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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 32


Volume 09 Chapter 32 - Madness over the Treasures

Amongst the crowds, Luo Feng raised his head to look at the distant air above the castle, that screen that was formed from light. On it were sixty eight different types of heavenly treasures, this led to a strong sense of greed growing within him, out of the over ten thousand explorers around, none of them wouldn't want any of the treasures, the only thing was they didn't have the strength or power to obtain them.

’’What a pity, no one dares to fight with the ninth prince. If things aren't chaotic, we can only sit quietly and watch.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept past the forefront, looking towards the ninth prince who was currently surrounded.


’’Thinking of obtaining the treasures?’’

The white bearded old man laughed carefree, ’’You just need to obtain Thunder stones to exchange for them! Every treasure here can be exchanged with Thunder stones. Look, these are the detailed prices of each treasure!’’

Suddenly, the screen beside slightly changed.

’’No.1 The bank account to the entire spatial instruction manual inheritance crystall ball (three accounts), every account is priced at 10 million thunderstones, three accounts as a set, one can retrieve the inheritance crystal balls from the Universe First bank.

No.2 Master's bank account, requires 8 million thunderstones.

No.3 Domain Lord bloodline evolution potion (one portion), every portion is priced at 3 million thunderstones.



No.9 Life fruit (three pieces), every one of them at 800,000 thunderstones.


No.32 D6 grade Orbit cannons (three cannons), each of them priced at 210,000 thunderstones.


No.68 Level 5 genetic energy weapon Fire wheel (one portion), every one is priced at 100,000 thunder stones.

The entire list had everybody jumping up in madness.

’’What are thunderstones?’’

’’I've never heard of thunderstones before?’’

’’They are actually able to be swapped for these treasures, these thunder stones must be very valuable.’’

The discussions were rampant.

’’Aren't you all very curious as to what the thunderstones are?’’ In the air above the castle, the white bearded old man formed by light smiled, ’’Thunderstone is the name I've given it, these type of stones is a special stone found only here in this world within a world, It isn't really worth much money! However it is unique only to this world within a world.’’

’’Look carefully, this is a thunderstone!’’ A picture of a thunderstone appeared on the screen, simultaneously, a large amount of details introducing the stone.


Over ten thousand explorers went silent.

Carefully examining the appearance of the thunderstone, or using the assisting AIs and quantum computers to swiftly record its appearance.

’’However the thunderstones and universe crystals are different, the energy of the thunderstones are very low, hence your energy scanners will have a hard time locating them. In order to make your lives easier...’’

’’This is a thunderstone location map.’’ The white bearded old man waved his hand and a map appeared on the screen, ’’This is the simplified map of the world within a world, according to its mountain regions, swamps, deserts, etc, it is segregated into twenty six regions. The thunderstones are separated into these twenty six regions on this map are how they are located.’’

’’Go on!’’

’’Go dig for the thunderstones! You can kill each other and steal, I don't care. As long as you have sufficient thunderstones, you can exchange with me for any of the treasures.’’ The white bearded old man's eyes gleamed with a sense of madness, ’’If you want the treasures, then go risk it all. I'll be in the castle waiting for you all!’’

’’Obtain the thunderstones and come exchange with me in the castle for treasures!’’

’’Go on!’’

The white bearded old man's light image vanished, in the air above the castle, only the large screen remained.

Over ten thousand people were silent, after which the discussions began once again.

Among the crowds.

’’That's great.’’ Thunder God said softly, his face flushed with excitement.

Luo Feng too felt excitement within.

’’Using thunderstones to exchange, which are unique to this world within a world. This living AI white bearded old man, just what is he thinking of?’’ Babata's voice resounded, ’’From the way he spoke and gestured, this guy has definitely evolved into a living AI. Loneliness for ten million AIs can also feel moved, longing, hate, loneliness, etc, after such solitude for so long, this white bearded old man must have gone crazy.’’

’’Babata, who cares if he's crazy or not, as long as we can swap for the treasures.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Understood, it's rare for me to meet another living AI, so I was just a little surprised.’’ Babata said.

Living AIs were extremely rare.

Because in order to evolve into a living AI, one first had to already be a high level AI. After which after experiencing a whole lot, over a long period of time, one may have a chance to evolve.

If it doesn't evolve.

AIs, are just tools.

The moment however one broke through, he would become a special form of life altogether! Like the vast universe's pinnacle of strength race the automatons, this was a race of living AIs. Only having a machine body, etc living AIs.

’’Grasp the time you have.’’

’’Quickly quickly.’’

’’No. 17,18 and 19 three big formations, you'll form one team. You'll head to the closest swamp region on the map and dig for thunderstones.’’ The North Dragon City leader shouted loudly, swiftly dividing up the teams, ’’All explorers, if you want to leave the World of Thunder alive and leave Cang Lan Star, please help us.’’

’’Quickly, move.’’

’’This way, this way.’’

Below the castle, the five big factions swiftly began their actions, with two to three hundred people in a team, swiftly heading in all directions, the fight for the thunderstones had begun!

Everybody was clear...

The earliest to go dig meant the highest hopes of obtaining them.


Luo Feng and his team of five were the North Dragon City's 18th formation, they were gathered into a close to three hundred person team and were swiftly heading towards the swamp regions.

The vast number of people were all flying at breakneck speed.

’’Madness.’’ Thunder God shook his head, ’’This fight for the thunderstones will drive everyone crazy. I saw just now, the ninth prince right in front, his expression grew extremely ugly.’’

’’How could he not?’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’This treasure trove was originally all for his taking, who'd expect this to happen! It's right too, after a true absolute warrior's death, one would definitely have some sort of arrangement for his treasures and belongings after.’’ Back then the Yun Mo Planet master too acted this way, this Kabu was the same.

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Back when we first came in, checking along the way, I already discovered two places with the thunderstones. Only back then I felt they didn't have any value, hence I didn't care about them.’’ Babata's voice resounded.

’’Two places with thunderstones?’’ Luo Feng felt a mad rush of excitement within.

That simple map of the allocation of thunderstones was, very simple.

One had to know that with the world within a world spanning over a million km in vertically and horizontally, that map at most let people know that there were thunderstones at some places, as for the details, one still had to slowly search for them!

’’The thunderstones' energy reactions are very low, much lower than universe crystals. Hence it's very difficult to search for them for the other explorers. At least, in this aspect we have the advantage.’’

’’However, when that 2 million man army arrives!’’

’’I believe that two million man army will definitely bring long powerful and valuable scanning devices. When that time comes, our advantage will be gone.’’ Babata said, Luo Feng understood and nodded, this treasure trove had attracted the largest powers within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, how could the later armies not be fully prepared for it?


Close to three hundred people in this team were flying in the air in the world within a world, following which, members left once in awhile.

’’The thunderstones are the real treasures, we'll go dig for them on our own. Relying on the thunderstones, we can join the other organizations, the Black Cloud Guild, the Hundred Tiger Building, Black Dragon Mountain etc, I expect those groups will be willing to pay a high price for the stones. When that time comes, we'll naturally be able to leave Cang Lan Star safely.’’

’’If our luck is good, we might even be able to exchange for a treasure. Then we'll really strike it rich.’’

Many of the explorers had the same thought.

The moment they saw the treasures, the greedy people would naturally want to exchange for them. Just like Luo Feng and his group.

The less greedy and ambitious, would think of obtaining the thunderstones and join the other organizations, selling the stones at a high price! This led to the close to three hundred strong team to constantly have people drop out along the way, with the North Dragon City members unable to keep count.

World within a world, darkness.

Five beams of light were swiftly flying through the air, it was Luo Feng's team which had fled from the big team.

’’Babata, how much longer?’’ Luo Feng was feeling extremely anxious.

’’With this speed, 3 hours 29 minutes later, we'll reach that thunderstone region.’’ Babata replied.

’’Good!’’ Luo Feng's blood was boiling red with adrenaline.

Sixty eight types of treasures!

Every one of them was worth a thousand to ten thousand times his current wealth! Even just one treasure would make a Domain Lord warrior eye it with madness. One could only imagine just how valuable these treasures were!

’’If we don't fight hard during this opportunity, we'll be struck down by lightning!’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

’’If a god obstructs us we'll kill him, if a Buddha blocks us, we'll kill him!’’ Thunder God said using mandarin.


People could go mad!

300% profits alone was enough to make any business man go mad. Ten times of profits, was enough to make Luo Hua and other financial investors' blood boil and enter a state of madness! And Luo Feng and the others encountering such treasure...even Universe level warriors would risk their lives, Domain Lords would kill and battle for it! What about these Star levels?

Who wouldn't go crazy?


Along the way they met another team, slightly detouring, their time to arrival was 3 hours and 40 minutes, at the time, the sky was still dark.

This was a grass patch area, filled with wild grass growing everywhere.

Squatting, the five, Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu.

’’About 800m underground there'll be thunderstones, in a 20km area underground, there's a total of 128,926 of them.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’The surrounding area might have more, however, I need to scan carefully, since I can only scan in a 20km area right now.’’

’’128,926 thunderstones?’’ Luo Feng's eyes lip up, flushed red.

He vividly remembered the prices of the sixty eight types of treasures and their exchange prices.

Of which the level 5 genetic energy fire wheel, only required 100,000 thunderstones to exchange for! Meaning right now the thunderstones they had discovered in this 20km area was already enough to exchange for one treasure.

’’Luo Feng, how many thunderstones are there?’’ Hong and Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

’’128,926 stones.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

Hong's face flushed red immediately.

Hong stared wide eyed, his pupils almost popping out, as let out one word: ’’Damn!’’

’’We've really struck big time.’’ Hong couldn't help but say.

’’We'll make it even bigger, this sort of heavenly opportunity, if we don't grab it now, we'll regret it till we die later.’’ Luo Feng could barely contain his excitement, ’’Hurry and dig down, begin searching for the thunderstones. Nan He, you are in charge of covering up the surroundings.’’

’’Yes master.’’ Tie Nan He complied respectfully.


Luo Feng led first and dug straight down, following which Hong, Thunder God, Ao Gu and Tie Nan He followed and dug behind him.

’’Go on, cloud contact vine!’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved, immediately a long vine extended itself from his arm, almost like ten arms extended, swiftly growing more and more to grab the thunder stones below.


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