope.’’

The other four nodded.

Right now the 2 million strong army had just arrived, some earlier while others later, plus the vastness of the world within the world, it would still take a few days of work to fully occupy all the thunderstone regions.

These few days, there was still some hope in them.

An interval of time was worth an ounce of gold.

The time right now was incomparably precious! Luo Feng and his team acted accordingly to Babata's scanning, flying towards the distant regions.

That was because the 2 million strong army was dispersing from the entrance constantly.

The further they were away from the entrance, the more hope they would have!


This long flight took over eight days!

Luo Feng and his team flew for eight days straight without resting, finally stopping to eat a piece of 'meat'.

’’The 2 million army, should have just about occupied all of the regions in this world within a world. We don't have much hope anymore, right now, let's return to the center and head to the castle to exchange for treasures.’’ Luo Feng and his team burst out from a large river that spread over thousands of km.

’’Haha, we've really struck it these eight days.’’ Thunder god laughed.

Hong smiled too.

’’Yes indeed.’’ Luo Feng was very happy, the eight days of flying without rest was tiring, however they were lucky enough to discover a region where no one had dug yet. Even though the amount wasn't as extravagant as their second spot, it was however close to the first spot's amount, Luo Feng and his team were naturally more than satisfied.

After all, these eight days, they relied heavily on luck.

’’Digging up those three spots, added together, we have a total of 1,125,638 thunderstones.’’ Luo Feng was incomparably elated.

The search for the thunderstones was complete, Luo Feng and his team began their journey back to the central region. Along the way...they clearly discovered that the regions marked on the map before indicative of thunderstones were all occupied with teams. Every region had at least 10 thousand people gathered, this made the little teams have no hope at all.


’’Tomorrow we'll be able to reach the castle, the search for the thunderstones took eleven days, flying back took another five days, over half a month of no sleep or rest. Everybody rest well tonight.’’ In a forest not far from the flatlands, Luo Feng's team finally stopped to have a good rest.

Sixteen days of no sleep or rest.


Even though they were slightly worn out, however they were all still extremely excited, the process of looking for the thunderstones before was exciting, and right now they were heading to exchange for treasures, who wouldn't be excited?

’’Third brother, what treasures are we exchanging for?’’ Thunder god couldn't help but ask.

’’We have a total of 1.12 million thunderstones.’’ Luo Feng looked at Hong and Thunder God, ’’Big brother, second brother, you have the list of treasures too, what are you prepared to exchange for?'

’’The D6 cannon!’’ Thunder God was anticipating, ’’That D6 cannon, even Domain Lord level 6 warriors have a hard time blocking that shot! That level of weapon...also it's a D6 grade, it's definitely extremely costly. Leaving this land, no where else would have stock of it.’’

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but nod.

D6 grade cannon!

Hiding and shooting a Domain Lord from far, killing him. This level of weapon... even many Sector Lords didn't have one. It wasn't that they didn't have the money, it was that there was no way to get it at all. Or maybe to the Sector Lords, it wasn't worth the money.

’’Item number 11, the heart of stars.’’ Hong's eyes gleamed, ’’This heart of stars, you guys should know about it too.’’


Luo Feng was slightly excited.

The heart of stars, is a legendary item. In the vast universe, several planets that have the ability to produce and sustain life, for example plant life, beasts, humans, life planets. These life planets all have a limited life span, when one life planet grows old, its core would gather all of its remaining life energy into a crystal...forming the heart of stars.

’’Dumb, dumb dumb!’’

’’Stupid, stupid, stupid!’’

The clear crisp voice filled with rage and dissatisfaction resounded loudly.

’’Whoa, Babata?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious, ’’What's wrong?’’

’’Don't tell me you are prepared to exchange for a D6 cannon, or even the heart of stars?

’’A D6 cannon, firstly it's size is huge, also it requires gathering enough force before it can fire...just it's preparation time is about 30 seconds. The most important thing is...the automaton ship on Earth, that was an Undying's ship!’’ Babata said, ’’The Undying that died within the Yun Mo Planet ship.’’

’’Right...’’Luo Feng clearly remembered.

Back then there was indeed an automaton warrior amongst the Undying in the Yun Mo Planet ship.

’’The automaton race, with its advanced technology, on the ship, there's definitely something stronger than the D6 grade cannon!’’ Babata said, ’’There'll be plenty better than this, why waste the thunderstones on it?’’

’’As for the heart of stars!’’

’’It's good.’’

’’It has beneficial effects for the body's evolution, however the speed is too slow. It's good for normal fighters. However Luo Feng you already have the Golden Horned Beast's body, hence your human body isn't limited by the bottleneck, you can greatly enhance your evolution! You have no need to slowly swallow this.’’ Babata said, ’’As long as you have sufficient wealth, you will have many ways to evolve. No need for the heart of stars!’’


’’You made the biggest mistake, that is, you have no ambition!’’ Babata was very dissatisfied.

’’No ambition? What do you mean no ambition?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’Looking at the way you are prepared to exchange for the treasures, are you planning to end everything the moment you've exchanged?’’ Babata asked.

Luo Feng replied helplessly, ’’The 2 million army has already arrived in the world within a world, the thunderstone regions have all been occupied. Right now there's no hope for anymore thunderstones, I believe as time passes, it'll only reach a time of savagery and battles! And in the battle for the thunderstones, with the 2 million army fighting, my little team of five...’’


’’The life fruit, item number 9, the life fruit!!!’’ Babata shouted.

’’What's up with the life fruit?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious, ’’The life fruit definitely stores a large amount of life energy, as long as a Sector Lord's soul isn't destroyed, no matter how heavy his injuries, one fruit alone can help him recover fully. It's called the Sector Lord's second life. However what's it got to do with me, I can't use it now right?’’

’’You can use it, why can't you use it?’’

Babata said, ’’The life fruit stores a large amount of pure life energy, you should know the usage of life energy.’’

’’I understand, don't the Mu Ya crystals store life energy too.’’ Luo Feng was very clear, ’’The Mu Ya crystals can make humans, plants and animals evolve.’’

’’Right, evolve.’’ Babata said. ’’Mu Ya crystals can make humans evolve, and the trillions of times more valuable life fruit too can make humans plants, and animals evolve. Accurately speaking, it's a Mu Ya crystal that's a thousand to ten thousand times higher grade. Even a Sector Lord's wounds can immediately be recovered immediately.’’

’’You are saying, let me use the life fruit and make me evolve?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Wrong! Don't you remember on Earth what happened to some beasts that ate the Mu Ya crystals?’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng remembered.

On Earth, back on Misty Island, some of the beasts exploded when they ate the Mu Ya crystals, while some successfully evolved to emperor level. The main thing was one's cell strength...the stronger it was, the better it could digest the energy. Just like that tentacle beast that became an emperor level!

’’The life energy in the life fruit, is incomparably pure and concentrated! If you were to swallow it, you'd immediately explode!’’ Babata said, ’’Only things with incomparably strong cells, and larger physiques can actually absorb the life energy and evolve.’’

’’You are saying?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’Right, the cloud contact vine!’’ Babata said, ’’Right now the cloud contact vine is at Star level 4, its limit is at extending 36 vines, each vine itself can separate into many more smaller vines! At the same time, every vine's limit is about 30,000m. Also, it even has a huge root network!’’

Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

Back on Misty Island, the Star Traveller level cloud contact vine, one vine alone was about 2000m.

’’Also the cloud contact vine's cell strength is very strong.’’ Babata said, ’’Back on Misty Island, you know it too. Even a normally nurtured cloud contact vine, if it broke a vine it would swiftly regrow. In terms of its cell strength...your particular one has had special nurturing, it's much stronger than normal ones.’’

’’In terms of its cell strength, the cloud contact vine, these sorts of plants, because of its species, even Domain Lords may not compare to it. Plus it has an incomparably huge physique!’’

’’Shocking cell strength! Incredibly large physique! This is the best host to absorb the life fruit.’’

’’Also, you don't have to worry about it exploding!’’

’’If it cannot absorb it all, it'll break a few vines and let the life energy disperse. It won't die.’’ Babata was incredibly excited, ’’Cell strength that surpasses a domain lord, thirty six 30,000m long vines and a large root network. The moment it swallows the life fruit, it would definitely evolve greatly!’’

’’Right now it's a Star level 4, with the life fruit, it would break through straight away to the universe level, no problem at all!’’

’’When that time comes, with a Universe level cloud contact vine as your partner! You definitely be able to kill the leaders of many of these groups, taking away their storage items. Taking away all their thunderstones!’’ Babata was extremely satisfied, ’’First invest in the life fruit and strengthen the cloud contact vine. After that rely on it and get more thunderstones, exchange for more treasures, that's the trump card plan!’’


Luo Feng's blood was totally boiling from hearing Babata's plan.

The cloud contact vine was an incredibly strong assisting plant life, otherwise the Yun Mo Planet master wouldn't have cultivated one himself. The moment it reached the universe level...with the universe level cloud contact vine's sturdiness, it could easily kill fighters from underground with a few vines. When that time came, even though the enemies had numbers, they could still kill the leaders and take away the storage items.


’’What was over a million thunderstones worth?’’

’’We'll first make the cloud contact vine incomparably strong, and then get more thunderstones!’’ Luo Feng was totally decided.

Daybreak on the second day, the light ball was high in the sky of the world within a world, light shimmering down from above, Luo Feng's team headed straight for the center region.

The flat land center region, the castle was right there.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's team looked at the distant center region.

’’Third brother.’’ Hong slight creased his eyebrows, ’’There's a lot of people at the central region.’’

’’That's a lot.’’

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, in the distance where the thunder castle was, large numbers of Star level explorers gathered and filled the land and skies, filling up the entire area! It was much more than any team Luo Feng had seen along the way.

’’It seems that exchanging for the treasures won't be that easy.’’ Thunder God sighed softly.


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